Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 4

4. Pure love x Sex ban!!

The morning is clearing up but my heart is clouded.

Before the morning homeroom. Everyone’s noisy.

The girl’s group is having the topic of the upcoming golden week. Those good friends seems to have a plan on going out to play somewhere.

For me who entered the class at January, I don’t have a friend to talk to.

I lived in a world where both television and radio is forbidden for three years so I don’t know what’s popular and neither I have interest in it. I don’t have any hobby either. (My friend at middle school had been thrown in an all boys school at the heart of the mountain)

That’s why…I have no clue on how to talk with people.

Especially with women, I always mess up…

…It’s fine. After all, I don’t have anyone who I want to get along with in this school.

「Morning, Yoshida-kun!」

Suddenly, someone called me!?


It was the first time someone told 「Good Morning」to me since I entered school in January!

「Thank you for yesterday. You helped me a lot 」

「Iiit’s fine, uuuhhmm, itt’s not like…」

Shirasaka-san smiled after saying that and returned to her seat.

Her beautiful back line. Her swelling ass that can be seen even on top of her skirt.

…I held her body in my dream last night. That body!

「Hey! Don’t ogle at women!」

Looking back, Endou had a hateful face.

「You know it don’t you!?」

「…W-w-w-what are you talking about?」

「Someone like you should just back off!」


「Looking at Yukino as if you’re licking her…It’s disgusting, you fucker」

I don’t know how should I answer back to Endou.

Then, Endou looks down at me and made a vulgar laugh and pushes my shoulder coldly.

「Listen, don’t ever come to my sight ever again」

Saying that, Endou went to Shirasaka-san’s seat.

Shirasaka-san smiled at Endou.

…It feels much happier than when she smiled at me.

I don’t want it…I don’t want to hear it…And yet I listened to the conversation of the two.

The happy conversation of Shirasaka-san and Endou is as expected…the plans for the consecutive hollidays.

「…I have a day long break from the practice after the second half of the consecutive holidays. That’s why let’s go to somewhere near? If you want, let’s stay over for the night?」

「Idiot. High school students can’t just stop in everywhere. 」

Oh…This is reality…dammit!

The chime that tells the start of the homeroom began to ring.

The door on the platform side of the classroom opened.

Thinking that it was the homeroom teacher, the class becomes instantly quiet.


??…The one who entered was the female teacher that I met in the roof yesterday!

If I recall, it was Yuzuki Minaho sensei……?!!!

The tall female teacher with a thin black hair.

She’s wearing a crimson suit yesterday but she’s now wearing a black blouse and black tight skirt.

Her cold eyes is looking at us under the black edge glasses.

Yuzuki sensei stood before the teacher’s desk…and spoke to the entire class.

「It maybe sudden but I would be in charge of this class from today…I’m Yuzuki Minaho. Best regards」

There’s a voice of surprise「Ehー?」 leaked out from a girl.

「Uhm…What happened to Saegusa Sensei who was in charge until now?」

Yamamine-san who’s the class rep, asked the female teacher.

「Saegusa-san moved to the second years. I exchanged class in charge with Saegusa sensei. Well, it”s a rare case but you don’t mind, do you?」

「Well…we’re on our first month just yet so there’s no problem even if the teacher was suddenly replaced」

Kobayashi who’s a frivolous person replied.

「Now then…now that I’m the homeroom teacher, I’ll be wiping off everything that Saegusa has decided before. eerr…Who’s the class rep?」

The female class rep is Yamemine-san and the male class rep is Aida.

「I see, you and you? Hmmm」

The female teacher evaluates the two of them deliberately.

「The girl, what’s your name?」

「…Yamamine Megumi」

Yamamine-san became red from the strong glance.

She has a tall and slim figure.

She’s a sports girl who’s playing sprint at athletics sports club since middle school.

Black bob cut hair, along with her tanned skin…Her eyes are narrow.

Well, she’s certainly a healthy and excellent beauty like Shirasaka-san.

「I guess I can let Yamamine-san stay as the class rep. The boy can retire. I’ll take another child」

Aida was dismissed from being a class rep suddenly by Yuzuki sensei’s absurd state power…!!

However…Why is no one protesting against sensei?

Even if they want to…they can’t.

The atmosphere of the cold female teacher wrapped in black clothes is something nobody can go against.

The dark eyes under the black edge glasses examined each and every man on the class.

That glance stopped in front of me.

「Oh…You’re the one」


「That’s right…What? You’re objecting?」

Yuzuki sensei’s eyes shine mysteriously.

「N-n-n-n-n-n-no…I-I get it」

Kukuku, the female teacher laughed.

The whole classroom fell silent from the strange atmosphere.

「Now then…now that we have decided who’s the new class rep…I want you all to hear something. Would that be fine?」

The eyes of the class are concentrated on the female teacher on the desk.

「What? It’s not something so special. I just want to have a slight investigation. In this class, who already had their sexual experience? Could those who had their virginities taken raise their hand?!」

The whole class fell in whirlpool of confusion.

「…Please wait a moment!!!」

The source of voice is…Shirasaka-san!

「What? You have something to ask?」

「No…Why are you investigating such a thing!?!」

「Such a thing?…You mean about sexual experience?」

「That’s right!!」

「I’m purely interested as the class teacher of first year high school」

「…Isn’t that a breach of privacy?!」

The female teacher’s mouth distorted.

「Privacyー…Oh, you can think of it like that」

「That’s not something we can just tell Sensei…furthermore, raising your hand in front of everyone?」

Shirasaka’s anger is fair.

Shirasaka-san who’s glaring at Yuzuki-sensei…that dignified face is also beautiful.

「Oh…So that’s how it is. In short, you’re no longer a virgin?」

Shirasaka-san’s face blushed from the words of the female teacher.

「…I-I’m a virgin!」

「You’re lying. Aren’t you interfering with my investigation because you’re not a virgin anymore?」


「Are you really a virgin?」


To be honest…I got erect.

Shirasaka-san’s confession…and the expression dyed in shame…!

「Hmm…Then lets leave it as that. Everyone must remember it, this child is still a virgin. For now」

The entire class don’t know how to react.

Taking advantage of the confusion, the female teacher continued to speak.

「Well fine. There’s no helping for those people who already had experienced sex, from now on…I forbid those students on my class to take any sexual act at all. Live a healthy high school student life. That’s right, I’m also forbidding relationships1 Relationships hinders your studies after all. If you have a lover right now, break up with them…That’s the basic rule in this class. It must be strictly observed. You get it?」

Yuzuki-sensei lightly declared.

The scene and the classroom became quiet.

The students in the class already became silent from the mysterious compelling force of the female teacher.

This Sensei is dangerous. A dangerous existence.

…Understanding that, the whole room was dominated.

And yet…Someone break down the quiet air!

「…I-I can’t agree to that!」

Shirasaka-san spoke out loudly again.

…The tip of her finger is trembling.

Shirasaka-san…That’s dangerous. I’m telling you!

Yuzuki-sensei who’s on the platform turned around to Shirasaka-san slowly.

「You again?…What? You really want to have sex that much?」

「That’s not it!!!!!」

「Then what?」

「…I think that love doesn’t necessarily hinder our studies!」

Shirasaka-san confronted Yuzuki-sensei.

Just stop it already.

「…Fuu,, that’s an interesting opinion. You’re going out with someone right now?」

「Y-Yes…I do. 」

Stop this already.

「…He’s here?」


…Stop this.

「Who’s this child’s partner? Raise your hand…」

Endou…Raised his hand timidly.


Dammit…Despair surrounds me3

Endou’s trembling…his body shaking little by little.

The female teacher in black glasses is alternately looking at Shirasaka and Endou then said.

「I don’t get it but…In short, you want to tell me that 『Love and Studies can go together』?」

「Y-Yes. That’s right! It coexists! It’s balanced!」

Shirasaka-san clearly told the teacher.

「…But when men and women take in a romantic relationship, they’d want to have sex don’t they? Once they tasted sex, they’d be absorbed in it and do nothing but that. Especially men. At any rate, don’t you think it’s just a hindrance to studies?」

「…I don’t think that relationships isn’t tied to sex」

Shirasaka-san spun words slowly while feeling nervous.

「Oh, that’s an interesting opinion. Are you saying love and sex are different?」

The female teacher smiles as if mocking Shirasaka-san.

「…Yes, that’s right. Uhm, for example, it makes you trust the partner, thinking dearly of the partner, just being together, just holding hands happily together…that’s the high-school-like love…I think」

「Oh, so you’re okay with just holding hands?」


「What abouto kiss?」


「The two of you already had kissed, didn’t you?」

The eyes under the black edge glasses is attacking Shirasaka-san!

「Answer properly! You two have kissed already, didn’t you?」

「…Y-Yes. We…h-have kissed but, w-we did, b-but,」

「If you already did then it’s a normal providence to want to advance to the next. The distance from kiss to sexual intercourse is just a moment…」

The female teacher had a smile of victory.

「…B-But, 」

「Very well. I will accept the relationship of the two of you if you can promise that you won’t kiss nor have sex from today until graduation. In exchange, if ever you had kissed or had sex, the two of you have to leave this school…how about it?」

Shirasaka-san and Endou exchanged looks.

「Kenji…we can, can’t we? 」

「…But Yukino, that’s. 」

「Kenji, we’re at a crisis whether we can still go out or not. I love you Kenji. You do love me to don’t you? You don’t want us to break up, do you?」

「That’s of course…」

「Then, isn’t that fine? Just holding hands…holding hands…it’s fine if it’s just holding hands isn’t it?」

Shirasaka-san asks the female teacher.

「…Right. I’ll allow holding hands」

「Hey, say it. We can do it until graduation…don’t we,, Kenji?」


「I don’t want to break up with Kenji like this!! I love Kenji!!」

Shirasaka-san’s words breaks my heart.

My expectations are killed.

「Y-Yeah…Got it. I get it, Yukino」

Endou has a complicated look but he lost against Shirasaka-san’s enthusiasm.

「…Then, would you take a pledge? The two of you will accomplish your duties as high school students and keep a clean relationship, never kissing nor having sexual intercourse until you graduate. I’ll be allowing your relationship with that as a condition…Good?」

The dark eyes of the female teacher looks down at Shirasaka-san.

「…I-I swear」


Endou hesitated for a moment but he still prepared himself in the end…!

「…M-me too, I swear. 」

It’s a strange time. It was an ominous dreadful time.

No one understands why there were captured by the mysterious atmosphere of the female teacher.

Shirasaka-san and Endou spoke a logically and ethically unpermitted vow in front of the class somehow.

It was forcibly shown to me.

Shirasaka-san and Endou’s…love oath.

I, I, I…

I want to break it.

That oath.

I want to trample it.

This love.

That’s what I thought from the bottom of my heart.

「…That’s the end of my class. Oh right, the male class rep, come to my table at breaktime」

The female teacher looks at me.

Oh right…I was the class rep.

「…I have to talk to you about something」

Yuzuki-sensei said that and made a suggestive smile.

「…Do you have something to talk about with me too don’t you?」

…That’s right.


I was wrapped with wicked thoughts…

1. This is read as Ren’ai, which is the pure love on the title of the chapter and the novel but let’s have it as relationship here because that’s the appropriate read

2. Endou said “B-Boku desu”, which is very far from his arrogant way of speaking


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