Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 283: May You Soon Be Blessed With a Son!

Chapter 283: May You Soon Be Blessed With a Son!

Although Ning Shu denied the fact that she was Mu Yanmeng with all her might, Qi Sheng was convinced that she was Mu Yanmeng. His eyes were filled with strong predatory interest.

Ning Shu paid no attention to him. So what if he knew that she was Mu Yanmeng? Once his true love arrived, he’d immediately forget her.

Qi Sheng was clearly just enjoying the process of chasing after girls. But once he obtained them, he wouldn’t even consider cherishing them, since he had a true love who was a pure angel that possessed all of his heart.

Despite the fact that he had someone he loved, he still had so little restraint. He even went so far as to go to a whorehouse to buy Mu Yanmeng.

He probably didn’t love his true love that much either, after all, he had been able to abandon her so easily later just because he found out that his angelic true love was actually malicious. In comparison, Mu Yanmeng was kinder so he fell in love with Mu Yanmeng just like that.

‘Because you’re malicious, I no longer love you. I was blind to fall in love with you.’ Was that even love?

Ever since Qi Sheng found out that Ning Shu was Mu Yanmeng, he started treating Ning Shu way better. He refused to have her do a lot of the tasks that maids were supposed to do and pampered her like she was a wealthy miss.

As for Ning Shu, since Qi Sheng refused to let her work, she spent her days drinking tea and strolling through the garden leisurely as she waited. Qi Sheng’s true love was about to arrive.

That true love of his looked gentle and amiable on the surface, but she was actually rotten to the core. She had completely disfigured the original host and tormented the original host until there was not a single inch of her body that didn’t have a scar.

She was the model of a malicious supporting female lead. Ning Shu was speechless. That was the role she should be playing, yet for some reason, she had ended up as the pitiful female lead this time.

What kind of task was this?

Soon, when Ning Shu saw that Qi Sheng’s face was filled with joy and he looked like he had pink bubbles in his background, she knew that the supporting female lead was about to arrive.

“Yanmeng, Yufei is about to come back,” said Qi Sheng to Ning Shu.

What does that have to do with me? Ning Shu asked, puzzled, “Who’s Yufei?”

Qi Sheng gazed into Ning Shu’s panda eyes and said emotionally, “She’s the woman that I’ve loved for a very long time, so long that I don’t remember when it started. She’s a wonderful woman. The fact that she’s coming feels like a dream.”

Ning Shu immediately gave a horrendous wide grin. “Congratulations, Young Master.”

Qi Sheng wanted to grab Ning Shu’s hand, but then recalled the gross feel of it and stopped. “Although Yufei is coming back, I’ll still protect you, so don’t worry. Yufei is very kind. If she found out about your identity, she would protect you too.”

Ning Shu: What the fuck?

He wanted to two-time them!? Even though his true love came back, he was still trying to win her over with promises?

Ning Shu felt enlightened. It was her first time witnessing with her own eyes the behavior of someone that was trying to stand on two boats at the same time.

However, it made sense. In the original storyline, before the true love, Li Yufei came back, Mu Yanmeng and Qi Sheng had already started sleeping together. Since Qi Sheng had already successfully obtained her, he would obviously value the woman he hadn’t obtained more.

However, right now, Ning Shu and Qi Sheng didn’t even have a hint of a relationship. Even if their relationship was suggestive, all those suggestions were coming solely from Qi Sheng’s side.

Thus, Qi Sheng of course had to reassure her so that she wouldn’t leave before he got his hands on her. He truly was an extraordinary scumbag.

After being tormented by them so much, Mu Yanmeng had actually still been able to live happily with them in the end? It was unbelievable.

Ning Shu crossed her eyes as she looked towards Qi Sheng and said sincerely, “Congratulations, Young Master, congratulations! May you soon be blessed with a son!”

Qi Sheng: …

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