Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 27: Go Hitchhiking into the City

Chapter 27: Go Hitchhiking into the City

'Nee... Vanessa.' Elysia called using their spirit connection as she walked towards the capital city.

'What is it, master?'

'You are currently a cat, alright?'

'Eh? I am a winged tiger!' Vanessa exclaimed as if she didn't accept being compared to that little animal.

'But the tiger is a nation of cats, right? Elysia replied back as she gently stroked the cute cat in her arms.

'Purrr... Well...' Vanessa started purring when she was caressed softly like this, she might get addicted when she was caressed by her master.

'Make her practice meowing, Lil Ely! She can't roar, right? Fufu...' Elena whispered mischievously in her mind.

'Alright, Vanessa. Since you will play the role of a cat, you cannot roar, understand? Now try meowing.'

Elysia stopped stroking the cat in her arms after hearing the advice from Elena and she lifted Vanessa's body so that it was level with her face so that she could look at each other.

"Mew." Vanessa tried to prove herself to her master about her current role. At present, she is no longer a winged tiger, but only a cat.

Elysia and Elena seemed to be trapped in a bond of cuteness that might ensnare them for a few moments. The cuteness value of this white cat is at an extraordinary level.

Elysia immediately came out of the enticement of the cuteness that trapped her for a little blush on her face, she had liked cats ever since she was on Earth even though she didn't keep any.

'Um, Perfect.' Elena praised as if she also shared the same interests with Elysia.

'That's sweet, Vanessa. You can't talk with your mouth either, ok? But you can talk through our spirit connections while you can only meow like a cat.'

Elysia did not forget to remind Vanessa since they were getting closer to the capital city. She doesn't like to be involved in any troublesome problems, and since Vanessa is her responsibility, she needs to pay attention to her as well.

'En. I understand and will not be negligent.' Vanessa doesn't mind that, she also doesn't want to have bad luck in human hands.

In contrast to her master, she has regarded humanity as evil and despicable because of her past experiences, although she also felt curious about civilization on the Human Continent.

'Good girl.' Elysia praised and again put Vanessa in her arms while stroking softly, this comfortable treatment was very much in Vanessa's pleasure which made her purring while closing her eyes.

Elysia continued to walk lightly until she was almost out of the forest area. In front of her is a vast prairie area that lies between this forest and the capital city.

She saw a towering white wall while looking for ways to get into the capital city without inviting much attention or suspicion. Coming straight into the city from the sky is a careless act because it is already considered as infiltration.

Infiltration can be successfully carried out if she knows the condition of the city and its information. So at the moment, the only way to get there is through a normal entrance.

'Sister Elena, do you have an idea?'

'Hmm... You want to go in there without getting noticed, huh? Maybe if you become invisible and sneak in through that large entrance when it's open then it will work...' Elena offered her advice generously.

'Em, maybe that is the only way.'

Shortly after that, Elysia made herself and Vanessa in her arms invisible by using her magic, but before she would rush to the city entrance, she detected that some carriages were coming from the forest and seemed to be heading towards the city.

Seeing a golden opportunity come before her eyes, she immediately infiltrate carefully and passed several people guarding around the carriage group before entering one of the carriages that seemed to be carrying various types of items.

'They are transporting various kinds of goods. Maybe this is a group of merchants?'

'That could be, but you have to be careful.'

Elena only gave a brief response about what Elysia was thinking about. Sometimes she also responds to whatever Elysia is thinking even when Elysia is not talking to her. Much like a big sister who likes to interfere with various kinds of things her little sister does, but the latter just doesn't mind.

'En. I know.' Elysia agreed and tried to stand in a corner far from the view of the person who opened the carriage.

"We're almost there! I want to immediately get my full reward on this mission! So I can immediately have fun hahaha!" An adventurer who is guarding a group of merchants chatting with his companions in a relaxed manner.

"Rascal, can you not waste the money you just got? You always enjoy drinking and having fun."

"Hahaha! You don't need to care about him, old man. His way of life is just looking for money to drink and pleasure."

"Yeah. I don't know what the future holds for him."

His companions just mocked him and burst out laughing together.

"B*stard! That's the way of my life, what's wrong with that." The young adventurer who loves to drink exclaims as if he doesn't accept the accusation, which is actually true.

"Yeah, yeah. Unlike you, I'm collecting money for my marriage with my lover."

"You managed to hook Hannah's heart? Damn, man. You want to get married before us, huh?"

"Hey what's wrong with that. Sometimes I fantasize about being able to fly and quickly complete every mission I take." The man who is getting married soon mumbles in his reverie.

"If you can fly, you will be shot down when you enter the city hahaha!"

"Yeah, the rules in every city have changed since a few years ago. Now flying objects will be shot down when entering the city even if they are undercover techniques."

"The tragic events in Falsegarde City have made all cities on this continent uneasy."

The adventurers continued with their conversation which could easily leak some valuable information to Elysia who was hiding in one of the carriages they were guarding.

'I'm glad I didn't intrude into the city from the sky. Although my invisible magic managed to fool many subjects before, I didn't dare to test my luck recklessly entering the city from the sky...' Elysia heaved a sigh of relief in her mind.

'Hehe... Your decision is good, Lil Ely.'

'En. Thank you.' Elysia was happy to be praised by Elena for whatever reason.

'Vanessa, we will soon enter the city and I don't know what they will check before entering. So please be careful, ok?' Elysia reminded Vanessa who had remained silent since she was petted by Elysia.

'En.' The cat in her arms nodded lightly.

The group has now entered the guard post into the city at the main city entrance.

"Halt! We will check your luggage!" A guard with a firm voice immediately performs his duties with the other guards after the merchants pay the entrance fee needed to enter the city.

Elysia, who was hiding inside the carriage, felt a little nervous in the corner when the carriage where she was hiding was opened and several officers went inside to inspect the goods.

The guards immediately checked the luggage there using a detector for a few moments and immediately went out to check on the other carriage that made Elysia and Vanessa heaved a sigh of relief in their minds.

Then the merchant's carriage continued into the city after passing the main gate. After a while, Elysia who 'hitchhiked' in there immediately exited the carriage to look for the magic academy that was told to her some time ago.

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