Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 286: Cooking Lv. 0 Acquired?

Chapter 286: Cooking Lv. 0 Acquired?

And she had been about ask 2333 why it was so low. Qi Sheng looked gentle on the outside, but inside, he was a very calculative and heartless person.

After Qi Sheng rebuked her, Ning Shu hastily responded with a sad pout and white lotus flower shock. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. I did my best to complete this task well, but I still ended up making Miss Yufei mad. I’m so sorry.”

Li Yufei could barely keep the smile on her face anymore. However, she recalled her motive for making this trip here and endured it. She said gently, “It’s alright. Xiao Hong doesn’t know about my preferences anyways, and this decoration is not too bad.”

Ning Shu immediately smiled in vivid relief and walked up to grab Li Yufei’s hands in a touched manner. “Miss Yufei, you’re such a good person!”

Li Yufei was instantly overwhelmed by that terrible stench. In addition, it felt like the other party’s hands were oily and sweaty. This combined sensation made her want to puke.

Heavens, who was this person? Why was Qi Sheng keeping someone like this by his side? She was so disgusting!

Qi Sheng seemed to know Li Yufei’s current struggle and hastily moved to save her from Ning Shu’s grasp. Li Yufei hastily wiped her hands with her handkerchief as she fought back the urge to vomit.

Ning Shu smiled in a foolish manner as if she didn’t notice Li Yufei’s disgust at all.

“Head to the kitchen and have them prepare dinner. You only need to tell them, there’s no need for you to help.” Qi Sheng took care to add the last part because he had already experience first-hand how terrible Ning Shu’s cooking was. It was like swallowing poison.

Ning Shu hastily asked, “Are you sure this servant shouldn’t help? Miss Yufei has finally come. This servant wants to cook a few of this servant’s best dishes to welcome Miss Yufei.”

“There’s no need!” Qi Sheng hastily replied. Then he seemed to notice that his reply had been too sharp, so he softened his tone and said, “There’s no need. Yufei just got here. She probably won’t be able to eat that much.”

When Li Yufei heard what Qi Sheng said, she furrowed her brows slightly. What did Qi Sheng mean by this? Could it be that he didn’t welcome her?

Li Yufei then said, “Xiao Hong, there’s really no need to go through that trouble. Just have the kitchen casually prepare a little. I really can’t eat that much.”

Ning Shu said ‘en’ and left. As soon as she left, Qi Sheng and Li Yufei simulataneously sighed in relief. The smell this woman gave off was just way too disgusting.

Li Yufei took a quick sniff at her handkerchief and almost retched. Qi Sheng pretended that he didn’t see Li Yufei’s movements and said warmly, “I’ll have someone else redo the room. I never thought that Xiao Hong would decorate the room like this. However, she had good intentions, so please don’t blame her.”

Qi Sheng really wanted Li Yufei to have a good impression of Ning Shu.

#comment: Oh, Li Yufei will have a good impression of Ning Shu. She will, just you wait. Where’s my evil grin?

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