Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

818 The Hero Who Serve the Light (1)

Xentia returned to her senses, but an expression appeared on her face this time. She looked at the Goddess before her eyes with a curious look.

“Welcome to life.” Rhea retracted her hand.

“Are you the Goddess I met in that dark place?” Xentia asked curiously.

“Mm, that’s me.” Rhea replied with a gentle smile. She managed to break that Demon God’s control and free Xentia.

“Woah… You are really beautiful and amazing! Angel, and these wings… Wonderful.” Xentia touched the Goddess’ wings and stroked them. She then examined the Goddess from top to bottom.

It was the figure of ethereal angelic beauty with a stunning turquoise crystal impression. Xentia’s eyes sparkled with amazement because the Goddess before her eyes gave off a noble aura and made her feel comfortable.

For some reason, she could feel a hint of sadness in her expression as the Goddess looked down, and she thought she had to do something.

“Where are we? Why does it look so scary down there? There are so many strange, scary creatures.” Xentia was horrified as she looked down as well. There were too many terrible creatures.

“They are evil demons. We are battling them to bring peace back to the once beautiful world. They want to destroy the world’s beauty with their devastation and abominations.” Rhea gave a brief explanation.

“Demons!? Do they want to destroy the world? In that case, they must be exterminated.” Xentia’s golden eyes switched to battle mode, with active reticles locking the scary demons in the target of destruction.

“Mm, we will eradicate them soon. However, you need to listen to me beforehand, Xentia. There are a few things you need to know.” Rhea held Xentia’s hand and started to talk about many important matters.

At that moment, Xentia was just a pure, innocent child who had just been freed from Demon God’s control. Rhea established herself as someone Xentia could trust and conveyed her intentions, ideas, and beliefs.

It was like writing on blank paper. Xentia digested all the information innocently.

As manipulative it might sound, Rhea was determined to bring Xentia to serve the light, just like the fascinating hero tale. Surprisingly, Xentia was incredibly interested and enthusiastic about that hero role.

“Hmm!?” Xostriron sensed that something was wrong with his artificial angel. His control connection suddenly disconnected just like that.

He immediately took a safe distance from his opponent and looked up.

That six-winged Turquoise Goddess sealed Xentia in a rhombus crystal barrier. They seemed to be talking about something, but he had a bad feeling at that exchange.

“You want to brainwash my Xentia!? I won’t allow that to happen!” Xostriron roared in a fury and shot straight into the sky.

He didn’t expect that the six-winged Turquoise Goddess could manipulate his greatest masterpiece. His ultimate weapon would betray him so soon after her birth?

“It’s fatal to show your back to your opponent.” Elysia pierced her opponent’s defense and grabbed the king piece straight from the Demon God’s spirit.

“You won’t come out victorious!” Xostriron summoned hundreds of small tentacle-like hands to restrain his opponent from taking his king piece.

However, Elysia also retaliated by eliminating the tentacles holding her hand.

“Looks like what I need to say is enough to get there first. We’ll get to that later, once this mess is over. Please look over there. That scary man is a Demon God, and the masked lady who is holding him back is Ely, my everything. She is my lovely master. Xentia, will you lend your power to save the world with us?” Rhea extended her hand with a persuasive smile.

“Mm! I will save the world and become a hero with you!” Xentia happily accepted the invitation. She shook the hand of the Goddess before her, and an agreement was bound in promise.

“Welcome to the Guardian of Dream. You can call me Aria. Can you handle that Demon God for a moment? Buy some time and keep him busy. We need to pull out the other Demon God who is lurking in the shadows.” Rhea smiled contentedly.

“Sure! Leave it to me, Goddess Aria. I’m very strong.” Xentia clenched her fist with a confident expression.

“I’m counting on you.” Rhea revoked her crystal barrier.

At that very moment, Xentia switched into her Battle God Mode. The golden circuit spread throughout her body, and her wings lit up golden energy. Her opponent was an entity at the pinnacle of world power level. She would test her maximum capabilities because she wouldn’t disappoint Goddess Aria.

“Evil Demon God like you can cease to exist for the sake of a beautiful world. Please leave him to me, Goddess Ely.” Xentia suddenly disappeared and reappeared right beside Elysia. She grabbed the Demon God and pulled him away from Elysia.

“Argh!” Xostriron felt his spirit being forced out of his current vessel, which was painful. While he was trying to secure his king piece, someone like Deity came to help the attacker. He couldn’t handle two at once in his current state!

“Mm…” Elysia just nodded and burned those tentacle-like hands at once.


Elysia pulled out the king piece, and the Demon God received a heavy backlash because of it.

Xentia then knocked the Demon God away with her gravity push. She would do the battle elsewhere.

*Swoosh* *Bam!*

The Demon God was blown away and hit the ground. Xentia immediately caught up with her annihilation target.

‘Master Elysia… She and I don’t look alike…’ Rhea approached Elysia and heaved a subtle sigh.

‘Mm, she was created to be the God Slayer, the artificial angel.’ Elysia already knew everything because of their mind sync. Xentia was an artificial human, not a test subject from a cruel experiment like the one Rhea experienced in the past.

‘She was born with our stolen magic energy. Sooner or later, she will run out of magical energy.’ Rhea felt a little uneasy. She first invited Xentia to join the group without asking Elysia or Elena’s permission.

‘Is her situation the same as yours, Rhea?’ Elysia nodded in understanding.

‘Similar but not the same. Xentia can recover her magic on her own if she gets enough supplies.’ Rhea felt a bit envious when she said that.

‘It’s okay, you have me.’ Elysia held Rhea’s hand in reassurance.

‘Mm, I’m yours. Master Elysia, I will educate Xentia to be a good girl to serve you.’ Rhea nodded with a sweet smile. She had some plans for Xentia and was looking forward to implementing them later.

‘I already know your plan, and my master also has agreed with pleasure. However, Xentia needs some integrated education for her own good. She does look like a ripe sixteen year old girl, but if we ignore her installed combat-related knowledge, her mindset is still an innocent baby. She is literally still four years old.’ Elysia nodded in reply.


A powerful explosion sent a massive amount of soil into the sky. Gio was too absorbed in exterminating the demons, and Cherub joined the feast like it was their competition.

“Umm… Let’s settle the matter here first. We must stop the trap formation immediately.” Elysia put her hand to her forehead.

Rhea just nodded in reply and looked at Xentia’s battle.

‘Ely, come here. Xero seems to need our help. We will drag them into this realm with Lifa’s help for guarantee.’ Elena made an emergency request.

‘Okay.’ Elysia immediately landed on Elena’s side.

*Slash* *Boom!*

Xentia continued to attack that Demon God in one breath. She also didn’t give her opponent the slightest breath. Surprisingly, he didn’t get destroyed even after she slashed and exploded him several times.

“Stop, stop! Xentia, listen to me first. I am your father. You were born because of me! You are just confused and being manipulated by that Turquoise Goddess!” Xostriron tried his best to survive. The previous backlash overwhelmed him so much.

“Shut up, filthy demon. All of your words are nothing more than a disgusting ruse. Goddess Aria appointed me as a hero who serves the divine light of virtue. I will save the world with them!” Xentia didn’t know anything about this man other than that he was a Demon God. Yet, he dared to deceive her by pretending to be her father for mercy? Xentia snorted as she could read that sleazy diversion battle scheme.

“You are supposed to destroy them, not join them! The world doesn’t need to be saved by a hero like you. Look into my eyes, Mind Control!” Xostriron shackles Xentia with his emergency spirit magic.

“!!!” Xentia couldn’t move her body, and her gaze went blank as she stared into the Demon God’s bloodshot eyes.

“Phew, I will take over her and control her again.” Xostriron heaved a sigh of relief and wiped his sweat. He became battered because of that woman named Ely and his own ultimate creation.


“You gave me a lot of trouble by betraying me, damned puppet.” Xostriron slapped Xentia’s cheek in anger.

At that moment, what Ely said crossed his mind. He now can’t use his ultimate form because of the backlash after his king piece was forcibly taken. “Tch, she planned this, huh… She wanted to beat me without giving me a chance to use my final form. Damn, I took it lightly.”

“What does that mean? You want to control me like a puppet? So, I was previously under your control before being freed by Goddess Aria? No wonder I was sealed in that dark place, and can’t remember anything else other than combat. You have manipulated me from the start and used me as your tool. What Goddess Aria said is true. I won’t hold back to exterminate you then.” Xentia pursed her lips and released the spirit’s shackles with ease.

“What? No wait- ugh! What kind of aura is this? You shouldn’t have any emotions, or powers like this! What has that woman done to you, my Xentia!?” Xostriron’s eyes widened in shock.

“She is Goddess Aria serving under Goddess Ely’s sovereignty. Also, I am not yours. I am Xentia, the hero who serves the light.” Xentia unleashed her full power onto her longsword. She then slashed the Demon God in two vertically.


A pillar of light erupted. It slashed the sky and the ground in half. The dimension was torn apart by the overwhelming destructive power.

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