Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

816 Calamity Puppet

“Wow, they’re so cool and cold. I mean the ice.” The man in a flashy red costume was amazed.

“So, how’s it going? Go back upstairs and clean up those demons and demonized soldiers? We managed to get hundreds of surviving soldiers to join the fight against those demons. We should  eradicate those demons first.” The lady in a tight leather suit sighed.

“They don’t want us to go deeper into the basement? What’s hidden there, in the first place? They are strong, very strong. I can feel their aura. What do you think? What are our chances of winning against them?” The man in blue armor spoke in a solemn tone.

“Below ten percent if it’s a group battle, and under five percent if it’s a one-on-one battle.” The man in a mecha suit announced the results of his analysis.

“So low?” The man in a flashy red costume was a bit surprised. He then voiced his opinion. “Then, let’s handle the demons above first and then go underground. We’ll let those mysterious ladies do the job to eradicate the more powerful demons down there. After that, we can ask for an explanation and investigate everything to the root!”

“All right, we’re back upstairs. They’re probably our allies with the same goal here. We’ll investigate what’s hidden down there after clearing all the demons above.” The man in blue armor made a wise decision.

He then led his team upstairs to clean up the remaining demons with the surviving human soldiers.

Nell’s team came to join Elysia and the others. Everyone was already waiting for them near the central laboratory in the deepest part of the military base.

“This place is sealed and hidden behind a signal jamming mixed metal wall. Something terrifying might be hidden behind this gate.” Sora flew in front of the closed gate and observed it.

“We’re in basement seven. The last separated dimension might be here.”

“Yeah, we’ve all explored this territory thoroughly, but this is the only place that’s really sealed and untouched.”

“Even Ely can’t monitor inside even though we’re this close.”

“Hey, idiot! We shouldn’t be mentioning someone’s name in enemy territory. Lady Midori won’t be happy.”


The nature spirits had a brief discussion before returning to hiding around Lifa.

“Lady Midori? Who are they referring to?” Nell asked in wonder.

“It means green. These spirits gave me a nickname for their convenience.” Lifa giggled elegantly. She hadn’t thought of a definite second name yet because she was still waiting for Elysia and Elena to give one to her, just as they did to Rhea and Nell.

“I will destroy this gate quickly.” Xero did a bit of a stretch.

“No, please don’t do that. It’s tricky to explain, but we’ll create a hole to get in there.” Elysia felt that another trap would be triggered if they destroyed this gate. Therefore, she and Elena were looking for the weakest spot to create an entry gap.

“Then hurry up.” Xero folded his arms and tapped his feet on the floor. He couldn’t bear to wait any longer.


Elysia and Elena had just found a spot to enter. Still, a dimensional fluctuation suddenly occurred and pulled everyone to another place.

It was a different realm, but only a grand theater hall rather than a whole new little world.

“This is terrible, and it is not good. Our grand gift is not ready to be presented to all of you, dear executioners. I am the Magical God, Doom. Please allow me to accompany you before the main show begins.” A man dressed as a magician in a hat appeared from behind the stage curtain.

“You talk a lot. We don’t have time to play around. Wait, you pick a king piece. And the other participants are waiting behind the scenes. Then this will get easier.” Xero immediately lunged onto the stage.

“What an impatient attitude from the audience. The autograph session will be held later. Please return to the stands.” Doom swung his magician’s hat and sent the attacker back into the stands.

“What?” Xero was shocked. He was teleported to his original place without realizing how it happened.


Ai fired her stream jet cannon.

“Eh?” Doom was stunned and checked his stomach. He found himself hollowed out, even though he was separated from the physical world. He is a ghost, and the shot wound him!?

“Hehe, it’s a donut ghost magician now. Is it a magic trick? You’re a clown too, right?” Ai fired another shot.

“Wait!” Doom dodged the shot, but several more shots were fired at him.

“Perhaps, you are the coward Demon God who greeted our comrade yesterday. Entertain us more! How will you survive the deadly gunfire with your magic tricks.” Ai was pretty amused by playing that magician in her own game.

“What are you talking about? Stop shooting! What’s with that gun!?” Doom snapped his fingers, and the stage was covered by a black curtain.

“My apologies, but we don’t have time to join your nonsense.” Elena tore the curtain.

She and everyone immediately ganged up on the poor ghost. The participants who had prepared backstage also received the impact of the judgment.

“What’s with them? These executioners have no ethics and no culture. It’s not in the plan.” Doom mumbled pitifully on the floor with a swollen face. He couldn’t even stall for more than a minute.

The Magical God had been eliminated along with his entire team. That mini realm gradually collapsed like the fading dome of illusion.

“Hmph!” Elena just snorted while waiting for the scenery to return to the corridor in front of the metal gate earlier.

Elysia then immediately moved to create an entrance by perforating the wall with the weakest point of protection. She moved her hand in a circular motion on the wall. After that, she asked Gio to help kick the entrance she had made.


The two-meter-thick anti-detection metal wall was thrown deep into the laboratory.

“Hou, you came a lot quicker than I thought. Even Doom can’t buy himself more than a minute, huh…” A high-ranking military man glanced at the newcomers with his blazing red eyes.

“This place…” Rhea’s eyes gradually turned cold as she surveyed the entire secret laboratory.

Her attention was drawn to a large tube with hundreds of hoses in the middle of the room. A teenage girl was huddled there as if waiting to be born.

A flashback about her past came to her mind. Perhaps, that girl received the exact same fate as her at that time, the only successful test subject.

“Haha, we meet again, young lady. She is our ultimate weapon. Thank you for coming here and contributing to the success of my project. To think the magic that was absorbed far exceeded my expectations even though it was only less than half an hour.” The Demon God glanced at the executioner he had greeted yesterday.

He then turned around and opened his arms with an excited cry. “Allow me to introduce to you. The God Slayer with a power that can rival the Ancient God! The heir to the divine power of the Mother Goddess. Xentia, my Angel of Destruction, I bring you back to this world!”


The tube opened, spilling a lot of blue liquid on the floor. The girl was stuck in mid-air due to the shackles of the magic thread.

The magic threads broke off one by one, leaving the girl standing on her two feet. She then slowly opened her vacant golden eyes, staring into nowhere.

“Angel of Destruction Project, genetic overwrite. Install memories, take the command. The God Slayer, codename Xentia, active.” The girl muttered like a robot, and the light of life came into her eyes.

“Hmm!” Xero was able to connect the dots into a scenario that annoyed him. He summoned his divine spear and charged straight at the Demon God with thick killing intent.

“Hehe, not so fast, my lab rat.” The Demon God grinned and snapped his fingers. The scenery suddenly turned into a vast expanse of cursed forest.


Xero’s spear hit empty air. The Demon God disappeared and reappeared tens of meters away.

“Angel Battlesuit, activate.” Xentia looked to the side. A golden angelic halo shone on her chest.

A set of white gold mecha-like battlesuit appeared out of thin air and quickly wrapped her naked body. Six gold-white mecha wings emerged on her back right after.

She summoned her longsword and charged at the attacker. “Target, lock on. Kill.”

“!!!” Xero immediately dodged the golden sword’s slash.


The ground split in two, leaving a deep fissure over a kilometer long.

“Hahaha! That is the power of a high-ranking Ancient Goddess of the past. Xentia, annihilate them all. Leave none alive!” The Demon God burst out laughing.

“Only this kind of power can’t be called a high-ranking Goddess! Artificial divine power with borrowed magic energy stands no chance of winning before my divine law! Darkness, Curse, Void, come forth. Burst!” Xero used his power boost technique and immediately counterattacked, intending to destroy that artificial angel.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Ultra-speed clashes and violent explosions occurred in the sky. However, Xero still hadn’t gotten any upper hand in those exchanges.

‘Master Elysia, allow me to free that girl from her suffering. Also, please fulfill our promise to those poor children by punishing that Demon God severely.’ Rhea stated her request to Elysia with a look full of desire and determination.

‘Okay, but please be careful. That Angel of Destruction Xentia is extremely dangerous. We will help you when the situation gets out of control.’ Elysia gave her consent but had some contingency plans for Rhea’s safety.

‘Understood.’ Rhea nodded in understanding.

“Hey, are you just going to stand there in silence? How about you also cheer me up by dealing with my other tests subjects? My children, come over here!” The Demon God spread his arms. Thousands of reddish black magic circles appeared on the ground. Many types of powerful and terrible demonic creatures emerged from there.

“You created a calamity puppet, but you are absolutely oblivious to whom you choose your opponent, demon.” Elena spoke casually but sounded so cold and oppressive.

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