Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 44

44. A big triangle on the baseball field

The ground of the baseeball club is on the west side of the high school.

The first base of the ground touches the site of at school and was surrounded by a wire netting afterwards.

In short…outside the fence is outside the school.

There’s a rule that students not wearing uniform can’t enter the school…If Yukino goes home to change up for her date, she should be outside this fence.

The baseball club’s ground is shaped like an earthenware mortar.

On the right side of the ground is a bank-like slope, a neighboring old man watches the exercise of the baseball club.

Margo-san stopped the car on the shadow of the old storage just a bit ahead of the ground…

「I’ll be waiting here…this car stands out after all」

Margo-san turned around from the driver’s seat and told us.

Certainly…This Maserati is too showy.

When I get down of this car, there’s no doubt that Endou and the members of the baseball club will suspect something.

「Nei’s coming here soon I think」


「Un, I talked to her while you two were taking shower. Katsuko-san sent Shirasaka Yukino’s little sister home. Nei’s going back first…」


「Misuzu-san, you heard about Nei from Nagisa-san, didn’t you?」

「Yes, I heard that she’s a very beautiful person…」

「That’s great, go with Yoshida-kun and introduce yourself to Nei」

Margo-san smiled to Misuzu.

Oh right. I have to report that Misuzu became my pet…

Would Nei-san be pleased?

I think that she heard the rough situation from Margo-san through the phone.

「Yes…I’ll say my greetings」

Misuzu nodded at Margo-san like a bride who’s going to meet her mother-in-law

「Oh right …Nei loves cheerful children. Whatever she ask you, just answer with a loud voice!」1

「Yes…I’ll do my best!」

「Un. Then, take care」

Saying thanks to Margo-san, Misuzu and I got off the car.

The two of us walked around seven- eighty meters.

Misuzu’s nervous? She’s not letting go of my hand…

Looking at Misuzu’s face in worry…She’s forcing herself to smile.

My cute pet…

Her red collar shines vividly along with the super ojou-sama school’s blue and emerald uniform.

「Danna-sama…My heart’s throbbing that I might pee…」

Misuzu’s face is red and spoke in a low voice.

Speaking of which, she’s been drinking water in the car.

She also drank several glasses of Calpis at Nagisa-san’s house…!

「It’s fine. Misuzu’s wearing a diaper」

That’s right, Misuzu was made to wear an adult diaper by Nagisa-san.

…By my hand.

Towards my unkind words, Misuzu…!

「Yes…I can pee anytime as long as you order me…!」

My pet’s too lovely!

I thought of instinctively pushing Misuzu on the nearby grass…!


I saw Yukino.

We’re walking on the right side of the baseball club’s ground.

The slope was quite steep outside the wire net.

Yukino’s is on an elevated concrete behind the backstop.

Our distance is around thirty meters, I think…

She doesn’t notice me or Misuzu.

She’s watching Endou on the ground.

She’s smiling just like Endou told her.

Yukino’s…wearing a pure white dress.

A neat and tidy image…it’s as if she’s an ojou-sama on a holiday resort…

But, isn’t the cloth too thin?…The lines of her underwear is transparent

She’s wearing sandals. She’s holding a cute cloth bag.

Her hair is bound with a big white ribbon.

It’s clean yet, sexy clothing…!

Perhaps, her clothes would look lovely when she’s still a virgin.

But, Yukino right now has erotic feel vivid on the lines of her body and bare legs.

That’s right…she’s a woman who already knows a man…

The baseball club’s practice seems to have ended.

There’s no figure of the supervisor and coach. Most of the seniors too…

The ones on the ground right now are mostly first year members…eagerly tidying up the tools and doing maintenance on the ground.

The upperclassmen has around fifteen of them gathered on the bench and laughing out loudly.

Perhaps, they’re the watchdogs…and will stay until the first years are done cleaning.

Endou…even though he’s a first year, he’s sitting with the seniors on the bench!

He’s sitting on his seat firmly…!

「…Hey guys, hurry up and finish this! Senpai won’t be able to go home unless you guys finished this!」

If you’re going to shout that then you should try helping too…!

「That’s right! Endou’s making his cute girlfriend wait for her all this time!」

The pimple faced senior shouted at them.

A loud laughter can be heard from the bench…!

The bench Endou’s sitting at is the first base side…

We’re entering the third base outside the wire netting…

Yukino’s behind the backstop…

We’re placed in a triangle with delicate distances…

The talk Endou’s having while they laugh…of course, we can’t hear it.

Yukino can’t hear it too.

…Wiiin, wiiiin!!

My phone suddenly vibrates.

Looking at the display…It’s Yuzuki-sensei…?!

「…Hello, it’s Yoshida」

『…That’s great that you comforted Nagisa. It seems that she’s pleased.』


Well, that’s how it is.

Certainly, she looks happy…

『…Still, it seems that you got such a cute pet…』

「Yes. Ah , but, it’s mine…I won’t give this one to Sensei」

『Don’t worry. I won’t do that…Nagisa would cry out if you harm that child. I also love cute children…!』


I’m a bit relieved.

『Rather than that…I’m listening to something very interesting. I’ll let you hear it too…!』


After hearing some beeps…the phone’s tied to another line.


Endou’s conversation with the people on the bench…!

『…Still, Endou’s woman is quite cute』

『Isn’t she? She’s head over heels for me!』

『Is she a virgin? Is she really a virgin?!』

『Isn’t that obvious!?…Yukino came from an all girls middle school. She said that I’m the first guy she went out with…!』

『…You still won’t do her?!』

『Not yet!…I can’t waste my stamina until the end of the next practice game!』

『Well, they’d decide whether you’d become a regular or not on the test pitch』

『You got it…I’m seriously doing my best!』

『When you say that, Endou-chan…might’ve been hiding it from us and have been banging her a lot already』

『I haven’t! You also know it don’t you! I bet that I’ll get Yukino’s『virginity』on the later half of the Golden Week…!』

『That makes us feel relieved…you’re not going to do it out tonight?』2

『I won’t!…If I get discovered, I’d be hit hard by Captain Ataka!』

『What day did the Captain bet on her virginity loss?』

『If I recall, it was May 4…!』

『Then, Endou…Let captain take the credit, break it by 4th!』

『Un. That’s fine by me. That’s for the peace of the club too』

『…Fourth?…I’m setting it on the third of the fifth though…!』

『Anything’s fine…do what you want』

『Yeah, how many days are left for that girl’s virginity…?!』

『Endou…when you get tired of her body, how about you give her to us?』

『Wait Senpai…please spare me from that』

『Ah, I see…You were a virgin. You don’t want that on your first girl?!』

『I wonder? You two would be sticky during the summer vacation and the consecutive holidays i may but…won’t you get tired of her body when it’s around autumn?』

『…Oh, a talk from experience?』

『Well yeah…it’s a season before women gets used to sex. The most fun season is during when you forcefully slam it in even if it hurts』

『I want to have sex with women who’s used to it though. There’s no future troubles』

『Then, Endou…When her pussy got loose already, pass her to me』

『Eeh, that’s a bit…!』

『I’ll wait until autumn…at that time, you’ll get tired』

『If so…then』

『Ah, me next!』

『I’ll also join in』

『Rather, should we make it a batting order?』

『Idiot, that would make me the last!』

『You guys, don’t get he pregnant before my turn!』

『Isn’t that great? Become the father of that child』

『Don’t fuck with me…If you get bored then bring her to me. Okay?』

『Geez…can’t be helped. I get it. But only when I get tired, okay…!』

『You’ll get tied with her…once the summer vacation ends, there would be first years that would turn to beauties. I think that will make you distracted』

『Issat so?』

『Un…Endou’s a capricious after all』

『Well…I’m really capricious』


『Anyway, don’t forget to take a photo as a proof you got her』

『You have to make her face clearly seen too…okay?!』

『Yeah, in exchange record her body well. Her pussy dripping with semen』

『…I get it, Senpai』

『I’ll be waiting for her 『Sex video』!』

The members of baseball club laughs out loudly…

Haa…This is the conversation of the baseball club members at my high school?

Should I say it’s wretched, or something…

They’re not a baseball club aiming at Koshien3, they actually might be just like this…


…In the end, he doesn’t love Yukino that much.

Just a mere fashion…he seduced the cutest girl in the school year…

Just because she looks good.

Just because he wants to do it

Just because he wants to get her virginity.

Worst…I can’t say that.

For me who actually violated Yukino.


Yukino’s not noticing Endou’s intent?!

She’s smiling and looks at Endou from a high ground…

Yukino is there as Endou’s 『Girlfriend』

But, the members of the baseball club is only seeing her as a 『Prey』for Endou to eat soon…!

『…Hey…take a look there, that uniform!』

『Ah, Seriouslhy?…Why is such a superior ojou-sama school child in this kind of place?!』

Uwaa…the baseball club noticed Misuzu.

They’re pointing at this direction!

『Uwaa!…That child’s super cute isn’t she?』

『Un…Much more cuter than Endou’s woman!』

『Three times cuter at least?』

『There’s no way that is! Yukino’s much more beautiful』

『Nono, Endou…take a look! She’s not a half-hearted beauty!』

『Un…she’s beautiful and elegant』

『It feels like she’s a real『Ojou-sama』』

『That classical uniform is arousing…!』

『I want to strip her off!!!』

『…Or rather, who’s the guy next to her? He looks like he’s on a call. He’s wearing the uniform of our school though…?!』

『Huh…He’s holding her hand?!』

『No way!?』

『No, take a look!』

Their glances gathered to me…!

『Isn’t that…Yoshida?!』

Endou who noticed me stands up from the bench.

『…Endou, you know him?』

『Yes, he’s a bastard from our class』

『What, he’s a first year?』

Since the baseball club got noisy, Yukino noticed us too…

The beauty on clean white dress noticed Misuzu and me.

Our hands holding tight…

「…Found you guys!」

I turned around to the loud voice…!

Nei-san’s there.

Blonde hair and blue contacts…Nei-san’s beautiful as usual.

『Huh…That’s Natou?』

『That delinquent?』

『The top delinquent in the school…She’s doing compensated dating』

『Eh, how much?』

『Idiot, she’s only doing Yakuza and the rich guys, she won’t do anyone from the school!』

『But…she’s a super beauty isn’t she?』

『Un…If it’s just beauty, she really is』

『Well, she’s an untouchable woman…!』

『…What’s Untouchable?』

『Once you make a move on her, you’d be sent to the hospital…!』

『She’s paired with a foreign woman who’s at school last year, isn’t she?』

『Yeah…that monster』

『Right now, it seems that they’re kicking around delinquents and hoodlums…』


It seems that Nei-san and Margo-san’s notoriety has reached the seniors.

「Hello! I’m Nei! Are you Misuzu-chan?!」

Nei-san…why are you speaking out in a loud voice again?

Her voice is clearly echoing on the whole conical ground!

Look, the first years who are cleaning up stopped and looked this way.

Everyone’s paying attention to us!

「…Nice to meet you! I’m Kouzuki Misuzu!」

Uwaa…Misuzu’s also shouting out loud, she’s hooked by Nei-san…!

「Un! I heard it from Maru-chan from the phone! You already had sex with Yo-chan?!!!!」


…The entire ground of the baseball club got frozen hard…

…It looks like Ice age has come.

…Everyone of them except Misuzu.

「…Yes! I offered him my virginity!」

M-M-M-Misuzu too?!

I felt frightened from the glance of the baseball club members.

But…Misuzu’s gripping my hand so I can’t get away…!

「…Did it hurt?!」

「…No! He was very gentle!」

「Since it’s Yo-chan, he creampied you?!」

「Yes, he released a lot inside Misuzu’s womb!」

The pimple faced baseball club member next to Endou…spout a nosebleed!

Everyone’s dumbfounded…he’s not even wiping the blood.

They look like they had a nightmare…they just look up this way.

「Have you done fellatio already!」

「Not yet! I’ll definitely do it on the next opportunity!」

「Drink Yo-chan’s sperm okay!」

「I will! Misuzu will drink all of it!」

Yukino’s looking this way too.

Her eyes says that she can’t believe what she’s seeing.

「I’m jelly of Misuzu-chan! I also want to have sex with Yo-chan!」

「Is that so?!」

「Un! Can Misuzu-chan be there when I get to have sex with Yo-chan?! Let’s have sex with the three of us! I’m sure it’s fun!」

「Sure! With pleasure!」

A blonde beauty and a sweet beauty wearing an ojou-sama uniform…!

With that view…two more members of baseball club got nosebleed knockdown!

As for the first years, there are those holding their crotch…

Ah, one of the senior rushed to the restroom.

That’s going to masturbate on his cubicle…

「…You’re a good child as I’ve heard!」

Nei-san embraced Misuzu-san tightly…!

…With a smile on her whole face


「You can call me『Nei-san』…You’re Yo-chan’s pet aren’t you?」

「Please call me『Misuzu』then too」

「I want to call you 『Mi-chan』though…is that okay?」

「…Yes! Uhm, Nei-san」


「You’re really beautiful…it’s just like how Nagisa-sama said it!」

「Mi-chan too, you’re really cute!」

Nei-san laughs and separates the hand she’s holding…!

「By the way Mi-chan…did you notice?」


「Right now…Yo-chan and you are attracting everyone’s attention right now…!」

With those words…Misuzu finally noticed her surroundings.

The baseball club members on the ground…nearly thirty people are looking up at us with their mouth wide open…

Endou too…

Yukino who’s behind the backstop is also looking this way.

She’s looking at me with eyes of hatred.

Yukino…What are you thinking right now?

What do you think about me embracing other women?

And this child’s talking about having sex with me happily…

I want to know.

Yukino’s feelings…

What Yukino is thinking of…

「…Ahn!…I’m so embarrassed…!」

Misuzu got red from the gazes of the men gathered at her.

That kind of face is also lovely…

The members of the baseball club shouted 「Uuooo!!」

『No…Is this some kind of mistake?』

『Un, I think this is a hallucination!』

『That cute child won’t have sex right!』

『Or rather, that child doesn’t have a hole. She’s an angel!』

『Un, everything’s just misheard!』

『That’s right…of course it is…ahahaha…you should’ve said sooner!』

『Or rather…there’s no way that first year would have such a delicious feast!』

『That’s right, of course it is!!』

『This is strange! I’m sure this is wrong』

『It’s a dream…it’s a dream…I’m sure it’s a dream!!』

I can hear the voices of the baseball club seniors from my phone…

Endou’s not participating in the conversation.

He’s just looking at me with a silly surprised face.

「Then, we should finish this off soon!」

Nei-san spoke to us while having a prankster smile.

「Mi-chan…kiss Yo-chan in front of everyone!」

「…Eh! T-That’s!」

Misuzu’s embarrassed.

「…You can’t?! Embarrassed?!」

「No…I’ll do it!」

「Then, do it!」


Nei-san shouted towards the ground!

「Everyone! Mi-chan’s going to kiss Yo-chan!」

The baseball club grounds is shaken!!

『…No way!』

『Stop that!』

『Don’t taint our angel!!』

『Someone, kill him!』

『Rather, kill meeeeee!!!』

I turned off my phone. Then put it on my pocket4

I don’t want to hear their screaming voices as I kiss Misuzu.

I just want to indulge myself on a sweet kiss…

Misuzu…approaches me with a nervous face…!

「…Danna-sama, I’m about to wet myself…!」

Misuzu’s slightly trembling from the hot glances of the men.

「You can pee now…rather, leak it out Piss yourself while kissing me…Misuzu!」

Misuzu’s eyes shined from my order!

Misuzu’s aroused!


Misuzu jumps into my chest!

The men on the ground shouted 「Oooooh!」

「Misuzu’s offering her lips!」

Misuzu’s lips is strongly pressed against mine!!

I embraced Misuzu’s body tightly!

I gripped her soft ass with my right hand!

「…Ah, Ahn!」

Misuzu panted lightly while we’re kissing.

Her eyes are entranced.

Misuzu’s charming waist…and ass…are trembling!!

…She’s urinating!

Misuzu’s peeing on her adult sized diaper while people are watching her!!

While embracing and kissing me…!

My hand that’s holding Misuzu can feel the warmth of her pee…the physical vibration at the time of urination…I know all of her body!

Misuzu who let out everything shouted in delight while embracing me!

「…Aaahn! Love! Love! Love!…I love you!!」

Then, another hot kiss…!

「Me too! I love you Yo-chan!!!」

Nei-san embraced me from the back and kissed my cheek…

The baseball club members looks at me in blank surprise…

Those who’s blood is dripping from their nose…

There are guys who are crying too…

Endou’s face has turned from surprise to anger.

Yukino’s…looking at me with eyes of hatred.

「Now then…Let’s retreat!」

I got startled by Nei-san’s words.

「Later then, baseball guys…bye bye!」

Nei-san laughs and began to run

「Hey, come here!」

「Wait, Nei-san wait a moment!」

Misuzu follows Nei-san while holding down the diaper that became heavy from urinating…

I looked at Yukino who’s glaring at me…then began to run…!

I grasp Misuzu’s hand firmly…!

◇ ◇ ◇

We run after Nei-san.

We entered the shadow of the second physical education warehouse.

This place isn’t visible from the ground anymore.

There doesn’t seem to be any member of baseball club who run after us…

Nei-san went further east of the school.

Huh, this direction is…

「Nei-san…Margo-san’s waiting on the other side with her car though?」

「Eh! Is that so? I was sure that she’s on the parking lot of the school personnel!」

Nei-san took out her phone.

「Hello, Maru-chan, sorry! Where are you right now?」

Nei-san confirmed Margo-san’s current location.

「…Got it! I’ll bring Mi-chan there!」

It seems they’ve come to an agreement

Nei-san ended the call.

「…She moved on a slightly father place from the baseball club, let’s go there!」

Sure sure…I’ll follow Nei-san anywhere!

「Huh…Mi-chan, you okay?」

…EH , Misuzu?

Looking at her, she’s panting out loudly while still holding my hand.

She’s dead tired and sank on the edge of the road…!

「Nei-san, please wait a moment…Misuzu’s in pain」


Misuzu who’s not sports oriented seems to be out of breath from just a small run.

That’s another cute part of her though

「Sorry! I haven’t thought about Mi-chan! I ran with all my best…!」

Nei-san apologized to Misuzu.

「Just…just let me take a rest for a moment…!」

「Want me to buy you a drink? Should I go buy something?」

When I say taht.

「No, please stay here…please just stay by Misuzu’s side」

…The sweaty hand is clenching strongly!

The feeling of her hands is so lovely.

「…Yoshida-kun, what’s wrong?」

Suddenly, a voice comes from the back…!

From the outside of the school…who?!

When I turned around…It was Yamamine-san.

Yamamine-san seems to be in the middle of roadwork of the athletic club.

Running shorts…!

The antelope-like legs of a sports girl is shining like the sun.

Her bob-cut hair, long slit eyes…a healthy beauty…!

「Oh, if it isn’t Megumi-chan! What a coincidence!」

Seeing Yamamine-san, Nei-san smiled at her…!

Yamamine-san had a slightly troubled face…

Still, it seems that she’s worried about the exhausted Misuzu.

「…Is she okay?」

Misuzu smiles at Yamamine-san while still fixing her breath.

「…I’m fine! It’s’ just hard since I suddenly moved」

「…Is that so?」

Yamamine-san looked at me.

「Un…I think that it’s fine if she just takes a rest」

「Then that’s fine」

Yamamine-san noticed my hand holding Misuzu’s.

Yamamine-san’s surprised.

「…Is she Yoshida-kun’s girlfriend?」


…How should I answer this?

「…No I’m not!」

Misuzu answered in my place.

…Yamamine-san forcibly smiles!

「You see…I’m not his girlfriend!」


She’s my pet

「Ah…I’m sorry」

Yamamine-san awkwardly apologized.

But her eyes are still stuck on our hands that’s holding each other…

「Ehehe…Megumi-chan, are you that worried about Yo-chan?」

Nei-san pokes Yamamine-san.

「…That’s not true!」

Yamamine-san’s face turned red.

「Ah. Misuzu. She’s our class rep, Yamamine-san. Oh, I’m also a class rep5」

「Nice to meet you, I’m Kouzuki Misuzu!」

Misuzu-san bowed her head to Yamamine-san politely

「…Yamamine Megumi」

Yamamine-san bowed to Misuzu too.

「Oh right! Megumi-chan, get along with Mi-chan!」


「She’s Misuzu so Mi-chan…I made it!」

「…I-Is that so?」

Yamamine-san seems to be weak at getting on with Nei-san…

「Mi-chan’s going to come to this school to play from time to time…!」

「Yes…Yamamine-sama, best regards!」

There’s no person who won’t be moved by this innocent smile of Misuzu.

A lovely smile just like a newborn puppy…

「S-Sure…best regards…!」

「Mi-chan. 『Yamamine-sama』sound strange! Mi-chan’s a senior after all!」

「…A year higher than me?」

「Un, Megumi-chan’s a first year. Mi-chan’s a second year!」

「Ah, I’m sorry…I was rude!」

For Yamamine-san that’s from the athletic club, seniority seems to be absolute.

「…Please don’t mind it. We’re from different classes」


It seems that Misuzu’s condition has calmed down.

She smiled towards Yamamine-san.

「Is it okay for me to call you 『Megumi-san』?」

「Ah, yes. Go on」

As soon as she knows that Misuzu’s a senior…Yamamine-san got overwhelmed by the dignified smile.

「I don’t mind it if you call me 『Misuzu』…!」


「Geez, you’re too formal! isn’t it great 『Miichan』and 『Megumi-chan』」

Nei-san interrupts their talk forcibly.

「…Oh right! Megumi-chan, you’re free right now?」

「…Err, do you need me for something?」

Yamamine-san’s having a suspicious face.

Well of course…the one she’s talking to is the worst delinquent in the school.

At least, Yamamine-san’s thinking that…

「Hey, didn’t I promise you last morning…I’ll teach you how to use make-up!」

Yamamine-san’s face…gets gloomy.

「…Uhm, that kind of things aren’t suited for me」


「I…I won’t be cute even if I use make-up…!」

Yamamine-san muttered sadly

「…That’s not true!」

Misuzu shouted loudly…

「Megumi-san is cute! You’ll get cuter when you use make-up!」


「That’s right! Megumi-chan has a good foundation! She’s really a beauty so it’s too good!」

Nei-san insists passionately!

「I…am not beautiful」

「No, Megumi-san’s beautiful! I can tell」

Misuzu pushes from behind strongly.

「That’s right, come here tomorrow…you free?」

「Yes, if it”s during the day…Tomorrow’s a holiday…」

「Yo-chan, you okay with it?」


I don’t have any plans originally.

When Nei-san tells me to 『Go』, I’ll go even in hell…

「Megumi-chan will go together with Mi-chan and Yo-chan, won’t you?」


「Do you have something you really need to do?」

「…That’s not the problem. There’s no practice on the athletics club」

「Then, isn’t that fine?! That’s decided then!」

「Okay, I’ll bring my own make up, all of it! There’s a lipstick that suits Megumi-san!」

Misuzu’s frolic.

Her glittering eyes is snapped into Yamamine-san.

「…Understood.. If Misuzu-san and Yoshida-kun is there」

Finally, Yamamine-san yielded.

「Then let’s meet up at the main gate of the school by 10:00 tomorrow!」


「Un, my friend’s house is near the school!」

Nei-san’s…going to bring Yamamine-san to Yuzuki-sensei’s mansion…!

「…Got it, Ten, o’clock it is」

「Un. You don’t need to worry about lunch, that house would just put out something…!」

「Eh, that is…!」

「Donmai donmai6…They’ll make something delicious!」


Misuzu charges at the troubled Yamamine-san.

「Oh right, Megumi-san!…please exchange mail addresses with Misuzu!」

「I’m doing a a run right nos so I don’t have my phone」

「Then, I’ll be writing my mail address right now!」

Misuzu writes down her address on her notebook then hold it down.

「Here you go! It’s my first time having a mail of a friend outside the school!」


「…we’re already friends!」

Misuzu blooms with a smile.

The two look at each other’s eyes

Yamamine-san accepts the memo in silence…

「…I’ll mail this later」

「Yes, I’ll be waiting!」

1. Knowing what will happen, I can’t stop laughing ↩

2. I don’t get the sentence: 『そうやってオレたちを安心させておいて……今夜辺り、除膜式とかじゃねぇの?』 ↩

3. The stadium where the national high school baseball tournament is held ↩

4. Damn, that looks so cool when you imagine it ↩

5. I forgot, teheepero~ ↩

6. She’s saying Kinishinai = Don’t mind, well, let’s just put donmai, it’s a eng-slang for japs when they say Don’t mind ↩

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