Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 5

5. Preparing a trap

After the class was done, Yuzuki-sensei leaves the room.

The class inside the room felt liberated from the tension instantly.

Our actual first our lesson is with our homeroom teacher, Saegusa-sensei’s class(Chemistry) however, Saegusa-sensei was suddenly transferred to the second years and it turned to self-study.

The students talks freely when there’s no teacher.

「Haaa, that was some really scary teacher」

「Or rather, that one is so unreasonable」

「If you think so then why did you not protest?!」

「What about you?」

「Can you even it against that black magician-like sensei?」

「Yup…she has a somewhat mysterious atmosphere」

「It’s dark, or should I say cold?」

「Right right」

Everyone speaks out selfishly as soon as the person disappeared.

「But Yukino’s amazing. She even opposed Sensei upfront」

「Right right, that was so cool」

They keep praising Shirasaka-san.

「That’s not amazing at all. In reality, I was unbearably scared」

「But, you were resolved…and made free love win」

「Winning…I didn’t do that」

Shirasaka-san has a troubled face.

「But you see, Other than Shirasaka-san…Kei-chan and Kikuchi-san has a boyfriend don’t you? What would you do? Would you break up just like what the sensei told?」

The glamour girl wearing glasses, Hanamatsu asked such a thing.

「No way we would~!」

Answering was Tomisawa-san from the tennis club. If I recall correctly, her boyfriend is the second year student from the men’s tennis club.

「Even I won’t do that. We can just go out secretly so Sensei won’t find it out. He’s my boyfriend since middle school…we’re in the same high school but we’re in a different class. There’s no need for my boyfriend to be following Sensei if he’s in the other class, does he?」

Kikuchi Seiko-san said.

「That’s right. Even Yukino-chan can just let what Sensei said pass through your ears and go out in secret」

Hamamatsu-san told Shirasaka-san.


「I don’t wan that, someone you love is important to you isn’t he? I think it feels sick to be falsifying, hide, and doing it sneakily like you’re fooling yourself」

「Uwaaa, Isn’t Yukino-chan too fastidious when it comes to relationships?」

「Isn’t that fine? High school life is only once in a lifetime so I don’t want to have regrets!」

Shirasaka-san declares.

Her pure white heart is too dazzling for me.

「Then would Shirasaka-san keep her promise with that Sensei!?」

「Of course!」

「Eehh, That’s no kiss nor ecchi until graduation you know!」

「…It can’t be helped」

「You can just do it secretly! Kissing or ecchi」

「Right. There’s no way Sensei could possibly check your virginity」

The girls laughed.

「Hohoon~…How do you check virginity?」

「Yup, how do oyou do that?」

Kobayashi and Omiya(Bathroom Duo) interrupted the girls when they heard them their talk.

「Well, of course it’s that, Kobayashi-kuun~ Opening the legs apart and confirming the girl’s hymen visually…!」

「As expected, they’re’ going that far won’t they, Omiya kuuun?!」

They should just shut up. Or rather, die already.

「…Boys over there, if you want to talk about something useless then don’t let us ear it!」

Yamamine-san who’s our class rep scolded Kobayashi.

「…Sure thing, class rep」

「But you see…This is in short, that? Shirasaka and her boyfriend, Endou would still be virgins till they graduate in high school?」

Gyahahaha, Kobayashi and Omiya laughed.

「Shut up!」

Endou kicks the leg of Kobayashi’s desk.

「Uwaa, scaryy~」

Endou has a good physique because of baseball club…even Kobayashi would shut up from that.

Yamamine-san turns around and talks to Shirasaka-san.

「Hey…Yukino, are you really sure?」

「About what?」

「Making such a promise…」

「A promise is a promise. I’ll follow it…Even Kenji will!」

Shirasaka-san looks at Endou with a smile.


「Y…Yeah. Well」

Of course. For an Ikemen-kun, he can’t have any answers.

「What’s that, don’t make such a face! We became a official class recognized couple! The others hide it secretly but we can flirt on bright daylight.」

The class cheers.


…Shirasaka Yukino.

「oooooh! They’re even holding hands」

Omiya banters again.

「That’s right, we can hold hands!… We can do it during the whole class?」


Endou is embarrassed from Shirasaka-san’s words.

The happiness of the two.

The happy Shirasaka-san…



The first hour ended with such a feeling.

The morning class ended too…

I ate my lunch(Sweet roll and coffee milk) hastily and rose from my seat.

I was told by Yuzuki-sensei to come to her after the morning homeroom.

Going there…what is waiting for me there?

「…Yoshida-kun, you’re going to Yuzuki-sensei?」

Yamamine-san, the class rep called out to me.

「…Y-Yes, I’m about to」

「You want me to go with you?」


「Look, I’m also a class rep too」

「No…Uhm, I-I’m the only one called」

「Don’t you think it’s scary to go to that teacher’s room alone?」

「W-Well, I’m scared…B-But I’ll go alone」

「Is that so…Then it’s fine」


「It feels somewhat strange but, the two of us became the class rep so just ask for my advice when you need it」


Yamamine-san has a healthy tanned skin. Her almond eyes bloom.

However…feeling I can’t stay any longer, I went out of the room to escape.

While I was walking in the corridor, I thought that I should’ve told Yamamine-san「Thanks for worrying」

My thoughts are always slow.

There’s no spark when there’s the force to fire.

Then regretting it when noticed later…

That’s how I usually am.

I’m always…

Yuzuki-sensei’s desk isn’t in the faculty office.

When I asked some teacher I know, Yuzuki-sensei is always holing up in the 「English Preparations Room」 at the far at the third floor for some reason.

I don’t know why a 「Preparation room」is needed for an english class though.

Or rather, it’s said that Yuzuki-sensei is the only teacher that’s going in and out of that small room.

Right…she said.

「Come to my room during lunch break」…

In short, that’s her room.

…*Knocking sfx*

I knocked the door


「Y-Yoshida…First year class two…」

「…Come in!」

I entered the room following the voice.

I was surprised when I went inside.

There’s an overflowing amount of monitors in the room.

The inside of the school is reflected at the screen.

Classroom, corridor, gymnasium, roof, grounds, clubrooms, backyard, even inside the toilet…!

The black haired female teacher is sitting on the reclining chair covered in leather, watching the monitors leisurely.

There’s a crooked smile on her lips…

「U-u-u-uhm…What’s this?!」

「Oh, surprised? I had installed 68 hidden cameras and microphones on this school. It’s running around the clock…That said, there’s no one here at night so it’s meaningless but, you can observe the school with this. Of course, this can record too」

The female teacher pressed the keyboard at her hand.

The biggest monitor on the front showed a picture…and sound.

『What’s that, don’t make such a face! We became a official class recognized couple! The others hide it secretly but we can flirt on bright daylight』

The spectacle from the class earlier…the camera on top of the blackboard?

Shirasaka-san’s blooming smile is caught in the screen clearly.

「…Shirasaka Yukino」

Yuzuki sensei mutters her name then slowly looks at me.

「…Do you want that child that much?」


「However you don’t know anything about her, do you?」

The female teacher looks at me with eyes treating me as a fool.

That’s right…It’s just as Sensei said.

I don’t know anything about Shirasaka-san.

I’m only just watching her from a distance…we hardly talk at all.

「…Okay, have this」

Sensei gave me a file of A4 paper.

「…W-What is it?」

The devil smiled.

「Shirasaka Yukino’s filed 『Person History』…Don’t you want it?」

I…gulped down my saliva.

The file given to me.

The document with Shirasaka-san’s photograph sticking on it.

If I have this then her picture will be mine.

「You’re already greedy with just a picture…You’re good. You’re really stupid, pitiful…and pure」

I looked at the documents.

It’s Shirasaka-san’s birthday, address, contact number, even her phone address…it’s a document submitted when entering the school.

Perhaps, it’s also Shirasaka-san’s handwriting.

The 『Personal Information』that should be protected is at my hand…

Shirasaka-san’s family structure…parents and a little sister.

Shirasaka-san has a little sister at middle school…!

「…Her father works as an office worker in a major advertising agency. Her mother is a lecturer for students at the culture center. They purchased a stand-alone-house three years ago in the city. Well, their family’s social standing is rich. That’s because her grandfather seems to be running a trading firm at Kobe」

Shirasaka-san…is a daughter of such a house.

「She’s at a all-girl’s school during middle school. That school has a high school department and yet why did she enter our high school specially…Do you know why?」

「…I-I don’t」

There’s no way I would.

「She was at basketball club at middle school. She was quite a promising player. She’s even the club prez…but she ran into trouble at the last tournament at her third year


「A day before the district tournament, her grandfather fell and was on critical condition. Thus, she went out to Kobe」

「…She didn’t make it in the game?」

「That’s right. Then her grandfather died. And, the game was a crushing defeat. She’s the scorer for the team so…she seems to be trusted highly as the club prez too. Then the team went to the tournament without her」

The female teacher talks about her misfortune happily…

「Then, she feels sorry for her team…Hahaha. She stopped playing basketball with that reason. She even purposely chose a different high school. She decided to not go to club activities anymore!!」

That’s why Shirasaka-san didn’t enter any clubs.

「But…That’s something inevitable, isn’t it? It’s not Shirasaka-san’s fault at all. She didn’t do anything wrong!!」

「…That’s right, she didn’t do anything wrong. She’s not at fault at all. And yet she’s an idiot girl who thinks that she’s responsible for it…! She’s really a detestable woman…She’s enduring to satisfy everything for herself but she can’t!」

That’s Shirasaka-san?

「…She’s an egoist. She wants to be always pure white. 『Gentle to everyone and always right』is what she wants to be…That’s why she casts away when she’s dirtied. She stopped going to club for many years to protect her own virtual image of herself in her mind. She even changed schools. That child will never understand how to be dirty as long as she lives. A boring, cute girl…that’s how she is」

I…don’t know how should I answer.

The Shirasaka-san in my memory.

The always smiling Shirasaka-san.

The Shirasaka-san that’s kind to everyone.

The Shirasaka-san everyone relies on…

That’s…all just a false figure to patch herself?

「…She’s really a suitable woman for you」

I was confused from Yuzuki-sensei’s words.


Shirasaka-san and me?

「…Isn’t it? You’re dragging her to the dark side. While you’re completely exposed, she skillfully hides it inside…however that’s the only difference. The essence doesn’t change」

The eyes under the black glasses shines.

「…The two of you are really perfect for each other. I want to see the two of you intertwine. Hating each other, cursing, and loving it, intertwining while not agreeing on the hell in this world」

Intertwined hell with Me and Shiraska-san?

「…That’s right. There’s no way the two of you will have a happy relationship. You do know that don’t you?」

…That’s right.

Shirasaka-san and I will never be happy with each other, will never love each other.

「…However, if you’re ready to hate each other, you will be able to intertwine with her. Rather than that, you can never enter her life with that means」

Right now…I’m nothing for her.

Just a classmate.

Perhaps, she won’t even remember me if the class changes and when she graduates.

I will never cross her life.

「…Then, what do you want to do?」

The devil forces me to choose…

The choice of falling to hell…



「I want to intertwine with Shirasaka-san…I want to tie my existence to Shirasaka-san…」

「…Even if you get hated and cursed for the rest of your life?」

「I’m fine falling to hell…if that’s the mean to have Shirasaka-san…!」

I…made a contract with a devil.

The female teacher laughed.

「…Very well, then I’ll give that child’s body to you. You’ll never have her heart. However, you can do as you please with her body」

The female teacher turned her gaze to the monitor again.

「…Well then, let’s set up a trap for that」

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