Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 240

「No, this is a bit different from devotion…!」

Misuzu tells Ruriko-san.

「Danna-sama has helped me changed my clothes just now but I also do all I can to serve Danna-sama. It’s my pleasure to serve Danna-sama. I think that I’m born to give this one a happy life」

Ruriko-san’s surprised by Misuzu’s answer.

「Misuzu-oneesama…does Onii-sama’s existence that big for you?」

「Yes…I love him from the bottom of my heart」

Misuzu smiles at me.

「Love…I can understand family love and lord-retainer love but…I don’t understand the love between men and women」

What Ruriko-san knows are only the depiction of love coming out of the novels she read.

That also had『Kakka』exclude all that has sexual notations…

She really doesn’t know anything but fairy tale love story.

「I definitely call Danna-sama on morning when I wake up and at night before sleepiong」

Could it be…Misuzu/

It’s about the permission to pee?

Isn’t that a bit too early to tell Ruriko-san…?

「Then…Just hearing Danna-sama’s voice makes me feel relieved. I feel happy. Just knowing that Danna-sama’s fine…it makes me happy」


「Meeting him in person makes me happier. Just by walking side by side, it makes my heart throb. Danna-sama always listens to whatever I say with all his best. Whatever I want, whatever I seek…he’s always able to sense it. He’s always doing all his best…that he was able to overcome the wall of my heart…!」

Misuzu smiles.

「…The wall of your heart?」

Ruriko-san asks with serious eyes.

「Yes…living the life as a daughter of Kouzuki house…I’ve made a wall surrounding my heart in regards to people. Everyone around me…the adults nor schoolmates aren’t bad people but…they all feel like they only want to make contact with me for the power of『Kouzuki』house…」

「I can understand that」

Ruriko-san nods.

『Kakka’s』two granddaughters lived having the same trouble.

「I…hate being raised up or being neglected so anyway…I just smile at everyone, then be calmly contact everyone gently. Then…not to make any particularly close relationship. If someone’s too close with me, they’ll be targeted with grudge and jealousy, they’ll be having harships…」

「Yes…I am the same as Onee-sama. Try to be as proper as possible, always smiling…and yet, try not to be intimate with anyone」

「But…Ruriko-san has Yoshiko-san with her」

Misuzu smiles.

「Yes…I’m really saved by Yoshiko’s existence」

Ruriko-san speaks her gratitude to the『retainer』girl who’s three years older than her.

「I’m unworthy of those words…」

「No. Yoshiko is with me so I was able to stay well until to this day」


The master-retainer look at each other.

「That’s enviable…but I didn’t receive a『retainer』like Yoshiko-san」

Misuzu look at the two

「…To be honest…since when I entered high school, it feels very suffocating…my heart is completely worn out. Always alone…a life where I can’t let my guard down to anyone」

Both Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san are listening to Misuzu’s talk seriously.

Since they’re in the same position…Misuzu’s talk isn’t somebody else’s problem.

Ah…Seki-san and Michi are listening interestingly too.

「Then…the suffering of my heart was understood. Grandfather has introduced someone to me. I was able to release my mind for a few hours a week in that place」

…That is.

The part time job at Nagisa’s shop…

The lesbian play with Nagisa?…

Though it’s a part time job, Nagisa seems to have put Misuzu on the back of the shop and not let her serve customers…

But still, doing work that has nothing to do with Kouzuki house or the Ojou-sama school…it’s a nice change of pace.

「Is it a therapy or something?」

Yoshiko-san asks Misuzu.

「Well…that’s the feeling」

Well, your heart will surely be healed if you’re surrounded by the beautiful flowers in the shop…

Afterwards, I think that it’s the lesbian play.

「That person has introduced Danna-sama to me」

Misuzu looks at me.

「Danna-sama has accepted me without knowing that I’m someone from the Kouzuki『house』… No, even if he knew the lineage of『Kouzuki』Danna-sama never changed his love at me. He’s not concerned about the house, blood relations at all.」

「Then this means that he trully loves Misuzu-oneesama only…!」

Ruriko-san looks at me.

「Yes…even if I get banished from『Kouzuki』house, Danna-sama will continue to love me」


「Whatever hapens to Misuzu…I’ll take responsibility for it. I’ll make you happy」

「Why, Misuzu-sama? That will be going against『Kakka’s』will. It’s a suicidal act to do such things」

Seki-san opened her mouth without thinking.

「It’s not a suicidal act. I will survive anything. I’ve got a lot of family that I have to keep happy…!」

That’s right, I

「Misuzu’s already my family. We’re already family. That’s why I’ll protect her. I’ll definitely make her happy」

「Are you an idiot?…Reality isn’t that easy…!」

Seki-san said but…

「I know that reality is harsh…but she’s already my 『family』 I won’t turn back. I only have to go forward…!」

「Yes. Misuzu is Danna-sama’s『family』」

Misuzu looks at me happily

「Michi…you’re also『family』toop」

Michi’s eyes turn moist.

「Yes…Master! Misuzu-sama!」


「Onee-sama…what kind of relationship is Onee-sama’s『family』?」

Ruriko-san knows Kouzuki house, clan, it’s bloodline.

But…she doesn’t know『family』

The kind of『family』we are talking about…

「It’s a relationship where you’d think of helping out no matter how hard it is, without thinking that it’s troublesome…the want to make them happy…that kind of relationship」

That is my definition of『family』

「Yes, therefore…Danna-sama is always thinking of making me, Michi, and the other『family’s』hapiness Me too…I think about how to make Danna-sama, Michi and the『family’s』happiness We don’t depend on each other. We cooperate and consider the other party. That relationship makes me happy. I am grateful to God that Danna-sama made me his『family』」


「Do you prefer that family more than Kouzuki house?」

Yoshiko-san asks with a surprised face.

「Yes…there’s only happiness Being Danna-sama’s『family』…!」

Those words are heavy for me.

…I’ve got to work hard.

I’ve got to make Misuzu happier.

「I don’t understand」

Ruriko-san said sadly.

「My…Ruriko-san, aren’t you in a comfortable relationship with Yoshiko-san?」

「Yes…I feel easy when I’m with Yoshiko」

「That is the same. The only difference is that we don’t have a master-slave relationship…but equal…we’ve got a lot of members in the family」

「…What is a lot?」


Misuzu answers.

「The me right now has a lot of『Little sisters』I adore, and『elder sisters』I respect. All of us have become family through Danna-sama. We’re a family sharing a common destiny. Everyone understands that the individual happiness leads to the happiness of the『family』…we always trust and cooperate with each other」

That is『Kuromori』

「There’s no blood relation in our family. People who have different birth and growth…they became『family』by their own will. It’s a family that accepts each other.」

Hearing me, Seki-san…

「What secret society is that?」

Misuzu laughs.

「It’s not something that big. Weak people not yielding to the strong, people who lend their shoulders at each other as they fight the fate, they became family by chance」

「Yes…Misuzu’s right」


「I don’t understand. A relationship that’s more important than the『Kouzuki』lineage…」

「But, Ruriko-san understands that Danna-sama is someone you can rely on, right?」

「Yes…I do. Looking at Kuromori-sama’s actions…he has his own proper thoughts…he’s a very courageous person」

「It’s fine if you understand just that for now…」

Misuzu said in satisfaction.

Misuzu’s dress up is over.

「Now…it’s about time we go」

Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san thinks…

Seki-san too…

She must be doubting that『Kuromori』and me have a negative effect on Misuzu.

Furthermore, she’s wondering if this will expand to Ruriko-san.

「There’s no need for you to worry so much」

Misuzu smiles at Seki-san.

「I will properly solve the problems in the Kouzuki house with Grandfather properly. Ruriko-san, you also allow my relationship with Danna-sama, don’t you?」

「That is…Misuzu-oneesama and Kuromori-sama really loves each other, I understand that…but」

Ruriko-san falters.


「Therefore…I will be negotiating with grandfather. If so, you don’t mind, do you?」

「Onee-sama…do you really intend to leave『Kouzuki』house?」

Ruriko-san…seems to be thinking that Misuzu will be eloping with me.

Is this what means to be going against『Kakka’s』will?…

「I am prepared for that. My life is being with Danna-sama」

Misuzu clearly said.

「If you have that resolution then…Ruriko won’t say anything anymore. Misuzu-oneesama should go the way she believes」

Ruriko-san doesn’t have the concept of deciding of her own fate. Therefore, she’s confused from what Misuzu’s saying.

Seki-san…she has her own clear opinion but she won’t assert herself strongly. That’s why, she’s quiet for now.

Both of them are people who think that it’s natural to obey『Kakka’s』order

For them, they can’t do anything about Misuzu who said she’ll talk directly to『Kakka』

「I’d like Ruriko-san to be there when I talk with Grandfather」

Misuzu said.

「Yes. That way’s better…I also want to know the progress of the situation…」

Ruriko-san answers.

◇ ◇ ◇

Leaving the dressing room.

Fujimiya-san’s standing, holding on her cane.

「…You took quite some time」

「I’m very sorry. I talked to Ruriko-san for a while」

Misuzu answers


I’m pushing the cart that’s carrying Misuzu and Ruriko-san’s costumes and luggage

「I don’t mind. This is a man’s job」

I’d like Michi and the two guards to watch around properly…

It’s also natural for me to carry the luggage of my『woman』

「I asked to have the car I’m using to be at the stage door but?」

At the exit of the dressing room…Seki-san asks the guard wearing Kouzuki security service uniform.

「Yes…it’s parked in the front」

The security guard handed the key.


Seki-san takes the key.

「…It’s a state of the art VIP guard car」

Looking at the car outside, Fujimiya-san gives her admiration.

The car is a huge limousine.

「Yes, it’s a car that got delivered this month. As my personal car」

Seki-san puffs her chest.

So…this is Seki-san’s private car?

The body of the car is painted in pink.

「This is『Pink Cadillac』?」

Fujimiya-san smiles.

「It’s only the exterior. The inside is different. The body and the engine are all specially made」

Seki-san speaks boastfully.

「The bulletproof glass and armor are all new tech…it’s also designed to be strong against impacts」

Fujimiya-san taps the body of the car with her hands wrapped in leather gloves.

A sound that has the insides filled.

The unconventional American car look is a complete fake.

「The car’s considerably heavier because of the armor, right?」

Fujimiya-san asks Seki-san

「Yes. Because of that, we’ve changed the engine to a high power one. It has a bad fuel cost but…that’s inevitable. The suspension are all custom made too…」

「If you turn it to a high power engine, then the engine will also be heavy. The body is heavy, the engine is heavy…as expected, if the one using it is a heavy then the special car gets heavier too」

Fujimiya-san flips Seki-san’s switch.

「I’m not that heavy!」

「My…I didn’t mean it like that. Seki-san’s been given by chief Tanizawa a heavy duty of protecting『Kakka』 That’s what I mean by『heavy』」

「…Is that so?」

「But…if you react that much from what I said…could it be that Seki-san is recently worrying about her weight?」

「I don’t! I’m not worrying about it!」

「Right…Seki-san is an elite top guard after all so she doesn’t need to worry about the weight that increases every day…」

…These two, seriously.

Both of them are adults already and yet…their compatibility is bad.

「By the way…can I test this state of the art armor?」

Fujimiya-san smiles at Seki-san.


「Yes, I’m interested in the effects of the new technology. I think I would like to test the robustness of this car body…how much can it endure my blow」

Fujimiya-san swings her special 3k metal cane.

「I’d like to know the strength of the armor of the fender here」


「It’s fine. I will only strike with my full power. It’ll only dent the armor. Even if a hole opens the armor, I’ll stop to the degree where it would hinder driving the car」

Fujimiya-san exerts effort.

Power comes to the hand holding the stick.

「D-Don’t! Fujimiya Reika!」

Seki-san shouted Fujimiya-san’s name in panic.

Speaking of which, Fujimiya-san’s name is Reika…

The beauty named Reika wears a gallant men’s clothing…she looks like a Takarazuka male role.

「…That’s enough playtime, Fujimiya-san」

Misuzu said.

「Neither Ruriko-san nor I want to ride a car with a dent on it」

Ruriko-san nods at Misuzu’s back.

「By your will…I will do the armor test on a different location」

Fujimiya-san bows at the two…


Seki-san opens the door in anger.[

「Now…please come in Misuzu-sama, Ruriko-sama」

The two of them try to step into the car…


I stop the two

「What’s wrong?」

Ruriko-san turned back to me looking surprised.

「This car is sent by someone from Kouzuki security service?」

I don’t know who it is but one of the guards brought this from the parking lot

「…It is, what about it?」

Seki-san looks at me.

「I think we should check the car first」

「Are you saying that you can’t trust the work of Kouzuki security service?」

Seki-san shows displeasure from what I said.

「That’s not it…if I was the enemy, then I’ll blend with the guards and set up something in this car」

A transmitter or a wiretap.

Seki-san and Fujimiya-san looks at each other.

「Obey Danna-sama’s words…check it immediately」

The two guards jumped into the car

While they’re checking through the sheets and interior…

「…There’s one」

「…Here too」

The hidden equipment come out one after another

「Please wait a moment」

Fujimiya-san takes out a phone size machine from her pocket

「It’s a machine to check if there’s suspicious signals are being sent out…!」

She walks around the car with the machine while explaining to us.

「…It’s okay now. There doesn’t seem to be any other equipment installed in here」

Fujimiya-san said

「The『enemy』has already entered Kouzuki security sercice…」

Seki-san shows a bitter face.

「The enemy is a genuine pro. What should we do, should we report to director Yamaoka?」

Fujimiya-san asks Seki-san.

「Let’s stop…we don’t know who the enemy is, everyone wearing uniform would be just suspicious of each other」

「The site would be confused and just panic…」

「Perhaps…that’s also the aim of the『enemy』」

Seki-san said.

「If it’s now…even if the『enemy』enters, the command system of those in uniform is perfect. Though they have infiltrated…they shouldn’t have penetrated the group leader class. The numbers of those are only few」

If the information is only that the enemy has blended in…the function of the uniform group will be paralyzed.

Actually, even though only a few of them can enter the bottom level…if they overreact, the entire organization will be damaged.

「We’ll report to Chief Tanizawa through a private line. Let’s ask chief to identify the sneaky agent」

「You’re right…director Yamaoka will only confuse the site」

Seki-san contacts chief Tanizawa via mobile

Meanwhile, I load the luggage to the car…

Misuzu and Ruriko-san enters the car.


Fujimiya-san goes on the passenger seat.

Michi and I take the second row of the limousine.

The back seat, Misuzu, Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san.

The limousine seats have the second row facing backwards, so we’re facing with the people on the rear seats.

Yet, Michi an I are sitting to match with Ruriko-san’s knee

Seki-san who finished the call opens the door and goes to the driver seat…

「Then…why are you in the passenger seat?」

She asks Fujimiya-san…

「This car is Seki-san’s private car after all…!」

「I think that it’s a rule in Kouzuki security service that the subordinate drives at such case…」

Err…Seki-san and Fujimiya-san are both top elites under chief Tanizawa of Kouzuki security service.

Seki-san is selected as『Kakka’s』personal guard though…

Who’s top and who’s bottom?1

「Therefore…I leave the driving to Seki-san」

Fujimiya-san said calmly.

「You’re younger than me right?」

「However…I entered Kouzuki security service ahead of you. I was 16 years old when I was scouted by chief Tanizawa directly」

「You see…after I graduated from college, I studied in Europe! I joined in the company with advanced professional education…it has nothing to do with my age at joining!」

Seki-san and Fujimiya-san aren’t bulging.

「Seki-san, if you want it by all means I don’t mind driving but my driving is rough you know? I might end up scratching Seki-san’s treasured car. Are you still okay with that?」


「Geez! I get it already! I just have to drive, right?!」

She gets in the driver seat angrily.

1. That’s lewd!

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