Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 8

8. The spider web’s mansion.

「…Then, Shirasaka-san. Could you send 『I’m going to stay at Yamamine-san’s house today so I can’t go home』to your little sister?」

The female teacher said it lightly.


Shirasaka-san looks at Yuzuki-sensei with surprise.

「…Your mother is an adviser of the cuisine researcher on culture center at Osaka on Friday and Saturday so she won’t be home for tonight won’t she? Also, your father is on a three week overseas business trip at Australia so your sister should be the only one at home」

「Why…Do you know it?」

The female teacher answered Shirasaka-san’s question lightly.

「Why do I know?…I’m your homeroom teacher. I’ve seen the household questionnaire you’ve answered. It’s delivered to the school so you shouldn’t be writting so much individual information in detail. The teachers in this world aren’t all good teachers」

That’s right…There’s this kind of wicked teacher too.

Of course there’s no way she would know that much detail with just the household questionnaire that was submitted to the school.

The demon with a face of a teacher investigated about Shirasaka-san with other methods.

…A thorough one.

「But…Why stopping at Yamamine-san’s house?」

That’s right…why『Yamamine-san』?

「Oh? Isn’t Yamamine Megumi-san your relative?」

…Relative? A distant relative?

「I’ve…never wrote those in my slip. I even didn’t tell anyone in the class」

Certainly…Ever since the entrance ceremony, I never saw Shirasaka-san and Yamamine-san getting along intimately.

The two of them belong to different girl group…

No…Speaking of which, Yamamine-san called Shirasaka-san 「Yukino」. I thought that there was something strange with that…

「…That’s right, you didn’t write anything about her. but, Yamamine-san firmly wrote on her slip that…『Shirasaka Yukino-san is my relative』 That’s why I asked her directly…!」

Sensei’s smiling

…Oh is that so?

But…Why is Shirasaka-san hiding such a thing?

「…Anyway, just message your little sister already. You’re going to be with me till morning at any rate. You have to remember your promise」


Did she give up?…Shirasaka-san took her phone with her trembling hands and began her mail.

「…Oh right, It’s your promise but should we be a bit more specific? Let’s see…From now on until seven in the morning. You will submit yourself to me until seven in the morning tomorrow. Would that be fine? It’s okay, I’ll be sending you by car so you’ll be in time for tomorrow’s class」

The tip of her finger striking the keys of her phone stops.

「Shirasaka-san…You’re the type of girl that keeps her promise once you said it, aren’t you?」

The cruel glance of the female teacher is piercing Shirasaka-san.

Shirasaka-san began to push the keys with her white fingers once again to escape that glance…

「…Yes, that is right」

「Well, in your case, you have to defend something rather than keeping your promise?…That’s trouble, you have that kind of character」

「…It’s not that agonizing」

Shirasaka-san’s voice sounds aggressive.

「Fufu…That’s because I want you to promise. You will do everything I say until seven in the morning tomorrow」

Shirasaka-san’s big eyes glares at the female teacher.

「…Understood, I promise. 7 AM」

Her face has anger, hatred mixed with disgrace.

The female teacher looks at her expression and smiled seeming satisfied.

「Then, should we go? Get yourself ready too, Yoshida-kun…」

Shirasaka-san had a 「Eh?」 voice leaking out of her when she heard the teacher.

「…Yoshida-kun too?」

「That’s right. Oh? I haven’t said it yet?」

The female teacher said it barefaced.

「You have to bribe him to secrecy too don’t you? Isn’t that fine? Show him how you entangle with me…」

「N…No way!」

Of course she don’t want that.

Letting a man she doesn’t like see her lesbian act with the teacher…

The demon has a 「Oh, that’s trouble」face and talked foolishly.

「You do understand that you『have to become a complicity for him』」

「…Well, I do, but」

「He’s the key man in this situation you know? He was the one who took violence from Endou-kun. He’s the one injured here…so Yoshida-kun has the right to appeal. You do know that you have to offer something in collateral so he can be silenced, don’t you?」

Shirasaka-san looks at me.

Her moistened eyes looks like it’s about to cry any moment

I…did nothing but look down.

「Isn’t that fine? Show it to him. Don’t mind showing that much skin. He’s just going to watch…I will be the only one who will be playing with your body. He’ll never raise his hand. Isn’t that just fine?」

The female teacher is making a thoughtless proposal as if she’s just inviting someone on a child’s play.

「…Furthermore, Yoshida-kun might not even be interested in Shirasaka-san’s naked body at all」

She said while laughing.

An unpleasant laughter…It was an unpleasant laughter as of making a person a fool.

「Then…What would you do Shirasaka-san? Do you really hate going together with Yoshida-kun? Are you really going to turn over after this far? Are you going to abandon Endou-kun and the baseball club in the end?」

Being told up to there…Shirasaka-san answered quietly.

「Understood…I’ll do everything sensei says」

That’s right…Shirasaka-san has no other choice…

…For Endou’s sake=.

「Oh, is that so? Then, you have to ask Yoshida-kun properly…」


「It’s important. You have to properly tell him don’t you? Beg that『Please don’t say anything about what Endou-kun did』and to promise 『In exchange what can I offer you?』」

The devil seems to be thoroughly teasing Shirasaka-san…

To dirty her white heart to darkness…

Shirasaka-san…looked at me and turned hard.

「Hey, you’re an honor student aren’t you?…You have to tell him the words properly…Yoshida-kun!」


I was shocked from the sudden call of the teacher.

「You have to look at Shirasaka-san’s eyes properly…The two of you, look eyes to eyes」

Shirasaka-san looks at my eye. I also looked at Shirasaka-san’s eye too.

It’s a stiff and confused eye…I’m sure that I have the same eye.

「Hey…Hurry up!」

Shirasaka-san’s mouth finally began to move from the teacher’s instruction…



「…Please don’t tell anyone what Endou-kun did to you, please…in exchange I…」

Tears collect on her big eyes.

It was beautiful grain of crystal.

「I…I’ll show you my naked body…I’ll show you myself being embraced by Yuzuki-sensei…」

Tears collected in her eyes fell down.

It flows down the beautiful smooth cheeks of Shirasaka-san.

The grain of tear fell bursts on the floor…!

At that moment…She burst into tears.…!

◇  ◇  ◇

「Don’t go crying forever…Let’s go already…!」

The female teacher who left Shirasaka-san crying for around three minutes said that.

It was a heavy and cold order.


Shirasaka-san took out a handkerchief form her pocket and wiped her tears…

I thought from the bottom of my heart that I wanted that handkerchief.

Three people went out of the 『Student Counselling Room』

The teacher, Yuzuki-sensei, Shirasaka-san in the middle and lastly, me.

Shirasaka-san went to the classroom and took her bag.

School Building after class…It’s already close to five in the evening.

We didn’t meet anyone in the hallway.

She took the bag, and back to the hallway…

Shirasaka-san walking while hanging her head and I look at her back…

The white lamb is going to the slaughterhouse now…

(ah…Shirasaka-san is bit shorter than me)

That’s the first time I noticed it…

We got off the first floor and towards the shoebox on the entrance…

The track and field team is practicing at the grounds outside the window,

I saw Yamamine-san…

Yamamine-san who’s wearing shorts from the track and field club is doing some stretching with the other members.

Her body build is beautifully balanced like a sports girl. Should I say it’s the frame?

Her body is overall slim without too much meat and her light brown skin is shining.

Her healthy beauty stood out remarkable among the members of the track and field club.

So she’s Shirasaka-san’s relative?…

They don’t look like much.

Yamamine-san’s a beauty however…if Shirasaka-san is a goddess of flower beauty, Yamamine-san would be a goddess of the moon.

Their trend of beauty is different.

Fuu, Yamamine-san’s glance turned to us…?!

(…She noticed us?)

She stopped stretching and Yamamine-san looks at us curiously.

…Well of course.

The three people walking along the corridor right now is arranged strangely.

Shirasaka-san is walking behind the black haired black-glasses cold blooded teacher.

And me dressed in bandage is walking behind Shirasaka-san.

However, I didn’t show in the classroom today…

Looking dubious, Yamamine-san looks this way.

Still, she probably won’t see Shirasaka-san’s swollen from tears eyes that far.

A track and field senpai called out and she returned to her practice once again.

We changed shoes and waited outside the school building.

We went to the parking lot of the teaching staff of the school in the backyard.

Yuzuki-sensei’s car is surprisingly a big minivan with seven passengers each for three rows.

This one picked me up when I went to the doctor yesterday.

However, the windowpane from the back and sides are pasted with Yakuza like mirror sheets so the people outside can’t see what’s inside.

「…Get in」

Being told by the teacher, Shirasaka-san and I sat on the second row.

Shirasaka-san hugs her bag closely and shrinks to the seat and sits down.

I sat down next to her but a bit far, I leaned my head on the window.

Yuzuki-sensei sat on the driver seat and asked something unexpected.

「…Hey, Shirasaka-san. Speaking of which, do you know Yoshida-kun’s full name?」

What’s with that now?


Shirasaka-san answered in a small voice.

Well of course…as expected.

People like me, for Shirasaka-san is…

「…What about Yoshida-kun? Do you know Shirasaka-san’s full name?」



The female teacher burst into laughter

Sensei’s voice echoes in the car.

The black teacher laughed…

I…my thoughts.

The car was started…and it moved.

Turning on the corner of the school…The baseball club’s ground…


Shirasaka-san sticks to the windowpane and watches the baseball club practice…

Endou’s siding with the defense position and received a fungo from the coach.

He doesn’t have the room to notice this car at all.

「Kenji…Kenji, save me…」

I heard Shirasaka-san’s sorrowful voice.

That voice made me determined.

I will rape Shirasaka-san tonight.

I’ll definitely make her body mine…!!!

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