Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 38

38. Margo Highway

「As for the trouble…?」

Yuzuki-sensei asked Margo-san.

「It looks like a local Yakuza. Yakuza wants the rights to Nagisa-san’s shop…」

「She’s being marked…」

「…It seems so」

「…Nagisa-san’s a beauty after all」1

Nei-san added.

Nei-san, seems to have met Nagisa-san…the 『Second』

「Though you said Yakuza, they’re underlings, aren’t they? They don’t know Nagisa’s shop’s relation with me after all…!」

Sensei asked Margo-san.

「That’s right. It seems that they’re people who recently came from Kansai」

「…Do you know the 『Boss』of those?」

「I already checked it out.」

Margo-san handed sensei a small memo.

「Oh, they’re with them. Got it. I’ll talk to their 『Boss』…smash those Yakuza’s thoroughly. We have to let the people from the underground to know the danger of interfering with this land once again…!」

Just who is Yuzuki-sensei?

Is she acquainted with Yakuza…?

「Anyway, Margo, go to Nagisa and tell her to not worry about it…!」

「Right, I will」


Katsuko-san who’s listening with such a worried face asked Sensei.


「Uhm…Could I meet Nagisa too?」

I see…Nagisa-san’s the 『Second』so she’s at the same age as Katsuko and must be a close friend.

Katsuko-san must be anxious from her friend’s crisis.

「You can’t…Katsuko always loses her cool when it comes to Nagisa…!」


「Anyway, not today. You have to set up the next 『Trap』with Nei, don’t you?」



「Yoshida-kun, go with Margo」


「It’s a Yakuza shop but you don’t mind it, do you?」

「Well…I don’t」

I don’t care about Yakuza in particular.

Rather than that, I…Uhm

「Oh, you’re curious about Shirasaka-san? It’s fine, just return to school by 4:00 p.m. She’s going back to her home, wash her body and change clothes anyway…fufufu」

Sensei’s laughing unexpectedly…?

「Do you think that Shirasaka-san still uses that ridiculous syringe to wash her vagina? Perhaps she still does, she has that kind of character after all… She’s going to do it immediately when she comes home. Even though it can’t dig up your semen deep in her womb…!」

Sensei laughed loudly.

「I’ll do something about it so it’s fine to leave Shriasaka-san. For once, we can always know the contents of her calls and her location…I’ll be tracking Shirasaka-san so don’t worry」

If Sensei declares that far, it’ll probably be fine…

「Then let’s go…Katsuko-san and Nei, I’ll drive you halfway…」

「Maru-chan, you came here in a car…?」


「The blue or the white?」

「The blue one」

「Yay!…I’ll get in then! Katsun, let’s ride that car!」

Nei-san calls out Katsuko-san in delight.

「Please wait a moment…I’m going to change clothes!」

Oh right…Katsuko-san’s dressed in forbidden uniform2

「Ah, then I’ll change clothes too…! There’s some clothes for me underground?!」

「Yes. I laundered it and dried it up…!」

◇ ◇ ◇

We went down from Yuzuki-sensei’s secret room to the basement.

Certainly, there’s a passage leading to the depths in the room.

Margo-san and I waited in front of Katsuko-san’s exclusive room as the two change their clothes…

「Do you remember when I talked about Nagisa-san running a flower shop after being released as 『Sensei’s toy?』」

Margo-san talks to me…


Un, I think there was that talk.

「A flower shop you see, it looks like calm and gets entangled with lots of concessions」


「Un. For example, wedding halls, or funerals, or an exclusive contract, it’s certainly earning a lot of revenue. There’s a lot of places needing flowers throughout the year」

「Oh, I see」

「That’s why there’s a fair number of Yakuza running a flower shop as side business. Because those people would really get into those people celebrating something」

「I see」

「The flowers used on the entrance ceremony and graduation ceremony in this school are all from Nagisa-san’s shop」

「Then, the concessions Yakuza is aiming at…!」

Margo-san laughs.

「There’s no such thing! The flowers the school wholesales aren’t worth much!」

「…Then it’s not?」

「Several years ago, there was a big hotel at the station, right?」

「…That 20 story building?」

「Un Nagisa-san’s shop is contracted to that hotel…Yuzuki-sensei’s major shareholder of that hotel」

Sensei does that far even for the 『Toy』that retired…

「Mihano will never throw away her 『Toy』 For her, she has to support the 『Toy』she has created even if it parted from her」

「…Is that so?」

「A 『Toy』and a 『Child』at the same time. Yuzuki Minaho is a person who wants to be a mother」


「Katsuko-san’s a maid, Nei-san wants to become an elder sister」

Everyone of them has something they wish for?

「Ah, remember this. In this school, only this underground passage has no hidden camera nor microphones. No one but us can use this. If ever you had something that you don’t want Minaho to hear, do it here…keep it short so you won’t get doubted」

Margo-san told me laughingly.

「…Thanks for the wait~!」

The two of them came out from Katsuko-san’s room.

Nei-san’s wearing a show through pink dress and a shopping bag.

Leather sandals on her foot.

It feels like she’s a cute beauty model walking around.

Maybe her clothes are branded from France or something.

She looks so mature but there’s the freshness of a high school student too…

This person’s fashion sense is outstanding…!

「What do you think? Does it suit me?」

「Yes, it suits you very much」

「Nn! Yo-chan, I love you!」

N-Nei-san, don’t embrace me…

I beg you.

「How about me…?!」

Katsuko-san is wearing a black pants and white shirt.

She’s wearing a big turquoise necklace on her neck

Her feet is wrapped in black pups as expected…

This person basically loves black and white.

But her figure is different from her usual maid clothes, it’s my first time seeing her looking like a 21 year old woman.

Somehow, she’s like a very smart woman from a university…This is good too!

「It suits you Katsuko-san, I think you should wear that more」

When Margo-san said that, Katsuko-san:

「Then how about Margo-sama wear skirts more!」

She retorted.

「I don’t think that it’s good to expose my muscular legs…!」

「That’s not true…! Maru-chan has it tight like an athlete so I think that you should show it off! Don’t you think, Yo-chan?!」

「…Ah, yes」

Un. I think that’s cool. Like a spy woman in an action movie.

「…I give up」

Margo-san looks embarrassed but she doesn’t look dissatisfied at all.

◇ ◇ ◇

The underground passageway has low ceiling and narrow road.

Well , it’s approximately two meters so there’s no need to lower our heads.

The tall Margo-san walks with care.

The width is about one meter? It’s impossible to walk with two people side by side.

There’s a step light turned on every five meters.

When we finally reached our destination…we got off on the storehouse near the parking lot for the school personnel

Inside it is a secret garage.


…What’s with this high quality sports car?

「It’s this one! Maru-chan’s blue car…!」

What’s there is an aerodynamic sharp gar enshrined.

「This is my favorite car, Maserati Granturismo S…!」3

「…It’s amazing isn’t it?」

「No, there’s no other choice when it comes to speed and letting four adults in. In my case, I can’t use a car that can’t load luggage and two people in it」

Margo-san said it as if it was natural.

「Ferarri only has two seats after all」

「That said, Benz and BMW is too common that it’s boring」

「Oh my, my BMW is the best!」

「Katsuko-san…don’t lump motorcycles and cars together」

Margo-san gave her honest opinion to Katsuko-san.

「Anyway, get in, Yoshida-kun and Katsuko-san on the rear seats. Nei’s on the shotgun」


It’s four-seater but it only has two doors, Katsuko-san and I entered first.

I’m on the back of the driver’s seat and Katsuko-san’s behind the shotgun.

Fixing the seat, Margo-san and Nei-san took their seats too.

「Wait a moment, I’m confirming how it looks like outside first…」

Margo-san checks the state outside the garage with an in-vehicle-monitor.

「Un, there’s no one here…Let’s go」

The shutter of the garage opened through the remote control

The light from outside is so bright!

「…Let’s go!」






Why is everyone around Yuzuki-sensei doing accelerated start?

◇ ◇ ◇

The car immediately went through the school grounds and forward to the town.

「Then…where’s Katsuko-san’s target now?」

When Margo-san asked, Katsuko opened her laptop.

「Though we’ll be meeting at the station at 1:30…ah, I got the location of her phone. It’s in front of the fashion mall」


Margo-san runs the car in that direction

There’s a lot of pedestrian during Saturday afternoon…

Nei-san’s looking around restlessly from the passenger seat…!

「…Ah, there she is!」

It seems she found out her target

「Yoshida-sama, please hide yourself for a moment」

Katsuko-san covered me with a thick blanket and pushed me to the back of the driver’s seat.

「…Wait, Katsuko-san?」

「We can’t show you from the outside…」

Katsuko-san handed me a small monitor.

I see, the state outside is reflected.

It seems that there’s a pinhole camera on Katsuko-san’s necklace.

「…Maika-chan! Come here!」

Nei-san shows her face from the passenger seat’s window and waved her hand!



From the other side, three middle school students are walking lightly!

Their uniform is…is from the famous Ojou-sama middle school that even I know.

Old style thin colored sailor blouse. Green scarf.

The three of them are a bit grown up, they folded up their skirt on their stomachs and make it look like they’re wearing miniskirt.

Their socks are navy blue, and they have a badge coming from their school.

The shoes are black leather.

The three of them are cute, but the child named『Maika-chan』is exceptionally cute.

Indeed a beauty.

Her hair is braided and fastened with a yellow ribbon.

Her eyes are big and her nose is well shaped.

I’m sure she’ll be a beauty in the future…

Her breasts is still small as expected…

「Ehehe, I brought my friends」

The girl named Maika-chan told Nei-san laughingly.

「I don’t mind it at all! I love cute girls after all!」

Nei-san talks to her intimately.

…What’s their relation?

「That’s amazing, is this car from Nei-san’s family?」

「You see, this is Maru-chan! I told you about her before, didn’t I? She’s my best friend…」

「Margo 『Highway』Starkweather…Nice to meet you little misses」

「So stylish! A foreign!」

The middle school girls cheered at Margo-san on the driver seat.

Of course, Margo-san’s a beauty. She’s tall. A foreigner. She’s a sportswoman.

The wound no her face makes her look like a soldier, that makes her gallant and cool.

I think she’ll be popular to the middle schoolgirls.

「Hello, Maika-chan…and her friends」

Katsuko-san comes fromt he seat and says hello to the middle school students.

「Ah, Katsuko-san, good day. Emi-chan, Yuu-chan, this is Katsuko-san」

「Uwaa, she’s really a super beauty!」

「Then what about me?!」

Nei-san looks angry at the middle school sltudents.

「Because, isn’t Nei-san super cute?! Then Katsuko-san’s super beautiful and Margo-san is super cool!」

Maika-chan made a follow up.

「Uh-huh, It’s great that you get it!」

The middle school students laughs with Nei-san.

Oh…Nei-san’s the type loved by younger girls.

Somehow, it’s a new refreshing aspect.

「We only have two hours for today but me and Nei would teach you a lot from fashion and make-up!」

Katsuko-san said smiling.

As for this person…when it comes to middle school students, Katsuko-san would be a adult they’d long for.

Beautiful, gentle, bright…

「Thank you very much…Uhm, what about Margo-san?」

Margo-san answered Maika’s question fluently

「Sorry. I still have work left to do Maybe next time」

「Then, Maru-chan. Thank you for sending us off!」

Nei-san opened the door and get off the car.

Katsuko-san knocked over the seat then went after her…

「Then, take care Nei. Katsuko-san, I’ll leave her to you」


「Maru-chan, later~!」

「Margo-san, goodbye!」

Margo-san starts the car.

She let the engine make a huge burururun sound on purpose.

The middle school students shouted happily.

Margo-san accelerates the Maserati after hearing their voice.

Thirty seconds later, Margo-san stopped the car…

「You can get out now. It must be hot under the blanket」

「Yes, it’s hot」

The weather at the end of April…is quite difficult.

「Get in the shotgun…it would be hard to talk if you’re in the back」

Being told so, I moved from the rear seat to the passenger seat.

Of course, it’s impossible to move inside this sports car so I opened the door, went out and took a seat.

「The child earlier, don’t you think Maika-chan’s cute?」

「She’s really cute…who’s she?」

「You don’t know?…Who do you think she looks like?」


…Certainly, it’s a face I’ve seen before.

Wait, who’s someone as cute as her?

I don’t know celebreties…

「That child’s full name is…!」

Margo-san smiled.

「…Shirasaka Maika!」


Yukino’s…little sister!

「Right, they look alike don’t they?」

C-Certainly…now that I’m told, they really do look alike!

「Eh…What does this mean?」

I asked Margo-san instinctivley…

「Three days ago, Nei and Katsuko-san met her by chance…Of course that’s planned though…then, they became friends」

Three days ago…that’s the day Endou hit me…

I haven’t raped Yukino yet that time…

Yuzuki-sensei’s moving her plan already from such a time…!

「By the way…are you okay with Lolis?」


「Right, High school first years and middle school second years only have two years difference so it would be strange to call it Lolicon…!」

「…What do you mean?」

「It’s about having sex with that child…!」


Having sex with a middle school student…Yukino’s little sister?!

That small child…!

「It’s fine. You can already have sex once you’re thirteen years old. My first experience was when I was twelve after all…!」


「You see…I was raped. Captured by three men…I was gangraped」

Margo-san turns forward and drives

「…Is that so?」

「…Un. That’s why, I’d like you to be gentle with Maika」

Just like that…the silence inside the car continuned

For a while, I watched the hustle of the town outside the window.

…Before long.

「…Got it」


「I just need to have sex with that child, do I? Sure. I’ll do it」

「…Are you sure?」

「I promised Yuzuki-sensei that I’ll follow any or her orders…I’ll rape anyone. I’m already prepared」

「…Is that so?」

The car made a curve…

「…You really don’t want to hear the reason?」


「Why is that child’s the target, or why do you need to have sex with her…you don’t want to know it?」4

「I’m sure that there’s a lot of reasons…if it’s better to tell me then someone would tell me, if there’s no need then I think that I don’t need to know」

「Are you sure about that?」

「…Yes. I’m not good a thinking after all. Even if I get talked to, I might not get it…I think that it’s better to let me take time to understand it」

「I see…so you think like that」

Margo-san seems to be lost in thought.

「You, really don’t question anything about us…are you not interested in Nei, Katsuko or my past?」

「I can’t say I’m not interested. But…I don’t think that I should be the one asking. Even I have some things I don’t want to talk to other people…」

「But, we know everything about you. Your house. I’ve read Yuzuki-sensei’s investigation…」

「But…reading from a written document and hearing the story from the person directly is different. If the person himself talks, you’d feel the pain and the actual emotions」

「You think so?」


「…You see…I like that part of you」


「Only foolish men would ask too much. They’re misunderstanding questioning women as gentleness. 『Which country did you come from? Do you like Japan? You look buffed, are you doing sports? What’s with that wound on your face?』…They’d ask, then they’d press and show that 『I’m interested in you』…That’s disgusting」

Margo-san…as expected had some various hardships when she came to live in Japan coming from another country?

「You’re that kind of child so Minaho didn’t make you a dick slave but the 『Seventh』 You’re someone we need right now…」



「Nei’s frequently asking to have 『Sex』with you, isn’t she?」


「Don’t take her seriously…Don’t force yourself on her」


「…You see…Nei has androphobia」



「…That child’s almost raped by a man three times. She was always saved on the last moment…the most recent one was someone I shot dead. With a pistol」

…Margo-san murdered?

「That’s why…Nei’s still a virgin, she haven’t even kissed a man. It’s a really severe androphobia. Talking to men, even being on the same space as them…is painful for her


「I…should I be with her?」

「She’s quite used to you so I think she’s not scared anymore」

Could that be she’s not seeing me as a man?

「You see, Nei’s a child who really can’t live in a community. That child is too beautiful that she stands out. When Nei-sits down on a classroom, men would come near one after another and make advances at her… Even girls, those with normal looks would be jealous of Nei’s beauty that they’d do terrible things…insult her, hide her stuff…!」

…It seems so. I can imagine it.

A too beautiful girl living in a society named school would be fairly difficult.

「That’s why…Minaho could help but protect Nei」

「…Could that be?」

「That’s right. Her blond hair and contact lens, the bad rumors about being a delinquent are all means to defend Nei from everyone. It is to isolate Nei from the normal student…」

That’s why Nei-san is.

Always alone.

「Nei can’t live with normal children…I’m the same though. But that girl is really a gentle one. That child’s bright and frank character is matched with her blond hair and blue contact lens, she made that herself…!」

Margo-san smiled sadly…

「Whenever Nei has to go out, there’s definitely someone with her…Just like how Katsuko-san is with her right now. That child is still afraid to walk alone in the town because of men. There’s someone observing her in the school. We’re always watching each other, helping each other. Nei towards Katsuko-san and me. Katsuko-san towards Nei and me. I towards Nei and Katsuko-san. We’re watching over one another so that one won’t be broken」

They’re complementing each other like that…

Huh, wait a moment.

Then who’s watching over Sensei?

Also, Iwakura-kaichou?

「But, Nei’s already 18, so we can’t leave her like this, don’t you think? That’s why Minaho chose a boy like you, someone Nei won’t be afraid of」

「Am I that docile?」

「Un. You’re honest, obedient, you won’t do something that Nei would hate. …Nei talked about her little brother, didn’t she?」

「Yes…the one who died」

「Un. I can’t talk any more than this but…Perhaps, Nei won’t be able to love anyone other than her brother…」

She can’t love anyone other than her brother

「Hey…You’ve already given up on your life. You said that you don’t care whatever happens from now on, right?」


「Then…how about becoming Nei’s little brother? Of course, it’s not just a metaphorical question. A true brother. Becoming her little brother throughout your life…until you die」

That’s…taking responsibility for Nei-san for the rest of my life.

Can I even do that?

I don’t have anything to take responsibility for myself.

「…I’ll think about it」

「Un. Think about it carefully」

Margo-san’s eyes were serious.

「…But, that’s slightly regrettable」

「…what is?」

「If I ever become her little brother…I won’t be able to have sex with Nei-san」

I leaked out a sigh and Margo-san smiled.

Of course…I intended it as a joke

「…What are you saying?!」

…Shit. I overdid it.

Margo-san’s angry.

「Nei can’t have sex with anyone other than her little brother! Being Nei’s little brother means that you’ll have sex with her for the rest of your life」


「Well, I think that Nei would allow you to marry and have sex with other woman since you’re her little brother. It’s just that you need to have sex with Nei for the rest of your life…」5

Nei-san, throughout my life?!

What kind of nirvana is that?!

No…that’s not it

…It’s a lifetime thing.

You can divorce marriage but being a little brother is forever.

Then…I should live for Nei-san…!

「Anyway, think about it. Oh, keep this talk a secret from Nei, okay?」

「Ah, of course」

「In exchange, I’ll tell you one of my important secrets…」

Margo-san’s secret…

Then…the talk about her being raped when she was twelve is not a secret at all?…

「You know that I have an American Indian blood, don’t you?」6


「In our tribe…children born will have a nickname of the thing first saw when born. The first thing you’d see after being evicted from your mother’s stomach That’s why, depending on the house, you prepare a gold coin, or show the blue sky outside the window. Then, you’d have 『Gold』or 『Blue Sky』as your name」

「…I see」

「…You see, my birth was sudden. Indian settlements don’t have a proper hospital so I was labored on the way to the town…That’s why I was born in the middle of the highway. In short, the first thing I saw when I was born is a straight road paved with asphalt…Highway. That’s why I’m Margo 『Highway』Starkweather」

Margo-san said then laughed…

「…This, is really a secret you can’t tell anyone but a close friend」

1. A hot MILF to boot ↩

2. Forbidden because she’s too lewd ↩

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