Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 285: Arrival of the ‘True Love’

Chapter 285: Arrival of the ‘True Love’

Qi Sheng and Ning Shu continued waiting eagerly at the entrance of the Qi Residence. Finally, the supporting female lead arrived.

A carriage had stopped in front of them, then the curtain of the carriage was lifted with two fair hands. Ning Shu stared at them as she waited to see what Li Yufei looked like.

However, the person that came out was a maid with twin buns on her head. After the maid got off, another hand appeared from within the carriage. This hand was delicate like snow and elegantly slender. It landed on the maid’s offered hand.

Ning Shu could sense Qi Sheng’s excitement. He was staring at the carriage without blinking.

A woman dressed in pale yellow bowed her head slightly as she got out of the carriage and stepped off with the maid’s support. Then she slowly walked over, graceful as a fairy.

She had a perfectly oval face and a slight smile on her lips that gave off an elegant and warm air of femininity. It made people feel the urge to protect and pamper her.

Qi Sheng had pretty good eyes. If it hadn’t been for Mu Yanmeng, Li Yufei probably would have remained gentle and kind to the world. However, due to envy, she had become a ruthless and malicious supporting female lead and destroyed Mu Yanmeng’s looks.

Before she even walked all the way over, Qi Sheng had already rushed over to take her hands with a smile. “Yufei, you’ve come.”

Ning Shu felt that Qi Sheng really had an abnormal liking for grabbing people’s hands. He’s been grabbing the hands of every woman he sees. It just showed that he was actually an innate rogue.

Li Yufei smiled as she pulled her hands out of his grasp. “Big Brother Sheng, my father asked me to pass on his greetings.”

“Is Uncle still doing well?” Qi Sheng looked at Li Yufei with an intensely gentle gaze as if he wanted to impregnate her with his eyes. Li Yufei got a little embarrassed and her cheeks flushed as she returned his gaze quietly.

Ning Shu poked her panda face between them. Li Yufei was given a huge fright and her voice was slightly shrill as she asked, “Who are you?”

Qi Sheng enthusiastically introduced them. “This is Xiao Hong, your room was prepared by her. She’s my personal maid.”

When Li Yufei heard that her room had been prepared by this extremely ugly servant, her heart physically trembled and her expression came close to collapsing. What kind of room would it turn out to be? However, when she heard that this servant was Qi Sheng’s personal maid, she immediately gave a friendly smile and said, “I’m sorry to have troubled you, Xiao Hong.”

Ning Shu parted her mouth to give a horrifying grin as she said, “I heard that Miss Yufei is the love of Young Master’s life, so this servant did her best to give Miss Yufei a pleasant surprise.”

When Ning Shu moved closer to Li Yufei, Li Yufei subtly backed away and held a handkerchief to her nose as she said, “Big Brother Sheng, Yufei is a little tired and wants to rest a little.”

Qi Sheng said with a warm smile, “I’ll walk you to your room.”

Qi Sheng and Li Yufei then walked side by side as Ning Shu followed behind them. When they got to the room, Qi Sheng pushed open the door and said, “Xiao Hong had specially prepared this for you.”

Li Yufei glanced inside, then froze. When Qi Sheng saw Li Yufei’s reaction, he hastily turned around and saw that the room was filled with bright floral and green colors.

The curtains were made of brightly colored fabrics that were put together in a haphazard manner. It was painful to look at. Then there were the flower vases. They were all ugly ones that were even of poor quality, and in the vases were rapeseed flowers, of all things! Weeds!

“Xiao Hong, what exactly were you thinking!? Didn’t I tell you to prepare the room carefully and make it elegant? What were you doing!?” Qi Sheng looked seriously angry this time. After all, he had lost face in front of his true love because of Ning Shu.

“Ding, trauma points +5. Current number of trauma points is 10.” 2333’s voice reverberated in Ning Shu’s head. “Why does this person have so little trauma points?”

#comment: I may have recalled wrong, but I think Qi Sheng’s trauma points don’t add up correctly in this arc. It might be because the author made a mistake or because he calms down and the trauma fades? In any case, the numbers in my translation will correspond to the raws.

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