Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Heaven and Hell

Part 1

I am waiting for a while after trashman leaves the toilet just in case he will be waiting to ambush me in front of the toilet.

After sometime finally I was able to leave.

Oh~Rya Rya… Sound of Flush, Bichabichada (Water sfx?)

It was good that this is after school because I couldn’t show such a scene to Shirasaka-san.

I can do nothing but to go to the roof to hung my uniform to dry.

No one would be here at this time right

I climb the stairs to the roof top lightly and open the heavy iron door that leads to the roof with Gigigi sound.

Pyuaa …. the refreshing wind that signals the end of April is blowing

Because of that wind, the door to the roof are also slowly being closed.

Today weather is really warm and good

This place is a good place…at the north side of this rooftop, I have to trouble to hung my uniform to dry because there are mountains of desk and chair that is going to be disposed of.

Whoa… it is really sunny over there

…… huh? !

Reflexively, there’s something that is hiding between the desk

Nunu-? ? ? ! (Sfx?)

…… Nuoooooo ! (another moving sfx?)

there, there, over there!

Wait, wait, could it be?!!!!

There, that incredible sight is…..

The girl I thought of as the most beautiful girl in the world…. Shirasaka-san is……. cccccccc-, changing clothes ???

On the unpopular rooftop?

under the blue sky, bathing in the brilliant sun light

no, this is a lie!

Shirasaka-san is taking off her uniform blouse

because the wind is blowing… she doesn’t seem to notice me

the distance between us is, about 7 to 8 meter?

from the gap between the desk, I took a peek at the figure of Shirasaka-san

Ah, I can see Shirasaka-san back from here. she is wearing a white bra straps with a ¥ shape

Oh, the bra straps!

Shirasaka-san’s beautiful breast under the uniform, the thing that is rising up under the legendary white string, now, is like it’s saying “hello ” to the sun

Aah, Shirasaka-san turned her body!

beyond shirasaka-san armpit, I could see the milk mountain


The meat that is making a mountain is wrapped and covered by a white fabric.

After all it’s a breast. That’s a breast. These are truly some beautiful breasts

Impossible.. This is the first time I’m seeing a girl breast with my naked eye.

Even so Shirasaka-san back is so beautiful…

I… I didn’t know.

That a girl’s back can be so sexy.

Shirasaka-san skin look really smooth.

Fair white skin… and thin slim waist.

Amazing, it looks like it will be broken if you hug.

A girl is so small.

And, the gym clothes are hanging on a chair on the side of Shirasaka-san

And I don’t know how she ends up changing into gym clothes in the roof top.

Right now, her upper body is only covered with a white bra. her lower body is only wearing a skirt.

Well… from here, what will she do?

① Before she takes off her skirt, she will wear the gym shirt first. (the “not much skin can be seen” faction)

② she will also takes off the skirt and will be in her underwear only. ( the “ when changing you take off the clothes first “ faction )

Now…Which one?!

2 please, 2 please ,2 ,2 ,2 , please, please please …. !!!

Shirasaka-san hands move to her skirt.

Yess , it’s ② !!!!!!

The skirt, fall to the ground with a thump.

Hello, stripped panty.

I can only see her ass from here but still, hello panty.

Oh, stripped panty-sama.

Of course the color of the stripe is sky blue and white.

Shirasaka-san ass… it looked so soft!!

Shi-Shirasaka-san pa-pa-panty is in full view!!

“Ho, reporting in, Ensign-dono, Shirasaka-san panty pattern is stripped.”

“As I thought, it was stripped! Well done, sergeant!”

while I made a monologue play in my mind, Oh! I came up with an idea”

T-t-that’s it.

With a trembling hand I took out my mobile phone from my pocket.

And then… I took a photo.

of the Shirasaka-san wearing only striped panty and white bra.

One time, two times…three times.

All of them are taken horizontally… although it was from behind.

Shirasaka-san milk mountain… has been engrained into my memory.

Inside my brain and mobile phone.

Dream that lasted only for seconds.

Immediatelly, Shirasaka-san changed into her gym clothes.

She wear it (?).

But still, that defenseless panty is in full view so I keep pressing the shutter again.

Then the shorts, a navy blue gym shorts (bloomer?)

That good round ass shape is imediatelly hidden.

Oh, what a regret…!

But…still the slim and slender leg is visible.

No no… it will be dangerous.

“I’ve already taken a lot of her photo right….. me”

What… what should I do?

What’s the best thing to do now?

At that time, only one word that comes up in my mind…

‘escape’… is the only choice.

Once again I tried to stealthily hides between the desk.

For now, let’s get back to the roof entrance door.

However, my feet… are stuck.

As I hit my head on the desk hardly.

Dosshīn! ! (Sfx?)

And then I tried to turn over my body to see the mountain of desk.

Dongaragasshān! !(another sfx?)

“…Who? who is there?”

oh… It’s Shirasaka-san beautiful voice.

I mean.. it’s dangerous, I’ve been found out!!

When I tried to get up… Shirasaka-san short figure is already there…!

At point blank range, My and Shirasaka’s eyes meet.

Shirasaka-san big eyes, is looking at me.

Eeh. What should I do, What should i do, what should I dooooo !!!!

“Um?Um?… excuse me?” Shirasaka-san asked.

“Um?Um?…this is.” I replied.

I said as I turned myself on the ground.


A- a-, it’s tiring! I’m so useless ….. !

Hentai (pervert) ! I will be seen as a hentai

and then… Shirasaka-san eyes goes wide..!

“Um.. Are you Yoshida-kun from my class?”

…… Uwa wa wa wa? !

Th-This is a miracle! Shirasaka-san remembered my name!

“Um, is that wrong? are you Yoshioka-kun?”

No No No

I shake my head sideways

“Yoshida, Yoshida, It’s Yoshida”

“That’s right, It’s Yoshida”

Shirasaka smiled pleasantly, aaaaaaaaaaaaa so cuuuuuuuuuutttttte~!

“By the way Yoshida, why are you on the roof”

“U-Uuuuuuhm, that, is, t-t-t-t-t-t-that……W-w-w-what about you Shirasaka?”

Uwaaaa! I answered Shirasaka’s question with a question

Didn’t I look like an idiot?

Besides, Idiot, Idiot, Idiot!…..Someone, kill me already!!!

My heart’s pounding so much, my words, words, words can’t get out!

More than that…..I’m talking to S-s-s-shirasaka!!?

“I was in the cleaning duty….Since the rooftop is dirty, I thought of cleaning it after school”

“Eh? S-shirasaka alone?”

“Yup, everyone else has their clubs, I’m not in any club, and besides…..”

Oh….I see

Shirasaka is waiting for the baseball club to end their practice…..

I see, I see, that’s how it is…..D-dammit!

“But, w-w-why are you wearing gym shorts?”

“Oh, I thought my uniform will get dirty when I start cleaning the rooftop….That’s why I changed into this”

Nooooo…..I-i was watching. I never said that. Of course. (TN: He says “iyaaaaa”, which has also the same feel as “oh man~”)

“A-a-a-ah, I-i-i-i-i-see….Uhm, my uniform got wet, s-s-s-s-o I thought of drying it on the rooftop, so…”

“Hmm. I see.”

Shirasaka looked at the wet student uniform on my hand.

“It’s not like that! It’s not like I’m peeing! A malicious dude splashed a water bucket on me, that’s why uhmm, that’s the reason I got this wet, hehehehe. ahahahaha”

The more I speak, the more incoherent I become

I can’t get away with just laughing.

Shirasaka looked at my foolish face and burst into laughter

“I don’t think like that you’re peeing, we’re already high school students”

“A-ah-ah. That’s right, that’s right! Ahahahaha, ahahaha”

A laughing Shirasaka! Her laughing face is cute too~!!!

That’s no good, me. Just by talking to her, I’m broken.

“Ah, Yoshida…I think if you leave your uniform there it will dry faster”

Shirasaka recommended me a pile of desk that is well lit by the sun.

“T-t-t-t-thank you very much!”

“What are you saying , we’re classmates aren’t we? There’s no need to be formal with me”


I put my uniform on the desk just like Shirasaka said.

Today’s weather is good, so it should dry immediately.

“Well then, I should start cleaning”

“B-by cleaning, you mean this pile of desks?”

Shirasaka laughed once again.

“I won’t be able to clean that all alone you know?…In the rooftop there are quite a lot of people going in and out. I often see people littering something like plastic bags, milk cartons, or bread wrappers. I thought I should collect them and throw them in the garbage.”

As she said that , Shirasaka grabbed a broom and started sweeping below the table

Indeed, there are a lot of trash coming out.

“Really….there a lot of people with no manners.”

Wearing her shorts, Shirasaka looks cute from behind as she sweeps the dust.

She bent forward a little, then her ass came into full view….Oh! What a beautiful ass

Every time she shakes her body, her ass also sways.

And…while I was paying attention to her ass, she turned around unexpectedly

This is bad! This is a desperate situation

….Shirasaka is looking at me!

Was I caught out? Was I not caught out?

“Hey, Yoshida”

“Eh? Ah? Oh? U-u-u-uhm, what is it?”

I look over there. I looked at the sky. Watching the birds in the sky. That’s why I was not looking. I wasn’t looking. I am not looking at your ass. Believe me. Believe me! Shirasaka!

…..I plead desperately with my eyes

And, Shirasaka said

“….Yoshida, can you help me clean?”


“Yeah…Can’t you?”

“I-i-i-i don’t mind”

“Thank goodness”

Shirasaka gave me a pleasant smile.

oooh! Let’s do it! Just do it!

I’ll help you clean the rooftotototop!

For roughly an hour, the two of us were cleaning the rooftop.

….I was happy.

I was really….Happy.

The garbage we collected had filled two large garbage bags.

“After we throw this away, we’re done”

“T-that’s right.”

It already ended….Happy times sure flies fast.

“I’ll go carry one bag, Yoshida, can I ask you to carry the other?”

“….to request me”

“You see….can you bring the garbage?”


“You don’t mind?”

Shirasaka smiled.

Oh~….I want to stare at this face forever.

“R-roger that! heave-ho”

Ah!…I involuntarily saluted to Shirasaka

Shirasaka giggled,

“Yoshida, I never knew that you were an interesting person”

No, what? what’s this?

Am I …..maybe being praised by Shirasaka?

This feels good.

…B-but, I don’t know what face I should make in this situation….

“Ah, sorry, did I anger you perhaps?”

Eeeeh?! What?!!

“No! That’s, not, I’m not angry! I have no reason to be angry.”

Shirasaka seeing me like that, she bursted out laughing again

[I’m really sorry alright. That’s because you are amusing, that Yoshida-kun, it’s true.]

Shirasaka-san is laughing. While being bathed in the april sunlight, her smooth forehead had a bit of sweat.

To be looking closely at Shirasaka-san’s smile…..She’s so cute just as I expected~!!!

Those 2 got along well as they held the garbage bag one by one and went down the stairway

Shirasaka is ahead, and I’m behind.

Since the garbage bags are heavy , Shirasaka talks to me while walking slowly.

From Shirasaka’s back, I secretly sniff the scent of her hair.

*Sniff**Sniff*….What a nice fragrance.

S-so this is the smell of women’s shampoo

Wow, I can see Shirasaka’s nape

Worship, Worship (Pun: KING ARTHUR!KING ARTHUR!)

Since this sight is so rare….

Delicious! Delicious!

It’s different on close up as expected.

Unlike watching from a distance, more than the presence, I can feel the aura of living Shirasaka

Just from walking behind her, my heart’s pounding already!

My chest tightens!

I know this feeling!

Oh! I can see small beads of sweat running on Shirasaka’s nape

…..ugh, I want to lick it! I want to taste that bead of sweat! ugh

But it’s impossible so I gazed downwards….

Uwah, Shirasaka’s waist is so thin~! I feel it would break if I hug her.

I’m saving the sight of her ass and the leg line.

This ass and legs, I want to massage them! I want to put my hand in the slit of her ass.

What am I saying, after I inadvertently observed and had a wicked delusion of her at a near distance to her, but did she sense my wickedness, by which Shirasaka-san turned around with a kururi sound.



“…W-what do you need from me?”

“Is that garbage bag heavy?”


“You’re breathing heavily since earlier”

[Eeeehhh? Ah?……….Ahh recently, since I lacked physical activity for a moment, Th-, The stairs, asce, asce, asce, ascending, ascending, ascending and descending training is what I was doing though, bu-, but, since I wasn’t good with it for a moment then, i-, it’s just that’s all…Yes!]

[……..I see, then though it’s good. Take care of yourself.]

Shirasaka-san smiled at me with sweetly

Ah~, I’m meltinggggg!!!!

I exchanged my shoes with the outdoor shoes, went out of the schoolhouse and proceeded to the dumpsite in the back.

Should I make some small talks, is what I thought though…..when I’m conversing with Shirasaka-san, my head is short and that’s why I couldn’t talk to her even with all my best.

Since there’s no helping it, sometimes, I would peep at Shirasaka-san side figure from the back……this loveliness………Ah, truly a beautiful girl would still be beautiful in any kind of angle!

I am right now. had the same goal(Throwing away the garbage) with Shirasaka-san and is now walking on the same path as her!

We’re now sharing our time together!

My life, as now at it’s climaxxxxxxx!

It would be good if this time just continued on for a long time

…Stop this time right now! Please stop!

Sincerely and truly, I prayed so.

…but even though I’ve prayed so!

In pitilessness, The time of supreme bliss has been broken abruptly


The was a manly voice that greatly resounded in the direction of the building where the club room of the Exercise club was!

To call my Shirasaka-san with her first name [Yukino], Who are you?!

A man appeared!……..That guy’s name is Endo Kenji

Kenji Endo came running to our direction while still in his baseball club’s practice uniform……!

[Ah, Kenji! ……Wait that’s wrong, E-, Endo-kun……]

Shirasaka-san, though she called him with his name Endo for a moment, she restated it since I was with her.

……A relationship that both calls each other by their first names, that is in a word………

That is so. I didn’t consider any other thing.

……These 2 are a couple to put it simply……A man and a woman who are going out with each other.

[Today’s practice, has it already ended?]

[Yeah, It’s alright to get up for today is what the senpai said though. How about you?]

[Me too, I’ll just throw this garbage bag and it’ll end]

[Then, let’s go home together.]


With that, I have been completely disregarded and the conversation of those two ran in general

After that……like suddenly finding the thing that hasn’t been seen up to now, Endo looked at me and said.

[……You, who are you?]

To call me you……. I am tentatively, a guy who is in the same class as you.

[…..It’s Yoshida-kun. He’s in our class]

[Was there such a guy like that?]

I was there, I was there, I WAS THERE YOU KNOW. In the nook of the corner of the wall of the back side of the class……!

[Really now, that’s rude. I’m sorry Yoshida-kun. …You know, I only helped with Yoshida-kun in cleaning the rooftop………. It’s only that.]

Eh? Umm?

……To say that That’s only it.

Shirasaka-san, what do you mean by That’s only it………..?!

[Oh really, then just do it alone yourself. Me and Yukino will be going afterwards so, just leave that garbage bag over there and it’s alright for you to go home now.]

What the hell, What the hell, What the hell, This guy, Who does he think he is!!

Kachin, Kochin, Kichintokuraa! (TLN Miserre: Sound effects)

………A seditious atmosphere entered amongst Shirasaka-san

[Since it’s already good then go change your clothes already Kenji! The Dumping place is already there.]


[We’ll be going home together right ! Aren’t we wasting our time right now !!]

Shirasaka-san…Considerably, she’s a laying out your butt type (TLN Missere: One being dominated)

Endo reluctantly agreed too……which he doesn’t.

「……Listen here、Don’t make a pass on Yukino alright。」(TLN Missere: Those are forbidden words that raise the flag of the POWER OF NTL-NETORI!)

Is what he said to me.

[What are you talking about, Kenji.]

[It’s alright, if I don’t precisely say it then this guy might awaken a strange feeling for you]

[Yoshida-kun is a classmate you know. Such a thing will not happen……okay.]

……Eh?, Though I’m your classmate, didn’t we have a strange mood for the whole time a while ago

[Anyway after you finish throwing the trash then quickly go home. Alright!]

Endo stabbed at my chest with a DON sound and returned to the club room of the exercise club……!

………What a hateful guy. He’s truly a hateful bastard!

Again, we proceeded to the dumping place……there was no conversation that happened between me and Shirasaka-san as expected.

We silently went to the corner of the dumping place and threw the garbage in.

[……..Thank you, Yoshida-kun, you’ve been very helpful]

Shirasaka-san said so while cleaning up her dirtied hands.

[Nah, I-, It’s not l-, li, li, like I……]

[No, You’ve helped me. Yoshida-kun is a good person huh.]

[Th- That is……]


Shirasaka-san cast her look downwards for a moment

[I’m really sorry for that person to strangely pick a quarrel with you a while ago. He doesn’t have any ill intent against you. Please forgive him]

Shirasaka-san bowed her head down. For that Endo, Shirasaka-san is………!

[I-It’s alright, It’s alright already s-, so, please raise your head, Shirasaka-san! I-, I didn’t really minded that at all, I……!]

[So you’ll forgive him?! Yoshida-kun, you’re truly a good person as expected]

(TLN Missere Meow: Tch, I hate nice girls.)(Pun: Missere Meow earned a new title [8man]) (Missere Meow: *SPOILER* Though You’ll learn in the next chapter on what this human is.)

Shirasaka-san smiled at me!

That face of hers, truly when she smiles, that face of hers, looks like the beauty of a blossoming flower and, that face of hers, as expected is the highest among high for being cute

And that is why……I.

Inadvertently………I have asked unto Shirasaka-san.

[………Shi-, Shirasaka-san. Umm, Is the story of you going out with Endo……….Is it true?]

Then, Shirasaka-san……made the most highest smile……!

[Ah, Yoshida-kun, so you knew already! That’s right, We’re going out with each other, the two of us!]

I thought that my heart stopped.

It seems that the blue sky is frighteningly clear and very spacious…….

[……Th-, that is to say……di-did it start from monday this week?]

[Yep, we started at monday this week……oh my, how did you know?!]

[Eh? Ah ? No, I just hear a rumor…….]

[Eh?, I didn’t talk about it with anyone!…..Ahh, Kenji is unexpectedly talkative huh. Well now, so everybody knew about it. I was planning on keeping it a secret with all my effort.]

Shirasaka-san is, smiling…….Shirasaka-san is, smiling right now.

That smile though, has drowned me into abyss of despair.

Though I say that it’s hell……I as of now, seemed like I would die in solitary in the paradise.

She finished off my heart……that is what I’ve felt….!

However………her smile seemed to be truly happy.

I am…to such a smiling girl

I’ve been thinking that a while ago would come to an H scene rushingly.

If I personally say it then [This woman, I’ll Violate her!] will become like this feeling.

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