Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 3

3. I saw a devil

I went to the roof once again. Fuu…

Evening would come if I wait for the uniform to dry.

I was here with Shiarasaka-san just a while ago.

That was a pleasant memory.

And now everything’s lifeless.

It’s the end of April but I feel that it’s somewhat chilly.

Could it be a broken heart’s wound? …Or rather, this is even a broken heart?

No…I feel that I’ve already lost before I can call this on the stage of broken heart.

…That’s right, I just lost to something…that’s how it feels but it’s still remaining in my body…

I could’ve confessed to Shirasaka-san earlier than Endo if I know this would happen…I can’t think like that.

The result would be the same even if I confess earlier.

There’s no way Shirasaka-san would like a man like me…that’s for certain.

I, to be honest, I never thought that Shirasaka-san would be someone else’s, I’m glad if it stays like that…I’m just happy by only watching Shirasaka-san.

And yet, Shirasaka-san is…is with that bastard Endou.

That’s overwhelming. It’s too much. It’s the worst…fuck!!!

「…You’re interesting」

Suddenly…I heard a voice.

I turned towards the voice.

I never felt any signs of life until now…!

What’s standing there is…A young teacher.

Her age is 25-26. Long black hair and black edge glasses…She’s wearing a crimson suit.

She’s a beauty but she had a cold expression.

She’s super tall…Isn’t it close to 180cm?

However, she’s thin, and her skin is very white as if she’s not being outside.

If I recall…it was.

「…I’m Yuzuki Minaho, I teach English」

Right…If I recall correctly, she’s a homeroom teacher on second years?

「Aaaaa…Uhm, I-Is there something…?」

「Yes. You see, I am interested in children like you」

The female teacher laughed.


「That’s right, you. You lose your own confidence, it ages, and distorts…However, you’re a unfair and miserable man that can’t defy your own penis’ desire」


「What? You’re saying I’m wrong? Are you going to insist that you’re a decent man?」


…That’s right.

Sensei is right.

I’m unfair. Even today, I ogled at Shirasaka-san’s body a lot. I had delusions. Taking peeping photos of her in her panties. I sniffed fragrant hair.

I…I feel a strong desire with her.

However…I can do nothing but give up on her.

If she’s’ going out with Endou…I can do nothing but stay silent watch her being fucked by Endou.

I…am a weak human.

「Hey…What do you want to be in the future?」


That’s right. I don’t have a dream in particular.

「When I was at your age, I always thought of becoming the devil」

The female teacher said something suddenly.


「That’s right, a devil. You see…I graduated from this high school」

Sensei slowly approached me

「…Sensei did? I-Is that so?」

「Yes, that’s right. On my high school days, I always wanted to become a devil for so long. Become the devil and make all the humans on this school become sorrowful…」

Sensei’s hand…is touching my shoulder.

「Hey…You, what do you intend to do with her?」

「H-Her, who?」

Sensei smiles bewitchingly.

「Ara, I know it…everything in your mind…」

I felt a chill on my back.

Oh…I feel that this kind of person grips hearts and grinds it.

「Wh…what do you mean?」

The cold hand…caress my cheeks

「…If you want her body, then I will get it. Of course, her heart can’t be taken. However, you can make her body yours

「W-what are you saying…Sensei?」

「No one will be happy. You, her, her lover, everyone around you would become unhappy…Everyone would be on the bottom of sorrow. However…You can have her body if you sacrifice everything」

Her speech that has no sense of high tension wraps up my body.

I…Anyway, I want to get out of this situation.

「…Just only obtaining her body, isn’t that no good?」

The female teacher snorted.

「What are you saying?…Aren’t you interested in her body? Isn’t her heart irrelevant?」


「In the first place, what are you doing with her? You came to like her outward appearance.. That’s all to it. Won’t you be satisfied if you can make her body yours?」

I…don’t know how should I answer.

Sensei’s words might be right.


「Take your time thinking about it…However, there’s not much time. Highschoolers these days have sex don’t they?…Even her, she won’t be able to protect her virginity forever」


Endou will violate it.

No…I don’t want that.

「If you have the resolve to make her feel sorrow…If you have the resolve to be in sorrow…if you have the resolve to make everyone in the school feel sorrow…Just tell me. If you do, I’ll let you do as you please with her body. This won’t end just once. Her body would be yours for life. There’s no man who would be able to embrace that body except you. Surely, that girl would hate you. She’ll curse you for her whole life」

「That’s…I can’t believe it」

「Even if it is…You’re already believing what I’m saying」

「Why…Sensei’s telling me this?」

The female teacher’s mouth distorts to a grin.

「You already know it, don’t you?…I’m a devil」


This smile…This face.

This person’s a devil.

I felt that for some reason.

「I was finally able to become a demon I always yearned for when I was a high school student. That’s why I want to realize a dream」


「I talked about it a while ago but…I want to make everyone in this school be deprived of their happiness…!」

The cold hand of the devil is grasping my heart firmly.

「I will make this school hell…!!!」

Sensei’s face…Is beautiful, cold, and mad. Her eyes shine in purple.

My memory was flying after that.

…When I noticed, I was already at home.

I can’t remember how I came back from that.

I thought I just saw a dream but, my heart aches terribly.

The pain in my chest informs me that the conversation with Sensei isn’t a dream.

I decided to sleep early because my body’s aching so hard.

I saw the class picture taken at the entrance placed on the study desk incidentally.

…Shirasaka-san’s reflected on it.

…Shirasaka-san’s laughing.

…Endou’s there too.

…Endou is having such an unpleasant smile.

…I’m also there.

…I’m not laughing…

Shirasaka-san went home with Endou today.

It’s possible, it’s possible that Shirasaka-san has kissed Endou about this time.

It’s possible that, sex too…

I thought, became lifeless, covered my head with the blanket and slept…

…Shirasaka-san appeared in my dream.

Shirasaka-san in her usual uniform…Or rather, I never saw Shirasaka-san not wearing her usual uniform and sportswear.

Suddenly, Endou appeared in the dream too, and he strips Shirasaka-san one piece at a time.

…Dammit, stop!

I pushed Endou away in my dream.

Endou disappeared and there’s only me and Shirasaka-san in disordered clothing…

「…Hey, you really want to rape that child didn’t you?」

Turning around, I found the female teacher on her crimson suit looking down.

「You only feel lust for her…!」

Taken aback, I looked at Shirasaka-san.

Her big eyes looks at me uneasy.

「…Watch carefully. What you desire is in there…!!」

Just as the female teacher said that, I looked back at Shirasaka’s body unconsciously.

What’s there is Shirasaka’s half naked body.

Cute face. Cute lips. Small chest. Beautiful curve, ass, and legs. Shirasaka-san’s really cute.

I don’t want her to be taken by Endou.

In the end, I want Shirasaka-san.

I want to have Shirasaka-san.

That lips, that body, I…I…I!!

Unable to endure, I attacked Shirasaka-san!


…When I woke up in the morning, I had a wet dream.

I had a wet dream with Shirasaka-san on it.

I feel so miserable that I want to die…Dammit!

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