Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 29: Gift From Rosa

Chapter 29: Gift From Rosa

"Alright beautiful girl, this is the last one. Can you help this big sister once more?" Rosa gave Elysia a black-brown dress after remembering this dress had not been tried at all and was almost missed by her.

Elysia accepted the dress with a wry smile because she no longer counted how many clothes she had tried, even the clothes she was wearing right now were the dresses she had just tried.

"I have a name, you know?"

Elysia seemed unable to stand it anymore because until now only called a beautiful girl by Rosa. The current event was similar to what she experienced when she was still in Tiger Paw Forest where Vanessa's uncle and aunt did not even care about her name.

"Ara~ Ufufu... Forgive my negligence, I was so excited when I met you that I forgot to ask your name. So, what is your name, beautiful girl?" Rosa was a little surprised and giggled lightly about her negligence.

"You can call me Elysia." Elysia introduced her new name with a bit of resentment and immediately returned to the dressing room to change to the last dress she was going to try.

"Fufufu..." Rosa smiled as she looked out the window.

She is actually the daughter of the Wilis noble family in this city who recently opened a classy clothing store in this noble area.

All the clothes that are here today are handmade products of her own that are definitely not yet made in bulk.

Unfortunately, this clothing store did not have a model to promote her new store to the community until Elysia came to her shop right on the day her shop was officially opened.

Although rather careless, Rosa is proficient in the business world and she wants to prove it to her family that she can do it and will succeed.

She wants to determine the path of her own destiny, rather than being determined by others and married to another family just like that because her conscience does not allow herself to still be seen as weak women.

While Rosa was engrossed in her reverie, Elysia was changing her dress once more. But after changing, she looked at herself who was reflected in the mirror.

When changing clothes before, she did not even see herself in the reflection of the mirror and immediately changed before leaving the dressing room and showing herself to Rosa. Because this is the last one, she wants to see in more detail her current face.

Reflected in the mirror of a long black haired girl with beautiful purplish-blue eyes complemented by a golden ratio body and shiny bright white skin that makes it easy to be the center of attention.

For some reason, Elysia's body features were almost entirely different from the portrait of Alisha she had seen before and she was aware of that. Elysia seems to have a new identity even though at a glance she is still similar to Alisha.

'She is me...' Elysia muttered blankly while touching her cheek before approaching the mirror to memorize her face at this time.

"Ely~ Are you okay there? Why is it taking a little longer this time?" Rosa asked from outside the dressing room door, she was worried that Elysia had difficulty wearing her best dress that was almost forgotten.

"Um, I'm fine. Please wait for a moment." Elysia no longer looked at her face and her eyes which seemed to ensnare herself into a beautiful universe.

Then she comes out and presents herself to Rosa in that last dress.

"Ely... You're very beautiful in that dress, they are very compatible with your hair color and your body features that are already in the upper class." Rosa praised with a smile who knows how many times she had already praised Elysia on that day.

While Elysia only rolled her eyes as if she didn't care, she no longer liked being praised after who knows how many praises were thrown at her by Rosa in such a short time.

They once again did something similar to the previous one with a few poses and Rosa would pat the crystal on her palm. Elysia breathed a soft sigh of relief that everything was over, now she only needed to buy a few clothes at the promised discount and head straight for the magic academy.

"Miss Rosa, can I buy some clothes at a discount that you promised beforehand?" Elysia didn't forget to ask because she was worried that Rosa would forget about her promise.

"Oh! Of course, you can. Actually, all the clothes and various dresses that you have tried before will be given to you as my gratitude. No, don't refuse this. I have troubled you after all." Rosa said sincerely as she gathered the clothes that Elysia had tried before.

Elysia who would refuse was known to her rejection and was rejected again by Rosa, and now Elysia can only accept the gift without many other choices.

"Ely, take this and consider this a gift from me."

Rosa gave her a stack of clothes and dresses that had been neatly folded. The pile of clothes is actually clothes that have been tried by Elysia before which happened to have been made to fit her body.

"Thank you."

"Fufu... Maybe I'll be the one to thank you later." Rosa grinned mysteriously.

"Miss Rosa, what do you mean? How can you thank me while all I do is try on the clothes that you have made and happen to suit me?" Elysia only tilted her head slightly as if she did not understand what Rosa meant.

"Eh? You are willing to be my model and have tried all those beautiful clothes. You have contributed greatly to me, wait for this big sister to become successful and I will give you another gift in the future~"

Rosa smiled cheerfully before putting her photographic crystal back into her Space Bag on her waist.

When Rosa was off guard, Elysia also took out her Space Bag from her [Space Storage] before putting all the clothes that were given to her into the Space Bag.

After that, Elysia was reluctant to change clothes again after all that had passed a few moments ago. Then she carried Vanessa back in her arms and was about to say goodbye to Rosa.

"Miss Rosa, it's time for us to leave."

"Already want to go? Alright, you want to go to the magic academy, right?" Rosa walked closer to the couch but stopped at a distance of 3 meters from Elysia.

Elysia was surprised because her goal was predictable so easily, she asked how it could happen in her mind before returning to her normal self.

"Fufu... What's with that shocked face, all 16-year-old teenagers will definitely come there you know?" Rosa giggled again when she saw the surprised face of Elysia that only lasted a moment.

"Is that so? Are you also in the magic academy?" Elysia asked rather confused while looking at Rosa's current status.

[| Lv. 42 | Beginner Mage | Rosa Willis | Female (22) | HP: 19,800 / 19,800 | EP: 22,500 / 22,500 |]

"That's right! I'm in my sixth year there! We can meet again when you enter the academy later ~"

"Um, I will register there soon. Please take care of me in the future, Miss Rosa." Elysia spoke kindly as she approached Rosa.

"Hehe... Don't be shy." Rosa who was approached by Elysia actually walked backward as if she was avoiding Elysia.

"Wait! Don't come any closer, I'm allergic to cats!" Rosa exclaimed loudly and managed to make Elysia stop her steps.

"Sorry about that, I didn't know." Elysia apologized even though she did not feel guilty.

"Uh, it's fine. The cat hasn't touched me, so I'm fine. Registration at the Deterry Academy of Magic will be closed in 3 days, you better register immediately, Ely." Rosa merely gave advice to Elysia intimately, she had lightly called Elysia simply by the name of Ely.

"Um, thank you for reminding me. Then, I'll leave first. See you later!" Elysia left from there with Vanessa in her arms after Rosa nodded at her while waving her hand with a smile.

"Phew... *Puchi*"

After Elysia left, Rosa, who was left alone, sighed with relief that her allergies were not recurrent and only slightly sneezing.

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