Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 46

46. Mission: Impossible

「Tailing and follow-up is a patience job…You must observe the turn of events patiently」

…I see, Margo-san is right.

Yukino and Endou’s just lazing around the fashion mall along the sea.

Roundabout for…around thirty minutes?

Our minivan is waiting at the parking lot.

As a scout, Margo-san’s disguised…

Or rather…Neither Yukino nor Endou knows Margo-san’s face so I don’t think there’s a need for it.

「It would be fine on the first time but won’t my face be remembered immediately?」

「That’s right! Maru-chan stands out a lot after all…!」

Certainly…Margo-san’s a tall foreigner with a good build.

A genuine blonde European.

I don’t want to say it much but her cheek has a scar too…

「It’s a good opportunity so I’ll teach you about disguises too…」

Margo-san wore a black wavy wig and glasses.

Jeans and black shirt on top…and a skirt with long hem down.

Un…Her body line has disappeared in the clothes.

Also, she’s carrying a soft electric guitar case…

When you take a glance at her, you can’t see but a college onee-san who’s going a rock band.

「What’s important is to look like a human from anywhere else. Also, you need to change to an image that matches the general people. Try to express yourself as simple as possible…!」

「Express as simple?」

「What do I look like right now?」

「A band onee-san」

「That’s’ right…you only need to get through. If you look like that then they’d think you are. If you devote on disguise too much and added too much visual information, the other party would imagine various stuff that they’d become cautious」


It’s difficult in various ways.


Margo-san’s guitar case has a big sticker with an illustration of a red tongue sticking out…

Isn’t this going to stand out…?「」

「Margo-san…there’s this big sticker」

「Un…It’s this!」

Margo-san touches the red mouth sticker happily.

「…What kind of mark is this?」

「Hey hey…You don’t know Rolling Stones?」


Margo-san sighed softly.

「Well fine…This seal stands out right? You think that it’s too much?」

「…I do」

「That’s the next point. As a whole, you”d want to make a simple image that can blend to the ordinary but…you should purposely make one big characteristic that everyone would notice」

「A characteristic…on purpose?」

「How about describing me right now?」

「Err…A band onee-san with a guitar case that has a big tongue sticker on it.」

「That’s the one big characteristic, that’s one strong imression that dims the other information. The trivial details won’t remain in their memory」

「…Ah, I see」

「If ever something happened like 『Where’s that woman with the red sticker』and they’d search? We can just throw away the guitar case somewhere…」

Uun. It’s well thought.

「Then next…wear a sporty feel clothes…then bind the beck with a running wear towel. Then, cover yourself with a green baseball cap…then, the impression would be unified as a 『A jogging woman with green hat』 If it’s an amateur, they won’t notice that the 『Band Onee-san』from earlier is the same person」


「When it comes to pro, their attention on looking at people are different…!」

In short…Margo-san’s not an amateur.

「Then, I’ll be going…!」

「Maru-chan, bring me souvenirs!」

「…What do you want?」

「Uun. Ice Cream!」

「Yoshida-kun’s fine with the same?」

「…Ah, yes」

「…When it comes to this, it’s best to enter a building. Natural actions makes reality, doesn’t it?」

Saying that…Margo-san smiled and went out of the van.

「…Somehow, Margo-san knows a lot」

「Un, Margo-san studied psychology on university after all!」

「Eh, she’s a university student?」

「Well, she’s hardly there though. She’s just registered. Maru-chan can speak English so Japanese University examination is easy for her」

「Is that so?」

「Japan’s weak on blond foreigners after all! In the end, when you get in some trouble saying that you’re a 『University Student』is quite convenient, isn’t it?」

It’s an activity for the sake of 『Kuromori』in the end?

「But well…psychology is a study of individual. She read amazing lot of books…Japanese books, foreign books. Maru-chan’s a real hard worker」

「Speaking of which, her Japanese is so fluent」

「Un. It’s not four years since she came to Japan and yet she knows more kanji and proverbs than me!」

「…Four years?」

「Yuzuki-sensei acquainted with her at US when she was fifteen years old. Then, she came to Japan and entered our high school, graduated spring this year…something like that!」


Living on an Indian colony until twelve years old, entered a Christian facility after that, then got acquainted with Sensei…that’s the order?

「You know that Maru-chan’s an Indian, don’t you?!」

「Well, I’ve heard it a lot of times」

「Yo-chan, have you ever thought that it’s strange?」

「…What is?」

「Why is an American Indian blood having blond hair and blue eyes?」

…Speaking of which

Isn’t Indian a yellow skinned race…?!

「Even though it’s called Indian settlement, there’s a lot…Indian settlements who show their lives to the guests, or there’s one that opens a casino too…There’s a lot of helpless villages far away that are assisted by the country financially. Well, the whites stole the good lands and forced them to harsh lands forcibly but, it’s an Indian settlement, it can’t be helped. Maru-chan’s hometown’s that」

「…Is that so?」

「Also…the assistance money given to the village coming from the country are all received by the people appointed by the country. That means, half-Caucasian half-Indian…The country would never give a hundred percent to the Indians」


「First, is racial discrimination as expected…The contact of the country is a Caucasian isn’t it? That’s why those who had their blood would receive favorable treatment. The other one is to divide the Indian community…the half-group and the pure-blooded group would fight. The half-blood who holds the assistance money gets arrogant, and the pure-blooded people would be 『Those aren’t Genuine Indians』and would rebel won’t they?…This is the cause on some colony all the time. They’re always fighting…!」


「Maru-chan’s a half…surely」


「Her father and mother seems to be pure Indian. Or rather, both her parents seem to think so but…isn’t ‘that just atavism? Maru-chan who’s born with blond hair and blue eyes is thought to have inherited a trait from a Caucasian blood…!」

Nei-san’s making a sad face…

「But her father doubted that her mother had an affair with a Caucasian so…Maru-chan was thrown out of the group from the pure-blooded since she was born. Well, in the end, Maru-chan’s family got tormented by both groups…!」

…Margo-san was raped when she was twelve.

「She said that she hated her blond hair and blue eyes since childhood…She’s always putting mud on her head to hide her blond hair. When she met Yuzuki-sensei…she has come to accept her own appearance…she said」

「Nei-san…dyed her hair blonde and put on blue contacts is because…!」

「Un…I wanted to make friends with Maru-chan. Having the same look and same thoughts…Of course I can only be fake but still…」


「…Well, apart from that」


「We should disguise too! It’s our turn when Maru-chan comes back!」



「Yo-chan, take off your uniform and wear this」

「I’m going to change clothes here?」

「That’s right…Embarrassed?」

「…A bit」

「Are you saying that to the person who you showed your penis ejaculate earlier?」


Still, I feel embarrassed so I turned back.

The clothes handed by Nei-san…feels somewhat Hip-Hop.

Un…I would not wear this normally.

Everyone who knows the man named me would think so.

「…Then, put on this hat and sunglasses」

The hat is absentmindedly knit…the sunlg;asses is huge and the color is light.

When Nei-san brought out her hand mirror…Oh, I see. This kind of man. A misunderstood fashion, it feels like a countryguy. Unun. I’m sure that fashion mall has this.

「I’m going to change too!」

Nei-san took off her clothes magnificently in front of me.

She unbuttoned her blouse…I can see her bra!

「…Wait Nei-san, I can see it!」

「I’m showing it off! Oh right, I have to change my bra too」

Nei-san removed her bra…!

「…Why are you turning that way?」

「No, because」

「Yo-chan, look this way!」

Turning around…I can see a naked upper body.

Nei-san’s big breasts and…cute nipples

「Ehehe. I’m doing muscular workout so that it won’t sag」

「…It’s beautiful, Nei-san」

「Yo-chan, do you like my breasts?」

「I like everything about Nei-san…from head to toe!」


Nei-san took out three bras from her back while still naked.

「Then, Yo-chan chose my bra…black, light blue or stripes, which do you like?」

「…Then, the stripes」

「Uun, Yo-chan likes cute girls as expected! Okay, then let’s use this!」

Nei-san handed me the striped bra.


「Yo-han, put it on…!」


Applied the bra on Nei-san’s breasts…!

「Then, make sure that the breasts enter the cup properly. You have to lift it with your hand!」

「…Then, excuse me」

Nei-san’s raw breasts…are lifted by my palm and made to match with the cup of the bra.

The softness and the weigh of her breasts are clearly felt.

And…Nei-san placed her hand on top of my hand


「You can massage or tease it and yet…You’re really a good child!」

Nei-san’s lips kissed my cheek…

「Hey…Can you tell? My nipples are standing up…!」


「…Lick it」

I took Nei-san’s nipples in my mouth.

「Ufufu…It tickles」

I rolled her nipples with my tongue…

「…Ahn…It feels good…Yo-chan, I love you~…!」

At that moment.

Nei-san’s phone rang!

The ringtone’s melody was…Wagner’s 『Ride of the Valkyries』1

「Geez…Maru-chan, I was at the good part!」

Saying that…Nei-san took answered her phone.

「Hello…What’s wrong? You coming back or we joining you? Got it. We’re still changing so give us ten minutes. Food court, second floor, okay!」

Nei-san who ended the call turned to me.

「We have ten minutes so we’ll dash after changing clothes!」


Nei-san took off her skirt immediately…and worked on her panty…?!

She handed the panty she took off to me…?!

「Here, take this Yo-chan!」


「I took this off so I’ll give it to Yo-chan!」2


「…You don’t need my panty?!」

「I-I’ll take it, I’ll be taking it, please give it to me!!」

I accepted the panties that still on body temperature.

Nei-san smiled…!

「I love that part of Yo-chan!」

Nei-san wore a matching bra and panty…and wore a soft white dress. The skirt is so long that it even hides her ankle

「Today, I’m like a forest girl!」

「…Forest girl?」

「『A forest feel』women fashion! There’s none actually…!」

Somehow…this is too difficult for me that I don’t get it.

Nei-san’s wore a shawl on her shoulder as expected…

She covered her head with a long black wig…

…Uwa, she’s really beautiful in black hair.

Nei-san who’s already beautiful…looks even more elegant and graceful

「…Yo-chan, do you like black hair more?」

「I like the blond Nei-san but…the black hair is beautiful too」

「Do you think that the black is superior?」

「To be honest…I think that black hair suits you more」

「…Is that so?」

Nei-san was lost in thought for a moment.

「Then, I’ll get black hair when I give my virginity to Yo-chan!」


「You can request anything you want…I’ll give my virginity to Yo-chan on your liked situation」


「In exchange, can I request one thing?」

「…What is it?」

「When we’re going to have sex…I want you to call me『Onee-chan』!」

I remembered what Margo-san said…!

『I think that Nei won’t be able to have sex with anyone other than her little brother』

「You see…I want to be called 『Onee-chan』by Yo-chan…!」


「Ah, right…Yo-chan, get that sandal there…the brown one」

「Ah, this one?」

「I’ll put on make up so put it on for me」


「I want Yo-chan to put it on……!」

Saying that, Nei-san pushed her foot to me.

「…Got it」

Nei-san laughs.

As expected, this smile of Nei-san is the best.

「Hurry up!」

I touched Nei-san’s foot.

I took off her school shoes…and her socks with the school badge.

「Should I give you this socks?」

「…No, it’s fine」

「You don’t have that kind of fetish, I see…you purely love sex」

「…I love Nei-san」

「Uwa, saying such things…Yo-chan grew up!」

Nei-san’s feet…the pink fingernails are cute.

I put in the sandals…how’s this held?

…Ah…there’s a clasp here?

「Uwaa…Katsun said that you’d feel it when boys touch your feet but, It’s real! I’m feeling thrilled! You should try this to Mi-chan and Megumi-chan too. I think that both of them would get wet when you touch their foot!」

…Eh, I get Misuzu but why Yamamine-san?

「Yo-chan…do you want to have sex with Megumi-chan? That kind of slim and sports type of girl is very tight and it feels good to embrace you know!」


I remember Yamamine-san healthy limbs…

Certainly, her tight ass is charming.

「You want to? If you do then answer!」

「…I want to!」

「Un! Then let’s do it! Onee-chan’s going to let you do it!」

Nei-san said that easily…

「Okay…makeup done!」

Looking up…Nei-san, what”s with that makeup?!

She put on red makeup stickily…somehow, it looks like a huge mouth…

「I’m not trying to look like beautiful, it’s fine just for the disguise’s sake!」

Certainly…if she’s more beautiful than usual…all of the men would look at her.

Far from disguise, they’d be the highlight of everyone’s memory for today.

Then that would make the disguise meaningless.

Haa…A makeup to lower the beauty on purpose…

In addition, she wore simple glasses.

Un…a somewhat beauty but it doesn’t stand out very much.

Well, it lowered to the level that it won’t be strange even if she enters a fashion mall.

「…Then, put this on the head.」


Isn’t that from a certain American huge amusement park’s…!

A horseshoe shaped mouse ear…?

「Look, if I use this, they will definitely think that I returned from an amusement park, don’t you think? This is the first day of the Golden Week」

No…it will be but.

「I also have the bag」

Then , nei-san took out a paper bag with the logo of the amusement park and the character on it.

It looks like a souvenir…

「Okay, Yo-chan’s share is here!」

Then, what appeared is another horseshoe shaped ear!

…I’m putting it on too?!

「Heey! We’re matching now!」

I don’t want this match!

…But, it can’t be helped so I put it on.

Un…How nerdy

But, fine.

An out of fashion couple that were earing those mouse ears from the high tension after returning from the amusement park.

It is indeed a disguise for couples…!

「…Then, let’s go?」

Nei-san got out of the van.

I asked Nei-san while we’re going to the shopping mall…

「Nei-san, do you like that amusement park?」

「I hate it…!」


「Because, that amusement park has that mouse coming out wherever you go…furthermore, it’s the same mouse…!」

Even if you say that…!

◇ ◇ ◇

We came to the food court on the second floor as appointed.

Yukino and Endou’s there.

Facing each other, eating something…

Yukino’s eating hamburher or something.

Endou…why are you slurping ramen?

Yukino’s on her white dress just like what I saw in the baseball grounds.

Endou’s…wearing a replica uniform of a blue European soccer team on top of his half-pants.

Is that okay? You’re a baseball club member though?!

Shouldn’t you be wearing a Major League there?

「…Don’t stare at them!」

Margo-san came straight and warned me.

「When they noticed your gaze, they’d be able to notice and you’d always be in their view」


「Here…Ice Cream」

Margo-san remembered the promise from a while ago.

She offered ice cream to us.

「Thanks Maru-chan!」

「I’ll be coming back to the car and change to the next disguise…watch them both of you. It’s Yoshida-kun’s first time. Also, Yoshida-kun has a habit of watching Shirasaka Yukino so Nei, watch over him」


「…Do I have that habid?」

「You don’t even notice yourself? That’s amazing. You got lots of time where you just stare at her absentmindedly」

「Really…I don’t get what you like about that girl!」

…Is that so?

I didn’t notice it at all.

「Yoshida-kun, don’t leave Nei alone.」 She’d definitely be hit on here」

「Ah, got it」

「…Since the change time is unknown. Having someone tail you for thirty minutes is strange isn’t it? If it’s not noticed, then being on that location on the same disguise is more natural. But, if ever you noticed that the other side 『Might’ve noticed it』even for a bit, report immediately. I don’t mind if it’s just a suspicion of 『Possibly』 It’s scary to lose the opportunity to change」

「Got it」

「…Then, I leave it to you」

Margo-san left.

「Then, let’s do our best for the time being…O-Onee-chan」

「Eh…What’s wrong, Yo-chan?」

「We’re in disguise so…it’s strange for me to call you 『Nei-san』…no good?」

「It’s fine!…Rather, the best! Call me even more!」


「Can I call you 『Kei-chan』?」


「Un…That’s the name of my late brother」

…Little brother

「It’s fine. You can call me anything!」

「Then…Kei-chan…let’s go」

After that…for around one hour.

We kept tailing them.

Certainly…this is some tiresome, plain work.

Yukino and Endou’s looking around the shops while laughing, Nei-san and I follow them…

What’s so interesting?

I think that there’s not much change on the stores…

「Hey hey…Kei-chan, isn’t this cute」

This person…is acting from her disguise too?

I can’t see her enjoying shops normally though.

「Kei-chan doesn’t come to this place much?」

「Yes…I’m not interested in fashion」

「Then, go here some time again…with me」


「I’m telling you that let’s have a date…I’m sure that it’s fun walking together」

「Ah…Got it」

It looks like I’ve made an appointment.

Yukino and Endou went to the game arcade on the fourth floor.

Endou…why are you playing a batting game there?

You know that you’re good at baseball…

Oh boy, Yukino’s smiling.

It’s not 『Homerun!』…Seriously

「Kei-chan, have a race with Onee-chan!」

This person too!

…I’ll do it though

Then, Endou and Yukino finally went out of the fashion mall.

Fortunately, they don’t seem to notice that we’re tailing them.

「Hello Maru-chan? We’re exiting out of the north side 2 of the building. We’re facing the beach park!」

Nei-san contacts Margo-san.

『Roger…I’ll be moving there too. Also, Katsuko-san joined』

I can hear Margo-san’s voice coming out of Nei-san’s phone.

『Tell Yoshida-kun. Misuzu’s examined but there doesn’t seem to be any abnormalities on her body. She’s prescribed with a pill so you can creampie her a lot』

「…You heard?」


「…Isn’t that great?」

「…Thank you very much」

Nei-san laughs.

Dammit…This is somewhat embarrassing.

「Maru-chan, target went to the main street sea side. As expected, they’re going to the park I think」

『Roger…I’ll search the park’s map. I’ll be entering the park on the other side from you』

「Roger…What about Katsun?」

『She’s on her car and joining you now』

…Now then, the encirclement is being narrowed!

2. Freshly work panties! ↩

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