Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 37

37. Saturday noon incident

Now then, should I take lunch too?

Or rather…Is Yukino really going to have a date with Endou tonight?

From their talk earlier, she said that she’ll go home and change them meet up.

She doesn’t intend to have sex with me today anymore?1

We already had sex four times and there’s still 72 times remaining in seven days.

I think it won’t suffice at all…

Even though it’s consecutive holidays starting tomorrow…doing 20 days on the last day, no way.

I want to digest the numbers as constant as possible.

While thinking about it…my phone rang.

Unknown number…Or rather, this phone is registered to my father who disappeared from the house.

This phone isn’t registered to any of my classmates nor I’ve told anyone…

Then…Who’s this?

I cautiously answered it…

『You’re late! Yo-chan, you should answer calls faster!』


But, from this tone…she’s watching me from somewhere?

『Geez, it’s already lunch! Go to the principal’s office!』

…Principal’s office? The one a while ago?

『Katsun is preparing lunch so hurry up and come!』

◇ ◇ ◇

Arriving at the principal’s office, I knocked but there’s no response.

Now then, what should I do…When I thought of that, my phone rang again…

『Did you arrive? Then just get in!』

I entered being told so…

The room where I had sex with Yukino earlier.

There’s no one here…


The bookshelve on the wall of the room slides.

「Come here!」

Nei-san smilingly beckons me from the inside

…What the hell’s that?

The interior of the bookshelf in the principal’s office has stairs dropping down.

「This is a maisonette style. It’s a room under the principal’s office but you can only enter from the principal’s office. Ah, there’s other ways from the outside of the school though! The only way in here inside the campus is through the principal’s office!」

Walking down the stairs…Certainly, there’s a room with the same area as the principal’s room upstairs.

But there are no windows.2

Instead, half of the wall of the room is loaded with lots of monitors. Various locations at school were projected at real time simultaneously…

I wonder, I feel I’ve seen this somewhere…

Ah, I remember…The secret base on batman movie.

「Yo-chan, You saw the 『English Prep Room』didn’t you? That’s a sub of this. This is the main monitoring room. It’s the pivot of the monitoring system in the school」

Surely, the number of the monitors, the size are clearly exceeding those at the 『English Prep room』

Half of the room is buried with monitors and computer apparatus.

And the other half of the room…

A big bed surrounded by a lights and camera…

This is already a spectacle seen on studios of adult videos.

「This room is an exclusive room for 『Yuzuki-sensei’s toys』! Even if there’s a bed here, you can’t just bring in that woman here okay?! 」

Nei-san refers Yukino as 『That woman』…

「I’ll be cuddling Yo-chan on that bed okay?!」

Nei-san told me while having an angelic smile.

「But this is the first floor of the school isn’t it? Is there no one noticing that there’s a space under the principal’s office?」

「You see, it’s well hidden between the pumps, the storage, and the toilet’s plumbing that even the contractor won’t notice」

…Haa, is that so?

「The front of the principal’s office doesn’t have much people passing by, so there’s no one that’s going to nocie you coming in and out of the principal’s office especially in the middle of the class. Then, there’s a safe room underground and a passage to outside the school!」

「…Underground passage?」

When Nei-san pointed it, I see…there’s a stair under the bed that leads to the undergound.

「That’s right, this is connected to the parking lot for the school personnel. That’s why Maru-chan is coming to this school through that route. Maru-chan would attract a lot of attention when she goes through the main gate right?」


That would be the case for a blonde foreign beauty with a wound on her face.

「Okay, come here, lunch is ready…」

I was surprised from the sudden voice…

Then…Katsuko-san appeared from the stairs connected to the basement!

「Oh, the underground room is exclusive for Katsun!」


「Un. It’s a storehouse for the camera, machine parts and kitchen!…Yuzuki-sensei always takes meal here」

「Hey hey! Eat now talk later!」

Katsuko-san seems to unbearably love letting people eat.

She puts a platter on top of the table.

I thought that it’ll be sandwich again, but it’s not…!

「…I made pizza for today!」

That’s a freshly baked pizza.


Nei-san clapped her hands.

I followed her.

「It’s the underground so the heat’s not good enough…but since we have brick oven in the mansion, we’ll make genuine pizza next time!」

Katsuko-san is really good at cooking…


「N?…Is there anything wrong?!」

Why is Katsuko-san…wearing our uniform?

「Ah, this?! Just a suitable costume when I’m at this school. I won’t get suspicious even if I hang around the campus don’t you think?」

No…it’s suspicious

Rather, I can feel it’s strange.3

A twenty-one year old girl that has a proportion that would put Caucasian models to shame.

Explosive breasts, and an impactful ass and perfectly tight waist.

Even her face looks like an intellectual baby-face beauty…she’s filled with adult charms…

There’s no way a female high school student like that exists!!

It’s impossible even in AV!!

「Yada! Does it suit me that much?! Yoshira-sama, are you aroused?! Is it erect?! But let’s leave sex after meal! Pizza’s not delicious if they’re cold」


Why is the normal you a regrettable person…?

「Geez, Katsun, you’re too greedy! Yo-chan’s completely pulling off!」

「My…I apologize!」

「That’s right, I’m here too so if you’re going to do it…let’s do it with the three of us!」

…Nei-san too!

I see, everyone’s 『broken』after all

There’s no concept of virtue between 『Toys』…

「…Oh my, that looks delicious」

Yuzuki-sensei comes down from upstairs.

「Yes, I made three kinds so please take a bite! Raw Ham, Margarita, and anchovy!」

Katsuko-san carries plates from the basement one after another.

Nei-san and Nei helped out too.

There’s salad and mashed potatoes prepared too.

Preparations for lunch…complete

Yuzuki-sensei, Nei-san and me surround the table.

Katsuko-san serves the table, standing.

It seems that she’s sticking as a maid in front of Yuzuki-sensei.

She’ll never eat with her together.

Nei-san told me that they surround the dining table with Margo-san when Sensei’s not around.

Katsuko-san’s pizza is the real deal.

I haven’t eaten pizza from the home delivery so I can’t easily compare it but, it’s delicious.

From the pizza dough and the cheese, I can already feel that it’s special…

The ingredients too

「…Katsuko-san, what’s anchovy?」

I haven’t eaten such a thing in my entire life.

…Is it something like a fish?

「It’s called sardines!」

「Oh…on what language?」

「It’s english. In French, it’s called Anchois. In Italian, Accigua. Even if you say it’s sardines, it’s Japanese anchovy variety of fish. At most, eighty percent of the anchovy eaten in the world are made and peru and called anchoveta. That’s probably what’s used in this pizza…」4

Yuzuki-sensei taught me.


「What’s wrong, Yo-chan, making such a strange3 face?」

「No…I just thought that it’s the first time I learned some knowledge-like thing from Sensei…」

「…Pu!」Katsuko-san is about to laugh!

Sensei glanced at Katsuko-san

Katsuko-san endured her laughter…

「…I’m very sorry, Ojou-sama」

Katsuko-san poured in wine on Yuzuki-sensei’s glass

That’s right, Yuzuki-sense and Nei-san are drinking red wine.

「Drinking wine at noontime…it’s like Italian」

When I say that, Katsuko-san laughs again as if I hit a bull’s eye.

「Yo-chan, wine and pizza is the best even for non-Italians!」

Nei-san says while licking theglass.

「Yoshida-kun is still 15 years old so you can’t drink wine yet…!」6

Sensei told me.

No…But, Nei-san’s drinking it?

Nei-san’s a minor, isn’t she…?

When I make that kind of face.

「…Nei is already 18 so she’s fine」

Sensei said.

But…isn’t liquor allowed only on 20 years old?!

「The drinking age for Europe is 18 years old!」

Katsuko-san laughingly told me while looking at my face.

No…This is Japan.7

「France and Italy allows 16 years old to drink…Yoshida-kun, you can drink as much as you like on your birthday」

Sensei answered

Well…I’m fine with that

I’m not that interested in liquor…

「hey hey, Yo-chan This is Basil8, and this is rucola9!」

Nei-san pointed on the leaf of the salad and told me.

「Haa…I heard about Basil but, is this real? Also, it’s my first time hearing about Rucola」


It feels like a name appearing out of Gundam.10

Perhaps, it has a yellow Mono-eye.11

「I cultivated this rucola in the mansion!」

Hee, Katsuko-san’s gardening?

「Is Yo-chan’s mother not interested in making food?」

「…Ah, yes」

Un…my mother is a person that never cooks.

Our daily food is frozen or supermarket dish…

「You’re going to eat lots of delicious food with Onee-chan from now on, okay?!」


「I’ll teach lots of various food to Yo-chan! I’d be glad to teach Yo-chan lots of things」

Nei-san’s pleased with that.

「Oh my, I’ll be the one to teach him when it comes to dishes!」

Katsuko-san participates the war.

Well…Certainly, Katsuko-san’s the one cooking.

Nei-san’s only eating.

「It’s fine! I’ll be teaching about the meals! Katsun’s the one to teach Yo-chan about sex!」

Katsuko-san’s eyes rounded from Nei-san’s suggestion.

「…I, to Yoshida-sama?」

「That’s right! Yo-chan begins to roll the numbers but he still haven’t done it with other but that woman, right? Katsun will teach him the various pleasures of sex!」

…Katsuko-san’s going to teach me about sex?

Katsuko-san’s face reddened then looked at Yuzuki-sensei…

Yuzuki-sensei smiled and answered…

「I think that’s a good idea… Katsuko, you’ve been always a sex slave, raped forcibly, you’ve always served a man. With this 『I’ll teach you about sex』experience, I think it’ll be good for you…!」


「As my 『First』, what do you think on Yoshida-kun who’s the 『Seventh』?」

Katsuko-san clearly answered Yuzuki-sensei’s question…

「I feel that he’s a little brother. I think he’s so adorable…!」


「Then you don’t mind, do you? You don’t need to serve Yoshida-kun. You don’t need to be raped either. You can just be an elder sister who’s teaching his dear little brother the splendor of sex. That would be enough…」

「But…Ojou-sama. I don’t have experience other than being a sex slave. Can I do it…?!」

「You do know that Yoshida-kun’s a beginner in sex…?!」

「…That’s, already」

That’s right. Katsuko-san watches as the photographer since my first sex.

「When you look at Yoshida-kun having sex, have you ever thought that 『It would better if you do this』, or 『If it was me, I’ll do this』…?!」

「…I always do」

「Then shouldn’t you just teach him gently…that’s easy isn’t it?」

Katsuko-san’s face shines with hope suddenly…!

「Yoshida-kun, ask Katsuko too. Have her teach you sex. You can’t rape her, don’t make her serve you either…just get yourself taught…okay?!

Yuzuki-sensei…is going to use me to let Katsuko-san experience sex not as a 『Sex Slave』

Perhaps, she believes that it’ll be a good experience for Katsuko-san.

In that case…I’d gladly become the test subject.

「Sure! Katsuko-san, please teach me about sex!」

「If you’re on the learning standpoint, you’ll do anything Katsuko tells you. Can you promise not to not do anything selfish and not do your desires?!」


「Katsuko…Yoshida-kun’s requesting you this much but, what about you…?」

Katsuko-san had tears on her eyes.

「If you’re fine with a woman like me…!!」

Thus, Katsuko-san became my sex teacher…!

「Well then! After Katsun has taught you about sex…Make me feel good okay?!」

Nei-san smiles…!

「Katsun will teach Yo-chan about sex then Yo-chan will have sex with me! Then, I…!」

The angel smiles…!

「I’ll become happy with Yo-chan!」

What a chain of happiness…!

That’s great if it happens.


The me right now doesn’t feel it yet.

I don’t have confidence…that I’ll become happy.

「Katsuko…enlarge the fourteenth image…!」

Suddenly…Yuzuki-sensei gives Katsuko-san an order.

I can’t see it as it’s hidden from the long black hair but it seems that Sensei’s watching the campus with an earphone on her all the time…

「Okay, I’ll enlarge 14…!」

The image of the school canteen is reflected on the biggest monitor on the wall…!

Endou and Yukino at the center!

Yukino is on the same state from the classroom this morning.

She’s flirting with Endou a lot…

Talking in loud voice and laughing.

Her expression is gay12…But it feels a bit strange13

She looks like she’s forcing herself to smile…

「…Katsuko, play sound」

The tapped voice flows from the speaker…!

『…Then you see, mama and my lil sis…!!』

『Ah…Yukino, I have to go to the club soon』

『Eeh? Can we stay for a bit longer?!』

『No, it’ll get dangerous. My seniors would gather if I don’t change my clothes sooner』

『Geez, you’re so boring』

『Actually, the first years have to be on the ground earlier but…I’m decided to become a regular, the supervisor seems to be pleased with me. That’s why I can leave it to the other first years. Thus I was able to chat with Yukino until now!』


『The first years are my underlings so what I want will happen but…that won’t do with the seniors. I may have been a regular even though I’m a first year but their pride would be hurt…On top of that, Yukino’s here too』


『That’s right. When I began dating such a beauty like Yukino, they’re all jealous! Well, I don’t mind about those guys who don’t have talent and unpopular saying something but…But, I don’t want to be targetted on practice. I don’t want to be strangled behind the supervisor after all…!』


『You too, try to be friendly with the seniors. Especially the captain, Ataka-san and the Ace, Takimoto-senpai. You won’t be able to survive the baseball club when you got hated by those. Both of them are the types that can do baseball but not women, anyway, you should just smile on them』

『…Got it』

『Everyone in the baseball club are virgins so they’d already go hands down when someone like Yukino smiles at them Maybe if Yukino shows her legs, those guys would nosebleed and collapse?』

『…Gees, baka』

Both of them are laughing.

「Endou-kun’s amazing. He’s saying all of that even though he’s a virgin too…」

Sensei mutters.

「Eh, is that so?」

「Every year, on the night where the new members of the baseball club’s training camp, after the new members introduce themselves, they have to express whether they’re a『virgin or not』」

「…Could it be that too?」

「I recorded it properly. The scene where Endou-kun announces that he’s a『virgin』 On that place, there’s a new member who came from the same middle school as Endou so there’s no mistake. There’s a rule that if you tell a lie, you’d be ostracized by the club…」

Haa…Endou. Even though you’re a virgin, you’re getting carried away just because you have a girlfriend.

No…he’s being proud because he’s a virgin

『Oh right…Yukino. Wait in front of the ground by 4:00. I want to show off your casual clothes the guys at the baseball club. Then let’s hold hands going off to the date. Is that fine?』


Yukino smiles towards Endou.

What’s with this baka kappuru…!14

『Then, I’ll get going!』

『Un…Do your best in your practice!』

…Then, Endou left.

Yukino was left alone in the school canteen.

Yukino sucked strawberry milk from the paper carton with a straw.

Puffed up lips…

The lips that fellated me an hour ago…

Yukino had a worried face and let out a sigh…

「How about we try shaking her up a bit…!」

Yuzuki-sensei took out her phone.

When she pushed her phone…Yukino’s phone rings…!

Yukino got startled…

She answered the phone timidly.

「…Hello, Shirasaka-san? It’s me, Yuzuki」

Yukino’s surprised!


「How? It’s not strange for the teacher to know the phone number of the students, is it?」

Or rather…Yukino had her phone left in Sensei’s mansion for one night.

All of the information in her phone might’ve been taken during that night.

That night, in that mansion, Katsuko-san, Nei-san and Margo-san were there…

「By the way, Shirasaka-san…About today’s sex club activities」

『Today…please let me off the hook today』

「Are you sure?…There’s still 72 runs remaining」

『I’ll do that share…tomorrow. That’s why, please let me free for today…!』

「Well, if you’re fine with that, I won’t force you. It would be holiday starting tomorrow so you might make time if you get ravished from morning till evening」

『Anyway…please spare me for today…!』

「…Got it」

Sensei hung up the phone.

Yukino on the screen shows up a relieved expression…!

「Katsuko…how do you analyze that?」

Sensei asked for Katsuko-san’s opinion.

「Her emotional ups and downs is too intense…she looks like she’s planning something」

「You think so too?」



In the monitor…there’s another person approaching Yukino’s table…?

A tall girl dressed on the athletic club’s jersey…


『…Yukino, do you have a moment?』

Yukino turned her eyes away from Yamamine-san.

『…What do you want?』

Yamamnie-san turned to Yukino’s front and spoke.

『Yukino’s acting strange13 for these past two to three days. Did something happen?』

『…That’s unrelated to you』

『If you want, you can talk to me…I can help』

『…I told you that you’re unrelated to this! Leave me alone!』

『I can’t leave you alone…!』

Yamamine-sans’s long and narrow eyes looks at Yukino lonely…!

『Please stop acting like a good person!』

Yukino shotued…!

The school canteen became noisy…!


『Don’t call me by my name! We don’t have that kind of relationship!』

『…But, Yukino’s Yukino. For me…』

『I told you not to call me by my name didn’t I?! I don’t want my name to be called by a person like you!』


『Shut up!!…I hate you! You hypocrite! Liar! You’re the kind of woman I hate most!』

She’s already in hysteria…!

The negative emotions that were accumulated inside Yukino…the extreme anger and hatred, was thrown at Yamamine-san…!

『Yukino…I just…I just want to get along with you!』

『Don’t joke with me…! A daughter of a foul woman shouldn’t be talking to me openly!』

『…Don’t talk about my mother』

『What? Your mother is a prostitute!!』


Yamamine-san…slapped Yukino!

Yamamine-san’s crying

『…No , my mother’s not like that!』

Yukino just holds the slapped cheek and glares at Yamamine-san with hatred…!

『Hmm…You’re going to raise your hand when I talk about the truth! You’re the worst! A vulgar mother has a vulgar daughter after all…』


『I told you not to call me by my name didn’t I!? You’re living because of my father’s pity, you’re getting full of yourself…You shouldn’t have been born!』

Yukimno’s words struck Yamamine-san’s chest!

『…Don’t talk to me anymore! Don’t get close to me! Don’t even approach my vision!』

Saying that, Yukino threw the half-drunk strawberry milk pack towards Yamamine-san…!

The pack hit Yamamine-san’s face and broke!

Yamamine-san’s face got sticky with the strawberry milk.

『…You’re cruel』

『…The cruel one is your mother! Disappear from my world! I’m going crazy from being on the same class as you! Stop going to this school! Go to a different one!』

『…I wanted to make friends with you, in this school…!』

『Don’t make me laugh! Who’d do that…die, idiot! Go and die alone on a mountain! Just like your mother!』

“Waa”…Yamamine-breaks down

『…No…My mother died from an accident…she didn’t kill herself…!!』

The school canteen fell silent.

Yukino felt awkward so she stood up and left the canteen.

While everyone in the canteen is paying attention to her…

Yamamine-san who’s left behind didn’t stop crying…

One of her friends from the athletics club wipes Yamamine-san’s face that’s painted with milk…

The other girls gives comforting words to Yamamine-san.

Still…Yamamine-san doesn’t raise her face and just continued crying.…

Just what’s the deal with Yukino and Yamamine-san?

「…Yoshida-kun, do you want to know about her?」

Yuzukii-sensei asked me.

Sensei surely knows about everything.


「No…I don’t think it’s good to know it in secret」

「…Is that so?」


Even I don’t want them to know about my family.

That’s why…I

Nei-san embraced me from behind…

Her rich breasts hits my back…!

「Onee-chan loved that part of Yo-chan!」

Nei-san whispered to my ears.


「Oyaoya, it seems to be an uproar on the school canteen…」

Looking at the source of the voice…Margo-san is going up from the basement’s stairs.

I see…that’s the passage to outside.

「Margo-san, well done…how was it?」

Margo-san answered Sensei’s’ question.

「Yes, as expected, Nagisa-san’s got into trouble…」

「…She’s being standoffish. She could’ve just consulted us if she was in trouble」

Sensei muttered.

…Nagisa-san, who?

「Nagisa-san is our senpai…The『Second』!」


Could that be…the 『Toy』who was released after giving birth…?!

1. I love how you think Yoshida. so honest to desires ↩

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8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basil ↩

9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eruca_sativa ↩

10. Told you guys, Yoshida’s way of thinking is funny ↩

11. http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/SD_Gundam:_G_Generation:_Monoeye_Gundams ↩

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