Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 26: Ragdoll Cat

Chapter 26: Ragdoll Cat

A gentle breeze brushed Elysia's hair gently from the clouds. She was sitting sweetly on Vanessa's back while reading some guidebooks that Harold had provided as provisions.

'This is strange, I know what I'm reading is not English, but I can understand what is written here... Come to think of it, what everyone said wasn't English either. How do I know that knowledge?' Elysia murmured in her mind without a solution after reading all the guidebooks that were limited to general information on the Human Continent.

'I don't have anyone's knowledge, right? I don't even remember anything about the memories belonging to Alisha Reinhard, the previous owner of this body...'

'En... Lil Ely. Are we there yet?' Elena woke up from her beauty sleep.

'...' Elysia did not answer because she forgot to wake Elena.

'Nee~ Why are you silent. Don't say you forgot to wake me up.' She seemed to know what had happened. Experience in the Soul Realm with the same host for 25 years is not in vain.

'Sorry I forgot. It happened so briefly and has changed suddenly.' Elysia did not deny and admit it directly, she did not need to give an excuse to Elena who had been with her since birth from Earth.

'Uuu... Cruel, I also want to see what other continents look alike. Look at this, all we see is clouds. But never mind, this big sister is kind, you may tell me the story.'

Elena sulked for a moment and gave Elysia the chance to tell the story that she missed earlier. Then Elysia recounts the incident of her using the speed of light magic, Vanessa's incident with her uncle and aunt, and so on.

'Hehehe... The big and rude cat is crying loudly when you two leave? I'm sure it's unsightly.' Elena smiled with amusement after hearing her story.


'So where are we going now?' Elena asked their destination now. After missing out on another continent, she didn't want to miss anything today.

'We will go to the Aeddoterra Kingdom in the central region on the Human Continent.'

'Why are we headed there? Are you interested in a magic academy that teaches a lot of magic? Or do you want to know more about this world and the reason why we can be here?'

Elena could guess what Elysia wanted to do based only on the story of Harold that had been told to her some time ago.

'Yes, that is all true. You know very well about me.' Elysia sighed lightly, it seemed that from now onwards she could not hide anything from Elena who had been acting as her big sister.

'Then why not use the speed of light magic again. We will get there in seconds.'

Elysia actually only wanted to read a few guidebooks for a moment and would use the speed of light magic afterward, now she had read them all and was reminded by Elena.

Then, she issued a guidebook containing a rough map of the world that seemed more focused only on the Human Continent. She saw their destination on the map and immediately memorized it.

Meanwhile, Vanessa was flying leisurely in the disguise of invisible magic that enveloped them, she found it strange that her master was silent on her back.

'Master, are you all right?' Vanessa spoke through their spirit connections, she could not hear the conversation between her master and Elena or what her master was thinking.

'Um. I'm fine, I just read a few guidebooks. Nee, Vanessa. Are you okay with saving your brother's Energy Core as a memento? I thought you would bury it along with his body.' Elysia said lightly considering Vanessa did not want to bury the Energy Core in question when asked by her.

'En. I am sure. Just let it be in your [Space Storage], master.' Vanessa was convinced of her decision.

'All right then. Now we will use the speed of light magic again to return to the Human Continent, prepare yourself and please let me know when you are ready.' She nodded slightly while putting all the guidebooks back into her [Space Storage].

Vanessa swallowed her saliva for a moment and tried to prepare herself quickly. She must immediately get used to the unusual things that will often be used by her unusual master. Difficult things can be made easy in an instant if her master wants it, that is what she is thinking right now.

'En. I'm ready.'

Hearing that confirmation, Elysia once again used the speed of light magic by imagining their flying speed at speeds of more than three hundred thousand kilometers per second.

A trip that should normally be taken for days or even weeks, is only taken by them in seconds. At present they have entered the central region in the Human Continent, an area under the control of the Aeddoterra Kingdom.

'Wow! So it's the capital city of Human Continent.' Vanessa exclaimed loudly in her mind when she saw a large city that she saw for the first time. Unfortunately, what she thought was also conveyed to Elysia.

'Yes, the city is also named similar to their kingdom. That is Aeddoterra City, the capital city of Aeddoterra Kingdom which is in the central region of the Human Continent.' Elysia explained briefly.

'Um... Are we going there? What about me?' Vanessa had another concern when she saw the capital city, she knew that her master wanted to visit there.

'... Now you have said it. Can you change to a human form like the Beastkin Race?' Elysia thought for a while before finally asking about their problems.

'No, that ability is only possessed by Beasts at the Saint-level...' Vanessa answered helplessly.

'Em? So your uncle and aunt already have a human form? Why have they never been to that form since we were there?' Elysia frowned a little at that other fact.

'Beast Race uphold their dignity in their beast form and they are reluctant to use their human form even if they have reached the Emperor level, they just look down on that hybrid race.'

'Is that so? Then can you make your large body become less conspicuous?'

'En. I can make my body shrink. Do I need to transform now?' Vanessa is proud to show off her innate abilities.

'Before that, we need to land on the ground first. Vanessa, we go down into the wilderness.' Elysia gave her orders which Vanessa gladly followed.

They landed smoothly without sound and without anyone knowing in the wilderness not far from Aeddoterra City. Elysia releases her invisible magic that envelops them and descends from Vanessa's back.

'Now please change to a less conspicuous form.'

'Sure, with pleasure.'

The winged white tiger slowly turned smaller and smaller, making it easy for Elysia to measure Vanessa's size. The 5 meter long white tiger shrank and now only as big as Elysia's hug, Vanessa now looks like a medium sized white ragdoll cat.

'Aww... So cute~' Elena muttered in her thoughts that conveyed to Elysia, and the latter also agreed with Elena when she saw Vanessa's current form. Then, Elysia approached Vanessa and examined the state of her body.

'Eh? You still have wings... Can you hide it too?' Elysia found two tiny fur-covered wings on either side of Vanessa's body and it would have caused some problems if she didn't look like a pet cat.

'Wait a moment...' Vanessa tried to hide her wings, and now she really is a white ragdoll cat with blue feline eyes.

'Now everything is ready, let's go to the capital city!' Elysia enthusiastically invited as she carried Vanessa in her arms and continued walking towards the city. She was already sitting on Vanessa's back earlier, so it was only natural that she was carrying her now.

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