Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 241

「Everyone…have you put on your seatbelts?」

Seki-san checks us through the rear mirror

「It’ll shake for a bit but please don’t mind it」

The engine starts…


The engine turns lightly…as expected of a custom car.

The sound of the engine is deep.

It’s quite a high power engine.

「Then…we’re going!」


The car began to move and suddenly shakes greatly.

Michi and I who are sitting facing the back bent forward.

On the contrary, Misuzu and the girls were strongly pressed against the seat…

Ah…true, this car is heavy.

Since we’re forcibly moving a heavy car with a high power engine…the behavior is rough.

If not, it won’t even move an inch.

「I prefer the quiet cars. If this was rolls Royce, then a glass of water won’t spill when it starts…」

Fujimiya-san speaks sarcastically.

「Sorry but…I prefer the wild taste of the American cars…」

「I think that Cadillac has a very low degree of perfection as a car. Since before, American made luxury cars are synonymous to bad taste, isn’t it?」

Seki-san’s fighting spirit burns from what Fujimiya-san said.

「Fujimiya-san…what company owns Rolls-Royce right now?」

「…It’s under the German company BMW’s umbrella」


「Under the control of German Volkswagen group」


「It’s acquired by a state-owned company in Malaysia!」


「It’s bought by a Chinese enterprise!」

「Jaguar and Land Rover?」

「It’s under an Indian company right now!」

Fujimiya-san glares at Seki-san.

「Seki-san…you’re well known with international companies so of course you know everything you have asked, am I right?」

「No~! Please do not overestimate me. I have fields that I am weak from too. Especially automobile industry…!」

Lies…it’s obvious that she’s well-informed.

「But, is that so? I understood it from Fujimiya-san’s words. The UK car manufacturers who were proud of their great power now don’t even have the shadow of their former selves. Is there no car manufacturer left in the UK anymore…?!」

「T-There’s still Aston Martin there… !」

Fujimiya-san glares strongly.

「Oh, there’s that company too. If I recall…it’s under the Ford cars in US, it was somehow repurchased by David Richards using the capitalist money in the Middle East…but, was it sold?」


「But still…there’s at least one remaining in the UK, that’s great. Fujimiya-san」

Seki-san shows a victorious smile.

「Well…I can’t understand the nerve of the UK who’s a country well known in automotive industry and even known for years just to sell their brands away to the other countries. Is this what they mean by『Poverty dulls the wit』?」

Fujimiya-san’s enduring.

「In that respect…General motors is manufacturing and selling Cadillac, Buick, Corvette, and Camaro at the moment. When it comes to cars, the citizen’s love is different」

「In the situation with continued deficit, they finally maintained by putting taxes on the government…are you talking about that American citizen love?」

「It’s a very important national strategy to keep maintaining the automobile industry of the home country」

「I love UK, I don’t want to speak badly of America’s automobile industry but…」

Fujimiya-san’s counterattack begins.

「When US economy is in good shape, they want a British prestigious brand, don’t they? Lotus, Jaguar, and Land Rover were owned by an American companies at one time」

「You’re right…there was that age」

「However…As soon as their economy got worse, the sold British automobile brand sold to the emerging countries were owned by America…!」

Fujimiya-san looks at Seki-san with eyes of hate.

「It can’t be helped…for a British automobile brand with only their name left in them, only emerging countries with shallow history in automotive industry would buy those」

Seki-san smiles.

「They can’t afford to sell their cherished American car brands. It’s like selling the soul of their country…!」

「Even though they sold the IBM computer division to China…!」

「It’s only the computer department! IBM is alive and well!」

Seki-san and Fujimiya-san’s standoff continues…


These two aren’t even British or American and yet…why are they fighting this far?

While they’re talking about that…the car has gone around the theater and arrived at the main gate.

It’s already night…the vicinity is dark.

Kouzuki Security service security guard comes


Seki-san opens the window and tells the security guard.

「Roger. We’ll add two units to the imperial hotel」

Looking at it…There are two cars with Kouzuki security service logo in front of the theater.

One normal size Sedan…and one big light van.


Seki-san gives her approval and the guard gave the drivers of the stopped car a sign.

The two cars lit up…

「…Let’s go」

Seki-san starts the car.

Our car is sandwiched in between the two cars of the Kouzuki security service…it’s a convoy.

The leading care is the Sedan.

The light van comes from behind.

If the three cars move this way…the risk going to the Imperial Hotel will decrease.

「…It’ll be fine」

Misuzu smiles at Ruriko-san who’s worried.

「The Imperial Hotel isn’t that far」

「How far is it?」

I ask.

Sorry but I’ve never been to such a luxurious hotel…

I don’t know where it is.

「It’s in Odaiba. I think that we will arrive in about 15 minutes in this pace」

Oh, it’s the landfill area in Tokyo Bay?…

Recently, there’s a lot of luxury hotels made, so Imperial hotel is one of them


Seki-san mutters in the driver seat.

「What’s wrong?」

Fujimiya-san who’s sullen from losing the car dispute a while ago…has her face returned to guard mode.

「The leading car is entering a different route than planned…」

A change of plans?

But…our car is crammed by Kouzuki security service car in front and behind.

There’s the light van following from behind…we can only turn our cars in accordance to the leading car.

「I wonder if something happened that changed the route?」

Seki-san tilts her head.

「Then, we should be contacted about it but…」

Fujimiya-san shows a strange face.


Somehow feel uneasiness…

Margo-san told me to immediately respond when you feel that something’s『weird』

If you feel『it’s going well』then it may be wrong but…

Once you think it’s『strange』or『odd』…then there’s something absolutely wrong going on…

What’s left is to find the cause of unease…

「…Seki-san, Fujimiya-san」

I speak up.

「How can I help you?」

Fujimiya-san looks at me.

「Does the car in front and behind have a lot of poeple?」

There’s three people in the back seat of the leading car.

The van behind seems to be packed with people too.

「Since the place guarded will change from the theater to the Imperial Hotel…shouldn’t the transport guards change as well?」

Seki-san says…

「…It’s Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama’s transport guard vehicles, that’s impossible」

Fujimiya-san answers.

「The occupants of the guard vehicle for a VIP can only be guards who received special training. It’s impossible to have a general guard ride together

…Then this means

「Earlier in the theater…you do know that the enemies have blended among the security guards, right?」

I said.

「Those guys…if Kouzuki『Kakka』and us leave the theater, they’ll no longer be in the theater, right?」

Kouzuki『Kakka』and Minaho-neesan are already in a convoy heading to the Imperial Hotel.

We’re heading to the Imperial Hotel late.

The targets of the『enemy』are no longer in the theater.

「The cars surrounding us were waiting in the street before we leave the theater…?」

Fujimiya-san speaks to Seki-san.

「…There’s the possibility of the crew being replaced」

Seki-san mutters…

The two cars in our front and back are the the enemies who sneaked in the theater…?

「Seki-san…how many people do you think is inside…?」

「I can’t see the back seat of the van but…it’s going to be over ten people」

「That’s quite a lot of them infiltrating」

「This…it’s possible that we’ve been infiltrated for quite a while ago」

It’s unrelated to the sudden visit of Cesario Viola to Japan…

Even before…the『enemy』has already gotten to the Kouzuki security service?

「When it comes to it…the enemy’s aim is the assassination of『Kakka』?」

「It might be to kidnap Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama…」

When it comes to it…it’s the Main event of the『enemy’s』plan

「Either way…I think that it’s not a good idea to follow the『enemy』car like this」

Fujimiya-san said.

「You’re right…we’ll only arrive at the『enemy’s』nest. There’s no choice but to escape by ourselves now…!」

Seki-san readies herself.

The car runs through the night office town.

Fortunately, there’s no pedestrians.

Even if we make a noise here…the general people won’t be inconvenienced.

「For better or for worse…we’ll try to escape. Everyone, please hold into your seats. Please also close your mouth as you might bite your tongue…!」

Seki-san tells everyone in the car.

Soon…the cars enter the intersection.

The leading car goes straight.

Seki-san rotates the handle and try to turn left…


The light van behind suddenly accelerates and hits the bumper of our car!

The car was thrown to a strange angle when bend…

Our car’s pushed!


I hold to my seat.

Misuzu and Ruriko-san close their eyes and desperately endure too.


the car stopped in the intersection at the sidewalk.

「If you’re this bad then I should be the driver!」

Fujimiya-san shouts at Seki-san.

「Aaaah! There’s scratches on the body!!!! Even though it’s a new car!!!!!!!」

Seki-san turned her anger to the『enemy』

Meanwhile…the second car of Kouzuki security service blocks our back.

We can’t escape from the back.

「…Let’s go across the sidewalk. There’s no other way」

While Fujimiya-san proposes it…

The security guards come off from the second car…

Some of them have guns.

The group of enemies quickly surround the car…

「Geez! This is because Seki-san’s so careless!」

「I wasn’t careless1」

The two shout at each other.

「Geez, when it comes to this then I’ve got no choice…!」

Seki-san said.

「Fujimiya-san…please do something about it!」

…Do something?


「Please break the enemy with that『crushing cane』 Then we’ll escape using that chance」

Seki-san said calmly

「What about me?」

「Please do something on your own. We’re gonna do our best here to escape…!」


Fujimiya-san gets off the car and is going to fight over ten『enemies』who have guns…

When she gets out of the car, we’re going to leave Fujimiya-san at full speed…?

「I’m better at fighting indoors however」

Un…Fujimiya-san’s fighting style is basically Kendo…so it’s not good to fight enemies with guns outdoors.

「That’s not the time to say that you know?」

Seki-san retorts

「Then, I will be driving the car and let Seki-san disturb the enemy.」


「Please demonstrate the power of Seki-san who’s elected as『Kakka’s』personal guard!」


Seki-san clings to the steering wheel.

「This is my car!」

「So…what about it?」

「That’s why you go!」

While the two female guards are fighting…


The window on Fujimiya-san’s side was knocked.

A man with a gun speaks to Fujimiya-san.

「…Open this」

The enemy’s already surrounding the car.

Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san are hugging each other, trembling.

Misuzu’s still calm.

Michi’s staring at the scene quietly.

「Hey…Fujimiya-san, he’s calling you」

Seki-san smiles.

「Haa…it can’t be helped」

Fujimiya-san unlocks the door.

「I’m coming out…」

At the moment she opens the door…

Fujimiya-san’s stick pokes the man’s throat!


The man’s blown away…!

Fujimiya-san quickly gets out of the car.

As soon as the door closes…Seki-san locks it again from the driver’s seat.

「This car is armored so the enemy’s bullet won’t be able to penetrate. We’re safe as long as we’re inside the car!」

Seki-san shouts


Meanwhile…Fujimiya-san’s stick beats up the second guy.

A man with a gun tries to aim at Fujimiya-san but…

Fujimiya-san skillfully jumps inside the flock of the enemies…not letting them aim.

Then, Fujimiya-san who has long weapon is stronger.

She’s taken down several people in a blink of an eye.

「Geez, if you attract the enemy to the right, then we can take the car to the left!」

Seki-san seems to be full of intention of leaving Fujimiya-san


Fujimiya-san’s stick slaughtered the fifth enemy…


A rain of bullets on Fujimiya-san’s foothold…

Fujimiya-san jumped to the shade of the car…


The car’s body bounces the bullets back!

As expected of a custom made car.

Misuzu and Ruriko-san removed their seatbelts and lied down.

Of course, Michi and me too

We huddle ourselves into the limousine floor.

We know that it’s bulletproof glass but being shot at is still scary.

「Aaaahn! My new car!!!!!!!!」

Seki-san screams…

The continuous gunshot stops…

When I raise my face and look outside through the bulletproof glass…

A man comes out of the van and reloads the rifle’s magazine.

They even brought something like that?…

Fujimiya-san can’t move carelessly with this.

「Heyyyyy…! Give up and come out! We’ve got some business with the young ladies!!」

The man with a rifle shouts at us.

「…Ooh, Yoshiko」


Rurikok and Yoshiko are completely frightened and embracing each other’s trembling body.



I call Ruriko-san.


Ruriko-san looks at me while frightened.

「…It’ll be fine. I’m sure we’ll be fine」

I hold Ruriko-san’s hand firmly

「Yes…we’ll be fine」

On top of that hand, Misuzu piles up hers.

「…We’ll be fine」

Michi also piles up her hand.


Lastly, Yoshiko-san piles her hand.

Holding hands with the four people…we stare at each other.

「We’ll absolutely be fine. The『enemy』needs Misuzu and Ruriko-san as hostage. They’ll never do something reckless」

They won’t blast the car…nor shoot us dead.

But…when we’re caught by the『enemy』…

It’s possible that Seki-san, me and others will be killed on the spot…

Misuzu, Ruriko-sand and Yoshiko-san won’t be hurt I think.

Perhaps…Michi too.

Michi’s wearing the same Ojou-sama uniform as Ruriko-san and others…

She also looks like a small cute girl.

She can only be seen as Ruriko-san’s friend, a daughter of a good family.

「Michi…don’t reveal your identity until the last minute. Focus on defending Misuzu and Ruriko」

I said…Michi;

「I know. But…the help will be coming before that」


Ruriko-san asks while still frightened.

「Yes, my father should be sending reinforcements now」

Michi looks at Ruriko-san with strong eyes.

「Please trust my father…!」


From afar, I hear a sound of a high pitched engine…

Something’s approaching us


There’s no doubt…help came.

What a great timing.

As expected of Kudou papa.

I look up and peep through the bulletproof glass.


The one’s coming in here from the other side of the road…

There’s three 3-wheel bikes.

If I recall…it’s called Trike?

There’s three half-naked women riding the trikes…

There’s a flag waving on the trike.

Each of the front of the trike handle is a buffalo horn attached, it’s imitating the head of a tiger or a panda…

「…Move, Move. Move!」


「…It’s time to fight!」

Shouting incomprehensible things, the girls in trike intrudes.

「What’s with you?!」

The man with a rifle shouts!

「What is what?!」

The rightmost half-naked woman shouts…

The tiger’s mouth in front of the trike opens…

Then it blew fire.



I-It’s my first time seeing one.

The darkness of the night is dyed into orange by the flames.


The man drops the riffle from surprise of the sudden fire…!

No…Both enemy and allies are in surprise.


Only the three women are laughing out loudly in a situation where everyone’s breath is taken away…

Everyone’s in the second half of their twenties.

Long boots and hot pants.

Exposed thighs.

Exposed navel.

The leader-like woman in right is hiding her plump breasts with a black minimal bikini.

The middle woman wears the same bikini but there’s nothing hidden.

Her bikini string isn’t tied up…her nipples are exposed.

The leftmost woman…is for some reason wearing a kendo torso directly on her naked body.

The three of them are having a flashy colored muffler on their neck…

On their back, a Japanese sword tied with a string.


There’s no doubt.

These are Kudou papa’s subordinates.

「Sending those three out of everyone… Father’s an idiot」

Michi mutters

「…My name’s Barbie!」

The leader shouts.

「…My name’s Ruby!」

The middle woman shouts.

「…I’m Banbayoon~」

The woman in kendo trunk shouts.

Why is it 「Barbie」「Ruby」then the last is 「Banba」?

No, it’s meaningless to retort to the people around Kudou papa…

「…The three of us…『Banbarubie-3』」

The three ladies made a pose.

Look…they’re helpless.

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