Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 40

40. Mama will give you her pets

「I’m sure Yuzuki-sensei noticed it…That I want a second child…」

I lost power after ejaculating and Nagisa-san’s soft body holds me.

My penis that let out lots of cloudy liquid got small inside Nagisa-san’s vagina and it it was ejected out from the pressure of the vagina.

The semen also overflowed from the entrance and spills on theh floor…

「…You see, when I gave birth to Mao, I left Sensei’s mansion and opened this shop…I’ve been always seeking a man, asking…would someone be able to love this me?…would there be someone wanting to become Mao’s papa?… I’m registered in matrimonial agency and I’ve been searching for a marriage partner…」

Nagisa-san speaks her suffering for these four years…

「…But it was no good. No matter what kind of man I meet, they won’t love me…no, there was someone who did…but it’s impossible to have sex」


「You see, men wants sex. I thought I’d be able to respond to that, I gave it several attempts but…I wasn’t able to」

Nagisa-san laughs sadly.

「As expected…the sex on the mansion four years ago was too much… You see, when I got my virginity stolen and until I got pregnant, I haven’t done anything but abnormal violent sex. I noticed that my body won’t be satisfied with a normal man and normal sex… That’s not all. I’m scared that the man would know my true character above anything…!」

Nagisa-san looks up the ceiling…

「…I’m a lewd person. Strange. Frenzied. Once I lit up, it won’t stop. My dirty body is indulged in sex, greedily… I can never expose this embarrassing part of me on a normal man… No man can let my mind free. Thus…I gave up on marriage

「…You’re not lewd. Nagisa-san, you’re a very lovely woman」

I think so from the bottom of my heart.

Nagisa-san, spoke while caressing my hair.

「…Thank. But, when I became unable to do men, in the end, I lured in younger women…then made this small castle. In the end, I cannot win against my sexual desire. I was able to expose myself in front of the delicate girls. …I look like an idiot」

「…That’s not true. Everyone loves Nagisa-san, isn’t that why they’re in this shop?」

「Un. They’re all good and cute children…they’re my precious pets. Those children devotes themselves to me and I show my love to them too. Just like how Yuzuki-sensei does to us…!

…I see

…Nagisa-san wants to become like Yuzuki-sensei.

Just like how Yuzuki-sensei gathers 『Toys』…

Nagisa-san gathers cute girls as 『Pets』…

「Isn’t it normal for children to imitate their parent…?」

Nagisa-san smiled at me…

「…But, it’s useless. I am no match against Yuzuki-sensei. I can’t reach her at all」

Nagisa-san sighed.

「When I got independent from Sensei, I didn’t think anything but to get myself stand on my own…Yet, I only imitated Sensei…! And yet, Yuzuki-sensei is always thinking carefully about this idiotic me…This me who got away from Sensei’s place…this ungrateful me…!」

Nagisa-san’s eyes had tears on it.

「I was able to have sex with a man once again…Sensei knows that it would be useless unless it’s a child like you. That’s why she brought you here…!」

Her thin arms clings to me.

「…Was a man like me…useful?」

「That’s right! It would be no good if it’s not you」



「…You’re 『Sensei’s toy』just like me. You’re someone I can expose my true lewd character. We’re relatives after all. No matter how disgraceful I expose myself, I won’t be ashamed at all! Rather I’d thought that『Take a look at the real me, look!』

…I-I see

This is why Sensei sent me here.

「But you see…That’s not all」


「I thought that having sex with men…is a bargain」


「That’s right. Both mixes the truth and lies…act, play, say unexpected things on purpose…flatter each other’s hearts, hurt, make light of…that’s how men raises their lust…」

「…Somehow, it looks troublesome」

「Well yeah…while having sex, you have to think of 『What should we do next』,『If my partner demands this then I have to do it this way』or 『This is an unexpected development』…You won’t be able to take a rest」

Nagisa-san smiled then…it turned to a serious look.

「But…That’s the sex that was taught to me and Katsuko in the mansion. We were thoroughly taught the techniques on how to make men feel good. We’re machines to please men…!」

…Speaking of which.

When I was having sex with Yukino, Katsuko-san feels like she’s a coach.

She gives precise instructions and always anticipates our state, observing it…

Katsuko-san’s sex beast mode isn’t a natural born thing but…was instilled by somebody…?!

「A complete sex slave behavior is ingrained in our body…Our first round of sex was a bit of an act from me. I spoke lines that would arouse you on purpose…I stimulate and invited you in…!」

「…Is that so?」

Even though it’s said to be an act…men would yield to it.

「I thought that Yuzuki-sensei sent you to me to study such techniques…but, that wasn’t it!」

…It wasn’t?

「The second round earlier…you!」

Nagisa-san kissed my lips!


「Geez!…You blew everything away, be it my bargain or acting!」

Nagisa-san showered my face with kisses…!

「You made me feel very good!」

No…There’s no way.

「Uhm…I’m really a beginner…I think that I’m not good at sex at all.」

Un. I don’t know anyone other than Yukino.

In the first place…it’s nothing but rape.

「Ufufu…! Technique or experience doesn’t matter! You only think of sex when you’re having sex!」


「You see…men are humans that would think of another woman while having sex. Men shut themselves in their husk and masturbates by having sex. But, you’re different…You’re concentrating on sex when you’re doing it! You’re having such an intensely serious face! Gasping on my body, it’s so cute…!」

「…I-Is that so?」

What would men think being told that they’re 『Cute』when they’re having sex?

「Furthermore…You’re not looking at anything but your partner when you’re having sex! You’re wanting my body with such ferocity! You’re devouring me greedily! Your eyes shine with 『I want to let it out!』『I want to let it out!』 all this time!」

「…Somehow. I’m being a dog in heat」

「That’s what’s great! When I thought that my body is being wished for seriously, it made me really happy! Aha…I feel it! It’s not the usual madness…It felt good as if the sky is clear, without a single cloud! I felt lhat everything became better…I…I…!」

Nagisa-san’s tears spilled…!


「Embrace me! Kiss me!」

I embraced Nagisa-san…I kissed her.

「…Thank you!」

She also gave me a hot kiss…!

「When you ejaculated inside me…It felt really good! I felt that it was really wonderful…I became happy with as the hot semen pours in my womb. This is my first time! It my first time in my life feeling cheerful as a man ejaculates in me! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!」

Right now…The naked 21 year old woman is embracing me.

She’s just an ordinary woman.

A cute and beatiful…21 year old’s face

「…I want to give birth to your child!」

Nagisa-san looks at me with hot eyes.

「…Can I?」


I’m just a 16 year old…dumb kid…

「I’ll raise it up. I won’t trouble you any further. I won’t tell you to become Mao’s Papa. You don’t need to stay in this shop with me…!」

She’s looking at me with serious eyes.

「I’m fine being next to Katsuko,Nei-chan or Margo-chan. I’m fine being just an extra for you. That’s why…it’s fine doing it once a month. Embrace me. Have sex with me. Thenm I want to get pregnant if possible…!」


「I…want to make a child properly once again. Making me feel pleasurable sex, I decided to get pregnant from the start…I want to deliver it with happy feelings…!」

Tears spilled again.

「When I got pregnant with Mao, I was filled with gloom…so I was troubled if I want to give birth or to abort. When I gave birth to Mao, I was feeling gloomy, “What will happen to my life from now on?”…I wasn’t able to give blessings from the bottom of my heart during her birthday…!」

The naked 21 year old…is crying in my arms, like a child.

「I kept that in my heart…I always thought that I did bad towards Mao…! That’s why, when I get pregnant with my next child, I thought that I want to feel bright giving birth on my child, feeling excited with Mao…! I though of it!!」

I embraced Nagisa-san’s body tightly.

「…You see, I wanted two child all this time! Yuzuki-sensei knows this feelings! She knows it, so she made you come here…That’s why…that’s why, please…!」

…I think it’s very lovely.

I thought I wanted to realize this person’s wish.


「…I’m still just a kid…I can’t take any responsibility, I can’t make any promises. I just met Nagisa-san today…would I be useful?」

To my question…Nagisa-san…!

「…It’s fine if you just get me pregnant!」

Nagisa-san clings to me…!

「I’ve been always lonely alone! Scared! Sad! Please, please embrace me whenever I’m lonely! It’s fine if only when I can’t endure it anymore! I just want you to be with me…!」

This person…has always endured it.

As a single mother…as the manager of the shop…

She’s lonely all this time…

She wanted a family…!

「…Got it, if you’re fine with me」

Nagisa-san’s lips gently overlaps with mine…!

「I’m happy!…I’m glad…!」

The naked 21 year old woman…cries on my chest…!

◇ ◇ ◇

Nagisa-san cried for five minutes more…then she finally calmed down

「…Ehehe, I’m sorry. I look like an idiot now.」

「That’s not true」

「But…I’m serious, okay?!」

Suddenly…the door connected to the next opened wide.

「…It’s about time, isn’t it?」

It was Margo-san

「…It’s fine. Come in」

Margo-san entered the room.

Err…Nagisa-san and I are still naked.

「Ah, don’t mind it」

Margo-san told me…anyway, let’s hide our dick

「…Where’s’ Mao?」

「She’s taking a nap…I read her a sleeping book then she slept」

「…Marg-chan, you were listening aren’t you?」

「Well yeah, halfway through」

「It’s embarrassing, geez…!」

「Nagisa-san’s trying to play it cool all the time…that’s why I think being honest like earlier is cute」

「That’s only when I have sex with him! I’m usually a cool woman when I don’t snap off!」

Nagisa-san picks up her glasses.

「…That’s just an ornament glasses, isn’t it?」

「That’s right. Because I have a baby-face, I won’t look like an adult if I don’t use this kind of stuff. This is needed for a lone woman managing a shop…!」

Baby-face…You’re still 21 years old you know?!

I see…this person started this shop when she was 18…

「Then, how’s it? Interested about Yoshida-kun?」

「…Isn’t that obvious?」

「I want to hear your impressions from your mouth」

「…………I love him」


「…I fell in love with him!」

「Ooh, I didn’t think that Nagisa-san would fall that much」

「…I’m the the first among the『Toys』ain’t I?」

In other words…those who had sex with me.

「Un, that’s right.」

「I wonder why Katsuko didn’t do it sooner?…If Katsuko had sex with Yoshida-kun, I think that her heart would be freed in various ways…!」1

「Well, Look…Sex with Katsuko is a bit too wild…!」

「…Right, Yoshida-kun’s still not used to have sex after all…his body might not be able to keep up if he suddenly does Katsuko」

「Katsuko-san’s a nonstop violence express after all」2


Somehow, they’re saying something terrible at you!

「Thus…I’m the first?」

「Nagisa-san’s delicate so you won’t have sex until Yoshida-kun breaks…at most」


「I never thought that Nagisa-san would be this cute」

「Geez…Don’t say that!」

Nagisa-san blushed;.


「Anyway…I’m fine if you can embrace me at least once a month. I won’t be using contraceptives so I’d be glad if I get pregnant. Do you mind…?」

「Yoshida-kun, if you’re fine with that…」

Both of them look at me…

「No…Uhm…Yes Best regards」

I don’t have any anwer than that.

「…I’m happy~!」

Nagisa-san jumps at me!

She’s still naked so her rich big breasts presses against me!

「Oh right, I have to report this to Yuzuki-sensei…!」

「It’s fine, that’s Minaho’s intention from the start.」

「I’ll be coming to the mansion one of these days…I’ll properly say my thanks then」

「Un…That’s better. Minaho would be glad too」

「As expected…I’m no match against Sensei」

「Well, she’s our 『Teacher』after all!」

Yuzuki-sensei’s 『Second』and 『Third』…Both of them are smiling.

「Right…By the way, Margo-chan」


「You talked about it earlier but…Who’s the child Yoshida-kun raped when he was a virgin and kept ravishing for three days?」


Nagisa-san’s curious about Yukino?

「Well, a fairly cute child. But, that’s all to her. Yoshida-kun’s very infatuated to her though」

For Margo-san, she can only see Yukino that way…

Well, Nei-san’s much more beautiful than her, Margo-san’s much more dignified, she’d lose to Katsuko-san when it comes to sexiness.

If it’s a beautiful and gentle onee-san, it would be Nagisa-san…

When you talk about a beauty senior honor student, it would lbe Iwakura-kaichou.

「…Yoshida-kun, you should already make that child your pussy slave」

「You see…that child’s stubborn and her pride is quite high. Her nerves are cheeky, or should I say that no matter how much Yoshida-kun violates her, her mind doesn’t break…She’s quite peculiar」

Margo-san…Sorry. Please don’t ask me that.

I haven’t done anything but rape Yukino…

I don’t know how far does a normal child’s mind breaks.

「…Would she become a good pussy slave?」

「I think it’s impossible. Her material is slightly bad. She’s a child that’s inedible even if you bake or boil. For once, Minaho respects Yoshida-kun’s feelings but she intends to throw her way in the end…」

…Eh? Yukino’s that useless?

Margo-san’s evaluation for her is too low…!

「…Un,, I decided!」

Nagisa-san turned to me with a smile on her face

「I’ll give Yoshida-kun a pussy slave as a present!」


「As expected…for Yuzuki-sensei’s 『Seventh』to grow, you need a pussy slave whom you can ejacualte into whenever you want in your daily life!」


「…Right. Yoshida-kun should be learning how to handle slaves soon. It won’t be good if he only does that Yukino…!」

M-Margo-san too?!

「With that decided…Yoshida-kun, It’s better if you get a cute pussy slave!」

Nagisa-san takes the receiver of the telephone…!

「…Hello, Miyuki-chan?…How’s the shop right now? There’s still some time before the busy night isn’t it?」


…Could it be that Nagisa-san’s implementing the stuff she talked about earlier?

「…Then, could you go with Misuzu-san and go up to the third floor? It’s an important talk…」

Nagisa-san hang up with a satisfied laugh…!

◇ ◇ ◇

「…Manager, we came」

「Come in!」

Though she said, Nagisa-san’s naked, only wearing a white linen bathrobe.

Furthermore, the left side is open and her abundant chest and genital wet from sex is exposed…

Or rather…I’m also in underwear and gown4.

Whoever sees this could imagine what Nagisa-san and I did…

「…Excuse me. Kyaa!」

The two girls who entered the room screamed as expected…

「Try not to shout, okay…!」

Nagisa-san told the two in a strong tone.


The senior on ponytail named Miyuki, answered.

The other girl has her mouth flapping open and close in surprise.

「You promised that when you come into this room, we’re no longer 『Manager and clerk』but 『Owner and Pet』, didn’t you?」

「…Yes, I’m very sorry!」

Miyuki-san immediately stood upright.

「…I’m very sorry!」

Misuzu bowed too…

「…Then, do your usual greetings!」

Nagisa-san’s order, Miyuki…!

「…Let me say my greetings」

She kneeled before Nagisa-san and kissed the tip of her foot.

「…Lick here」

Nagisa-san opened her legs.

「…Excuse me」

Miyuki-san kissed Nagisa-san’s genital

「It tastes different from the usual love nectar, isn’t it?…That’s semen…It must be Miyuki’s first time?」


「What do you think, is it delicious?」

「Yes, It’s such an honor to taste something as delicious as this…!」

Miyuki-san’s completely trained as Nagisa-san’s pet!

「…Next, Misuzu」


Misuzu kissed Nagisa-san’s foot

「…Here too」

Though Misuzu hesitated…she steeled herself and kissed it.

「More…lick it!」

Misuzu-san closed her eyes and made her tongue crawl over the genital. Her small tongue is cute…!

「Ahn…Good. What do you think? What’s the taste of a man’s semen?

「…It’s a bit bitter」

「That’s a man’s taste…say that it’s delicious」

「…It’s delicious」

Misuzu-san ended her 『Greeting』…while holding back her tears.

「Then, I’ll introduce her again…This is Margo 『Highway』Starkweather-san. I’m always talking about her, she’s Yuzuki-sensei’s 『Third toy』…One of my beloved friends」


Margo-san bowed to the two

「…H-Hello, I’m Miyuki! I’ve heard about you from gossips!」

「…I’m Misuzu. H-Hello」

The two girls weren’t able to see her because they they suddenly started with a stimulating scene.

When I looked at them again…!

Miyuki-san’s almost the same age as Nagisa-san, I think she must be the sub leader of this shop.

Her build is tight and her movements and speech are brisk.

It feels like she’s an onee-san that’s affiliated with sports.

Of course, she’s beautiful too.

Misuzu-san on the other hand, is she a part-timer high school student?

But, I think that she’s older than me. She must not be a first year.

Her long hair tied up with a crimson colored ribbon on her back.

She’s on a culture type, I guess?5

Her delicate body doesn’t have any built up muscle. But, her legs are long.

Her chest’s growth is normal. It’s not big but there’s enough coming out.

And…she’s disgustingly cute!6

Her course is different from the clear beauty Nei-san.

Nei-san’s beauty is like a model for artistic photographs on Europa.

But, Misuzu-san…doesn’t have such an atmosphere of coming from Japan or a foreign country, a model or an actress of some kind.

Her cuteness…is like a princess brought in a secluded room…no, coming to this domain, she’s like a princess on fairy tales.

She’s like a newborn puppy…so lovely, and innocently attractive.

「Also, this is Yoshida-kun. She was chosen by Yuzuki-sensei as the 『Seventh Toy』, I’ve been embraced by him right away… It was such a pleasurable sex. It was my first time feeling that…」

…Nagisa-san, you’re exaggerating!

「…Do you get it? I feel very refreshed right now」

「Yes, you’re having such a refreshed face」

Miyuki-san answered.

「Is that so, Miyuki?!」

「Yes, your skin has become fascinating too」

Speaking of which…I feel like she’s being glossy or something.

It seems that it’s true that 『You’ll become beautiful with sex』

「That’s right. I feel grateful to Yoshida-kun…as a sign of my affection, I intended to give him one of my two pets as a present…!」

Nagisa-san just told the two something they least expect..

…Uwa, she’s serious.

「N-No way…I hate men」

Misuzu said with a stiff face.

「Is that so…Very well then. Misuzu, thanks for your hard work until now. I don’t want to see your face anymore. Please get out」

Misuzu-san’s breath is taken away.

「…Please don’t say that1 Misuzu is Nagisa-san’s pet! Please let me stay as a pet! Please don’t throw Misuzu away!」

She desperately clings to Nagisa-san…!

Nagisa-san glared at her.

「You see…I promised Yoshida-kun that I’ll give my most treasured pet to Yoshida-kun. That’s how much I like him. Yuzuki-sensei is the one I love and respect most in this world, so I have high expectations to Yoshida-kun…!」

「…I’m expecting a lot from him too」

Margo-san added from the side.

「Among my five current pets, the two most important to me is Miyuki and Misuzu. I’d be very in deep regret in losing the two of you but I don’t have any other method. Any of the two can do, just please become Yoshida-kun’s pet!」

「…I’ll do it!」

Miyuki-san answered immediately.

「…Are you sure Miyuki? Becoming Yoshida-kun’s pet means that you’ll give your virginity to Yoshida-kun, and will have sex whenever he wants to, it means that you’ll become a pussy slave. You will never have sex with any man other than him for the rest of your life. If he wished for it, you’d be giving birth to a number of babies…are you sure?」

「Yes, I don’t mind!」

Miyuki-san answered clearly.

「…That’s! Miyuki-san’s the sub-leader of this shop! Right now, if she gets out of here, everyone from the shop would be troubled!」

Misuzu-san told Nagisa-san, all shook up…

「But, it can’t be helped…I promised Yoshida-kun that I’d give my most important pet to him」


「You don’t understand…It would be rude for me if I don’t give my most important one, don’t you think? Do you intend to trample my sincerity?」

「That’s not it…I don’t mean that way, but」

Misuzu-san is at loss.

Miyuki-san’s standing at attention.

「…Nagisa-san, how about we do it this way?」

Then, Margo-san suddenly sends help.

「…Instead of giving your pet as a present to Yoshida-kun…how about lending them?」

「Oh my, what do you mean by that…?」

Nagisa-san shows a face of interest.

「There’s rental pets, aren’t they…That’s the feel. Either of the two stays as your bet and Yoshida-kun would rent them. The owner of the pets would still be Nagisa-san. Normally, they’d continue working on Nagisa-san’s shop and they’d be rented out whenever Yoshida-kun calls for them」

「…That’s a fascinating proposal」

「Yoshida-kun’s the only customer of the rental though. Other people won’t be able to rent. It’s forbidden to sublet them to anyone other than Yoshida-kun. That would become prostitution after all」

…Margo-san thought of something amazing.

「On the old days, Yuzuki-sensei had a pussy slave like that…If I recall, there’s a an original of the contract of the rental on the computer in the mansion.」

Margo-san faced the computer of the room.

「…Nagisa-san, is this computer connected to the mansion?」

「It is, use it as you want」

Margo-san spoke to me while hitting on the keys.

「Yoshida-kun, you’d like it that way, don’t you? Even if you suddenly get a pet, you don’t have anywhere to keep it. And if the clerk decreases here, it might make a blow on Nagisa-san’s shop」

「Certainly it is…Yoshida-kun, what do you think?」

…Y-You’re throwing it to me?!

「I-I’m fine with that」

Nagisa-san smiled.

「Then, that’s decided. Miyuki and Misuzu, what do you think? You don’t need to resign in the shop and you can stay as my pet. Yoshida-kun will rent you as his pet when he wants it. I’d be satisfied if Yoshida-kun likes my most important pet」

The two nervous girls draws closer to Nagisa-san!

「…Are you fine with that?」

「Yes, I don’t mind!」

Miyuki-san answered immediately again.

「…What about Misuzu?」


「Uhm…any of the two of us would be rented out, am I right…?」

「That’s right, just one. It’s better if it’s a motivated child」

「If it’s motivation, then I have it!」

Miyuki-san declared strongly.

「Right…Miyuki’s always so cheerful. Misuzu too, you should try to be like her」

Nagisa-san compares the two.

She looked at Misuzu and leaked out a small sigh.

Miyuki felt the despise so she smiled at Misuzu-san.

Misuzu-san is just uneasy…!

「Then…Misuzu, what about you?」

The lovely beautiful girl drank her saliva…

「…U-Understood…I-I’m fine with it too」

She’s about to cry.

Her body’s trembling.

「Is that so?…Then let’s have Yoshida-kun decide which child he’ll do」


Misuzu-san looks at Nagisa-san with a teary face…!

「Yoshida-kun, which one do you want? Miyuki or Misuzu?!」

Nagisa-san smiled broadly and asks me…

That’s obvious from the start.

Or rather…You already arranged it in such a way!

「…I want to rent Misuzu-san!」

The lovely face of the beauty is drawn in fear!


A hot flow steams and spreads through the floor.


Peed herself from too much shock at that moment…

1. Kaihou! ↩

2. Where can I buy tickets for that! ↩

3. Nanu?! ↩

4. Bathgown, most likely ↩

5. Sports – Culture. I think that’s how they categorize clubs in school in jp, then he’s talking about her looks matching the culture one. ↩

6. Danbooru Pool:903 ↩

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