Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 242

「Let’s go!」


Then『Banarubie-3』begins fighting…


「Here you go!」

The lady with her breats exposed called Ruby takes out a shotgun from the trike seat.

「It’s rubber bullet for the riot suppression but this hurts you know!」

She shot at the enemy without hesitation!






Ruby-san fires her shotgun successively prioritizing the enemy who have guns.

The enemy can’t respond to the speed of her rapid fire.


Going through that opportunity, Barbie-san, the leader jumps to the middle enemy.

Banba-san has a long metal rod with iron chains and steel ball on the tip.

Barbie-san, why bare-handed?

「Called California Dolls in Japan…take my multi-colored technique!!!」

Shouting, Barbie-san grapples the nearby enemy…!

Grabbed by the enemy with both hands…this is a pro wrestling technique.

On the other hand, Banba-san’s swinging the steel bar with steel balls.

「That’s a weapon called Flail」

Michi said

「After waving the stick, the steel ball strikes the enemy with one tempo delay. It’s a weapon that’s very difficult to avoid with that time difference. Furthermore, the steel ball connected to the chain spins around accelerated by the centrifugal force, if this hits the back of the enemy, the damage done will be big. In exchange, it’s a very difficult weapon to be skilled with…」

Banba-san uses the difficult to use flail’s handle skillfully.

The enemies were knocked down one by one.

While shouting out loudly…

「Hello everyone…I’m Banba~!」

Another enemy got knocked out of the iron ball of the flail.

「Of course…Banba is actually a code name! My real name is Kinoshita Ryouko! 24 years old! Aquarius!」

Banba/Kinoshita Ryouko-san beats down the enemies while introducing herself for some reason.

「It means an innocent child under the tree…my parents gave me such a wonderful name and yet…why is this beauty『Banba』?!」

「It can’t be helped! If you’re not『Banba』then the team name won’t be『Banbarubie 3』!」

The leader, Barbie-san shouted…she’s still fighting the enemy she grappled first.

Or rather…She’s now doing a cobra twist.

「Becauuuuuseeee, you two are『Barbie』and『Ruby』! Then, isn’t it natural that mine would be『Bambi』?!」

Banba-san bursts her anger through the steel ball on the enemy head!

「If you’re『Bambi』then the team name would become『Bambirubie3』you know!」

Ruby-san tries to overpower the enemy running away from her shotgun while speaking.

「The change from『Banbarubie』to『Bambirubie』isn’t that big!」

Yeah…I think so too.

Or rather…why is there a need to bother for codenames and team name?

「Anyway! As long as you’re in our team, you’re Banba!『Banba Banko!』 That’s already decided!」

Barbie-san is still fighting her first enemy while shouting.

It’s fighting, or rather…she’s using her pro wrestling techniques onesidedly.

「Geez! You two are unfair!」

She swings around the flail’s steel ball…!

「Yes who cares if we’re mean…!」

Barbie-san has used three pro wrestling technique on the same enemy.

Right now, she’s mounting the enemy knocked on the ground…it’s a camel clutch.

Tightening up the throat of the opponent…

「What were you doing this February 14??????」

「…Kuh, it hurts」


Barbie-san strangles the enemy strongly.

「T-There’s no way I remember that…!」

「It’s valentines! there’s no way you would forget that!」

「…I’m singleeeeeee」

「I see! Then I’ve got no use for you now!!!」

Barbie-san twists the neck of the enemy.

The man lost consciousness.

「…Who’s next?!」

After finally defeating the first enemy, Barbie-san stands up.

No…Ruby-san’s rubber bullet shotgun…

And along with Banba-san’s flail attack…there’s nobody left anymore.

Fujimiya-san knocked out at least 4 before they came.



The enemy’s engine van raised a roar.

There’s someone left inside…!

They’re going to escape if this continues…!

「…Leave this to me!」

Fujimiya-san who was behind the car to defend herself from the rifle jumps out.


She aims her special metal『crushing cane』…then attacks the enemy’s car behind diagonally.



Fujimiya-san’s stick penetrates the door of the driver’s seat and destroyed the driver inside!


The van stopped along with the scream.

Fujimiya-san pulls out the cane from the hole made in the door.


Fujimiya-san shakes the walking cane two, three times.

As expected of a special made cane…Even with the current impact, it didn’t bend or deform.

「…You’re quite good」

Barbie-san looks at Fujimiya-san.

「Un…you look good and your skills are great too. How about joining our team?」


You’re going to scout her at this place?

「Let’s see. Your code name would be…『ponta』 Let’s have『ponta』 Then, we’ll be ranking-up from『Banbarubie 3』to『BanbarubieDEpon 4』…!」


「Barbie-san, then let’s have her as『Banba』 I’m fine with just being『Ponta』…!」

Banba-san says with an excited face.

She hates『Banba』that much.

「You’re noisy, shut up, tiny tits…! You’ll be『Banba』until you die! You’re『Banba Banko』! Give it up already!」

Barbie-san is harsh on Banba-san.

「I’m not tiny tits! Well, I’m not as big as Barbie-san and Ruby-san but…I still have D-cup!」

Banba-san knocks on the Kendo trunk that’s covering her breasts.

「In the first place, Barbie-san’s wearing micro-bikini…I’m the only one hiding my bare skin with this kendo uniform. This is discrimination!」

「It’s fine, your tits are not interesting, it’s best for the world if you hide it with your armor. Either way, your areola’s a red violet oval ring with 30cm in diameter!」

「I don’t have such areolas!」

「In that respect, 『Ponta』has…hmm, your tits doesn’t seem to be a problem. You seem to be suited to wear the same mico bikini as us…!」

Barbie-san stares at Fujimiya-san’s chest with eyes like of an old perverted man.

Fujimiya-san who’s been speechless this far.

「Sorry but I don’t plan on joining up with anyone’s team」

She speaks exposing her discomfort.

「Eeeeeeeeh, whyyyy?!」

Barbie-san’s surprised.

「That’s right, this is a big chance!」

Banba-san also urges Fujimiya-san.

「Well, it’s impossible of course…leader」

Ruby-san who’s watching the situation with a smile as she rides the trike…

She speaks while cleaning her shotgun…

「Eh, why…Ruby-chan?」

「Isn’t that woman Fujimiya Reika?…She’s one of the elites of Kouzuki security service」

「Huh? Is that so…?」

「Ah, speaking of which, you’re right…!」

Banba-san stares at Fujimiya-san.

Un…Barbie-san’s doing it on purpose…

Banab-san’s a natural airhead…

「Her salary seems to be higher than us」

Ruby-san laughs as she look at Fujimiya-san.

「Then, it can’t be helped. Boss Kudou’s a stingy one…!」

Barbie-san said.

「But…the difference won’t go twice right? The company’s big but guarding isn’t such a decent business. Besides…I just can’t give up. I have a dream of making the『Banbarubie』the strongest girl team Let’s see, I want to gather around 48…!」

A 48 all girl team…what the hell’s that2

「…I am not interested in that kind of talk」

Fujimiya-san clearly rejects.

「Don’t say that…Ponta-chaan」

Barbie tries to draw close to Fujimiya-san.

「…Please stop that!」

Michi gets off the car and speaks to Barbie-san

「My…the stingy’s flatty daughter. You were here?」


「You seem to be skilled too but…that washboard’s no good. Come back when you grew your tits a bit more. Then, I’ll put you in my team」

「Gosh Barbie-san! It feels pitiful for Michi-chan if yo usay that1 Michi-chan isn’t flat because she likes it! In the first place, Michi-chan is still a child!」

The airhead Banba-san looks at Michi.

「Err…Michi-chan, you’re in elementary, right?」

Michi glares at Banba-san.

「…I’m in third year middle school」


「When I was in third year middle school…I’m already D-cup」

Barbie-san said.

「I was F back then!」


「I’m sorry…when I was in third year middle school, I’m already C-cup」

Banba-san whispers.

「Then…what about Ponta-chan」

Fujimiya-san’s not answering.

「It’s true that I’m small and my father may be stingy…but, everyone’s also father’s subordinate so please moderate your behavior」

Michi said calmly.

「Moderation…what’s Moderation, Barbie-san?」

「It’s a licking marble that’s dropped by mistake!」

「That’s not moderation(setsudo)…that’s Setsuko」

Barbie-san and Ruby-san laughs out loud.

「Our job’s to smash. To be honest, we’re not good with being formal. It’s fun to make money by hitting men. I don’t want to do anything troublesome!」

I look at the disastrous scene around.

The enemy’s all knocked out.

Normally…someone will be taking them and interrogate.

There’s nobody thinking that.

They’re just people who beat them up and think about nothing else.

「Looking at the washboard girl…I just remembered to report to boss Kudou」

Barbie-san takes out her phone.

「Geez, Barbie-san. If we returned home, drink beer and made a big fuss without reportiong, won’t Kudou-san get angry!」

「That time, one target was overlooked right?」

「Kudou-san was furious back then」

「It can’t be helped. Leader jumped to the bar saying that the work is over already…」

Banba-san and Ruby-san are talking about something terrible.

「Hello? Boss Kudou? We’re done here! We’ve knocked all of the enemies out! We’ll leave the rest to you…! Then, what should we do from now on?」

Barbie-san’s tone is so light.

「Eeeeh? Overtime??…Well fine. You’re going to triple the allowance okay. Un…we’re going to escort this car to the Imperial Hotel! Okay! See yah!」

…These three will be going to the Imperial hotel with us?

Kudou papa needs the fighting power of these three…

Barbie-san ends the call.

「Somehow…it seems that we’re going to the Imperial hotel along with this car」

Barbie-san shows a grumpy face

「Imperial Hotel is a first class hotel right?…Is it okay for us to break in?」

「Boss Kudou just has to take responsibility on that part」

Ruby-san tells Banba-san

「Somehow, it seems that the entire hotel will become a huge battlefield」

「Ah, that looks fun」

「If you want to beat the enemy then you can damage the hotel’s equipment as well」


These people seems to be unrelated to Cesario Viola or Shirasaka house’s assassins

Anyway…they’re fine fighting all their might and earn money.

「Of course…Ponta-chan will be going too?」

…asked, Fujimiya-san

「Let me tell you just in case…」

She stare at the three and said…

「My annual salary at Kouzuki security service is 36 million yen…」3


I can tell that she doesn’t want to be treated like a friend but…

Fujimiya-san went as far as saying her annual income.

「Barbie-chan! Ponta-chan’s annual income is 20x my rate!!!!!!!!」

「Don’t make a fuss Banba! I’m at least 10x closer!」

「…Far from a few times, 10x is…we won’t be a match even if the three of us gather together」

「Dammit! I hate you Ponta-chan!」

Barbie-san heads to her trike.


「What?! What does the rich need with us!?」

As soon as they discover that her earnings is more than 10x than her…Barbie-san gets cold to Fujimiya-san.

「Kudou-san has ordered you to go with us to the Imperial hotel, am I right?…」

「That’s right. We’ll be running parallel so don’t be late…!」

「Okay…best regards, then」

Fujimiya-san bows her head to Barbie-san then heads back to our car

Michi also comes back

The two gets inside the car…

「…It’s impossible for those to be guards…but as long as we’re together, even if attackers appear, they’ll be able to repel them on their own」

Fujimiya-san said.

True…Barbie-san and others doesn’t have the『consideration and thoughtfulness』needed by guards.

Knowing that…Kudou papa ordered them to『Just go with them to the Imperial hotel』

「For the time being…thanks for the hard work」

Seki-san told Fujimiya-san.

「Next time, Seki-san will be going…who cares about fighting the enemy, I don’t want to be talking with those people again」

「My, that’s a coincidence…I’m also bad with those kind of people」

Seki-san smiles wryly

「By the way…Fujimiysa-san…do you know?」

「What about…?!」

「My salary’s 42 million yen」4

Seki-san smiles

「As expected…the allowance of the personal guard of『Kakka』is different…!」

Fujimiya-san shows a 「Guh」face…

「In the assessment in the world of guards…money isn’t everything…!」

「You’re right. Then, how about transferring to that team?」

Seki-san laughs.


「…Please don’t call me with that name」

「That’s right, earlier, you opened up a hole in the car with a stick but…!」


「Even though it’s stolen, that car is still an asset of Kouzuki security service…that car’s repair fees would be compensated from your salary!」

「…Please do so」

As usual…these two have a bad relationship

「…Let’s depart」

Seki-san turns the car from the sidewalk to the driveway.

We left the fainted men and head to the night road.

Next to our pink Cadillac…

The three Trikes are driving…

The ladies of『Banbarubie 3』let the wind flutter their muffler…

The ladies’ abundant breasts are shaking along with the engine.

Ruby-san’s raw breasts is especially violent.

「Danna-sama…please stop looking at the breasts of those people. If you want then please take a look at Misuzu’s breasts!」

Misuzu’s angry.

「No, sorry…it’s not that I’m watching their breasts…」

「Who are those people?」

Ruriko-san asks anxiously.

「They’re people who are specialized only in fighting and attacking」

Michi said.

「They study the techniques of combat…they kept thinking about hitting the enemies on daily basis…so they’ve got some loose screws in their heads…!」

Michi, that’s an exaggeration.

No, that’s roughly correct but.

「My…poor souls」

Ruriko-san said.

「However…they’re people with first-class fighting power. I think that we’ll be able to reach the Imperial hotel safely」

Seki-san answers as she hold the steering wheel.

The three from『Banbarubie 3』aren’t interested in Misuzu and Ruriko-san at all.

They never look into our car and just look ahead and dash with their trike.

We head to Odaiba crossing the rainbow bridge at night

◇ ◇ ◇

Afterwards…we arrived at the Imperial hotel without any problems nor attacks from the enemy.

「This building is a block apart from the other buildings. The route entering Odaiba is limited…so you can immediately tell if there’s an enemy attack」

Seki-san explains

It’s night so there’s no people around the hotel.

「We have moved all of the guests of the hotel to another affiliated hotel. The hotel employees were also made to take a rest except the minimum number of employees」

Un…we can’t let unrelated people be involved with the fight against Viola.

Our car and the three Trike slides into the front entrance of the hotel.

Normally, there should be a doorman and a bellboy but only regular guards of Kouzuki security service are queued up.

However…we were just attacked by men in the same uniform but…

Ah, director Yamaoka is coming

「…Please come down here」

Seki-san stops the car

「Thank you very much」

Misuzu and Ruriko-san give their thanks

First, Fujimiya-san gets off the passenger seat…

Then she opens the door on the side of Ruriko-san.

Ruriko-san gets off gracefully.

Yoshiko-san follows.


Michi and I got off after

「…It’s a mistake of my department. I’m very sorry」

Director Yamaoka apologizes to Misuzu and Ruriko-san.

The enemy has blended with the uniformed personnel…

The two escort cars sent with us have been hijacked by the『enemy』…

Director Yamaoka’s responsibilities are heavy.

「Ruriko and I are safe…」

Misuzu anwers

「Yamaoka-san’s punishment will be given by grandfather later I think but…this is an emergency. You can’t issue a letter of resignation on a situation where the enemy forces are still alive and well」

Misuzu gives director Yamaoka a warning.

「Yes…I will not abandon the site」

「Very well. We’re expecting your efforts…Yamaoka-san」

I think that Misuzu’s really a daughter of Kouzuki house at times like this.

She’s a strong noble girl.

「Hey, what’s with you guys?!」

On the side…the ladies of『Banbarubie 3』are in trouble with the guards「」

「This is a first class hotel! You can’t enter here dressed like that!」

「What’s wrong with our clothes?!」

「What’s with that sword!」

Right…the three of them have a Japanese sword on their back

「Ah, this?」

Ruby-san takes her sword

「This is an umbrella」



Ruby-san spreads it

True, it’s an umbrella…it imitates a Japanese sword when you close it.

「Mine’s a back scratcher」

Barbie-san said.

「Back scratcher?」

「You use it for scrubbing when you enter the Sauna! It’s a Takebera! Takebera!」

Err…I feel like I’ve seen this scene before…

「Eeeh! Barbie-san and Ruby-san’s wasn’t real!?」

Banba-san shouts

「Banba-chan…no way…」

「Yes…it’s a real sword~」

Banba-san pulls out her sword

A silver colored sparkling blade…1

A real one…seriously.

The guards around her got surprised…

「What should we do?」

Banba-san runs around while holding the Japanese sword.

「Just put it down!」

Barbie-san said.


「Just shut up! nobody knew that you were bringing a sword!」

No…everyone’s just looking at her.

「You’re right…」

Banba-san puts the sword on the sheath…

「Everyone, please forget what you saw just now…!」

Of all things, Banba-san said that while smiling in a place where director Yamaoka is.

「If those people didn’t come we couldn’t escape the enemy」

Misuzu tells director Yamaoka.

「Who are those?」

「…It’s my father’s subordinates」

Michi answers.

「Kudou’s?…He’s gathered quite a lot of strange people. It can’t be helped. Hey, let them through」

Director Yamaoka instructs his security.


One of the security guard objects

「This is bad…」

The security guard points at Ruby-san’s exposed nipple.

「Ruby-chan, I told you not to show your nipples」

Barbie-san said laughing

「Eh, why?! I prefer to be open-minded」

「Anyway…just hide at least your nipples」

「Okaay, nee-san」

Ruby-san takes out a adhesive nipple cover and puts it on her nipple.

But…the cover is pink colored for some reason.

You can see it as an areola.

「Somehow…it feels like I have sunken nipples」

Ruby-san said as she look at her own breasts

「Right, if it’s this…」

Saying that…she puts something on the cover.

「What’s that?」

Banba-san peeks.

「Great…that’s nipples」


Covering the actual nipple…

Then putting a nipple on that cover…

…aren’t we just back at the start?

「This is great! The real thing’s hidden!」

Ruby-san said confidently.

1. No, it’s actually ‘Chestooooo’ but hey, comment if you get the reference ↩

2. It’s an idol group ↩

3. 329,173.20 USD ↩

4. 384,035.40

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