Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 43

43. Fierce animals running through a town

When we got out of the shower…Nagisa-san handed us bath towel and clothes.

「I’ll be bringing Misuzu’s clothes from the shop so wait a moment!」

「…Thank you very much」

「You can rest from the shop today. After Margi brings you to Ikeda-sensei’s clinic, go back home. Your curfew is 6:30, isn’t it?」


Misuzu’s curfew is that early?!

「Your panty’s already soaked wet with pee so I’ll lend you mine. It’s being washed right now」

「…I’m sorry」

「Just tell your mother and nanny that you changed clothes because you spilled water from the vase. They would be surprised to see a sheltered daughter coming back home with a different panty, wouldn’t they?」


So she has a 『Nanny』…

「Ah…Danna-sama, Misuzu will wipe you」

Saying that, Misuzu opens the bath towel

「No…I’ll be wipint Misuzu-san」

Somehow…it’s a bit embarrassing.

「Geez…you two are getting along already. How about you two just wipe each other?!」


Misuzu-san wipes me…and I wipe Misuzu too.

I thoroughly enjoy the softness of her breasts and ass over this linen cloth.

Misuzu’s towel is wiping my crotch…

「Oh right, I’ll give this to the two of you…」

Nagisa-asn took out a red leather chocker and a metal bracelet.

「This looks like a choker but this is a collar. Look, there’s a chain that can be attached here, and here’s the chain. Put this on when you’re together」


「…Yoshida-kun, put it on her」

The leather choker was handed to me.

The light leather ring…somehow feels very heavy.

「…Please, Danna-sama」

I coil the choker on Misuzu’s thin neck.

「That’s right, you make it snap on the back…」

The metal fittings locked…!

Misuszu’s…attached with a collar.

「This is for everyday use. This isn’t a bracelet but an anklet. If it’s an anklet, you can hide it in your socks and it won’t be found on clothes inspection. Misuzu’s school has quite strict regulations after all」

Saying that, Nagisa-san handed the metal ring.

「This anklet is made of titanium so it’s fine when taking a bath since it won’t get rust. Oh, the latch is a number lock. You won’t be able to take it off unless you have the combination. Yohsida-kun, pick your favorite number…and don’t tell Misuzu」


I squat down and put the anklet on Misuzu’s right ankle…!

The combination is 『0428』…

That’s the day when Misuzu and I first met…and the day when Misuzu lost her virginity.1

Click…the titanium leg ring is now stuck on Misuzu’s foot.

「How does it feel being Yoshida-kun’s pet for real…Misuzu?」

「…Yes, I’m very glad」

When I looked up, it’s Misuzu’s smooth crotch.

There’s love nectar leaking out from her slit…

It seems that Misuzu’s aroused from me attaching a collar and anklet on her.

Really…an easy to wet, cute pet.

Nagisa-san seems to have noticed it too…she laughs.

「Ah , I forgot this…Yoshida-kun, take this」

Nagisa-san took something with a size of an armful from the shelf on top of the washing machine.

That’s…an adult diaper…!

「I intend to use this for training Misuzu…This child’s doing pee-training after all. I’ll leave the continuation to Yoshida-kun」

「Eh…Diaper training?」

「That’s right…Yoshida-kun will be changing Misuzu’s diapers. This is a really a good absorbent and good at preventing leaks so she can urinate anytime anywhere!」

Nagisa-san’s grinning.

Uwaa, that’s…also great!

「Misuzu…can I?」


I attach the diaper to Misuzu while being taught how to put it by Nagisa-san.

A lovely beautiful girl…diaper.

Woah…this is somehow very lewd…


The chime at the entrance rings.

「…Ah, someone brought Misuzu’s clothes」

Nagisa-san went to the entrance immediately…

「…Eeh, could this be?!」

A delicate middle of green and gray…but a most elegant colored sailor blouse.

A deep maroon colored scarf…

Could this be…that one called as the best Ojou-sama school in Japan…Uhm!

「Nfufu, didn’t I tell you? Misuzu’s a genuine 『Ojou-sama』…!」

Yukino’s little sister, Maika-chan’s wearing an ojou-sama middle school but the ranks are different.

Maika-chan’s school on the middleweight division and Misuzu’s an open weight division with champions and gold medals.

It’s incomparable.

It’s the number one on the list of 『If you’re gonna become a bride, then graduate at this school』since the pre-war era…!

「Hurry and dress up」

Misuzu who changed to her super-ojou-sama school uniform…her grace and loveliness trippled

What’s this…she’s super cute though?

The red collar matching her elegant sailor uniform is…!

「What’s wrong, Danna-sama?」

Misuzu smiled at me.

「…Can we kiss?」

I blurted out those words instinctively.

「Yes, go on」

I embraced Misuzu and kissed her.

Ah…somehow, I’m overwhelmed.

Misuzu’s kiss tastes like sweet lemon.

Different from Yukino.

「I’ll take care of you!」

「Yes…please cherish me forever…」

◇ ◇ ◇

Returning to the living room, Mao-chan and Margo-san are drinking Calpis2 water on a paper carton.

「…Want to drink, Misuzu-chan?」

「Thank you」


Mao-chan smiled and poured Calpis on Misuzu’s glass

「Oyaoya, You’re not going to pour one for Yoshida-kun?」

When Margo-san said that, Mao-chan…


She looks at Nagisa-san with a troubled face.

「Oh my…I forgot」

Saying that, Nagisa-san comes over to me cheerfully.



Nagisa-san kissed me in front of Mao-chan…!

Mao-chan smiled immediately.

「You see…Mao won’t talk to anyone I haven’t kissed!」

…What kind of education is that?

Or rather…she won’t open up to any person to any people other than those her Mama kissed…

That’s how much Nagisa-san distrust the adults of the world…

「…This person is also Mama’s friend?」

「That’s right, Mama’s friend…an important person. He’s called Yoshida-kun」


「Un. Also, she’ll be coming here from time to time to play so get along with him, Mao!」


I’ll come here occasionally…right.

Mao-chan smiles at me.

「I’m Mao! Nice to meet you!」

「Yoshida…best regards」


Margo-san poured in my share in Mao-chan’s place.

I gulped it down…

I was really thirsty.

Misuzu’s at the same state too.

The glass was emptied immediately and we asked Mao-chan to pour again…

「You see, Yoshida-kun’s got a good present for Mao!」

「Eh, what is it?」

「…What do you think?」

「Uun…Picture book?…A doll?」

「It’s what Mao wants the most!」

「…What is it…Mama, tell me!」

「…A sibling!」


「You see, Mao will have a sibling as a present!」

「Eeh, yaaay!!!! When, when, when will it be coming?!」

「Right…the fastest would be around next spring」

Nagisa-san’s full of motivation on getting pregnant…

「I want it sooner! I want it on Christmas!」

「Uun, that’s a bit impossible since it’s too premature…the baby needs to grow up slowly on Mama’s stomach to be healthy. That’s why you can’t hurry it up」

「I can’t hurry it up…Un, got it!」

「Then, Mao should ask Yoshida-kun too…tell him, please make a healthy baby」

The fairy-like Mao-chan looks up at me.

「Yoshidakun…please! Mao wants a lil bro!」

「…Un, I’ll do my best」

I answered like that for the time being.

「Now then…we won’t make it in time if we don’t go soon」

Margo-san looks at her watch.

The time is 3:32

「…Four o’clock, in front of the baseball club grounds」

…Oh right!

That’s the time Yukino’s meeting up with Endou…

「Anyway, we’ll go by car…Misuzu-san will be brought to the clinic too」

◇ ◇ ◇

We went to the first floor of the shop.

It’s early afternoon so there’s not much customers as expected.

Miyuki-san’s the only one serving the customers.

The three clerks gather around Misuzu.


「…Is your body okay?」

「Yes…Danna-sama’s gentle with me」

「Uwa, she called him Danna-sama!」

「I wish you happiness!」

「Serve him as an honor of being Naigsa-sama’s pet!」

「Un…Do your best!」

When the pets talk to Misuzu in sequence, Nagisa-san laughs and spoke.

「Geez! Misuzu’s not going anywhere! She’s going to work on this shop even after this so get along…!」

「Yes, Manager!」

「Very well…! Then, Margo-chan, Yoshida-kun, later. Misuzu, take care too…!」

We bowed and then left the shop.

Misuzu also bowed to her companions.

Miyuki-san who’s serving the customers waved her hand laughingly…

Once again…Margo-san’s Maserati.

Misuzu bought minieral water from the vending machine before we got in.

「Get on the back…You guys want to make out, don’t you?」

Margo-san says that but…

「Yes. Thank you for your concern!」


Misuzu held my hand and we went on the backseat.

Misuzu closes to me while gripping my hand…

The fragrance of her hair stimulates my nose.

「…Then, let’s go」

Buwaaaan…! The engine roars!

Maserati began to run.

「…Yoshida-kun. Do you have a moment?」

After a while…Margo-san talked to me.

「Yes, what is it?」

「You see…It’s my old story」

Leaving a space in her words, Margo-san continued.

「…You see, when I was 12, I was in a facility, protected for three years」

12 years…the age where Margo-san was raped.

She was sheltered after that event…

「It was a Christian church managed facility…the Facilities’ Priest, Nagano-sama breeds a lot of small birds there. He’s very caring and he treasured those birds he raised」

From the backseat…I can only see Margo-san’s blonde bangs on the rearmirror.

「You see, that priest gives one small bird when a new child comes to the facility…he makes the child chose the one they like」

Misuzu opens the mineral water bottle and drinks it…

She presented it to me but…I refused as I don’t need it.

「That’s the way of doing things on that facility there…Everyone’s a child, including me, everyone’s thrown away by poor parents. We can’t take care of pets. There’s children forgetting to give bird seeds, or cleaning the cage too…that kind of child won’t be able to have dinner as punishment. The priest said…『That small bird is your small bird. It would die if you don’t feed it. It would get sick if you don’t take care of it. I don’t intend to give meal on those who don’t look after their small bird…』」

「…That’s an amazing education」

Misuzu told Margo-san.

「But, everyone’s a child with wounds on their heart…they’re not children who can raise small birds. There’re children who released them to the sky, thinking that it’s troublesome. In the end, there’s children who let them weaken and die too. The child who had his eaten by a stray cat was careless. The most cruel one had killed the bird by himself…」


「Still…That child was made to choose another small bird by the Priest. He gives them birds…again, and again. One day, I happen to meet the priest burying the small bird that died on the backyard…the child that killed the small bird refuses to bury it」

「…That’s cruel」

「The number of birds that child has killed is three. That’s why, I told the priest…『Why are you still giving that child a bird? Priest, aren’t the birds pitiful with that child?』」

Misuzu’s also listening to Margo-san’s story with interest.

「Then…the priest answered me. 『It’s pitiful. I love small birds.3 As much as the children in this facility』…I said. 『Then how about you give something trivial than your important small birds?!』」

「…What did the priest answer?」

「He said this…『It won’t have any meaning if I don’t give you my most important one』…!」

There’s no meaning if it’s not my most important.

「Yoshida-kun…I saw the priest’s behavior overlapping with Nagisa-san. Nagisa-san gave her most important pet to you. If not, it would just be meaningless…」

「…Why is it?」

I asked Margo-san.

「If it’s a boring woman…you’d embrace it two or three times then throw it away. A child with a foul mind would look at you with cruel eyes, it won’t hurt your heart in particular but…Nagisa-san doesn’t want you to experience that, I think」

That’s why…Nagisa-san…Gave Misuzu.

「…Whoever man it is, if Misuzu-san’s a good child, there’s no way you’d throw her away, right?」

I look at Misuzu.

Cute like a puppy, a lovely girl.

An elegant, honorable ojou-sama.

A devout Christian who thought she won’t be able to marry when she’s no longer a virgin.

On her neck…is a red collar.

Her life’s been broken by me.

Form now on…I’m sure that she won’t be able to love…

As the pet’s owner…I have the responsibility and obligation.

「Yes…I’ll take care of her.」

Misuzu grasped my hand tightly.

「Un. I’ll take care of her…so Nagisa-san won’t feel sad」

「Yes…Thank you very much」

The car moved to the main street then towards my school

「By the way…Yoshida-kun, what do you think of Nagisa-san’s shop?」

「Eh…It’s a very splendid shop, it’s prospering well…!」

「I’m not asking about that… What do you think about Nagisa-san making all the clerks of her shop her pet?


I look at Misuzu

「You only need to answer honestly…I want to hear your honest impressions」

Margo-san’s voice is serious

「…I thought it’s like Yuzuki-sensei」

To be accurate…Yuzuki-sensei’s sub-version?

「Un…I think so too. That’s why, Minaho can’t free Katsuko-san or Iwakura-san」

Margo-san’s words surprised me…!

「…That street Nagisa-san’s in basically has gentle and docile people. That’s why Minaho’s has peace in her mind and let Nagisa-san be independent. …And yet, as soon as Nagisa-san became independent from Minaho, she began to gather her pets. It became five before we noticed. If that happened to Nagisa-san, then what do you think about Katsuko-san?」

「…W-What will happen?」

「…You can take a bet. When Katsuko-san begins her bakery, she’d have 20 people as her pets within one year. I don’t know whether she’ll gather boys or girls but…Anyway, she’ll go and gather cute children…!4」


Certainly…that 『Sex beast』is likely to do it…

「…Iwakura-san’s the same」

「Iwakura-san…pets too?」

Margo-san laughed.

「If it’s pets, she already had three captured…the guys on the student council are all Iwakura-san’s slaves…!」

Eh…that serious person?

The colleagues at the student council…are her sex slaves?!

「Didn’t she…say that she has a boyfriend on university…?」

「Accurately, there’s also a boyfriend on university…I think? Well, she may be playing with the children on the student council and the university guy was the real one, but」

Iwakura-kaichou’s that kind of person?!

「You see, Iwakura-san…once she’s released from Yuzuki-sensei’s mental domination, she’d be unexpectedly cruel. Yoshida-kun, you’ve heard about it, didn’t you? The talk of Iwakura-san on the student council room with Shirasaka Yukino…!」


I was listening to it with Yuzuki-sensei.

「I also heard it from under the principal’s office…there are some lies mixed on it.」


「Yuzuki-sensei’s not the one who forced Iwakura-san to prostitute herself…Iwakura-san’s body is already dyed to compensated dating before she met Yuzuki-sensei…!」


She’s selling herself willingly…?!

「…She’s a genuine slut 」

「Then…the one where she said that Yuzuki-sensei forced her to prostitute herself on various people?!」

「…That’s coping treatment. Making her experience a helpless, cruel and painful sex, her desire for prostitution was eliminated」

「…Even going as the student council president?」

「That’s right…Iwakura-san’s a child who wants to attract other people’s attention subconsciously. She blew off her desire on an adult compensated dating before. That’s why…Minaho let changed her prostitution acts to student council activities to release her desires. As long as she’s controlling the student council , her desire would be filled for the time being but still…having the student council children eaten by her, Iwakura-san’s so sinful」

「…Could it be that Iwakura-san’s not taking-in proper contraceptives?」

「Un…When she was given the『If you drink this, you won’t get pregnant for 24 hours』drug, she’d go to the town and sell her body. That’s why, Minaho passed only one emergency contraceptive fake to her. That marble chocolate…can give her a peace of mind only once but…if there’s only one…she won’t act rashly, don’t you think…?!」

For Margo-san who’s always carrying an emergency contraceptive, it was persuasive.

「Uhm…the other medicine given to Yukino…the one that can prevent pregnancy until three ejaculations?」

「Oh that drug?…You see, Yuzuki-sensei gave that to Iwakuta-san on that day. For her to hand it over to Yukino. 『This medicine isn’t compatible to Iwakura-san’s body』she said. Well, when you tell her 『This is a contraceptive that I can’t say that it’s certain, you’re fine with three shots but you might get pregnant with the fourth』Iwakura-san will never use it for herself…」

Her sharp eyes in the rearview mirror is looking at me.

「…Iwakura-san aborted three times so far. She has the most fear towards pregnancy more than anyone else…so it seems that she usually use contraceptive films and condom together」

Haa…That person.


「…Compensated dating, and abortion…!」

That’s the rumors about Nei-san!

Most of the students believes that Nei-san is such a person…!

「Un…Iwakura-san’s actions were being showy so we had to do something before it was turned over to the police…but, it became a rumors among the students. Saying that there’s a 『Queen of Compensated dating』…That’s why we set up Nei to that legend…!」


Why is Nei-san…being spoken ill of everyone?!

That bright and gentle person…Why?!

「You see…it was just in time when Nei were also gathering quite a lot of trouble… Anyway, Nei took all of Iwakura-san’s evildoings」

…That’s right, at that time

When I was on the way to the roof with Nei-san to skip classes…!

When Nei-san and I were on the way to the rooftop to skip the first class…!

「I want you to wait until Nei speaks about the details…That’s something I can’t speak of…!」5

If Margo-san says so then I won’t force to ask for now.

「Anyway…let’s return」


「Us, members of Yuzuki-sensei’s picked up 『Toys』are all 『Fierce Animals』…!」

「…『Fierce Animals』?」

「That’s right…same as tiger and lions…we can’t live when we don’t slaughter those poor『Lambs』」


Misuzu here is also one.

A poor lamb sacrificed for me.

「To make the tiger and lion stop eating meat…we can’t live unless somebody’s sacrificed for us…on the society, we’re existence they’d shoot once found…!」

Margo-san’s eyes in the mirror looks at me sadly…

「We’re mistaken existence that shouldn’t stay. But…we were born into this world. Since we we’re born…we must continue living desperately until we die…by sacrificing someone…!」

Katsuko-san torments people by sex…

Margo-san uses violence…

Nei-san sets fire…

Yuzuki-sensei wishes nothing but people’s misfortune…

「Yoshida-kun…you’re the same」

That’s right.

I slaughtered Yukino…Misuzu too!

「Minaho’s trying to make a place where we can live. Minaho herself is fighting her desire for her own ruin…!」

Sensei…she and her 『Toys’』predation territory, while ruling the school…

At the same time, she’s scheming so that her own domain won’t extend.

…Contradicting actions.

On one side, there’s an increase of victims…on the other side, the damage is prevented from increasing.

Still…she can’t avoid doing that for the sake of protecting her 『Toys』

School is not a zoo. The students are normal students.

『Toys』aren’t put on a cage. 『Fierce Animals』are

『Fierce Animals』are punished when they run free on a human town.

Furthermore, Yuzuki-sensei herself is a blood thirsty 『Fierce animal』too…!

「Minaho has her own suffering…please understand that」


I obtained Misuzu…I must feel the weight of the obligation and responsibility of an owner…

Yuzuki-sensei’s…feeling the obligation and responsibility for us 『Toys』

…But, wait.

Then…how about the 『Lambs』sacrificed for us?

The victims slaughtered by us…are just left like that?

…IS that okay?


Suddenly…my『Lamb』, Misuzu spoke up.

「Our priest have told us before…『Human’s are living being that cannot live unless they trouble someone else. But, you must work hard to reduce the trouble as much as possible. That’s love of neighbors』」


「Then, he also said this…『It is fine to trouble the people you love. It’s fine to depend. That’s why, if you trouble someone, think of yourself as loved』」

Misuzu’s smiling at me.

「That’s why, Danna-sama…please trouble Misuzu a lot. Please depend on me. Misuzu wants to be loved by Danna-sama…!」

Misuzu holds her hand and made me touch her red collar.

「Misuzu is happy as a pet…!」

…My lamb…is a really good child

「hahaha…You really got a good pet」

Margo-san says laughingly.

I grasped Misuzu’s hand.

Misuzu leaned on me…

My dear pet…

…And yet, I’m that 『fierce animal』

I’m thinking about how I will meet Yukino from now on…

I remember the feeling of Yukino’s body…

The feeling of skin different from Misuzu…

A different taste of vagina…

I want to violate that body soon again…

I want to see Yukino’s crying face…

I want to make Yukino cry from intense sex…!



…am a『fierce animal』

Just like how Margo-san said…


While I was looking at the blue sky out of the window…I suddenly thought.

Let’s calm down and think again.

Let’s go backwards Margo-san’s talk earlier…

I…might be overlooking something important!

…I arranged everything that I knew so far in my head!6

When I arranged all of the things I knew in chronological order…

Six years ago.

・Yuzuki-sensei started her job. Katsuko-san and Nagisa-san entered the school. And became 『Toys』

※Katsuko-san and Nagisa-san were trained in sex quite intensely…

Five years ago.

・Reconstruction of the high school begins.

※Yuzuki-sensei’s monitoring system was installed in the school.

Four years ago

・Nagisa-san got pregnant. Was freed from being a 『Toy』 Opened a flower shop.

Three years ago

・Margo-san entered school.

※However, Margo-san knows Yuzuki-sensei from America so I think she’s already a 『Toy』 before this

・Mao-chan’s birth

Two years ago

・Iwakura-san and Nei-san entered school.

・Iwakura-san became a 『Toy』first year’s spring

※She’s been doing conpensated dating before that.

・Iwakura-san’s training was until autumn…She then received remodeling to become the student council president afterwards.

・Nei-san got attacked by the music teacher dick slave, Margo-san helped her.

※The time when Nei-san became a 『Toy』is unknown…

※Iwakura-san aborted three times.

※The time when Nei-san took Iwakura-san’s evildoing is unknown. She dyed her hair blonde and started wearing blue contacts.

One year ago.

・Nei-san got absent from school for a long term between second and third semester so she has to repeat the class for another year.

・Nei-san was in chorus club until last year. (There must be a reason for her to quit)

・Iwakura-san was elected as the president of the student council in autumn.

・There were two candidates on becoming a dick slave but both failed.

※Why was there a sudden need for a dick slave? Occasionally trained by Katsuko-san and Iwakura-san, there wasn’t anyone troubled with sex. Since the recklessness of the music teacher two years ago, why are dick slaves gone?

This year

・I became the 『Seventh Toy』…

I still haven’t met the 『Sixth toy』…

Margo-san’s not saying anything so I don’t ask.

Anyway…everything seems to have started five years ago7

And it’s certain that something big happened two years ago.

And after that…Nei-san one year ago too.

I still don’t know everything about 『Kuromori』…

It seems that Yuzuki-sensei and the 『Toys’』past are still a secret…!

「…Danna-sama is there anything wrong?」

Misuzu-san looks at me with a worried face.

「No, it’s nothing…」

I embraced Misuzu’s body…!

「Kyaa…Geez, you surprised me!」

Misuzu-san’s body is warm.

I kissed her red collar.

Misuzu’s my cute pet…!

Inside me…there’s a desire to be gentle with Misuzu…and to be cruel with Yukino…

It’s fighting intensely…!

I’m a fierce animal.

「We’re about to arrive」

I look outside from Margo-san’s words…

The Maserati has entered the school…

1. Yoshida’s weak at passwords ↩

2. Japanese milk based soft drink, it’s also another term for semen, but Mao-chan’s drinking it so it should be the first one ↩

3. He’s a love liver. Small bird = Kotori ↩

4. Just like your shota doujins ↩

5. Margo-san is that friend who spoils you the ending but won’t tell you the details when you ask about what happened that resulted the ending ↩

6. Oh shit, Sherlock! ↩

Nope, this started longer than you think ↩

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