Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 36

36. In the middle of the stairs

After ejaculating inside Yukino again, I made her do fellatio…

Yukino sucks my penis in front of Geropa.

I sat on the edge of the principal’s desk and Yukino kneeled in between my legs.

Principal stood from his sit and looked at Yukino’s mouth uniting with my penis.

Yuzuki-sensei gracefully sips her kofi…

The third class has already ended and it’s about to enter the fourth class…

「Very good…It’s a tongue skill you won’t think coming from a sixteen year old」

Geropa pushes out his face and praises Yukino’s sexual skills

「It’s thanks to Katsuko’s guidance…」

「Thank you very much, Ojou-sama!」

Katsuko-san obediently took the praise.

She presented teacakes to Sensei.

「Also…as expected, Yoshida-kun 『Loves』Shirasaka-san, don’t you?」

The devil teacher suddenly let out a word worst matched to her.

「Yoshida-kun…you do love Shirasaka-san, don’t you? How many times have you masturbated to Shirasaka-san since the entrance ceremony」

Sensei inquires me.

「…E-Every day」

The roughness of Yukino’s tongue as she licks my glans upwards…feels good!

「…How many times a day?」

「T-Three times up to five times…uu!」

Yukino’s finger is gently caressing my balls!

「You wanted to embrace, to violate Shriasaka-san that much?」

「…I-I wanted to violate her!」

「Right, Yoshida-kun’s always watching Shirasaka-san after all.」


「You’re using your imagination or a photo for masturbation?」

「Uhm…the class photo during the entrance ceremony…」

「You don’t have any big photos of Shirasaka-san?」

「I tried to take one with my phone but I didn’t have any chance.」

「…Do you want the embarrassing photos of Shiraska-san we took so far?」

「I-I want it!」

「Then I’ll give it to you…Katsuko give what Yoshida-kun wants」


「…T-Thank you very much!」

「But…You can’t masturbate to that photo, okay?」


「You should let out all of your semen inside Shirasaka-san…don’t waste a drop」


「If you want to do it then you can have sex with her anytime, anywhere…isn’t that right, Shirasaka-san?!」

Yukino…can’t answer as her mouth is filled with my penis.

She’s just looking up at Sensei with sorrowed and hateful eyes…!

I stretched my hand and reached out for Yukino’s breasts that’s sticking out of her blouse.

Yukino’s beautiful breasts that fits the palm of my hand!

I’ve massaged this multiple times, it’s swelling red from my fingers…!

I enjoyed the feeling of her breasts again…!

I enjoy the hardness of her nipple…!

I love this breast.

「…It’s about time you move up and down more intensely! Yukino-sama, think of your mouth as your pussy!」

Katsuko-san leaded her…!

「That’s right…the class would end if you don’t hurry up」

With Yuzuki-sensei’s words, Yukino’s moved faster while having tears collect in her eyes…!

「That’s right! Yukino-sama! Stroke the penis with your mouth more! Your mouth pussy! Is it like a mouth pussy!」

「Please show it to me…The moment a man spits out his stinking semen inside the mouth of the freshman student!」

Katsuko-san and Geropa fans Yukino…!

Yukino desperately sucks my erection while having a pained face!!

She vacuumed tightly!

She licks the glans clean with her tongue!

「…I-I’m cumming, here we go, it’s coming out…1」

The hot stuff rises from my my waist to my penis!

「Uuu, take this…Yukinoo!!」

Thinking that I’m almost bursting…the flood gates of my vesicle opened and it was released in a dash!!


The white bitter liquid gushes into Yukino’s mouth like a flood!!


…It must be bitter.

…It must be disgusting.

Tears fall down from Yukino’s pained eyes.

Chupon, Yukino pulled out her mouth from my penis.

「Now Yukino-sama…Open your mouth wide then please show to the principal how much was let out!」

Yukino opened her mouth wide while teary eyed.

The bubbly white sperm and saliva mixed inside her mouth

「…Drink it」

Yukino drank the semen by Yuzuki-sensei’s orders.

…While crying


Yukino can’t answer…

「Say that『It was delicious』! 『Yoshida-sama’s semen is very delicious』…!」

Urged by Sex Beast Katsuuko…Yukino finally opened her mouth.

「…I-It was delicious. Yoshida-kun’s semen is very delicious…!」

「Say your thanks to Yoshida-sama!」


「…What’s wrong?」

「…T-Thanks, Yoshida-kun」

「You’re going to drink such a delicious sperm everyday, right?!」


「…Your anwer?」

「I-I’m going to drink it every day from now on!」

The half-naked Yukino burst into tears from the humiliation.

White semen drips down from her mouth…

「It’s no time to cry! You still have to clean the penis!」


「You’re going to use your mouth and tongue to clean the entire penis again! Suck the tip and suck out all of the semen remaining in the urethra! It’s a clean up fellatio!」

Yukino once again made her tongue crawl in my penis while crying.

Chupachupa…I can hear wet sounds…

「Wonderful…I think this child would become a first class meat toilet Yuzuki-sensei!」

Looking at the beautiful humiliated appearance of the first year…the aroused Geropa told Yuzuki-sensei.

「Well…I think that she’s much more talented than Iwakura Yukiyo!」

At that moment Geropa spoke of Iwakura-kaichou’s name, Yukino’s eyes opened wide suddenly…!

「Iwakura-kun’s fellatio is very splendid.…Of course, sex with her is good too. Iwakura-kun’s big breasts is hidden after all. The feeling when I hold it is unbearably good…!」

Yuzuki-sensei spoke to the surprised Yukino.

「The principal cooperated in training Iwakura-san two years ago. In those days, he still had his excellent genital…!」

「No, that’s regrettable…if I still have my penis, I wanted to taste this child…」

Geropa’s hand stretched towards Yukino’s ass…

That hand was slapped off by Katsuko-san!

「…You can’t!」

Geropa fell on his back!

Pokan, he opened his mouth wide.

「Principal…Shirasaka-san is Yoshida-kun’s exclusive toilet. I’d be troubled if you lay a hand on her…」

Yuzuki-sensei’s cold eyes pierces Geropa.

「No…I just…」

「Last time, I let you off with just your penis removed…what do you want next?」


「It won’t end with you being erased in the society…If I recall, your recently married daughter just gave birth right?…There’s an organization wanting a baby in US, should I introduce her?」

「P-Please…don’t get my family involved」

「Then…endure with just watching. I’ll give you something once there’s an opportunity」

「…T-Thank you…Thank you very much…!」

Geropa prostated himself in front of Yuzuki-sensei.

Sensei drinks her ko-fi silently…

「Principal…I’m already okay with it so raise your head. You too…get on your clothes and return to the classroom」

「I thank you…You have my gratitude…Kuromori-sama」

Geropa-kouchou called Yuzuki-sensei 『Kuromori』

Yukino and I fixed our clothes.

Yukino wore her bra again and pinned her buttons in her blouse.

I…went to get my underwear and pants that I took of messily…

「Still…You got another beautiful first year. Let’s make this child the next student council president after Iwakura-kun…Hahaha」

The forgiven Geropa spoke to Yuzuki-sensei with a forced smile.

…Yukino’s gonna be the next student council president after Iwakura-san?

Does Yuzuki-sensei have that kind of plan?!

She’s going to let Yukino rule the whole school?!

「No…I don’t intend to let Shirasaka-san become the student council president. In the first place, I’ll make Shirasaka-san leave the school next year…!」


…Could that be?!

Yuzuki-sensei turned towards the surprised Yukino.

「Then…how about being sold off to a dark organization on some other country?」

「…No way」

Yuzuki-sensei laughed.

「I won’t do that to such an important schoolgirl…It’s just a simple maternity leave」

「…Maternity leave?」

「Yes…Shirasaka-san will surely give birth one year later!」

Yukino’s eyes is overshadowed with despair!


「Yes, Ojou-sama」

「Is the fertility drug available?」

「It’s consecutive holidays today so if I order it…」

「…It’s fine even after the end of Golden Week」

The devil teacher smiled towards Yukino.

「Shirasaka-san…do you know fertility drugs?」

Yukino shook her head…

「It’s a drug wanted by married couple who wants to have a child…if you drink that medicine, the womb is forced to ovulate so pregnancy is definite when you have sex…!」


Yukino’s body began to tremble…!

「It’s better to know what day you’re going to be fertilized when you have sex right? Teach your children in the future okay?…!」

Yukino’s ovulation day is on the consecutive holidays!

She’ll definitely get pregnant she’s going to have sex on that day!

No, she’ll be made pregnant!!

「Shirasaka-san, you’ll definitely going to give birth with Yoshida-kun’s child…prepare yourself!」

The devil gives her brutal verdict to Yukino…!

Yukino is…!

◇ ◇ ◇

Several minutes after we left the principal’s office…

There’s still half an hour remaining on the fourth lesson.

The two of us walk through the corridor with Yukino ahead looking down…

Inside the campus at Saturday morning.

I can hear the voices of the teachers from the classrooms.

From outside the window, I can hear the sound of the whistle of the PE instructor…

Are they doing a 50 meter race?

Yukino’s still not used to having sex it seems.

She’s walking bowlegged while holding her waist.

Though she doesn’t look like she’s in pain anymore when we have sex…

Before long, we appeared in the stairs.

Yukino, walks down the stairs bowlegged.

I watched her charming ass and thighs…her back while waking down the stairs.

「…Don’t look」

Yukino sayw while facing ahead.


I answered back instinctively

It would be strange not to look at something so erotic in front of you

「…Don’t look, I beg you」

At the moment Yukino said that…!

White liquid drips down from Yukino’s thighs.

That’s my semen overflowing from her vagina!

She…tries to prevent the sperm from dripping down her vagina, so she’s making a strange walk!

「I told you to look, didn’t I…!」

Yukino took out a handkerchief from her pocket and wipes the sperm dripping from her crotch.

I looked at her state from under.

No matter how much she wipes it, semen still drips down.

Yukino applied the handkerchief between her crotch and panty.

Her white panties are seen clearly…

That white cloth is wet with love nectar and semen.

Yukino’s white skin and thin pubic hair is seen through…wet.

I squat down in the middle of the stairs to look further inside her skirt.

With my both hands under the stairs I looked up Yukino’s lower half from below.

I can see the ass I violated a lot of times!

…Amazing, what a nice view.

Yukino ignores me and continued to wipe her vagina with her handkerchief.

No matter how much she wipes, the white liquid oozes out.

Before long…!

「…I hate this!」

Yukino threw the handkerchief to the wall!

The handkerchief that’s heavy from sucking the sperm out sticks to the wall, then falls…!

「There’s no way I can stand this! I hate this, no more!!」

Yukino who’s on the stairs turned to me.

She’s looking at me with hatred.

「Yoshida-kun…do you love me?!」

Yukino asks me.

Intense eyes, severe face…!

「If you love me then help me!」

…What’s this?

…What’s this?

…What’s this?

Shirasaka Yukino is this kind of girl?

I…know that she’s looking down on me.

Even though I violated her a lot of times…

Yukino still thinks of me only as 『Yuzuki-sensei’s underling』…

She thinks that I would obey her if she threatened me…

She thinks that I’ll listen to her…

She’s thinking of me as a human lower than her…!


I took off my fastener and exposed my penis.

…My penis is already erect.

「…W-What are you trying to do?! I-I’m going to scream!」

Though Yukino’s daunted…She still tries to control me.

「…Shout if you want. Yukino’s the only one who’d feel ashamed being seen by people. This isn’t an attempted rape. Everyone would know who’s already violated…my semen’s dripping from Yukino’s ass after all…!」

I spoke to Yukino so calmly that even I was surprised…

「I’m not scared at all. I’m long prepared to be busted by police or get my life ruined…But, You’re the same Yukino. I’m dragging you with me!」

For the first time…Yukino feared the human called me.

I finally…became independent from Yuzuki-sensei and Katsuko-san and will violate Yukino by myself.

「If you want, should I be the one to scream?! Want me to scream『I rapepd Shirasaka Yukino!』 I’m sure everyone would get out of their classrooms…!」

「S-Stop it, Yoshida-kun」

I walked up the stairs and approached Yukino…

Yukino’s’ feeling the fear and tries to run up the stairs!

I dashed and captured Yukino!

…I embraced her from behind in the middle of the stairs.

「…R-Release me!」

Yukino’s fearing body is in my arm=!

…She’s trembling!

…She’s frightened!

This thin and soft…Yukino!

「…W-What do you intend to do?」

I licked Yukino’s ears from the back!


Yukino’s body that I’m embracing tightly, trembled!

I whispered in her cute ears.

「Let’s have sex here. In this stairs…!」

「…We can’t. Someone might find us here」1

「It’s fine…we still have thirty minutes before the fourth lesson ends」

I made Yukino stand on all fours in the middle of the stairs.

My left hand rolls her skirt while I hold her body with my right hand.

When I tried to remove her panty, Yukino’s legs closed up desperately, trying to take it off!

…Dammit, too troublesome.

I moved the crotch part of Yukino’s panty…!

Then I made my penis entered while we’re having a doggystyle pose!!

「That’s…while I’m wearing an underwear…!」

I don’t care about Yukino’s protest!

Her vagina is still wet from the lingering sex from a while ago…!

I screwed in to the root and moved my waist…!


Yukino pants.

「Don’t make much noise or someone would come to ook!」

I whispered to Yukino…

Yukino bites the sleeve of her uniform and endures leaking out her voice…!


It’s already noon at the end of April.

The refreshing early summer sunlight pours down from the window.

The stairs in the school used every day.

The usual stairs where hundreds of students go up and down.

Yukino and I go through these stairs every day to go to our classroom.

In the middle of that…!

I’m violating Yukino in a dog posture!

My desires are accepted deeply in the bright light!

I will remember Yukino whenever I go through these stairs…

The time when I violated her in the middle of these stairs…

That will happen.

Every time I pass these stairs, I’ll remember Yukino’s secret meat.

I’ll surely get naked.

I’ll engrave this memory in my heart…!


I stretched my hand and unbuttoned Yukino’s blouse.

I rolled up her bra!

I enjoy the feeling of her spilling breasts!

The feeling of her breasts while connected from the back is unbearable!

I sped up the movement of my waist!

Pan! Pan! Pan!…My crotch bangs Yukino’s ass.

The sound echoes in the stairs!


Yukino’s voice is gradually rising though she’s biting the cuff…!

I licked Yukino’s nape.

Both of my hands is gripping Yukino’s breasts and I pierce her waist hard…!

The aphrodisiac Katsuko-san made her drink must still be working…!

Yukino’s rising up to the climax…!

「…Hey, cum! Yukino! Cum while being violated like a dog in the stairs!」

I whispered on Yukino’s ears while breathing out hot pants…!

I stretched my right hand towards the connecting part and stimulated Yukino’s clitoris just like how Katsuko-san did it before.


Yukino’s body is trembling from the pleasure…!

…At that moment!!


Biting her cuff, Yukino’s body curved.

Her whole body convulses!

The inside of her vagina tightens firmly!!


Yukino’s cumming…cumming intensely!!

M-Me too…!

「…I”m cumming…I’m going to let it out again!!」

I pressed in my glans against her womb and poured it inside!


The hot white wave is washing Yukino’s womb! It’s reaching!


Yukino instinctively separate her mouth from the sleeve due to the shock of hot fertilization…

「…I’m glad, I’m happy, I’m happyyyy!!!」

Katsuko-san’s 『Imprint』is perfect

It’s possible that Yukino would always shout『I’m glad』in any kind of situation, even if she’s 『Impregnated』…

「…Haa, haa, haa, haa…」

We fell down on the middle of the stairs and stayed connected for a while.

Yukino’s quietly crying.

I enjoyed the feeling of Yukino’s breasts.

I pulled out my penis and faced Yukino.

I licked her nipples…!

「…Uhm, Yoshida-kun…I got a request」

The crying Yukino talks to me while looking up the ceiling, teary eyed…

While I’m licking her nipples

「…Don’t say anything to Kenji. Keep everything a secret from Kekji. Please let him continue playing baseball…please」

…Even this is still for Endou?

I bit her nipple.

「Nn!…Don’t tell anyone either. Keep it a secret to everyone…that I was raped by you , that I’m no longer a virgin…Ahn!」

Saying that, Yukino cries again.

Yukino’s breasts is sticky with my saliva.

「…You have to beg for it properly! From the bottom of your heart!」

Yukino looks at me.

A face holding back tears. This is also cute.

I love her teary face next to her despaired face.

「Please…I beg you」

Yukino bowed to me.

Of course…I won’t promise easily.

Let’s be a bully!

「…Then, you’re going to have sex with me anytime?!」

Yukino trembled.

「At most, if you don’t have sex with me a hundred times in one week then Yukino won’t be free, right?」

That’s Yuzuki-sensei’s promise to Yukino…

Yukino looks at me with …eyes of exhaustion, and resignation.

「U-Understood…I’ll just have sex with Yoshida-kun, right?…」

「Reply clearly and concretely!」

I approached Yukino by imitating Katsuko-san.

「Y-Yukino will have sex whenever Yoshida-kun wants to…I will have sex!」

「Then bear my child by next year!」

「Uuu…I’ll bear it…I’ll give birth okay!」

Yukino with sperm discharged on her crotch and nipple exposed…breaks down in front of me.

I spoke to Yukino with a smile.

「Very well…Then I’ll keep it a secret to Endou!」

「T-Thank you very much …uuu」

With this…I finally turned to a 『Human』from a 『Tool』in Yukino’s head.

A promotion from『A human vibrator that emits semen』to 『A threatening rape demon』

It’s still far from the position of Katsuko-san and Yuzuki-sensei

「It’s not time to cry」

I scolded Yukino

「Eh?」, Yukino looked at me

「You have to clean it with your mouth afterwards, right?…!」

I pushed out my penis dirtied with sperm and love nectar towards Yukino’s face.

「…O-Okay…I’lll clean it up」

Yukino’s tongue touched my glans!

She’s licking up the penis with semen and love nectar on it…!!

◇ ◇ ◇

When we returned to the classroom, it’s two minutes before the fourth class ends.

What’s the deal with health being the last class on Saturdays…The teacher in charge, Yamaguchi is a stubborn person so when he’s at loss at explaining, he’ll just open the door saying 「Oh well」

Yamaguchi looks at me and Yukino.

「Oh, I heard it from the principal. It seems that you two have taken some ability test」

With the word『Ability test』, the whole classroom became noisy

「Well, I’m specialized in physical edutaction so I don’t know well but…get on your seats 」

I see…Yuzuki-sensei doesn’t make any mistakes.

Endou’s glaring at me with hostile eyes.

Ooh, He’s not noticing Yukino who’s walking bowlegged. Even though Yukino’s crotch is soaking wet with cloudy liquid.

Yamamine-san is looking at Yukino with worried face…

The chime for the end of class sounds immediately

When Yamaguchi went out of the class, Endou immediately calls out to Yukino.

「…Yukino, what’s the test?」

「…Eh? Ah…Just a character assessment test…The principal said that we’re just in time so he asked for our cooperation…」


「T-There’s no way for me to lie to Kenji…」

「I see…then that’s fine」

Yukino told Endou a lie again.

Yukino’s making more lies because of me. She’s becoming good at lying.

The Yukino I hold dear…!

「Sorry, sorry」

「It’s fine, it’s not something Yukino should apologize for」


Is Yukino apologizing for lying to Endou?

Or could it be for letting me do her body…?

Then…Yuzuki-sensei entered the room fro the return homeroom.

No…not just Yuzuki-sensei?

…Geropa-kouchou too?

「Everyone…can I have a moment?」

Geropa-kouchou entered the platform and talked to the students in the classroom.

Yuzuki-sensei waits in the door of the classroom.

「I heard it from Shirasaka-san a while ago but, Yuzuki-sensei seems to have been forced the students with some excessive guidance…」

The classroom became noisy.

Everyone’s glance gathered at Yukino.

「I’m surprised on how this turned out but…for her to ban relationships between students…」

The students bite Geropa’s words.

「Of course, that’s unfair guidance to disturbed the freedom of the students. I think that Sensei has gone too far in guiding her students. Using sexual harassment like guidance, it’s a terrible guidance that must be denounced. I’d like to ask everyone to not worry about the problem of Yuzuki-sensei’s guidance. I’d like you to disregard it…!」

「waa!」a shout of joy echoes in the classroom.

「I strictly scolded Yuzuki-sensei. Though she’ll be punished by the school somehow in the future, it’s Saturday, so the decision will be postponed until the return. However, it’s intended for the former teacher, Saegusa-sensei to return to this class…!」

Geropa, talks about it indifferently.

Yuzuki-sensei is having her usual deadpan face.

「Yuzuki-sensei is still a young teacher. She’s thinking about the students too much that she did such an excessive guidance. Everyone, please don’t blame Yuzuki-sensei…Sensei, do you have anything to say?

Geropa looks at Yuzuki-sensei.

「…It was a short time but I was happy being in charge. Goodbye everyone」

Yuzuki-sensei’s remark was only that.

「But…Yuzuki-sensei’s guidance is radical, however, the school side doesn’t recommend relationships either. Please keep a clear relationship like high school students It’ll be consecutive holidays starting tomorrow so please don’t act without restraint!」

「…Yes, understood!」

Omiya who’s an easily elated person played a joke over Geropa’s words.

The whole classroom made a laugh.

The one’s not laughing are…Yukino and me, and…Yamamine-san?

「After that, Shirasaka-san and Yoshida-kun.」 I feel sorry to take the opportunity but thank you for cooperating on the ability test. Thanks for the hard work. Thanks to the two of you, I got good data」

Then, Geropa reinforced Yukino and my alibi.

「…Oh right, Endou-kun」

Geropa suddenly talked to Endou.


「The school side doesn’t want to make this matter big. I’m extremely sorry but could you keep this a secret from your father and your uncle…?!」

…Geropa’s monkey play

But, Endou…is misunderstanding this as 『his violence incident』and 『Yuzuki-sensei’s excessive guidance』barter.

When he threatened the principal 『I’ll make Yuzuki-sensei’s guidance public』…as a result, his own violence incident was cut off…!

「…Got it! Roger! I’ll be keeping this matter closed in my chest!」

Endou smiled vulgarly…

The boy who’s making a fool of this world…is intoxicated on his own victory.

A genuine idiot is really something else.

「That’s everything from me. Then, everyone…please spend your consecutive holidays happily. I hope to see you attend school cheerfully after the holidays…Good bye!」

Saying that, Geropa went off the platform

The tension in the class was relaxed instantly


「Oh, wait a moment」

Yuzuki-sensei uttered as if she suddenly remembered something.

Just like that, she went towards Yukino’s seat…

The students were surprised.

Yuzuki-sensei took out the liquid crystal badge she presented to Yukino this morning…!

「This, I double checked it with Iwakura-san and it’s really yours」

Yuzuki-sensei smiles delightly towards Yukino.

Yukino’s having a frightened expression.

…The classroom fell silent.

「…Thank you very much」

Yukino…accepted the liquid crystal badge.

「I was told to wear it on your chest when you’re at school…」


Yukino placed the badge on top of the pocket of her uniform.

The figure showing up on the liquid crystal is…『72』!

「Huh, isn’t that 『76』earlier this morning?」

「Is that so?」

「Un…it lowered by 4」

The students mutter.

The number has decreased…by the number she had sex with me.

The number of times Yukino accepted my semen…!

There’s still 70 times more remaining!

Looking at the number on the chest, Yuzuki-sensei spoke to Yukino…

「By the way, Shirasaka-san…Are you still a virgin?」

Sensei looks down at Yukino with sneering eyes…!

「Well, it doesn’t matter to me anymore whether you’re a virgin or not…!」

Yuzuki-sensei looked around the classroom.

「But, everyone must pay attention whether Shirasaka-san is a virgin or not…!」

「Hahaha!」Yuzuki-sensei left the classroom while laughing loudly.

Geropa can’t be seen anywhere either.

「…What was that?」

「Should we really appeal to the board of education?!」

「Isn’t that fine? She’s not our teacher anymore」


「Rather than that…Thank you, Yukino-chan!」

「Un, thanks to Yukino, the 『Love ban』was abolished!」

「Haa, we can now have relationships with this!」

「What’s with that, haven’t you been doing it as a secret until now?!」

「The feeling is different…Yuzuki’s monitoring is lost!」

「Really…it’s all thanks to Yukino-chan!」

The students surround Yukino.

「I…Didn’t do anything…」

「What are you saying, didn’t Yukino-chan negotiated with the principal and made this happen?!」

…This is also a part of Yuzuki-sensei’s plan?

Endou called out Yukino who’s surrounded by our classmates.

「…Yukino, let’s eat! You’re hungry aren’t you?!」


Yukino stood up

「Arara, her boyfriend has come!」

「Well, it can’t be helped…love lots!」

One of the schoolgirl pushes Yukino’s back

「Kenji…What about practice?」

「I can change my clothes at 1:00…But we still have time to take meal in the school canteen!」

「Un…I’ll go with you」

Yukino grasped Endou’s hand…

The hand touched my penis just moments ago!

「We still have to plan the date …I’m hungry!」

「Me too! Then, the practice ends by 4:00」

「Un…I’ll get back home, take a shower and change clothes」

「I brought plain clothes with me…!」

The two walks holding hands.

Looking from the outside, it’s a well matched beauty and handsome couple.

They’re innocent lovers.

But…Yukino’s womb is filled with my semen right now!

My semen drips on her thighs right now.

…Shirasaka Yukino is mine!!

1. Wow, Yukino you sound like a girlfriend trying to deny her boyfriend outdoor sex. lol ↩

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