Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 10

When the meal ended…Sensei called out the maid.

「Katsuko…is the room ready?」

「Yes, as you instructed」

Sensei had a satisfied smile from the maid’s answer.

「Then, should we go?…Morishita, you’re dismissed. You can rest now」

The butler bowed, and left.

「…Shirasaka-sama, Yoshida-sama, here please」

The maid Katuko-san knows our name…!

We went out of the dining room being led by Katsuko-san.

On our back is, Sensei…She’s sandwiching us, we can’t run away.

We returned to the entrance gall and went up the second floor stairs.

The maid opened the big door to the left.


The room was…formerly a western style dance hall. A big space of approximately two classroom spreads out. The ceiling is also high.

Of course…it’s likely that a ball hasn’t happened for dozens of years anymore.

On one side of the room are several machines for gym…Is sensei using it to train?

And at the back of the room…what’s there is like a photography studio…!

A big white cloth is hanging down from the ceiling to the floor. Is this the one they call a backdrop??

There’s a light blue carpet spread only on the floor in front of the backdrop.

There’s lighting equipment on both sides and a big white umbrella thing…that’s a machine that has a built in flash if I recall correctly.

And there’s a digital single lens reflex camera1 put on the tripod at the front…!

The best equipment for the professionals. I think this stuff’s costs lightly cross a million yen.

And there’s three of them lining up.

Even more surprising is that there are several digital camera’s of normal size being put on the side wagon.

There’s a laptop on the table.

「Then, take off your shoes and stand in front of the camera」

The female teacher said and as she look at Shirasaka-san.

「…Eh? Uhm」

Shirasaka-san doesn’t seem to be following the events well…

「I said it didn’t I? I’m going to take a souvenir photo…don’t worry. It’s okay if you’re still dressed」

「…Shirasaka-sama, please go this way」

Being prompted by the maid, Shirasaksa-san took off her shoes without understanding the situation and went to the carpet…

「…Then, Katsuko, please.」


Katsuko-san began to fiddle with the camera on the middle of the three.

「…Yoshida-kun, come here」

Sensei went to the table and the sofa on the wall.

It’s a bit far from the spot of photography…approximately ten meters.

If I get that far, I won’t be able to see Shirasaka-san being photographed.

That’s regrettable however…I can’t go against Sensei’s instructions.

Sensei sat down on the sofa and opened the laptop that’s on the table.

「Then here we go…please look down」

The maid is talking to Shirasaka-san.

It seems that the photography is Katsuko-san’s work somehow or another…

「Hey…Please wait a moment」

Shirasaka-san is at loss.

Shirasaka-san dressed in her usual uniform becomes stiff in front of the camera.

「Ah, okay. That’s it, it looks fresh!…Don’t move!」


The flash shined.

A shutter sound.

Pipipipipi…The charging sound of the flash continues afterwards.

「Yup, your face is still slightly stiff…Okay, let’s go with the next…Look here…yes that’s it, cheese!」

…Flash!! bibibibi!!

That one looks interesting.

Ooh …I want to look around, I thought.

「…Yoshida-kun , take a look at this」

Then, Sensei laughed and showed me the monitor.

I’m looking at…myself.


What’s there is the image of Shirasaka-san that was taken just now…

Katsuko-san and this camera is connected…?!!!

「Katsuko has a talent in photography so…I always leave it to her」

Always…you’re always doing this?

I wanted to ask but my eyes are already concentrated on the monitor.

Katsuko-san’s photo’s are magnificent…even my amateur eye can understand.

Shirasaka-san’s cuteness, loveliness, is being completely reproduced…

Her unease from being brought to such a place, fear, irritation, even the hate…

「Okay, well then, please turn towards that wall and lower your gaze…a but up. That’s right. Please stick out your chest more…okay. You’re very cutee, like that, stay still…Okaaay~!!」


Katsuko-san took the photographs one after another…

Images of Shirasaka-san increased by ten…twenty…

「Look…her state should be changing bit by bit」

Sensei looked at Shirasaka-san’s image and smiled.

Certainly…When I looked at the photo, Shirasaka-san’s tension has been away suddenly.

Her, anxiety, and irritation comes apart…Is she opening her heart to Katsuko-san…?!

Or rather, her face is blushing…and a bit sweaty…

It feels like she’s being absent minded.

I’ve never seen this kind of face from Shirasaka-san at school.

「Katsuko has good skills on making her subjects feel comfortable…also, the women to men ratio is high in this room. I purposely let the two of us took a bit of distance from them…」

I see. The reason why the location of photography is a bit far away is to relieve Shirasaka-san from her tension.

She purposely let Katsuko-san who’s energetic take care of her…

When taking a picture, an artificial-relationship of mutual trust is tying them.

「Look…She who’s being completely nervous and not showing any chance is slowly getting very loose…」

Shirasaka-san wiped the sweat on her forehead with her right hand.

「Ararara…Okay, here’s a towel」

Katsuko-san got off from the camera and handed over a pure white towel to Shirasaka-san.

「…T-Thank you very much」

Shirasaka-san wiped off her sweat with the towel.

With the soft sense of the towel gently washing her, she relaxes her heart again.

「Then…could you take off your coat?」

Katsuko-san smilingly spoke to Shirasaka-san.


「Isn’t it hot? It’s better if you take off your coat!」

『I’m just saying it out of kindness』is what Katsuko-san’s smile saying


Shirasaka-san took off her blouse because of the words of the beautiful and cheerful Katsuko-san…

「Uh-huh. That’s good…looks nice…Please look heree, okaay!!」

Katsuko-san took image of Shirasaka-san who’s dressed in white blouse…

「Hmm, It seems that it’s still hot…could you open some of the buttons near your neck? Yup, that looks good!」

Being told so, Shirasaka-san unbuttoned her blouse.

「Horahora, you got cuter…take a seat there. Ah, please smile. Smile…hora, you look better when you smile」

Shirasaka-san is being nervous since she came to this mansion.

Shirasaka-san who never smiled…smiled at the camera…!

Cameraman Katsuko-san…has completely eroded Shirasaka-san’s heart…!

「Ah, a little devil feel came out a bit…twist your upper body a bit. T-T-T-T-That’s good, that feeling…ah, please unbutton another one…」

She unbuttoned another one as if it’s natural…I caught a glance of her white bra.

「Okay, that looks good…cheese」

Another flash, Shirasaka-san’s body clearly surfaced.

「Please crouch this time…good, as if you’re waiting at the bus stop. Is it here yet? How long are we going to wait…That’s right, stay still」

Shirasaka-san doesn’t notice it…

The inside of Shirasaka-san’s skirt is in full view on the monitor.

Yes, I – can – see – your – panties!

A defenseless snow white panties…

Lewd…too lewd…!

「Let’s see…should we already take off your skirt?」

Katsuko-san made a suggestion with a flat smile…!


As expected, even Shirasaka-san would hesitate here…

「It’s okaay~ You’re still wearing your blouse. I just want to display this slim legs more~」

Shirasaka-san in the monitor glanced at me.

It seems that she hates being seen by me

「Isn’t that fine?…You’re not being told to be fully naked!」

Yuzuki-sensei declared in a cold and loud voice.

「You promised didn’t you?!」

Shirasaka-san’s expression stiffened.

「Horaa~ It’s okay, it’s okay…You don’t need to mind it!!」

Katsuko-san acts brightly between the two people.


Shirasaka-san’s hand is holding her skirt.

The skirt fell on the floor.

Katsuko-san took photos of that state…

「That’s good…good…It looks wonderfully goood!!!」

Shirasaka-san’s wearing just her blouse and underwear.

Just one piece was taken of and yet…It looks very sexy.

Shirasaka-san puts her hand in front of the blouse and covers it to not let her panties be seen.

Her face is completely red from the shame.

Lewd…lewd…lewd Shirasaka-san.

「Take off your socks. That way it would look longer…!」

Shirasaka-san just carries out Katsuko-san’s bright proposal without inserting any meaning in it.

As expected, Shirasaka-san doesn’t have a bad habit of taking off her socks with only her foot not hands.

She holds her blouse’s front with her left hand, bent her right leg then she was somehow able to pull off her socks with her right hand.

Shirasaka-san bends her body making a C shape.

The posture has some impossibility…her panties appeared at a glance from the seam of the bouse…!

When the right sock was took off, she moved to the left sock…

Katsuko-san completely records Shirasaka-san’s state of taking off her socks with her camera…

「Looks good…Girl’s bare feet looks good」2

Oh…Shirasaka-san’s legs is so white and slender.

The thighs starting from the bottom of the blouse to her foot fingers…all of it are flesh-colored.

Bare legs…It’s called bare legs isn’t it?…huh

「Then, look here this time…Lean a bit…okay」

Katsuko-san orders Shirasaka-san to make a pose steadily.

The flash and the shutter follows…

Unaware…Shirasaka-san forgot to hold her blouse’s front already.

Her white underpants is on full view already…

「I want to switch to Ideas already…some unusual situation…」

Katsuko-san looked up from the finder and suggested.

「Hmmm…Is there something?」

Katsuko-san looked around the room.

The gym equipment caught Katsuko-san’s sight…

「Oh right! Let’s use that…!!」

Sensei whispered to my ears…

「Keep your distance from them…you can’t approach them right now. We must remove our presence」

I nodded…

「Isn’t that…A training apparatus?」

「That’s right, here! This time, use this and I’ll take photos of you!」

Katsuko-san’s words is too bright.

She lifted and carried the smallest camera of the three.

「Okay…Please come here」


Though Shirasaka-san feels suspicious, she still followed Katsuko-san…

Sensei and I didn’t move.

We stay away from them.

「First of all, try this!」

What Katsuko-san showed is a so-called butterfly movement machine.

It’s a training machine where you have to sit on a chair and you bend the bar with your elbow.

「Sit down here!」


「It’s okay, It’s okay~!」

Shirasaka-san who’s on her white blouse and white legged was forcibly made to sit down.

「Here, you have to fix your foot here. Please place your feet on this pedal here…Okaay~ I’m putting in the magic tape」

Katsuko-san fixed Shirasaka-san’s ankles.

「Put your hand here, and please grip this bar…fix your wrist here」

Shirasaka-san’s wrists is also fixed as expected.

「Then…please push the bar. Is it too heavy?」

Shirasaka-san’s hand pushes the bar firmly…

「…It’s good」

…The bar moved

「Then , continue that and look down…I’ll take photos!!」

Katsuko-san changed the camera mode to 『Video Recording』

Shirasaka-san’s exercising body is being projected at Yuzuki-sensei’s laptop…!

「Okaay~…Oneee, twwoooo, threee, fouuuuur…!」

Katsuko-san matches the counting as Shirasaka-san continues to push the bar…

Everytime she put power, the muscle foot can be clearly seen tightening.

Of course, her panties are visible.

Her belly is also seen aside from her panties.

Her first year high school stomach curls…and it contracts every time Shirasaka-san puts power on it.

Haa, haa, I can hear heavy breathing…

While continuing it for nearly five minutes, Shirasaka-san’s sweating all over her body…

Her white thin blouse sticks to her body and…a line of her upper body is clearly surfacing.

The beads of sweat on her thighs are also sexy.

It looks like I’m watching a sexy image video where Shirasaka-san is the star…

However…what’s displayed is Shirasaka-san and me, we’re in the same room after all.

This body is just ten meters in distance…

「Okay…that’s good. Let’s take another photo on a different machine!」

Katsuko-san said that and fixed the camera on the tripod and then took off the magic tape on Shirasaka-san’s wrists and ankle.

Then, she handed a towel again…

Shirasaka-san wiped off her sweat while panting.

Ah, she put her towel from her stomach and wiped the side…

Shirasaka-san must be thinking that we can’t see it from our location but…that camera is on video mode.

I can see it! It’s recorded!

Or rather…I want that towel!!!

「This will be the last machine photo so here…sit on this one」

As for the machine Katsuko-san mentioned, my eyes can’t understand what kind of activity is carried out by that machine.

Yellow colored urethane is coiling a round iron bar and combined together, it’s forming a shape of a sitting person.

Shirasaka-san sits down on the seat as told.

It seems that she’s completely trusting Katsuko-san.

「Okaaay~ I’m going to fix your wrists and ankle again okay~」

Katsukos-san fixed Shirasaka-san’s hand and feet with magic tape just like a while ago.

Shirasaka-san is about to move her body…

However, the machine’s not moving in any direction?!!!3

「…How do yo move this?」

When Shirsaka-san asked, Katsuko-san-

「Oh…This machine has to be turned on first!」

Katsuko-san turned on the switch on the machine’s back.

Wiin, wiin, wiiin…A mysterious sound was heard.

It’s as if some gears are being turned slowly from the inside…

Next, a sound of announcement from the machine…

『…Sensing figure…please take a deep breath and wait for a moment』

Shirasaka-san exhaled as she was told.

…Before long

『…Beginning restraint』

Wiiiin, wiiiiin…!!!

That machine began to transform while Shirasaka-san’s still bound…!

It slowly stood up…!

「…What’s this?!」

Shirasaka-san tries to move her hands and feet…!

However, her wrists and ankle are firmly fixed…she can’t make any movements!!

Before long, the machine that restrains Shirasaka-san made an X form and stood upright…

「…It went well」

Sensei muttered

…I see!!

That’s not a training apparatus…!!

It was a 『Restraint Stand』that was feigned…!!


Shirasaka-san who’s caught by the machine…has both of her hands and legs making an X shape…

「…Now then, let’s go」

Sensei spoke while I was looking at Shiraka-san in the monitor like a prey.

「It’s fine to look closely at this point…She’s already restrained」

…The devil smiled.

「Help me…no, I don’t want thiiiss…!」

Shirasaka-san desperately asks for Katsuko-san’s help.

However…Katsuko-san is.

She bowed like a maid and went to meet her master…!!

「Katsuko…Well done, you’ve done your work perfectly today」

「Thank you…Ojou-sama…」

1. DSLR Camera, I had to consult my brother for this one, lol

2. I’m starting to doubt that Katsuko is the real lesbian here

3. Lol, it’s an obvious trap

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