Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 284: Life’s Colors Should Be Bright and Bountiful

Chapter 284: Life’s Colors Should Be Bright and Bountiful

Sometimes Qi Sheng would wonder whether or not this woman was truly Mu Yanmeng. Her reactions were always so bizzare. However, the arrest orders had named the master and servant pair, and her servant was also called Yue Lan. Could it be that it was Yue Lan that was Mu Yanmeng? However, Yue Lan didn’t seem to be much of a beauty.

Qi Sheng had known of the number one beauty of Donghua, Mu Yanmeng, for a long time, but his status was fixed. He had no hope of climbing high enough to even meet her. However, she was now standing right in front of him. He wanted nothing more than to pour a bucket of water on her and wash those things off her face so that he could get a look at her.

The desire was so strong it took all his strength to remain calm.

“Then please go prepare and decorate Yufei’s room. I trust in your taste.” Qi Sheng was obviously doing this to make Ning Shu jealous, however, Ning Shu was naturally not jealous at all and responded happily, “Don’t worry, Young Master, this servant will definitely prepare it well.”

Qi Sheng then recalled the smell on Ning Shu’s body and her red and green attire. This taste of hers truly was unprecedented. He said hastily, “On second thought, you haven’t done such tasks before, so I’ll just arrange for another servant to do it. You’re not used to doing such rough work.”

Ning Shu knew what Qi Sheng was thinking. He was clearly worried that she would wreck things. However- She gave an eager smile and said, “Please allow this servant to do this for Miss Yufei. Maybe after this, this servant might even become sisters with Miss Yufei.”

Become sisters… Qi Sheng looked at Ning Shu as he pondered the possible meanings in her words. It was probably the meaning he was looking forward to. He took a step forward and was about to grab her hand, but halfway through, forced himself to stop. He said happily, “Yufei is a very kind-hearted girl. You two will definitely become good sisters.”

Ha, you wish.

Even a person like this could become a male lead? Ning Shu felt like her view of the world was about to shatter. If a person was kind-hearted, they’d accept everything about you. If they didn’t agree with you and didn’t accept your beliefs, then they weren’t kind-hearted.

Da fudge? Since when did kind-hearted take on this kind of meaning?

Ha. Ha.

Every time Ning Shu saw Qi Sheng look at her with gentle and deep passion, she’d feel the urge to just blind herself. His hypocritic act made her want to vomit.

So, her goal was to be a matchmaker and make it so that Qi Sheng would be with his true love for.ev.er.

When Ning Shu went with Yue Lan to prepare the room for the supporting female lead-sama, Yue Lan started shaking out the quilt as she lamented, “Miss, my poor miss, despite your noble status, you have to do servants’ work. If the lord knew, his heart would definitely ache for you.”

Prime Minister Mu was probably living comfortably in some far off place by now. There were pitifully few letters from him. In this story, he was just a passerby.

Ning Shu took down all the simple and elegant curtains and replaced them with something flamboyant. Everything was bright red and green, the sight offended the eyes.

It was to express her enthusiastic welcome to the supporting female lead-sama. She wondered how the gentle and elegant supporting female lead would react to such a brightly colored room.

Yue Lan looked around the room, then rubbed her eyes as she asked, “Miss, when did you start liking these colors? This, this…”

“It was only after going through all these recent events that your miss finally came to realize that life’s colors should be bright and bountiful,” said Ning Shu as she dusted off her hands.

After Ning Shu finished arranging the room, Qi Sheng wanted to go in and take a look. After all, the supporting female lead was the pure, unstained moonlight in his heart. During this period, he still needed to secure her affection so he was worried that Ning Shu would ruin things for him.

“Young Master, please have faith in this servant. This servant will definitely give Miss Yufei a great surprise!” Ning Shu insisted that Qi Sheng stayed out.

Qi Sheng flicked Ning Shu’s nose and said in a doting tone, “Your young master naturally has faith in you.”

Fuck, you want to lose that hand!?

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