Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 45

45. Stick of Sorrow

The meet up location assigned by Margo-san was near the east gate.

Margo-san’s Maserati is parking on an alley with almost no pedestrians.

The driver’s seat window opens.

Margo-san waves at us laughingly…

「I’m sorry Margo-san…!」

「Sorry Maru-chan…I misunderstood the escape route」

「…Margo-sama, thank you very much!」

We separately apologized to Margo-san.

「I don’t mind it at all…Thanks to the transfer, Katsuko-san joined us」

「…Eh, Katsuko-san?」

「Katsun’s here?」

「…Minaho contacted me. It seems that the one in charge has been replaced」

Margo-san points at the other side of the road.

「…Look, she’s’ here」

When we looked at it…what’s with that white minivan…?

「AH, Maru-chan’s white car…!」

Nei-san seems to be a bit disappointed…?!

「I don’t want that~! It’s so ugly…!」

「Don’t say that. That van and this Maserati are both my treasured cars…!」

「…we got work?」

「Un. The Maserati is used for a bit confident company and that car’s for complete backdoor works. A shite commercial vehicle is ordinary so it’s easy to use」

What’s coming is…the Japan’s number one automobile maker’s business purpose minivan car.

Certainly, this car can go anywhere in the town…

Katsuko-san on the driver’s seat is looking at us smilingly.

The white van stops right beside the Maserati…

A big black text is painted horizontally on the car…『(Kabu1)Maruko Electronics?』?!

「Ah, Yo-chan, you see…this is magnet!」

Nei-san’s puts her finger on the 『(Kabu)Maruko Denki』and peeled it off

「…There’s other like 『Maruko Liquor Shop』 or 『Maruko Delivery』, 『Maruko Service』, and 『Maruko Real estate』」

Margo-san got off the driver seat of the Maserati and went towards the white van.

「We can change them anytime…there’s also several plate numbers prepared」

「Everything’s a Magnet」

「It’s the same car used for filming TV dramas. Actually, this van’s document is named at the rental firm that lends on those drama cars…」

「Even if the police searches us, we can just make an excuse of『It’s a car used by that company』」

Margo-san and Nei-san taught me proudly…


…As expected of crime organization.

「…It’s called a『Drama used car』!」

Katsuko-san steps out of the car.

She’s wearing her 『Chief Director mode』black suit.

It looks luxurious…I’m sure that it must be a famous brand overseas.

「You see, Minaho said that if MIsuzu’s going back to her home, Katsuko better do it instead of me. Certainly, I look like a delinquent foreigner. Also, Katsuko-san is good at dealing with the upper class…」

「After all, she’s a famous one on Kouzuki house! If it’s me, I can say that I’m a close friend of Nagisa」

E…Is Misuzu’s house that amazing?!

I’m about to calk with Misuzu’s fiance soon.

It’s someone Misuzu’s grandfather decided for her so it’s sure that his family also has an amazing social standing.

Uwaaa…My stomach hurts.

Well…I promised Misuzu so it can’t be helped.

Misuzu bowed to Katsuko.

「Nice to meet you, I’m Kouzuki Misuzu! I’ve heard rumors about Katsuko-sama from Nagisa-sama!」

「Takanashi Katsuko…It’s Nagisa so she must’ve told you that I’m just an outrageous lewd woman, didn’t she…?」

「No…Uhm…I heard from her that Katsuko-san’s skillful at sex…!」

…I feel that it’s not different from telling that she’s a 『lewd』one.

「I just lost my virginity to day…so I don’t have any confidence in sex! If it’s alright with you, Katsuko-san. Could you please teach Misuzu about sex?」


You…what are you saying to the 『Sex Beast』…!

「Oh my, Yoshida-sama. Is it okay for me to teach her…?!」

Katsuko-san looks at me grinning.

「Uhm…Katsuko-san please don’t teach her anything extreme. I think that Misuzu’s good point is her being pure hearted…!」

「Right…Misuzu-san, what kind of sex do you want to do?!」

Misuzu…answered with a blushing face.

「Misuzu…wants to be ravished by Danna-sama a lot…!」


「Oh my…You’re calling Yoshida-sama, Danna-sama!」

「Yes…Misuzu’s a pet so I’m calling him Danna-sama!」

「Ufufu, you’re really cute. As expected of Nagisa…her eyes are great!」

Katsuko-san seems to have liked Misuzu too.

No…is it okay for Katsuko-san to like her?!

「Misuzu-san…what about pain and heat?」

「Uun. I’m not good with that」

「How about being violated by force?」

「I have only done it once so I don’t know well…」

「…Are you coming to like sex itself?」

「Yes. It hurts but, when I accepted Danna-sama inside me, my insides went Pyuu, it felt good so I came to like it…!」

「Right…then, do you have anything you hope for?」

「Misuzu…wants to do a lots of embarrassing and forbidden stuff for Danna-sama!」

「Then, shame play is good for you. Strolling outside naked then having sex, what do you think?」

「Ah, I want to try that…!」

「Putting chains on your collar and being violated like a dog from behind?」

「Uwaa, that looks fun!」

Misuzu’s eyes are melting…

「Misuzu is Danna-sama’s pet so…I want to be inseminated outside!」

「Un, that’s decided…then when can we make a concrete plan?!」


How long will this conversation continue?!

Or rather, I’m the one going to do it right?!

No…Of course, I’ll do it.

「Sorry but could you leave that for now? Katsuko-san’s going to bring Misuzu-san to Ikeda-sensei’s clinic and to her hosue so…how about you just talk in the car?」

Unable to stand any longer, Margo-san butts in

…Yeah, of course.

Even though there’s no people here, it’s troubling of they keep just talking forever on the streets…!

「That’s right! You two shouldn’t be talking lewd stuffs or Yo-chan’s gonna stand up!」


Am I standing up…?

Yes…it really is though.

「I’m sorry! Misuzu’s going to take care of it immediately!」


「Then, you can use that van. Katsuko-san and I will be making the future arrangements in the Maserati」


「Anywya, you should be taking off Misuzu’s diaper…it’s your job as the owner to take it off」

Well…that’s true but.

「Oh right…Misuzu-san’s going for an examination later so you must not have sex Her hymen just broke so her vagina might have lacerations」

「Okay~, Misuzu will be using her mouth then!」

Misuzu…I think Margo-san’s addressing me.

「Yoshida-sama. I’m very sorry but we don’t have much time. Should I extract it?」

「…Katsuko-san’s on a briefing session with me!」

「…Geez, Margo-sama’s a bully!…Yoshida-sama, well then, please do it yourself while looking at Misuzu-sama’s body. Katsuko’s fellatio course will be done on the next opportunity…!」

「Understood! Katsuko-sama please teach me by that time!…Now, Danna-sama let’s go!」

Misuzu pulled me towards the white van2

Misuzu’s filled with motivation.

Geez, it’s already settled?

Are we really doing it?!

Uuuu…I love you Misuzu!

「Maru-chan, can I watch where Yo-chan release his semen?!」

「…Go on. Yoshida-kun, try to finish it within ten mintues」

Geh…We really don’t have time.

I excitedly went to the rear seat of the white van…

Misuzu and Nei-san entered too.

Margo-san and Katsuko-san went in the Maserati.

It’s wide since it’s a commercial vehicle…it’s hollow as there’s nothing inside.

I knock over the seat and made it a flat stand.

Misuzu lied down there…!

「I peed earlier so…I think I’m a bit wet!」

She’s rolling up her own skirt!

「Waaa! Mi-chan’s legs are so beautiful!」

Nei-san’s moved by those beautiful legs!

「…Thank you very much!」

Before long…on the tip of her thighs is her small waist wrapped in diaper…!

Un…The diaper sucked out a lot of pee so it’s heavy.

「…I’ll take it off, Misuzu」



Misuzu’s hairless crotch becomes exposed!

「…I’m sorry Danna-sama. It’s smells like pee, doesn’t it?」

「Un, But, that’s good…!」

Nei-san’s also looking at Misuzu’s genital.

「Hee. Mi-chan’s doesn’t have a single hair there! So cute!」

「…Please don’t say that. It’s embarrassing!」

「Should I shave mine too?!…Yo-chan, which do you prefer?」

「…Nei-san’s best being natural」

「Oh, that’s a good line! Yo-chan I love you!」

「…Misuzu’s fine like this too」

「That’s why I’m interested being Misuzu-like!」

「Yes! Thank you very much!」

「Hee…Mi-chan’s pussy is very beautiful! It’s not loose at all, it looks like it’s still a virgin」

…Misuzu’s cute vagina.

Though it just lost its virginity…the slit is perfectly closed.

The mound of Venus that has no hair has a beautiful slit like it was cut straight by a knife.

No…there’s love nectar spilling out between the meat fold!

「…Misuzu’s aroused?」

「…Yes, Danna-sama」

She looks at me with passionate eyes

「I love doing forbidden things with Danna-sama. My heart’s beating so fast that I can’t endure it!」

「Look, Yo-chan…hurry up and show your dick!」

I-Is this okay?

In front of such two beauties?

「Hurry up…or should I strip you off?!」

「It’s fine, I’ll take it off myself!」

Whatever…I took off my belt and lowered my pants!

I dragged out my penis from my brief…!

…Misuzu’s looking at my erection with melting eyes.

「I wasn’t in a situation where I can look at it properly…so it has this shape」

「…Misuzu, it must be disgusting, isn’t it?」

「That’s not true, it’s cute! It’s Misuzu’s…Danna-sama’s thing after all…!」

「Hey, Yo-chan, stroke yourself!」


I stroke my penis in front of the two beauties.

While looking at Misuzu’s wet genital…!

「Amazing, the skin moves that much!」

「Un. It’s my first time seeing a guy masturbate!」

The girls stare at my penis passionately!

「…Misuzu, can I take a look at your breasts?」

「Order her to show it to you!」

「…Misuzu, show me your breasts!」

「Yes. Danna-sama…!」

Misuzu rolls up her sailor uniform while still lying down.

Her cute navel…and breasts wrapped in bra, I can see it!

Misuzu turned up pher bra.

Her cute breasts…pink colored nipples appear!

「…It’s embarrassing. Danna-sama…I’m very aroused!」

「Misuzu…can I lick your breasts?」

「It’s yours…you can eat it anytime」

I suck Misuzu’s nipples while stroking my penis!

「…Aaaah, it feels goo !」

I lick it over!

Her nipples got hard…it’s pointing out!

Misuzu’s very sensitive!

「…Kiss me…please kiss me…Danna-sama!」

I lie down next to Misuzu and kissed her lips!

Our tongues entwine!

Cute…Misuzu’s face is so cute.

Red collar…My pet

「Geez, it’s unfair that you’re only focusing on Misuzu-chan!」

…Eh, Nei-san?

「Yo-chan, look look, this way!」

Nei-san also had her blouse opened…!

Nei-san removed the front hook of her bra and her big breasts spilled out!!

「Oppai attack!!」

Nei-san pressed her prided breasts on my face!

My cheeks are wrapped in warm and tender meat…!

…Ah, this bump is her nipples!


…My head’s boiling!

A wave of pleasure gradually generates from the lower area of my backbone!

「I-I’m…about to cum…I’m going to cum!」

「Ah, please wait, Danna-sama!」

Misuzu took out a white laced handkerchief from her pocket.

She then spread the handkerchief…!

「Please release it on Misuzu’s hand!」

My glans is wrapped with Misuzu’s handkerchief!

The surface of my glans…is stimulated by the rough feeling of the lace!


「…Please give it to Misuzu!」

My glans wrapped by the feeling of Misuzu’s handkerchief on her hand.

The tip of my penis is gripped!


…I’ll ejaculate! I’ll ejaculate! I’ll ejaculate!!

While Nei-san’s embracing my head tightly on her naked breasts…!

「S-Something hot is coming out! Danna-sama’s…so wonderful! Your penis is twitching!…It’s so mysterious and cute!!」

Misuzu feels the pulsation of the penis as it ejaculates with her hand…!

Misuzu’s cute face that looks happy, enjoying…but is melting on sexual arousal…!

…Haa, haa, haa, haa.

Misuzu’s handkerchief is soaked wet!

Misuzu sniffed her handkerchief…!

「Ufu…It’s Danna-sama’s smell. This hankerchief will be Misuzu’s treasure!」

「Geez Mi-chan…It’s fine even if you don’t treasure that. You can just let Yo-chan release a new one!」

「But…I’ll treasure this tonight!」

…M-Misuzu, tonight?

「…Danna-sama. Misuzu will be comforting herself while thinking of Danna-sama tonught…is that okay?」

…That is

…Good of course!!!

◇ ◇ ◇

In exchange for the diaper I took off…Misuzu wore the panty she borrowed from Nagisa-san.

It’s regrettable but it can’t be helped.

Also, she can’t go home with this red collar attached to her.

「…Please remove this」

I…removed her collar.

Somehow, I felt my bond with Misuzu is lost…it feels regrettable.

「…Best regards for tomorrow」

「Un…I’ll be holding to this」

「Please put it on your side all the time. Please think of that collar as Misuzu…」

「I will」

「Please don’t make such a sad face! Misuzu still has her anklet!」

Saying that, Misuzu made my hand touch her ankle…

Certainly it’s there…a round titanium ring.

「Look, Misuzu’s properly connected to Danna-sama! I’m your pet!」

I kissed Misuzu as she’s too lovely.

「…Uu. Somehow, I’m jelly. Should I also get Yo-chan attach a collar on me?!」

Nei-san’s saying that behind us.

I imagine a big breasted girl with a collar3

I feel that collar won’t look good on Nei-san…

Fixing her clothes, Misuzu went towards the Maserati.

Margo-san passed the key to Katsuko-san.

「Katsun! Drive carefully okay?!…I love that car!」

Nei-san said it anxiously.

Speaking of which…when I rode the motorcycle with Katsuko-san, that was a cruel experience.

「It’s fine…I won’t drive recklessly when I’m in this dress」

Katsuko-san had a cool face.

Well…she sent Iwakura-kaichou and Yukino to their home last night properly…

「…Then, excuse us. Margo-sama, Nei-sama, thank you for various things today. Please guide me from now on. My best regards」

Misuzu bowed to the two

「Danna-sama…I love you. Please cherish Misuzu all the time from now on」


I embraced and lightly kissed Misuzu.

「I’m very sad to separate with Danna-sama…」

「We’ll meet tomorrow」

「…I want tomorrow to come sooner」

Misuzu returned a kiss to me.

「Can I call you when I get lonely?」

「Un…I’ll wait for it」

Misuzu entered the passenger seat of the Maserati happily…

「…Later, I’ll join everyone later tonight」

「Katsuko-san…I leave Misuzu to you」

「I know…!」

Maserati starts running lightly…

Misuzu kept waving her hand until I can’t see her when they turned on the street.

「Still, she was really born to be a pet…Mi-chan is」

「But, isn’t that great that she’s compatible with Yoshida-kun?」

「…Is that so?」

「That’s right, Yo-chan…If that cute child got involved with a strange man, she’d become a mess」

「Un. I can understand that Nagisa-san took care of her」

「…But, aren’t I quite a mess too?」

「Eh, where?…Yo-chan’s a super cutie, isn’t he?!」


「That’s right. Yoshida-kun, you never did anything that Misuzu-san would hate. Rather, you did everhting that would please Misuzu-san…!」

「That’s right! I’m a bit jelly!」

…N-Nei-san, jelly?

Margo-san’s having a 「Oya, oya」face then told Nei-san.

「…Nei, want to be Yoshida-kun’s pet?」

「Uuun…I’d rather want to be the onee-san than a pet!」

「Then, an elder sister shouldn’t be jealous of her younger brother’s pet!」

「…Uuuuu. I get it」

Margo-san laughs.

「Now then…should we move too?」

We entered the white van…

「…Endou-kun and Shirasaka Yukino’s moving right now. They’re moving to the port they talked about this morning」

Margo-san explains

There’s a computer sticking on the dashboard of the van.

「Ooh. This is like a computer stick to the navigators of a rally cars used on a race.」

「It’s cool isn’t it?」

「Thanks…The location of the two are being grasped by the GPS information on their phone. There’s no way that both of them left their phones at the same time…!」

「Then…should we go after them?」

「…I think we should let them free for at least one hour」

「Let them free?」

「It would be troublesome to follow them all the time…It’s also absurd just following someone else’s date. If it’s just grasping the location, Minaho’s on it already」


「Yoshida-kun, have you ever gone to a date with a girl?」


「No way! Then let’s have a date next time!」

「Geez…Nei, shut up for a moment…!」


「For example…the girl wants to make an important talk with the boyfriend. At what stage of the date you think she’ll talk about it?」

「Uhm…I don’t know」

「Do you think that she’d have a serious talk immediately after meeting?」

「…I don’t think so」

「Then how about we leave the first to second hour as open? She’d chose a place where they can talk by themselves secretly…!」

「…I see」

「That’s why, while we see their location…it’s fine to let Shirasaksa-san look for that place freely. If we followed them through each of their window shopping, we won’t last」

「…Got it」

「Remember this…you’re going to have lots of work to do from now on…」


I’m a member of the crime organization 『Kuromori』

In exchange for the help I received to rape Yukino, I also got Misuzu as a pet to top that…I must help them on their work too.

There’s no way that I’ll be the only one to profit here. I cannot be.

「That’s why, we’ll do preparations for tomorrow on the open time」

Margo-san started the van…!


「We promised Nagisa-san didn’t we? We have to end Nagisa-san’s fight with the Yakuza by the end of tomorrow」

…Oh right.

Haa…I’m going to fight Yakuza

Really…it’s not always good stuff.

「I’ve made arrangements with Katsuko-san a while ago」

…I see

「The opponent’s background, the yakuza shop’s office, and the location of the flower shop the Yakuza is managing are already identified」

「Hey, Maru-chan…are we going to burn that office? Are we going to burn it?」

「…Of course we will. But, Nei, that’s for tomorrow」

「Eeh, I want to set those on fire today!!」

「Nope! If we don’t do it at the same time, they’d get cautious, won’t they?!」

「…Uu, that’s regrettable!」

Uwawawawa…The arson’s already decided.

They’re really going to crush them thoroughly…

「That’s why…today, we’re going to buy a weapon for Yoshida-kun」


「Could that be something like a pistol or a Japanese sword?」4

…The opponent’s are Yakuza.

Margo-san laughed out loudly

「No way…Even if we prepare that, Yoshida-kun can’t use it, can you?」

「…Yes, you’re right」

「Well, I’ll be teaching you how to use guns but…you won’t be able to do it tomorrow」

「Un! Maru-chan’s skilled on shooting! When I was about to be raped, she shot him dead…!」


「That’s why…you should leave that one to me…」

No, I’ll leave all to you!

Or rather, I don’t have any choice but to entrust it to her…Yes.

「Your weapon is the one you can use normally…Nei, it’s around here isn’t it?」

「On that corner over there, take a look at the signboard!」


A shop for golf equipments…!

We stopped the car on a parking lot then went inside.

Margo-san and Nei-san goes straight to the 1,000 yen uniform bargain sale section.

Golf club…I saw Woods do it.

「Maru-chan, is this one okay?!」

「Let’s see…let’s take that」

Both o them chose one wooden club.

What would we do with this?

「Then, Yoshida-kun, buy this」

「…Ah, okay」

「Minaho gave you money, didn’t she?…Use that to buy this」


「That money’s used for this kind of things…」

I don’t get it but I went to the cash register.

Certainly, the money I received from Yuzuki-sensei the day before yesterday was left untouched.

I pulled out a thousand and bought the club.

Returning to the parking lot, Margo-san took out a metal use saw.

「…Let’s cut this to half」

…Could this be?

The one I used when we ran wild on the town…

『Beat up Stick』…!5

「Cut it off the same length as your upper arm. This is so you can hide this 『Beat up Stick』under your sleeve…!」

…As expected

「Make your weapon yourself…also, you should better process a weapon that’s not yourself to make it yours」

Anyway…I cut the club in half.

「Reinforce the shaft, cover it with this vinyl pipe…the shaft’s unexpectedly easy to break. After that , wind up with vinyl tape to reinforce all of it. Coil it around with vinyl tape until it fits yoru hand perfectly」

I completed my 『Beat up stick6』as I was directed.

「Un…That looks good. Conceal it on your sleeve…grasp the head by your hand and hide it…!」

I concealed the 『Beat up stick』in my school uniform.

I hold the head with my hand and hid it…

「…Then slide it, grip the handle and swing it!」


Let the 『Beat up Stick』slide from my sleeve!

I gripped the handle and raised it to the air…!

…Uwaa, this looks painful.

「Okay. That’s how it is. Try practicing it. Enemies can make a surprise attack any time. …Always carry your 『Beat up stick』 Put it in your bag when you have it. You must devise it yourself so you can pull it up quickly at any time」

「…Got it」

Un…I have to practice to be able to assure it.

「That’s right, Yoshida-kun…remember this at least」

「What is it?」

「We must use anything, no matter how underhanded it is for us to win. We’d die if we lose. Nei might be violated…!」


「In your case, there’s no need for you to attack your enemy unreasonalbly. You should just chip your enemy’s mind. It’s fine if you surprise them. It’s fine as long as you can make a gap in their attack…!」

Margo-san speaks to me with a serious face.

That’s why, I’m listening to it seriously too.

「If there’s someone near, then we’d be giving you support…you just need to pierce a gap on your enemy. It’s fine for you to use that gap」

That’s…my role as 『Kuromori』

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2. Yoshida’s gonna get Hi-ace’d ↩

3. author wrote Kyouryuu, which means Dinosaur, but I don’t think Author thinks of Nei as a dinosaur. lol ↩

4. Yoshida-kun, can you even use either of them? ↩

5. Yay, terereren teren! Yoshida-kun equips 『Beat up stick』Attack +3 ↩

6. 『Reinforced Beat up Stick』Attack +5 ↩

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