Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 39

39. Nagisa’s Pauline1

Nagisa-san’s shop is in the front of the main street’s station.

A simple and elegant three story building.

It has a fairy tale design which reflects an image an old folk house on Europe, the wooden frame is combined with a geometric white wall.2

The first floor is the flower-shop, the second floor is an office and a flower classroom, the third floor seems to serve as the home.

The name of the shop is…『Schwarz Wald』3

「…That means 『Black Forest』in German」

Margo-san told me.

The car stopped in front of the parking meter of the road…

「The local Yakuza avoids the shop with that name but…the other guys from outside don’t know about it…」

It seems that the name 『Kuromori』is famous in the underworld…

「…Let’s go」

Margo-san gets off the car…

The shop is considerably prosperous.


A cute voice suddenly showers Margo-san and me suddenly.

The clerks are…One, two, three, four…five people.

Wow…they’re all cute girls.

From a child doing part time job in high school to a young lady on her twenties…

「…I came here for Nagisa-san」

Then…When Margo-san said that, the interior of the shop.

「Ah, Margo-chan!」

Looking at it, there’s a three year old girl running towards this way.

What’s with this fairy?!

The little girl on a white cotton dress runs and lets her fluffy hair wave like the wind.

Her bangs is ordered straight.

The hair on her right ear is fastened and dangling.

Her eyes are very big.

「Mao-chan, it’s been a while…you’ve grown a lot」

When Margo-san said that, the girl pouted

「Mao’s not a big girl! She’s the smallest in the nursery school! 」


「…Mao. It can’t be helped, the nursery gathers all ages after all. Isn’t Mao the biggest among the children of her age?」

A woman appeared…

An intellectual beauty in glasses〜

Her black hair is tied up and gathered at the back.

A patterned blouse opened around the chest and an active looking pants…her charming legs is coming out clearly.

She’s generally slim but her height isn’t so tall.

Her breasts…she’s got some. Bigger than Yukino.

That woman had a calm and bright atmosphere but I can also feel her charisma as the owner of this shop.

Perhaps, she’s Nagisa-san.

She’s the same age as Katsuko-san so, she’s 21 years old.

And, a mother of one child…

「I came here thinking that you might need some help」

Margo-san smiled at Nagisa-san.

Nagisa-san sighed.

「Yuzuki-sensei knows everything as always…let’s talk in the upper floor」

Nagisa-san invited Margo-san and me inside…

There’s a stairs to the upper floor there.

「Miyuki-chan, I’ll leave the shop to you…Just call us when something happens」

「Yes, Tenchou4」

The beauty in ponytail responded to Nagisa-san.

「Mao, come with us…you want to talk with Margo-onee-san, don’t you?」


Mao-chan followed Nagisa-san’s back…

「Children are so cute…」

Margo-san muttered to me…

◇ ◇ ◇

We didn’t go to the second floor but towards the third floor which is Nagisa-san’s residence.

The living room is settled cleanly.

A set of building blocks for Mao-chan is queued up on the side of the table…

「It was a mayhem since it was the first time they looked after her…」5

Nagisa-san talks while carrying apple pie and tea.

Margo-san holds Mao-chan and pats her head.

「But, isn’t she so cute?」

「Un, Mao-chan’s cute! Lots of fathers on the nursery school keeps praising me, saying that I’m cute…!」

Un. Certainly…I really think that she’s a cute girl.

「Geez, Mao. …This child goes to other children’s father coming to get their child then asking everyone of them 『I’m I cute?』 You’re making your mama embarrassed!」

「It can’t be helped, Mao’s cute after all…even Mama is being told like that!」

「…What about Nagisa-san?」

Margo-san asked Mao-chan.

「You see…Mama is always being praised by various Oji-san, saying that she’s 『Beautiful』on nursery, on the shop, or even on the floral market!」


「Fufuun! You’re popular as ever」

「…Geez, don’t say that…You’re embarrassing mama!」


Mao-chan laughed.

「But…you got involved into something troublesome this time, didn’t you?」

「…Right. You do know that the flower shop goes to the market to stock every morning, right? If it’s there, I’ll be meeting the other shop traders…」

「…Hashizawa firm, was it?」

「You already know everything…That’s right. A flower shop Yakuza runs.. They’re telling me to hand over the contract with the hotel entirely. Taking the opportunity, hand over my body too. They seem to have a woman as a leader」

「…We’ll settle all of it tomorrow. Minaho already gave her consent. We’ll crush them thoroughly!…」

「…Margo-san always helps me」

「Don’t mind it. Nagisa-san is the 『Second』and I’m the 『Third』 It’s normal to help each other, don’t you think?」

「I’m no longer the 『Second』 I should’ve become independent from Yuzuki-sensei and yet…in the end she always takes care of everything, every time…I really fell sorry」

「It’s fine. Even if you’re retired, Nagisa-san will always be the 『Second』for Minaho. It’s fine to depend on her. Minaho would be pleased that way」


Mao spoke while eating the apple pie wide mouthed.

.「…Mao hates Yuzuki-sensei!」


Nagisa scolds her daughter!

Margo-san holds off Nagisa-san…

「Why do you hate Sensei, Mao-chan, could you tell me?」

Then, the little girl spoke gently…

「…Yuzuki-sensei gave Mao a weird name! I like Mago-chan! You gave Mao the name 『Mao』」

…Eh, what does this mean?

Hahaha, Margo-san laughs then looks at me.

「…I’m Mao-chan’s godparent」

Hee…Is that so?

「Just on the time when I was having a crash course on Japanese Kanji…her mother’s name is『Nagisa』, isn’t it? Then, I looked up on a CN-JP dictionary to look for the same radical kanji!」

…Could it be?

…Thus, it’s 真『緒』6

「By the way…when I suggested it, Minaho said that she prefers 『Inoshishi(Wild Boar)』…!」

「…Eh, she’s joking isn’t she?」

「No…She’s serious. That person’s naming sense is strange. When she was a child, she named a bird she was keeping 『Tobu(Fly)』her pet dog 『Hoeru(Bark)』

「…That’s why Mao hates Yuzuki-sensei!」

…Well, certainly

…Such a cute child could never be a 『Wild Boar』…

Margo-san embraces Mao-chan’s angry face gently, then she kissed her forehead…

「You can’t say that…Mao-chan, who gives you birthday presents?」


「Who gave you Christmas presents?」


「Who gave Mao-chan new year presents?」


「Who’s the one giving you all the clothes and dolls?」


Yuzuk-sensei’s doing that far?!

「You see…Minaho always worries about Nagisa-san and Mao-chan. She loves both of you. She’s slightly mean sometimes but…she’s a kind person」

「That’s right. Isn’t that what I’m always telling you? If Yuzuki-sensei wasn’t there, mama will never become happy with Mao. Sensei took care of mama. Mama’s always grateful to her…that’s why, you must not hate Yuzuki-sensei」

Mao-chan looksk up at Nagisa-san and Margo-san.

Then she smiled at the two gently…

「…I’m sorry Mama. Mago-chan…I’ll try to love Yuzuki-sensei…!」

「Thanks…Mao-chan’s a good girl」

「Mao…everyone, loves you」

Nagisa-san embraced Mao-chan tightly.

…What a good scenery.

A beautiful mother embracing her cute daughter.

That’s surely impressive…!


…Should I be here?

「…Uhm, Margo-san?」

「What’s wrong?」

「I’m not introduced yet…!」

Or rather…there’s no apple pie nor tea for me.

Somehow, I feel like I’m treated like 『air』 by Nagisa-san and Mao-chan…

「Ooh, sorry sorry, I forgot…Nagisa-san, this is Yoshida-kun」

「…Hello, I’m Yoshida」

I bowed towards Nagisa-san…

Nagisa-san stares at me…

「Margo-san…I’ve been wondering about this since earlier…」

「What is it?」

「I think that it’s wonderful for Margo-san to have a dick slave at last… I’m really glad that Margo-chan who’s a man hater is finally awakened to the pleasures of sex. It makes my chest hot. …But you see, I think that there’s a much better dick slave for Margo-chan instead of this boy.…」



「…No, Nagisa-san…he’s not like that…!」

Margo-san denies it desperately…!

「Could it be that it was forced by Yuzuki-sensei? If so, then I’ll talk to Sensei. A much older and tolerant dick slave is much better for Margo-chan!…That’s a definite!」

…What’s a tolerant dick slave?!

Or rather…Nagisa-san, I don’t think it’s good to repeatedly say 『dick slave』in front of your daughter…!

「No…He’s not…! He’s not my dick slave!」

…Even Margo-san!

「…I see! It’s Katsuko! In Katsuko’s case, she likes younger men! Oh, so he’s Katsuko’s dick slave…I get it now! Yes!」

「…No. I’m not like that」

Somehow feeling embarrassed, I declared it myself.

「Eh…Could it be Nei-chan?! Uwaa , Nei-chan should’ve been a virgin and yet now she’s having this kind of man as her slave?! She’s gotten bold!! I thought she’s not that kind of child!!」

Nagisa-san’s surprised.

No…I’d be most surprised if so.

Or rather, Nei-san’s still a virgin.

「Nagisa-san…You seem to be misunderstanding things…!」

Margo-san leaked out a huge sigh…

「Yoshida-kun’s…the 『Seventh』 He’s one of us…He’s Yuzuki-sensei’s 『Seventh Toy』…!」

◇ ◇ ◇

「I’m sorry…I was sure that…」

Nagisa-san bowed and apologized to me.

Of course, an apple pie and tea was prepared before me.

「It can’t be helped. Nagisa-san’s already retired when Minaho started searching for a male member… Also, we just approved Yoshida-kun just a short while ago」

「…Everyone’s 『Approved』?」

「Un. Yuzuki-sensei picked him, Katsuko-san, Nei, and I approved of it. Of course, it was judged after some tests」

「Everyone has approved of it then this means that he’s a child with quite a character」

「I think he’s talented」

「…Is that so?」

「He’s a virgin three days ago…he’s a virgin and yet, he raped the girl he liked for long…then raped her thirty times in this three days」

「Eh…the same girl all this time…?!」

「Un, that’s right. Furthermore, no contraceptives」

「…My, wonderful」

…What kind of conversation is this!

Or rather, when I hear it again…I’m such an absurd rapist!

Ah…Mao-chan’s looking at me with a dumbfounded face.

Sorry…Onii-san’s a rapist.

「Is that so…I’m really sorry I was rude to such a person」

「No…It’s fine. Don’t mind it

「No…『Toys』are on equal footing. Such rudeness can’t be excused」

Uwaa…This person is tangled with lots of things in her mind…

She’s beautiful…gentle…and a good mother, and yet.

「…Oh right, did you see the girls from the shop?」

Nagisa-san said that suddenly.

「Yeah, all of them are cute. I can tell that this shop prospers with those personnel around」

Margo-san speaks out her impression…

「I was always with Yuzukii-sensei during my high school days…My eyes have become discerning and I won’t employ anyone other than a cute girl」

「Nagisa-san…recently, men」

「…Not at all I’ve never done it since I gave birth to Mao-chan. I specialized with women for all this time」

「Then, the children of the shop?」

「Yes. Everyone’s my pet…! Furthermore, their hymens are still intact!」

Nagisa-san turned around to me excitedly…!

「…Yoshida-kun, was it?」

「Ah, yes」

「You can have sex with any of the girls there! It’s fine even if you do all five! Un, let’s see! Let’s use this chance to break all of their virginities!」


「There’s two high school students, two university students and one employee. Who are you interested in? I think I have here a photo I took from a social gathering but…should I close the shop instead and call them here? Let’s get them all naked then you can rape the girls you like in turns! I’ll allow you…!」

Nagisa-san’s going out of control…

Now that you mention it, this person…

Is Katsuko-san’s best friend, isn’t she?…

Uwaa, Mao-chan’s mood is ruined.

It must be her first time seeing her mother like this.

Then…At that time, a phone rings…

「…It’s mine」

Margo-san took out her phone and answered.

「…Hello, It’s Margo…Yes I also thought that it’s about time」

Margo-san smiled then passed the phone to Nagisa-san.

「…It’s Yuzuki-sensei」

Nagisa-san’s startled…

「Margo-chan, could it be that what we’re talking just now is…」

「It can’t be helped. Sensei told me to do it by all means!」

The conversation here is being heard by Sensei?

Margo-san must’ve put mic somewhere on her clothes!

It’s connected to a different phone…then relayed to Sensei!!

Before Margo-san handed the phone to Nagisa-san, she pushed the loudspeaker.

Thus…I was able to hear Yuzuki-sensei’s voice too.

『…It’s been a while, Nagisa』

「I-It’s been a while…Sensei」

Nagisa-san’s already on the point of crying.

『I’ll say this first…Refrain from speaking vulgar words in front of my cute Mao. What would you do if Mao grows up having a strange sex outlook?』

「…Y-You’re right」

Nagisa-san bowed her head. She’s lowering her head while holding the phone.

「…Mao won’t become a strange kid!」7

Mao-chan sulks again.

『Right. Mao won’t become a strange kid. I’ll raise you to become a splendid lady! That’s what I decided already…』

Snesei…What’s『That’s what I decided』?

…Somehow, she sound like a stubborn grandparent.

『…By the way, Nagisa』

「Yes, is there anything you need…?!」

『I overheard this a while ago but it seems you haven’t done sex for a while, have you?』

「Y-Yes…That is right」

『You’re completely specialized on women recently?』


『…Well, I won’t say anything about your hobby but…do have sex with a man too! This is why you’re being taken advantage of third-rate Yakuza. Your body doesn’t have any scent of a man so they’re thinking that you’re a cheap sexually frustrated woman…!』

「…That might be the case」

『Women’s skin needs to bathe on men’s semen regularly, else the gloss disappears. You do know that right?』


『…That’s why, I had Yoshida-kun there today』




『…Yoshida-kun, sorry to ask you but please have sex with Nagisa. Make her womb drink lots of semen』

Nagisa-san’s eyes shine suddenly.

The beautiful eyes under the glasses…looks at me once again…

I’m going to have sex with this beautiful lady?

With a young mother I just met for the first time…!

『…Nagisa, I think you heard it from Margo earlier but, Yoshida-kun has experience with only one person』 Furthermore, she was a virgin…So you should teach him the goodness of a well trained woman…!』

「Sensei…My body’s already retired…」

『You’re just 21…! It’s too early to retire. This isn’t an order. It’s a request. Yoshida-kun’s not a slave. He’s a full fledged 『Seventh』 It’s fine to help your junior’s growth for a bit, don’t you think?…I’ll leave the method to you』

When Sensei said 『Request』, Nagisa-san’s heart was gently soaked…!

「…Right away! Katagai Nagisa will do her best to assist 『Seventh’s』education…!」

Nagisa-san is saluting to the phone for some reason…

What’s that…or something like that, or maybe like that…8

As expected of Katsuko-san’s best friend.

She’s a beauty and yet…she’s a disappointment in some ways.

『Yoshida-kun…are you listening?』


『Your first partner was a girl what was aimed and prepared before hand, right? Try not to imagine the second person like that and is a stranger to you. Your attitude in sex would change…!』

Snesei…It was her plan in the first place to release Nagisa-san’s frustration and educate me, two birds in one stone.

Haa…She’s quite a scary person.

『Then…Enjoy. Margo, play with Mao-chan on the next room. Try not to let Mao-chan see something strange』


Then…she ended the call.

「Then, Mao-chan…should we play on the next room?」

「Yaay~, Mao loves playing with Mago-chan! What should we play?!」

「Anything Mao-chan wants. Now…let’s go. Mama’s going to have some adult exercise for a bit…!」

Margo-san wined at me and led Mao-chan to the neighboring room.

Then…Nagisa-san and me were left behind the room.

◇ ◇ ◇

「I’m sorry…It must be boring for you to play with such an old woman like me, don’t you think?」

Nagisa-san’s body approaches me.

A fragrant adult perfume surrounds me.

「No…Nagisa-san’s the same age as Katsuko-san, isn’t it? Aren’t you still young?」

「Is that so…That must be in your case but everyone who gives birth to a child is already an aunt.」

「…That’s not true at all」


Nagisa-san smiled bewitchingly

「…I’ll strip you off」


「Leave this to me」

Nagisa-san’s white finger is stripping off my clothes.

The uniform…then the shirt.

She grasped the belt of my pants…


「What’s wrong, are you embarrassed?」


「Idiot…It’ll become even more embarrassing from now on.」

My pants were taken down…

My penis under my underwear is already erect.

「It’s already this hard…」

Nagisa-san caresses my penis over the underwear.


「How’s it’s…Does it feel good? It’s been a while since I felt this」

As expected of a woman trained well along with Katsuko-san.

She’s used on handling penises…that her finger’s are exquisite.

「…Can I take a look?」


The penis that would pierce the heavens appeared…

「My, how cute…How does it taste?」

The 21 year old young mama’s lips stuffed my erection.…!

Her tongue stimulates the glans…!


「Nfu, it’s delicious. It’s been three…no, four years. I never had sex since I got pregnant with Mao. I thought that I’d get bad since it has taken so long but, allow me to do my very best…!」

No, it’s good enough…!

Katsuko-san’s fellatio has the force and power pressing felt with it but…Nagisa-san’s fellatio has technique specialized.

She’s stimulating the good spots precisely…!

「」I’m sorory, I wanted to drink it but…I can’t endure anymore

Saying that, Nagisa-san began to unbutton her blouse.

「Ejaculate inside me…hey, it’s’ fine isn’t it?」

Hot eyes…hot sigh…

Inside her blouse is a light blue bra with a lace showing up.

…Looking at it closer, It’s bigger than I thought.

「It grew bigger when I got pregnant with Mao. I had an inferiority complex with Katsuko on the size of our chest on my days but…it disappeared after that. If it was a year earlier, there would’ve been breast milk coming out…」

Her huge breasts is pushed onto me.

「…Strip me, please undress me」


「I want you to strip me」

I turned my hand on Nagisa-san’s back.

I removed the hook of her bra.

Her suppressed huge breasts became free…!

「Nfu, I’m going to gym and performing muscular workouts…so that it won’t sag」

The big breasts with good shape has it’s pink nipple pointing hard.

「Eat it…it’s yours…!」

I buried my face under Nagisa-san’s chest.

I sucked the hard tip of the soft and warm meat mountain.

「Ufufu, You’re like when Mao-chan was a baby! More, do what you want…You can bite it…Ahn…As expected, it’s different from when women sucks it. Boys are so violent…It’s good…Nn!」

While I am attacking her nipples…Nagisa-san’s already taking off her pants(I was told later that it was Sabrina Pants)

Her panty is already dripping wet.

「…I want it」

Nagisa-san gently caress my penis.

「Can I put it in? Can Nagisa’s lower mouth eat this? I want this so bad I can’t endure it…!」

「…Me too, I can’t endure it anymore!」

Nagisa-san lied down on the floor of the living room.

Her panty is tied up by a string on the side.

Nagisa-san laughs fufufu…while pulling the string on one side…

The wet panty was turned over…

Then…the vagina glittering with love nectar is opening it’s mouth.

Nagisa-san opened her thin legs wide and invites me in.

「…Welcome. Come inside Mama!」

I covered Nagisa-san’s soft body!

「You don’t need to hurry up…I won’t run away」

I pushed my penis into her vaginal opening.

Nagisa-san embraced me…

We’re being connected on the deepest part!!

「Good…as expected, it feels good being ravished by a man!」

The feeling of Nagisa-san’s vagina is entirely different from Yukino…!

It’s warm, wrapping me gently…and still, it’s clamping my penis tightly.

…What’s this…her inside…is surging

「Stay still for a while…I’ll make you feel good」

Nagisa-san slowly moved her waist…while embracing me from under.

Nagisa-san’s movement…is so lewd…it’s playing with my penis…!

「…aaaa…W-What’s this, it feels so good…!」

「Nfufu…I’ll teach you the true goodness of women!」

Nagisa-san from under moves her waist, pushing up…!

Even though I’m the one on top…It feels like I’m being violated by Nagisa-san.

「N-Nagisa-san…I-It feels good…!」

「Ahn…You’re so cute…You’re making such a pleasured face…so cute…I’ll make you feel even more…!」

Nagisa-san’s inside shrinks. It’s squeezing me.

Her waist shakes…feels good, this feels goood!!

「…Nagisa-san, I’m about to!」

「No need to hold back…let it all out inside me!」


…It’s coming out!

…Dokun! Dokun! Dokun!

「…Aaaahn, your hot stuff is spreading inside me.」 This is great, as expected…sex is delicious…It’s delicious!!!」

Nagisa-san gets drunk in pleasure and seems to be satisfied.

「…I’m sorry, I came ahead」

「Geez…You don’t need to worry about that. You’re still young」

Nagisa-san gently caress my face.

「You’re really cute. I get the reason why Sense sent you to me」

「…Is that so?」

「Un. A young beginner like you will let me have sex on my pace. You’re obedient and cute, you’re even guaranteed as a trustworthy person by Margo-chan…my body’s allowed to feel safe right now, we’re both 『Sensei’s toys』after all…」

Nagisa-san told me kindly with a flushed face.

「You still have ways to go…but I’m sure you’ll grow well. Even with our sex just now, if you were able to endure it a bit longer then I think we could’ve climaxed together…!」

Nagisa-san said to encourage me…!

「Yes, I’ll do my best next time!」

I began to move my waist back and forth…!

「…Eh, next?!」

Nagisa-san panics!

「Please don’t worry. My erection won’t go down with just one shot」

I began my earnest piston…!

「Wait a moment…ah, ah, ah, aah…!!!」

The vagina wet with love nectar and sperm is being stirred by a hard penis!

「…What’s this…It feels good…Aaaahn…It feels goood!!!」

Nagisa-san removed her hair pin and the hair that was bundled became free!

The soft damp hair spreads softly!

She took off her glasses and threw it near…!

The woman connected to me had another face rising in her…!

「Iyaaan~!…It feels good…Ravish Nagisaaa…Make me feel good…!」

The intellectual beautiful manager that was here a while ago…the firm mother…those faces disappeared…!

What’s here right now is a normal 21 year old woman.

She’s not a Mama, not a manager…Just a woman that’s being pierced intensely by me.

「More…More, get more violent! Ravish me! Violate me thoroughly!!」

I throw in my waist…ram it in! shove it in! pierce it in!

Nagisa-san also grinds her waist to match with my movements…!

「Ah…I’m about to cum…Nagisa’s cumming! I’m cumming…Make me cum!…Can I?!」


「Ah, ah, Aaah!…I’m cumiiiing!!!」

Nagisa-san’s whole body shake…then embraced me tightly!

「…I’m cummiiiing…Nagisa’s cumiiiing!!!!!」

My face got buried under Nagisa-san’s rich chest…and I reached my limit too!

「…Nagisa-san, me too…!」

「…Cooomee…Let it ouuuut…Make Nagisa pregnant again!!」10

My second shot blew out!

「…aaah, I’m going pregnant…Nagisa’s being impregnated again…!」

Feeling the hot cloudy liquid inside her womb…Nagisa-san convulsed again…!

Her womb is drinking in my semen…!

「…Haa, haa, haa, haa」

In Nagisa-san and Mao-chan’s living room.

In the room where the young mother and child lives…we’re connected naked…

Looking at it…the blocks and picture book of Mao rolled to the side.


Nagisa-san embraced my head while we’re still connected down there.

「…I wanted to get pregnant again」


「This time I want to get pregnant knowing who’s the father…!」

The 21 year old woman is looking at me with hot eyes.

「Make me pregnant with Mao’s younger sibling…!」

1. 39.Nagisaのポーリーヌ, I don’t get it too ↩

2. I don’t get the second sentence:  ヨーロッパとかの古民家をイメージしたメルヘンチックなデザインで、白い壁に木の枠が幾何学的に組み合わされている。 ↩

3. Raw Says シュヴァルツ・ヴァルト, but a comment did say that it’s “Wald” not, “Barth” ↩

4. Manager ↩

5. 「今は、一番手が掛かる時だから大変なのよ……!」 ↩

6. 渚 Nagisa, 真緒 Mao ↩

7. Mao-chan, come and learn mystic arts!! ↩

8. どういうアレなんだ……アレっていうか、ソレっていうか……。 ↩

9. Top ten Obama Quotes ↩

10. Top ten Trump Quotes!! ↩

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