Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

817 Artificial Angel

“I will face him. Please assist me.” Elysia asked Nell for help.

“All right.” Nell went to Elysia’s shoulder and gave some buffs to everyone with her blessing magic.

“Thank you.” Rhea put her hands together and closed her eyes.

A golden turquoise light enveloped her in an instant. Her shadow robe disappeared and was replaced by her divine battlesuit.

She no longer needed to cover up her identity in a shadow mask because she needed to be serious to bring down that artificial angel, Xentia.

Rhea’s six wings tattoo on her back appeared and shone. She conjured her six beautiful turquoise angel wings.

“Quintessence.” Rhea spoke a code in a soft voice. She summoned her large chakram behind her, and dozens of sharp crystal fragments flew around her.

She opened her eyes when her divine transformation was complete. An intimidating aura instantly attacked the Demon God and posed a threat to the artificial angel.


Rhea shot into the sky and took over the battle against Xentia.

“Ooh, it’s perfection! You finally showed your perfect divine form. Truly a Goddess of Perfection. However, you won’t be able to defeat my Xentia. My Xentia hasn’t used her Goddess Mode yet. At that time, I will make you mine, my new puppet. Hyahaha!” The Demon God laughed heartily like everything was going his way.

“You’re noisy, Xostriron.” Elysia suddenly appeared so close to the Demon God. She slapped her hand forward, and an extreme gravitational force flung the Demon God away.

“Kuh, how did you know that name!? Who exactly are you!?” Xostriron was shocked because his name was already known by the other party.

“I know because I can. I’m here to give you a punishment on everything you did to those innocent children.” Elysia took a top-tier spear from her arsenal and continued to attack the Demon God.

“Hehe, are you interested in being my lab rat, girl? And that little fairy is also interesting. Do you know, those you call innocent children are nothing more than artificial humans. The failed test subjects have no right to live. Only perfection deserves it!” Xostriron continued to dodge with a sly grin. In each of his words, he inflicted hypnotic magic to affect his opponent.

Unfortunately, he had no idea that the cheap trick was useless to Elysia.

“They have spirits and souls. According to the world’s law, they deserve to live. If it’s just as you say, then you also don’t deserve to live because you are full of defects.” Elysia spun around and delivered a kick to the Demon God’s waist. Yet, something obstructed her attack and nullified the damage.


The Demon God was blown away, but Elysia didn’t let go of him. She continued to attack while Nell’s blessing magic was still taking effect.

Nell’s blessing magic pushed her capability beyond the limit with minimal magic consumption.

‘Ely and Helen can handle that Demon God. Ai, Cherub, Gio, Vann… Please exterminate those demons. For the rest, please stay tuned to observe everything. The last deity has not yet appeared. We need to be vigilant.’ Elena relayed her instructions to everyone.

‘Okay.’ Ai would complete her task with pleasure. She then threw her little pet into the air. “Cherub, we have a lot of evil demons here. Go on a rampage and exterminate them!”

Cherub transformed into a giant dark dragon. He flapped his four wings and roared loudly. “Roar!”

The black dragon took a deep breath and spat out black flames from his mouth. It was an opening attack to eradicate the demons who had gotten too close to his master’s group.

“Roar!” Cherub flew away to eliminate the other demons.

“We also need to move now.” Ai invited the destroyer team to move with her.

“En.” Vanessa nodded. She and Ai immediately entered the battlefield.

“…” Gio glanced at the Goddess of Light and received a nod. Therefore, he pressed his fists together and charged into the battle.

“Well then, let’s secure you first.” Elena approached the nearby battered deity.

“What are you going to do!?” The battered deity felt elated because his comrade had to corner these executioners. However, that didn’t seem to last long.

Elena just re-tied and wrapped the battered deity into a special sack. She then put it in an empty Space Bag.

“Why did you interfere in my battle!? Go back and protect the girl as usual!” Xero was annoyed when his fight was interrupted.


Rhea controlled a dozen crystal fragments to keep Xentia busy. “I’ll take care of her. Your magic has depleted quite a bit. If you really want to vent your anger, a certain deity is still monitoring all these events from behind the darkness. He is waiting for us to be at a vulnerable point to release the finishing blow. Please handle him for us.”

“…” Xero did feel irritated at this expressionless artificial angel. Still, on second thought, it would be much better if he beat the real mastermind who was inviting his wrath.

That Demon God had been taken care of by Elysia and Nell, but a deity was still hiding in this realm’s shadow.

“You can find him. Your divine law of darkness can do it.” Rhea left her last message before she clashed with Xentia at close range.

“Fine, I’ll do it.” Xero snorted and flew away to track down the whereabouts of the deity lurking in the shadows.

His divine law could faintly sense the other party’s presence, and he only needed to focus on the direction his hunch was pointing.


Xero entered that realm’s dark dimension to hunt the other deity.

Xostriron felt himself at a disadvantage side. He then used his partial demonic form and fought back. “Hey, is that all you’re capable of? Why don’t you use your true form against me? I haven’t even used my final form yet.”

“That’s not necessary. You won’t even get to use your final form because you’ll lose before that.” Elysia had another plan to defeat her opponent. She was just looking for the right time and opening.

“That confidence, I’m going to destroy it. I’m intrigued by what your facial expression looks like behind that mask.” Xostriron changed his attack pattern. He was now eyeing his opponent’s mask.

“Can you understand what I’m saying?” Rhea asked gently.


Xentia swung her sword at her opponent, but it was warded off by an air barrier. Rhea retaliated by throwing a magic fiber at Xentia without anyone but herself noticing.

“Destroy.” Xentia responded expressionlessly. She just kept attacking and attacking to destroy.

Her longsword collected many golden light particles, and then a super beam was released at her opponent.

“…” Rhea simply dodged the attack with a smooth motion.


A hill in the distance was wiped out in a big explosion.

“It must be painful and sad. Were you born into this world just for this? As a tool? Who are you and what do you live for?” Rhea threaded another magic fiber around Xentia’s body silently.

“Xentia was born to destroy by order of the almighty.” Xentia shot and smashed her opponent’s barrier.

Rhea deliberately let her barrier be destroyed to release another batch of magic fiber into Xentia’s hands, feet, head, and body.

“???” Xentia tried to move her body but was held back by something invisible. She activated her magic eyes and widened her eyes because she failed to realize that she was already caught in a trap.

She took a deep breath to create an energy shockwave to break the shackles, but she was one step too late.

“Is that so? Then, I will fix it for you. You know, the one you receive orders from is not the almighty. Open your eyes, remember, and live. You have spirit and soul. You are not a tool, but you are alive…” Rhea put her hand on Xentia’s head. After that, she created a layered crystal barrier around herself and Xentia.

“Kha!” Xentia seemed to be electrocuted. She was pulled into the realm of the subconscious and unable to move completely.

‘Erased memories and rewritten personalities. Unfortunately, he ignored the hidden truth behind the spirit and soul. Everything will still be stored there even if he try to erase it. There must be, somewhere. A fragment is okay. I will bring you back. You need to punish the real villain who made you suffer with your own hands. You must live, for those who died because of him too.’ Rhea dove deep into Xentia’s subconscious to search for the whereabouts of the real Xentia.

She knew it was there, and sure enough. She found it. A ball of light floated amidst the dark void. A baby girl was curled up in a deep sleep.

Rhea’s arrival made the baby girl wake up. Little Xentia then asked innocently at the newcomer. “Who?”

“I am a Goddess. It’s so dark and lonely here.” Rhea opened a conversation in a tender tone.

“Mm, so lonely.” Xentia nodded.

“Do you want come to life, precious?” Rhea asked with a smile.

“Life? What is life? Is it fun?” Xentia was curious.

“Yeah, it’s fun if you enjoy it.” Rhea nodded.

“Then I want to enjoy it!” Xentia raised both her hands.

“However, the world is not that beautiful. What will you do to those who bring calamity and sorrow? There are many entities that want to destroy that happiness of the beautiful world.” Rhea put her hand to her cheek as if she was considering something.

“They can cease to exist. I want a beautiful world!” Xentia opened her palm with a relaxed instant response.

“Are you willing to take the risk to reach that beautiful world with us? You may need to go through some painful and difficult things beforehand.” Rhea put her hand on her upper chest.

“Erm, that’s complicated. I don’t like pain… What should I do?” Xentia scratched her head. She didn’t quite understand.

“Would you like to follow me into life and serve the light? She is my master, my happiness, and my everything. You might be able to find the beautiful world with her around.” Rhea held out her hand in an invitation.

“Mm!” Xenia grasped that hand and nodded in agreement.

Rhea persuaded Xentia’s spirit to go with her, and Xentia innocently agreed like an unsuspecting baby.

“Please forgive me. This is a choice you have to make.” Rhea put her hand on Xentia’s forehead and then read Xentia’s hidden, buried memories

Unfortunately, it did not match her estimation. Xentia didn’t go through any horrible experiences like her past self. This girl was created by that Demon God for perfection, a perfect vessel to receive God’s power. Despite that, Xentia’s thinking ability was only limited to an innocent baby, but with a vast combat knowledge.

Even so, Rhea would make Xentia switch sides to punish the evil under Elysia’s sovereignty. It might be selfish, but she thought it was the best possible outcome.

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