Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

819 The Hero Who Serve the Light (2)

“Uhh, I-” Xentia felt weak and powerless. She fell to the ground helplessly.

Even so, she was happy because she managed to defeat the final boss, and the world would be saved.

Unfortunately, that feeling didn’t last long. Just as the tower of light faded, a terrifying demon form of a burly black fox with hundreds of sharp tails appeared there.

“Hehe, haha! Too bad Your ultimate attack is only capable of destroying my temporary vessel, and not my real self. You have disgusted me now, defective product. I will eliminate you and create a new perfect new masterpiece!” Xostriron gritted his teeth in annoyance as he stared at Xentia.

Even though it was only his temporary body, he had painstakingly cultivated it for four years. And it just disappeared in vain just because of the betrayal of his own masterpiece. It was so bitter in his mouth.

“…” Xentia was scared because she knew she might be killed here, but she had already joined the hero group with the Goddesses as her allies.

“That’s if you have another chance. Do you think we’ll let you go? Bind.” Elena restrained all the movements of the Demon God with tremendous mental pressure.

“Thank you. You’ve did your best.” Rhea landed near Xentia and lifted the powerless girl off the ground.

“I’m surprised you don’t have any chess pieces, but this is the end for you. Worry not, heaven is the one that will judge you.” Elysia landed before the Demon God.

“Kuh!” Xostriron tried his best to tear the invisible shackles that rendered him immobile.

However, the mental pressure was beyond his ability to handle, especially in his current state, where he had just received two backlashes in a row.

“Heh, then what are you going to do to me? I won’t die even if you kill me. My existence is immortal.” Xostriron grinned, and it looked even more intimidating and terrifying because of his current demonic face.

Elysia didn’t budge at that sight. She simply extended her hand to touch her opponent, then replied casually. “We will only punish you by weakening you and imprisoning you for a while. I will give you a small bonus. Don’t thank me. You deserve it for what you did.”

As convenient as it might sound, Elysia proceeded by seizing the Demon God’s life energy and magic to significantly weaken him. Compared to Xero, her punishment was crueler because what she did would also eliminate the other party’s divinity.

“Have I lost here? No, I can’t accept this! Uraa!” Xostriron went berserk, but his strength gradually left him. By the time he realized that he had already lost the chance to fight back.

“What is this!?” Xostriron stared at his hands as if he couldn’t believe the reality. “This must be a lie, right? My power, return my power!”

“Please excuse me.” Lifa appeared behind the Demon God and knocked him unconscious. She then tied him up and left the rest for Nell.

Nell simply put the Demon God in her private realm’s particular prison, just like the other prisoners.

“Phew.” Elena breathed a sigh of relief.

“You’re overusing your strength, Xentia. You can’t move for a while.” Elysia checked Xentia’s condition.

“Goddess Ely, Goddess Aria… Am I going to end up crippled? Xentia is useless now.” Xentia muttered weakly.

“You will be fine after recuperating. Let me do something for you.” Elysia took a deep breath and held Xentia’s hand. She transferred a little of her life energy to recover Xentia a little. “Mm, you should be able to move now. However, you still need a full recovery after this.”

“Thank you. Goddess Ely is kind and reliable.” Xentia moved her hand and smiled gratefully. She then looked at everyone around her. “However, why everyone wearing masks?”

“That’s because we need to display our presence as a mysterious entity in the outside world.” Rhea answered with a smile.

“Then why Goddess Aria aren’t wearing the mask?” Xentia asked innocently.

“That’s because I took off my disguise before going into battle to save you. I’ll be wearing the shadow robe again. Would you like to have one? That cloak is cool and useful because the identity of a hero shouldn’t be known by outsiders.” Rhea made an attractive offer.

“Because of me? Xentia must have been scary at the time. Thank you for saving Xentia from that Demon God.” Xentia loosened her shoulders. She doesn’t remember what happened, but it must have been terrible because she was still being controlled at the time.

“Worry not, sweet child. For now, can you disable your Angel Battlesuit? It will only drain your strength and be dangerous in your current state. Please give your command to your divine artifact.” Rhea pointed her finger to Xentia’s chest.

“Angel Battlesuit, deactivate.” Xentia closed her eyes. Her battlesuit was then disintegrated into gold particles and absorbed into her body.

However, she returned to an exposed state, like when she was born a few moments ago.

Elysia moved quickly and wrapped Xentia in a blanket. “I’ll help you get dressed after this. Let’s get out of here first. Someone will come here and this realm will soon collapse.”

“Mm, so warm… Uhm, can I see your face, Goddess Ely. Xentia wants to see.” Xentia made her request.

“Sure.” Elysia didn’t mind. She removed her shadow mask and smiled gently at Xentia.

“So beautiful, especially your eyes. Goddess Aria’s master… Benevolent Goddess, I can see everyone is counting on you. You must be a great Goddess.” Xentia touched Elysia’s face and muttered in a dreamy tone.

“Thank you.” Elysia held Xentia’s hand.

“Fwaah, Xentia is sleepy. Really want to sleep…” Xentia closed her eyes and yawned.

“You can sleep. I will take care of you.” Rhea released Xentia from the aerial magic support and placed the sleepy girl in her arms.

“Mm…” Xentia closed her eyes, about to sleep.

*Rumble* *Rumble*

A large fissure formed in the sky, and a gigantic creature fell from it.

A massive earthquake occurred as massive soil was thrown into the sky when that gigantic creature landed on the ground.


Xero landed on top of that gigantic golem and pierced it with his giant spear of darkness. “That’s not bad. It’s like my training against that hateful brat and his heavenly golem.”

“Do as you please. Our grand plan was destroyed by all of you in just an hour. However, I was wondering if you would safely exit this collapsed realm. The gate or exit portal has already been abolished. Kekeke… I shall drag you to the hell!” Someone inside that gigantic golem chuckled creepily.

“Say what you like. We have more than one person who mastered the laws of nature, dimension, and space.” Xero rolled his eyes and split the golem’s cockpit in two. He pulled out an injured lady from there.

“You’re lucky I’m not so mad right now, but you’re still going to pay a heavy price, woman.” Xero snatched his opponent’s magic energy and only left a tiny bit. He then forcibly grabbed the king piece from that deity.

“Ghak!” The defeated deity went limp, but she looked at her opponent with hatred.

“Bound this woman up and put her in jail. I also have several participating prisoners. Do whatever you want with them.” Xero jumped down from that gigantic golem and landed near Nell. He put that deity and several other participants on the ground.

“O-oh, okay… But, you got injured and lost a lot of magic power.” Nell put the deity in a particular prison, but she put the participants in another place. She was more worried about Xero’s badly injured state.

“Don’t touch me. You will only get hurt. Quickly open the exit before this realm collapses completely.” Xero stepped back and looked at Lifa and the other Goddesses.

“We will use teleportation to the last formation’s core. Please gather around me.” Lifa beckoned everyone to come closer. After that, she used her teleportation magic to leave the collapsed realm with everyone.

In the seconds of the dimensional shift, Xentia opened her eyes slightly to witness the last moment of the world’s collapse. It was so sad… That world was destroyed by the battle just now. Still, she was relieved that Aria had told her that it was only a separated artificial realm, not the real world she wanted to see.

The scenery suddenly turned into a laboratory room with a giant tube in the middle. Lifa instantly deactivated the trap formation.

The formation’s primary core then self-destructed, but Lifa minimized the explosion, so no damage was done.

“We’d better end our hunt for today. Everyone is exhausted from the trap formation just now.” Elena suggested an idea.

“Yeah, I need to start meditating soon to recuperate. I heard you sent that association to start working for us. I hope they don’t disappoint. There’s only a few left.” Xero still wanted to hunt down a few more deities, but he better not push himself.

Everyone agreed with the decision, but someone needed to hand over some information about the incident to the superhuman group on the top floor. Elena was about to do that herself, but a devil girl volunteered.

“Allow me to do the job! I can do it perfectly. I will ask for a little compensation, if I may.” Sylvia raised her hand high. Yet, she spoke her last sentence in a whisper-like voice.

“All right, just give them these documents. I have prepared the information they need to know regarding the incident here. We will drag America to cooperate with us too. So, no more unnecessary war. I know you can handle it well.” Elena handed a few things to Sylvia, then patted Sylvia’s shoulder.

“Okay, leave it to me!” Sylvia put her hand to her upper chest.

“I should accompany our little devil to avoid the unexpected from happening. My magic didn’t drain much either, so everything will be fine. You can head back first to recuperate. You’ve all worked hard.” Nell went to Sylvia’s shoulder.

“We are waiting for you at our temporary base.” Elysia waved her hand.

“Mm, We will join you soon.” Sylvia waved her hand as well.


Everyone then disappeared from the laboratory, leaving Sylvia and Nell alone there.

“Hehe, let’s ask for some compensation since we solved the problem for them~” Sylvia hummed and walked out of the laboratory.

“You really want to blackmail them, huh… What do you want to ask of them?” Nell facepalmed.

“I don’t know what’s so valuable here, but I’m going to bring some weapons as souvenirs. I previously saw a nice vehicles. I’ll take them too. The rest just depends on the situation and their sincerity. They will work for us in cooperation too, right? Hehe~” Sylvia rubbed her hands and chuckled with great enthusiasm.

“…” Nell chose not to comment anything. She hid in Sylvia’s hood and let this devil girl do the job.

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