Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 28: Starlight Apparel

Chapter 28: Starlight Apparel

After leaving the merchant's carriage, Elysia walked into the small alley to get out of her invisible magic and return to her normal self. Then she walked out of there to head to the magic academy area that was around the downtown area.

On the way to get there, she becomes the center of attention by pedestrians and local residents as she passes through crowded areas.

They looked at Elysia who was carrying a cute cat in her arms with an expression of curiosity, amazement, happiness, delight, and various other expressions while talking to each other as if praising the girl they had seen.

Unfortunately, various kinds of positive attention directed at her meant something different to Elysia. She actually becomes afraid and considers those who are staring at her like a personal attack directed at her, while for the conversation that she actually can hear turns into gossip that is badmouthing her.

'Why do all of them look at me? Is there something to me?'

'They started talking about me... What should I do, they talked badly about me...'

All the positive attention directed at her will turn negative in her mind because of her past experiences which have made her traumatized.

When she was still on Earth and still had an identity as Ali, even though she was a successful person who was loved by many people and became the center of attention, she actually didn't like being in the spotlight and was seen by many people like this.

Ali does not often appear in the media spotlight and also does not often appear among many people, he would rather be alone or with a minimal person.

So, this time when she was looked at and became the center of attention for no reason that she knew, she became frightened and wanted to leave immediately.

Elysia accelerated her steps while looking rather downward in the hope of getting away from the crowd as soon as possible.

She no longer hears what other people say when they are watching her because of the fear she is suppressing.

"That young girl looks so beautiful." Said a woman pedestrian to her husband.

"Yeah, maybe one day our daughter will grow up like that young girl hehe." Said her husband.

"Look at her eyes that are so beautiful and unique, is she a noble?" Said a newcomer to the owner of the roadside shop.

"Based on her pretty clothes and looks, maybe that's true." said the shop owner.

"Mama, that big sister is so beautiful and her long hair is so shiny. The cat in her arms is also so cute." Said the boy cheerfully to her mama.

"Yes, they are very compatible with a beautiful girl and a cute cat in her arms." His mama agreed with that.

Small talk between each other in the crowd about Elysia or Vanessa who was in her arms became a warm conversation there.

Unfortunately, the person they were talking about actually became scared and ran away from there.

"Hey, you shouldn't gossip about that beautiful girl! Look at her who got scared because of your sassy voice hahaha!" Jokes an adventurer to his friend.

"What if she is a real noble, you will soon be in trouble rancid boy!" His friend participated in the provocation.

"Hey! What's wrong with that? I'm just saying that she's so beautiful that I even wish I could marry her!" The man who was mocked by his two friends felt displeased.

"Yes, just keep dreaming hahaha!"

The beautiful girl they discussed in a crowded area finally managed to escape from the limelight, and now she was in front of a luxury shop in a posh area.

Although there were still a few people there who watched her with their respective conversations which she could ignore, at least she felt better than the crowd in the previous area.

Elysia only needed to pass through this area to reach the magic academy area, but now she looked at a fancy clothing store called 'Starlight Apparel' with interest.

For some reason, she felt she needed spare clothes to be prepared before going to the academy because she only had this white dress that she was wearing right now.

The type of clothing Harold provided was limited to body armor, and it was not included in clothing that could be worn every day but only as protective clothing.

Then, she immediately entered there without thinking too much. Luxurious interiors with a variety of beautiful and charming clothes welcomed her when she entered the shop.

Elena just kept quiet for a reason, she hoped that Elysia could recover from her trauma since they were able to communicate. She will only interfere when things become excessive and will be silent when she deems it necessary.

Elena will also be there when Elysia no longer suppresses her fear in the near future to convince Elysia that she is no longer alone and will never feel alone again because Elena is always there.

But that's for later, at least for now she just needs to remain silent because Elysia seems to forget Elena who is in her Soul Realm.

"Welcome to Starlight Apparel, I am Rosa Willis as the owner of this shop will help you. Ara~ Hehe..."

Rosa greeted kindly when she heard the ringing of a bell indicating that someone was coming, but when she saw a beautiful girl with long black hair who came to her shop, she smiled mysteriously there.

"Can I buy some clothes?" Elysia saw a young woman with blond brown hair who greeted her kindly who introduced herself as Rosa Willis. Strangely in this luxury shop, there is currently only one person besides herself.

"Oh! Of course, beautiful girl! This big sister is actually designing some pretty clothes for women but currently doesn't have a model to try on the clothes that have just been made. How about you try some?" Rosa persuaded a little to ask the beautiful girl who had just arrived.

"..." Elysia who only wants to buy clothes for backup and her daily life feels inconvenient and cannot answer right away.

"No need to worry, I will give you a discount instead if you are willing to help me."

Rosa persuaded once more when she saw the girl not answering her. She hoped that this beautiful girl would become her model so that the beautiful clothes that had just been made would be very harmonious with the one wearing it.

"Um, alright." Elysia did not mind if she could save money just by trying on clothes, she did not even know the model intended by Rosa.

Little does she know, her choice this time will only put her in a troublesome problem that she hates in the future because she is captivated by the discount. She only thought of saving a little bit of money for a while with the money given by Harold.

Rosa was pleased with it and immediately asked Elysia to try on some newly made clothes and change in the dressing room before showing them to Rosa.

Elysia put Vanessa on a soft sofa gently before tried on the clothes requested in the dressing room before showing them to Rosa.

"You're beautiful... Yes, can you pose like this?"

"Perfect! like that! You are amazing!"

*pat* *pat*

The repetition happened several times starting from Elysia who changed clothes before showed herself to Rosa and Rosa would pat a crystal that she held every time she asked Elysia to pose as requested while praising Elysia with a smile.

While Elysia who did not know the function of the crystal just followed it until finally all the clothes requested had been tried by her.

Vanessa who sat on the sofa just looked at her master happily as if she was watching an entertainment.

While Elena who was silent also felt happy and giving a thumbs up to Rosa from Elysia's Soul Realm, she seemed to be watching the fashion show with enthusiasm because she finally could look out from the perspective of a third person after several attempts.

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