Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 9

9. Meal and excretion

Yuzuki-sensei’s car stopped five minutes away from the school.

What’s there is a big western house.

Behind the big iron gate is a three story mansion where the roofs and walls are all painted black…

The balcony with big pillars looks like the White House…No, rather it has an unpleasant feeling like a mansion where the master of a slave master of a straw farm in the US is living in.

However…the outer walls of that country would surely be painted in white but this one’s painted in solid black entirely…

An old building…it’s constructed at least before war.

When Sensei made her car light passing, the iron gate automatically opened.

「…It’s my house」

Sensei mutters as she get off the car.

For Sensei to have this kind of big house…Seriously, what is she?

「…It’s an old fashioned dirty house. I’d like to crush it a lot of times but a person in the house doesn’t allow it」

「Err…C-Could it be that it’s your family?」

Yuzuki-sensei snuffled at my question.

「…No. It’s my butler」


The car stopped by the entrance…it stopped under the balcony where a carriage would arrive on the old days.

Then…I see, there’s certainly an old butler…and a young maid is also waiting there.

「…Get off. Both of you」

Shirasaka-san and I went off the car from Sensei’s orders.

「…Leave the bag in your car. We’ll go to the school tomorrow anyway」

Being told so, I left my bag in the car.

However…Shirasaka-san get off with her bag.

「…Shirasaka-san, did you not hear me?」

Sensei’s lips twitched.

「I did…But, I’d like to manage my own things myself…!」

Shirasaka-san glares at the female teacher.

Sensei exhaled and smiled.

「Right…You’re that kind of child after all」

The butler and the maid turn up cheerfully at Yuzuki-sensei who got off the car.

The butler is a gray haired old man close to seventy. Black butler clothes.2 Black necktie on top of a white shirt. Rimmed glasses that seems to be old. He looks thin and his backbone is grown for his age.

The maid is…around twenty years old I guess? She’s a beauty with big tits…as anyone can see, it’s clear that she has big brreasts. However, her waist is firmly tight. Her ass is doban3 too A terribly glamorous onee-san figure.

Her hair has a trace of light brown color but…that color shines in the white colored maid cap. As expected, black maid clothes and white apron.

「Katsuko…take the car to the back」

Yuzuki-sensei talked to the maid and handed over the keys.

「…Certainly, ojou-sama」

The maid called Katsuko took the key and went to the driver’s seat.

She’s likely to put the car to the parking lot.

「Morishita…Could you prepare a meal?」

Sensei asked the butler.

「Yes. I’ll prepare meal for three people as Ojou-sama requests」

The female teacher turned around to me and Shirasaka-san.

「Now then, should we have dinner first? I’m quite hungry…!」

◇ ◇ ◇

The interior of the mansion was wrapped in an old-fashioned grand atmosphere.

However…The walls are black. The floor is black. The curtain’s are white as expected though.

Yup…white things are sometimes mixed to black background.

For example the interior…the desk…the clock

This house has no other colors than black and white…4

It feels strange to enter someone else’s home without taking off our shoes.

We were lead to the dining room.

A dining room is an exclusive room for eating dinner. That’s the original meaning. I’ve read it some book.

By the way, breakfast is eaten at the morning room.

Where do they eat lunch then?

Yuzuki-sensei’s dining room has chairs lined up on a big desk.

The number of chairs is three…In short, seats for only Sensei, Shirasaka-san and me.

Sensei’s taking the head’s seat…the so called 『Birthday Seat』

Shirasaka-san and I who’s the guest are seated facing each other…

Though the three sides of the wall are painted black, only the front side of Sensei’s seat is white.

Is there any meaning on that?

Also…There’s a white piano put in this room.

「…Uhm, I’m not that hungry」

Shirasaka-san said and the female teacher was,

「What’s wrong? Feeling nervous?…It’s fine so just eat. The night ahead is still long」

She answered.

Shirasaka-san glared at Sensei but the teacher just laughed…

The butler and the maid from a while ago had brought the dish4

Eh…could this be?

「…at least eat some soup and sandwich」

No…That’s not just soup. It’s a bouillon soup, a genuine French cuisine.

It seems to be boiled carefully for hours…the appetizing smell envelops the room.

The sandwich too, it looks like it came out from a first class restaurant it feels like a plate where the workmanship costs two thousand to three thousand yen…even the dough is already different in appearance.

「Come…Let’s eat」

Shirasaka-san hesitated.

I take and ate one sandwich.


The taste of roast beef and fresh tomato spreads in my mouth.5

Hearing my mutter, Shirasaka-san picked up one sandwich too.

A bite sized amount entered her small mouth.

When she found that there’s no problem with the taste, she began to eat ordinarily.

The soup too…it can’t be called just delicious! It falls to my stomach smoothly.

The butler brings a small wine bottle and cut the seal in front of us.

He first poured into the female teacher’s glass…

Next, Shirasaka-san’s glass…

「Wait…liquor is quite」

When Shirasaka-san was about to decline the serving, the female teacher was

「You don’t need to worry. This isn’t wine. It’s just an undiluted solution of a wine…an ordinary grape juice. It doesn’t have alcohol. Furthermore, the first class winery sells only to selected customers, it’s something that can’t be normally obtained…」

She said while drinking a sip…

「…Oh, delicious」

Shirasaka-san looks at the glass with half-doubt.

The butler poured it in my glass so I drank it to test.


「It’s delicious…It’s very…amazing, delicious!!」

「Isn’t it? It won’t do for me if it’s not this…!」

The female teacher had her throat sounded and she drank the whole glass.

The butler goes to pour in immediately.

Shirasaka-san timidly tastes the glass too.

Then…she confirmed the taste with her tongue, and swallowed it…

Shirasaka-san’s soft lips…

「What’s wrong Yoshida-kun?…Is it really interesting to watch Shirasaka-san eat?」

The teacher said something unexpectedly.

Shirasaka-san was startled and looked towards me.

W-Was I staring too much.


I apologized to Shirasaka-san.

Shirasaka-san turned her eyes away from me silently.

Therefore…I make sure not to look towards Shirasaka-san too…

「Isn’t that fine?…Take your time observing her. There’s a theory where you can understand the interests of the person in sex by looking on how they eat…」

When Yuzuki-sensei said that…that made me increasingly conscious. I’m nervous.

Feeling helpless, I concentrated on my meal.

I pick up a sandwich, pour soup to my stomach…every time the glass becomes empty, the butler just pours in so I just jug in the juice.

Was it because I kept eating without any restraints that…Shirasaka-san is eating normally without feeling nervous too? How many cupfuls I have drank already?…

It’s really a delicious juice that the three people had already emptied several small bottles.

We kept eating silently for a while.

Yuzuki-sensei spoke up suddenly.

「…It’s too quiet that it’s not pleasant. Katsuko, play something」

The maid…Katsuko-san went to the piano.

「…What piece would you like?」

Katsuko-san sat down on the white piano and asked the head.

「Let’s see…Ravel6 will do 『Jeux d’eau』…」


Katsuko-san played the piano…!

It’s a splendid performance that must be a professional pianist!

Shirasaka-san is also surprised that she stopped eating her meal to listen to the performance…

We were completely overwhelmed…

Yuzuki-sensei, this mansion…the butler, and Katsuko-san…

Everything it brings out has an elegant atmosphere…


I’m sure that this is also another one of Sensei’s traps she set up…

When the piano piece has finished…Shirasaka-san called out Sensei.


She’s strangely fidgeting.

「Oh?…Is there something wrong Shirasaka-san?」

Sensei answers smilingly while holding a glass on one hand.

「…Where’s the powder room7?」

Powder room…Oh, restroom?

Speaking of which, I might’ve taken too much juice and soup.

「Morishita…guide her」


Shirasaka-san was taken by the butler and went out of the room.

Sensei immediately faced towards me and…she displayed a devilish smile…

「Now then…Yoshida-kun, you can continue your observation」


I don’t get what Sensei is talking about.

「Katsuko, prepare it」

「…Yes, Ojou-sama」

The maid flipped a switch on the wall…

The whole dining room becomes dim and a machine with a projector stored got off from the ceiling.

………Eeeeeh? What’s this?

A huge image is projected on the only white wall-that was made a screen in the room


wait…Isn’t this a restroom?!

「…Isn’t it interesting?」

Sensei’s grinning though…

T-This is a crime!!!

The image on the screen is split into four.

The image on the right is an image from the hidden camera on top of the restroom.

The middle upper part is a hidden camera buried under the toilet seat.

On the middle bottom, it seems a camera on the door. Perhaps it’s a position that would reflect the face of the person excreting.

And the image on the left is certainly somewhere in the toilet…

「Recently the camera’s are getting smaller…and their images are getting clearer」

Sensei says that but I’m already…

Then, the door in the bathroom screen opens…

Awawawawawaaaa, Shirasaka-san came inside…!!!8

Shirasaka-san closed the door.

She had a relieved expression when she entered a space where she can be alone.

Actually, she’s being appreciated in such an extra large screen in another room…

「Shurushuru」a rustling sound…there’s a hidden mic too.

Ooooh, P-Panties!…Shirasaka-san is taking off her pantiiiieeeees!!!

T-The camera on the toilet seat caught Shirasaka-san’s panties!!!

Her panties today is white…pure whiteeeeeee!!!

Shirasaka-san placed her hands on her panties…then her ass came out!

White ass…perfectly round…T-This is Shirasaka-san’s ass…!!!

It’s bouncing…!

Shirasaka-san sat down on the toilet seat…Shirasaka-san’s ass closed up to the camera on the toilet seat…ah, the moment she sat down, I think I saw something!! I think!!

Could it be that was…Her hole in her ass?…!

「…You’re really interesting」


I was startled with Sense’s voice.

「You’re…really getting into a child like Shirasaka Yukino, it’s really interesting…and laughable. Do you really like that girl that much?」

「…I-I do!」

I answered honestly.

「Is that so?…Oh, look, it’ll be even more amazing」

Being told so, I looked at the screen again…!

The image on the camera on the toilet seat turned completely black when Shirasaka-san’s shadow entered.

Instead, the camera set on the toilet…!!

I might die from shock.

Shirasaka-san’s crotch is reflected on the screen.

Yes, this is the crotch?…This is the slit?…Uhm, this is where pee appears, eeh.

Sorry…It’s the first time I saw it in my life so I don’t know how to express it.

It’s plump like a peach…and yet, I can see the crack perfectly shut.

It’s really beautiful. It’s not crooked, it’s not swerved.

No one has violated it yet…It’s closed, a straight line.

The thin pubic hair too…I can see it.

T-There’s some growing…As expected, even beauties like Shirasaka-san has some hair too…!

「…U, n」

The hidden microphone picks up Shirasaka-san’s voice.

Shit…It’s sounds so lewd.

Finally, the gap between her crack has water coming out…

Shirasaka-san…is peeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!

There’s a sound of water moving rapidly as her pee spills.

She’s letting it out right now…She’s ejecting it…Shirasaka-saaaan!!!!!

The flowing pee is washing off the lens of the hidden camera!

Looking at the image of another camera, Shirasaka-san’s expression while she’s peeing is clearly projected…

Moistened eyes…Shirasaka-san has a somewhat melting expression in her eyes…It’s so lewd.

Such a beautiful and pure girl, is peeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!

My crotch…is diamonds…!

What…my body’s feeling hot…

「S-Sensei…C-could it be that you put something in our meal?」9

Sensei’s watching Shirasaka-san peeing happily while I ask her…

「…Of course. I did put something. Even if you put in a medicine, you won’t be able to guess because of the thick taste like grape juice」

「B-But…E-even sensei drank it」

「Why do you think I purposely let out small bottles?…Since the second bottle, we split it to those with medicine and those that doesn’t have it」

I-Is that so!?

「It’s still not taking that much effect isn’t it?…It would be amazing after another twenty minutes」

「…W-what would happen?」

「Well, just look forward to it…!」

Kukuku, the female teacher laughed.

E-Even if you tell me that.

「Don’t worry about it…I only put in a small stimulant and aphrodisiac. In her case, it seems that she’s going to pee before the aphrodisiac takes effect…but well, that happens once in a while. Especially on virgins…」

The female teacher said something that shocked me calmly.

「I don’t want to use medicine as much as possible but…It won’t it be troublesome if that place isn’t at least wet, would it? For you and her…」

Shirasaka-san’s genital is on the screen.

Shirasaka-san who finished peeing in the took some toilet paper.

The sound of dry toilet paper sounds.

Shirasaka-san’s thin finger holding the paper wipes between her wet groin.

For a moment, her crack opened up…!!


There…my penis will go in there soon!

It’s going in there…penetrates…deep…everything.

The dining room returned to it’s original state before Shirasaka-san came back from the restroom.

Shirasaka-san who finished peeing and returned…is somewhat red.

Her eyes looks sleepy.

Is the drug starting to work?

She sat down in her seat and she spoke to Katsuko-san.

「Sorry…Can I drink a bit more of the juice earlier? I’m feeling somewhat thirsty…!」

1. C-Could he be named Sebas?!

2. Kuroi Shitsuji ↩

3. Bursting explosion sound effect

4. Are you sure you entered the right TV?

5. Pure love x Insult Complex is a cooking manga ↩

6. Joseph Maurice Ravel ↩

7. Can also be read as restroom

8. it sounds wrong

9. How did he guess? No, seriously, I’m asking how he guessed it with just his erect dick and hot body

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