Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 145

「…Nice to meet you, I’m Kudou Michi」

The petite girl with a forelock says hello expressionlessly.

「You are Yoshida-sama…and Yamamine-sama?」

A white beautiful Japanese doll like face looks at us…

「I have heard about the two of you from Misuzu-sama…I maybe inexperienced but please treat us well…」

This black haired small beauty lowered her head to me.

「…Ah, here too」

Megu and I lower our heads for now…

Err…What 『Please treat us well』?

Who’s this abnormally polite Japanese style beauty?!

「This girl’s Misuzu’s guard!」

Misuzu said with a smile…


…This small girl?

「Yes, as per Kouzuki Kakka’s orders…I will be escorting Misuzu-sama as of today. In addition, I will also be guarding Yoshida-sama and Yamamine-sama, everyone along with Misuzu-sama」


「Normally, it would be outrageous to have a guard because of Misuzu’s standpoint in the Kouzuki house but…Grandfather is worried about me」

Misuzu said bashfully.

Haa…This girl’s really a guard.

…Guard, huh?

「Michi-san’s whole family is responsible for guarding the Kouzuki family. Her father, Kudou-san is a house with a hand-down old-style martial arts…He’s one of Grandfather’s escorts. Her mother and brother is working on the security department involved with the Kouzuki family…Michi-san’s elder sister is guarding Ruriko-san who’s the Ojou-sama of the head family」

Their whole family protects Kouzuki house…

Well, they’re an old-fashioned noble family…so it won’t be strange even if those kind of people serve them.

「Then…this girl is Misuzu’s guard?」

「…Just for the few days from now on…We’re in quite a dangerous situation after all…!」

Misuzu said with a smile…

「I have asked everything that happened before coming here. I’ve asked Yuzuki-sama and Katsuko-sama…」

Misuzu seems to have learned everything that happened since we part with her yesterday evening.

Of course…about Kouzuki『Kakka』earlier

「…The situation seems to be urgent」


Shirasaka house and Cesario Viola

There’s two powerful enemies approaching us.

It’ll certainly be a climax from now until evening.

「But still…Kouzuki-san didn’t stop Misuzu from going to our place?」

I think it’s strange.

Why didn’t『Kakka』stop his treasured granddaughter from going to us?

He knows all of the current situation of 『Kuromori』in detail and yet, why can he send her off without concern?

I don’t understand the person named …Kouzuki『Kakka』

「…Grandfather is a very severe person so he will not hold Misuzu back no matter how dangerous the situation awaits as long as I continue to chose my own way…!」

Misuzu said.


「If you don’t take risks, you won’t get what you want…!」

Misuzu speaks to me with serious eyes.

「Grandfather never gives anything to his relatives for free. Anything has a value and you have to show that you can pay the price to obtain it」

A corresponding value…a price.

「『Always have courage in your heart』 is what my grandfather always say…『Be ready to bear the risk for what you do』 『If you don’t put yourself in danger and fight it yourself, nothing will be yours』」

He’s really a severe one.


We are surrounded by the 『danger』that’s nor normal.

…Is this okay?

I have involved Misuzu to a situation.

「…Danna-sama, please don’t make that kind of face!」

Misuzu smiles kindly to me.

「Misuzu has to show it to grandfather…I must be prepared to not leave Danna-sama no matter how hard it is…!」


「I’m prepared for it.」

This girl is strong.

Multiple times than me.

「But…grandfather is a kind person. She has lent Michi to Misuzu…!」

Misuzu looks at the petite girl.

The expressionless black haired beauty…brings a short stick shining black in one hand.

Yup. The length is around 30 cm…

Rather than a stick…should I say that it’s like a dagger brought by a princess on a historical drama?

「Uhm…What’s that?」

I asked Michi-san

Michi-san spoke without changing her complexion.

「If ever a thug tries to attack Misuzu-sama, I will punish him with this…」


Michi-san waves the short stick up and down as if she’s practice-swinging…

Ah…Is that so?

As expected…that’s a knife or something?

Or rather, can she do something with such a short sword?


What to do?

Since she’s someone from old martial arts.

I don’t get it though…

「…Michi-san, how old are you?」

Megu asks.


…No you see.


Hearing me…Michi-san.

「…I’m 15 years old on this year’s birthday」

「That means…you’re in third year of middle school?」

Megu asks.

「Yes…I’m enrolled on the middle school under the same school of Misuzu-sama…」

I see, they look like they wear the same uniform from afar but when you look at them closely, the details are subtly different.

She’s already a part of guards even though she’s 15.

That’s somewhat amazing.

「This is Michi’s first job…!」

Misuzu smiles at Michi-san.

「Yes…I will do my whole best to accomplish my work!」

The small beauty answered with a serious look.

…I-Is that so?


She’s seems reliable…seems not.

Anyway, I know that she’s a small and lovely girl.

「…Out! Change!!」

The umpire’s voice echoes from the ground…

I look towards the scoreboard.

From the first inning…it seems that the opponent high school has taken over three points…

The two points were Endou’s blunder.

「Endou you shit, die you bastard…!」

Endou comes back from the right position he defended…and the baseball seniors cursed him.

Endou can’t sit on the bench…he has to stand outside.

The second half of the innings…it’s our High school’s attack.

「Now, Danna-sama…let’s have lunch!」

From what Misuzu said…Michi-san took out a picnic sheet and spread it on the slope without saying anything.

「Now…Danna-sama and Megumi-san, come here」

Misuzu puts the basket Michi-san has carried to the middle and opened it.

「Katsuko-sama has sent this to you…!」

The contents of the basket were sandwiches.

「There’s tea as well」

Yup…there’s also a thermos bottle.

「Ah…Danna-sama, this is Megumi-san’s home ground so please stay close to Megumi-san」

Speaking of which…

Misuzu’s not clinging to me like always for today.

She’s taking a bit more distance than usual…


Megu looks at Misuzu

「There are other people looking so I will leave Danna-sama to Megumi-san here. Misuzu will behave like a close friend of you two」

Misuzu thinks of Megu’s position…

「In exchange…When we’re on Misuzu’s home ground」

「…Got it」

Megu answers.

「I will take a step behind at those times」

Misuzu and Megu look at each other.

「But still…Misuzu-san, thank you for your concern」

Megu bowed to Misuzu.

「Please don’t mind it…Megumi-san is Danna-sama’s 『Wife』and Misuzu is his 『Mistress』 I know that it actually is Megumi-san’s position at any time but…」


「No, I only do my job as a 『wife』 I know that Misuzu-san is much more suitable as the legal wife than me」

Megu said.

「Misuzu-san’s a very intelligent person…I think that you will be our leader next to Minaho-san…!」

Megumi thinks that Misuzu will be the next generation leader of 『Kuromori』…?!


Minaho-neesan is thinking about crushing 『Kuromori』doesn’t she?

「I understood earlier that Kouzuki-sama thinks that it’s a waste to dismantle 『Kuromori』 I think we need to keep 『Kuromori』existing in some way for Kouzuki-sama to accept us」

Megu tells Misuzu.

「Katsuko-sama has said that as well…Yuzuki-sama didn’t say anything however…」

Misuzu answers.

『Kuromori’s』continuation…that means continuing the prostitution brothel.

As for Minaho-neesan who knows the suffering of the prostitutes captured in the mansion…

It’s a choice she can’t accept.

But…Kouzuki『Kakka』has the power.

『Kakka’s』request can’t be refused easily.

「…Either way, we have to think about the future from now on」

Misuzu said with a serious face.

『What’s ahead』…『Future』

「Bring courage in your heart…you have to win the『future』even if there’s a risk…」

Misuzu and Megumi have already began thinking about 『Future』


I’m doing my whole best on the present…


Suddenly…Michi-san looks at Misuzu with a scary face.

「What’s wrong, Michi?」

The Japanese doll-like beauty answered.

「…Let’s hurry and eat our meals」

Before I noticed, Michi-san has already prepared sandwich and tea for everyone.

She’s not just a guard.

She’s also doing maid work…

「You’re right, should we eat?!」

On top of the picnic seat…

Megu and I sit in a row.

Sandwich is in the middle…Misuzu and Michi-san is on the other side.


The students watching the game on the ground from the first base…

Megu and I who were having a lap pillow a while ago

Can only see Misuzu and Michi as our close friends…

Only the baseball club knows that Misuzu and I have kissed before…

Only Endou and some of my classmates knows my face.

The other seniors in the baseball club doesn’t know who I am…

They’re only looking at the beauties who are wearing the super-ojou-sama school uniform…

They’ll only be confused if they look at the current situation.


「Yukino-san…come here」

Misuzu calls out Yukino who’s sitting away from us.

「We have your share too…!」

Yukino ignores Misuzu’s voice.

She’s looking at the ground silently.

She’s not watching the game.

As if she’s thinking about something…just absentmindedly staring into nothing.


Misuzu loudens her voice.

「I was told by Yuzuki-sama…If you don’t eat with us, we will sent Yukino-san’s videos to the students’ phones」

Yukino’s videos.

Her nudes or the video being violated by me?

Either way…there’s dozens of photos taken from Yukino that it would be outrageous to be seen by public.

She’s photographed every time she’s violated after all.

「…What will you do? Would you like your photos to be seen by everyone?」

Hearing Misuzu say that…

Yukino stands up quietly

「…I’m coming right now」

Yukino joins our circle.

I look at our high school baseball club on the first base.

The regular players on bench concentrates on the game…

The guys who are outside the bench ignores the game and just looks at us.

They’re pointing this way and whisper at each other.

Well of course.

Everyone knows that Yukino is Endou’s girlfriend.

They were shouting at each other before the game…

Then…she’s eating a meal with us.

Yup…the baseball club doesn’t know what’s going on anymore

Anyway…Yukino’s existence is a camouflage.

Ah…Endou’s looking this way with a dumbfounded face.

「Come…Yukino-san please eat as well」

Misuzu hands a sandwich to Yukino.

「I don’t care whatever happens to you if you don’t eat」

Yukino takes a sandwich and puts it in her mouth silently.

「Let’s eat too」


We also begin eating.


AS usual…Katsuko-nee’s homemade bread has a different flavor.

The sandwich, eggs, ham, cucumbers…homemade jam…

Anyway, there’s a lot.


The baseball club supervisor comes out from the bench of the first base.

A middle aged man close to 40s wearing a sunglasses is coming to us.

「Hey, you first year over there!」

Although the game is in progress…the baseball club coach comes to the fence and yelled at us.

「Don’t eat meals at this place! You’re obstructing the game!」

What’s with this old man?

Even though he was bribed to make an injured person a regular.

「The players are distracted! Go somewhere and eat!」

No…Getting distracted by this?…

What logic is that?

「This is outside the school grounds. I think it’s our freedom to eat where we want!」

Megu protests to the coach.

「What’s with you…What year and class are you?!」

Misuzu speaks to the supervisor shouting at Megu.

「There’s no need to answer. This person will just be putting false charges on us…!」

Then…Misuzu looks at the players on the ground.

The game paused when the coach has called 『time』

Everyone’s looking at the coach’s anger with a surprised face.

「Am I bothering anyone?」

Misuzu calls the players with a smile on her whole face.

「Am I bothering anyoneee?!!」

Michi-san repeats Misuzu’s question for some reason.

The players are our baseball club and another high school baseball club…

They shook their heads.

「Do you mind me if I eat my meal here?!」

「…Do you miiind?!」

The smile of the beautiful high school girl…is repeated by the cute middle school girl…

The baseball players shook their heads again.

No…it’s not just the athletes.

Most of the students watching outside the ground and even Geropa-kouchou is nodding while looking at us.

That is how amazing Misuzu’s elegant smile is.

With the lovely figure of Michi-san too…

「Look…everybody replied that they do not mind!」

Misuzu told the coach with a smile.

「Tsk…What are you doing? Resume the game!」

The coach returns to the bench on the first base.


I tell Misuzu.

「You made the coach withdraw by just smiling」

Misuzu smiles at me.

「…That is the power of being embraced by Danna-sama!」


「Misuzu isn’t scared of anything as long as she’s with Danna-sama…!」

Misuzu…has changed.

When I first met her in Nagisa’s shop, she’s quite an introvert and docile girl depending on Nagisa.

It has only been a few days since then and yet…

I can feel the composure on Misuzu now.

She’s independent, smiling without relying on anyone.

I think it is just as Megu said a while ago.

Quick-witted, her decisiveness excels…You can feel her broadmindedness.

Misuzu might be the leader of our generation.

「Yukino-san, please eat more…」

She doesn’t even forget to pay attention to Yukino.


A metal bat sounds again…

「All right, All right!」

Shoot fly, out.

The game enters the third inning…

The score is 3-0, our school is losing.

「Misuzu, are you detailed about baseball?」

I asked while eating the ham sandwich with butter and mustard.

「Misuzu isn’t detailed about sports」

Misuzu holds a paper cup with tea and said bashfully.

「If I recall…the hat-trick is three points right?」

Hmm…she doesn’t know anything.

「But…the players were wearing hat since the beginning is that correct?」


How should I explain this?

「Ah…Endou-kun’s batting it seems」

I turned around when Megu said that.

Endou enters the batter’s box.

Endou’s the 8th batter?

He really is forced to be a regular.

「Endou! Bat that properly!」

The batter in front of Endou is no-out on the first base.

He chose the the fourth ball and got to base.

It’s a sacrifice bunt in theory, but…


Endou…swings it.

It seems that the team was centered on Endou until middle school…

He looks like a slugger, but.

Endou today is injured…

Above all…This must be his first time for a hard ball match.

I think it’s not the place to show his strange guts here.

「That person’s movement is strange…」

Michi-san says as she looks at Endou .

「Yeah, he was beaten up a couple of days ago」

…By Margo-san.

Since Yukino is nearby, I can’t say Margo-san’s name.

「That is the person Yukino is dating」

Megu tells Misuzu.

「Hmm… Yukino-san likes a person with a bandage on his nose?」

Misuzu states her impressions.

No you see…he doesn’t always have a bandage there.

「A crude person it is…」

Looking at Endou making a strike after a big swing…Misuzu has declared.

「He’s injured, but…I think he’s attention is distracted since the beginning…」

Michi-san said.

It seems that old martial arts people can understand the character of their opponent by behavior…

「Yukino-san…are you okay with that?」

Misuzu looks at Yukino.

Yukino doesn’t look at Endou during this game at all.

No, she’s not even looking at the game itself.

She just looks down as if rejecting everything.

「That person…feels like he will only have sex selfishly. I’m sure it won’t feel good having sex with that person…!」

Misuzu speaks to Yukino whisperingly.

「He’s different from our Danna-sama. Danna-sama always makes Misuzu and others feel happy…」

Yukino looks up hearing Misuzu…

「…What are you saying?」

Yukino looks at Misuzu.

Yukino knows that Misuzu is a Kouzuki.

Unlike Megu…She can’t show words in antagonistic manner.

「No, nothing. I’m just talking about Danna-sama giving us a very wonderful sex…!」

Misuzu smiles at Yukino.


What does this mean?

Did Misuzu receive any order from Minaho-neesan concerning Yukino?

If ever Shirasaka house doesn’t stop attacking us, our next move is…

『Kidnap Yukino』that’s what Minaho-neesan said.

As preparations for that…

Misuzu’s already acting…

「Strike, batter out!!!!」

I didn’t see the last one…

Endou…you’re already hopeless.

「What the hell are you doing!!」

「You can’t even bunt!!」

「Even if you die there, a runner would pass through you!」

「Or rather, try to make a hit by yourself!」

「Get hit by a pitch and die!」

The baseball club seniors turned even harsher…

「…Yoshi-kun, show me your hand」

Megu holds my hand.

「This hand always makes me feel good. I love being touched by Yoshi-kun…」

Megu kisses my hand while looking at Yukino.

She puts my fingers in her mouth.

「Misuzu loves Danna-sama’s hand as well. Sex with Danna-sama feels very pleasant…」

Misuzu looks at me with moist eyes.

Usually…she would lick my fingers, not wanting to be defeated by Megu.

It seems that she’s enduring it here on the public.

In exchange, she licks her fingers with her tongue.

「I love his hand but…Misuzu loves being licked by his tongue even more.」

「Yeah…I feel you. Yoshi-kun makes me really feel glad that I was born a woman when he licks my breasts」

Megu rides on Misuzu’s talk…

The two of them seems to be communicating with just eye contact.

In short…They’re doing a sexual topic in front of Yukino.

「Misuzu loves being licked there. But in the end…」

「…It feels the best being connected with Yoshi-kun」

「Yes…it feels so good that my body feels like it’s melting」

「I know…I had my sexual orgasm last night」

「Is that so?…That’s great, Megumi-san」

「Yes…I thought that it would be enough to serve Yoshi-kun until then but…It feels really happy when you orgasm at the same time」

「That’s right, Megumi-san…Misuzu loves it when Danna-sama pours his semen into the womb when he reaches climax. There’s nothing happier than that」

「I know! Misuzu-san…!」

Yukino’s throat sound like gulping.

Yukino’s aroused by the sexual conversation by the two.



I hear a military song flowing through a broken speaker from afar?

There’s three black vans on the road.

…It’s blasting off it’s way to us.

There’s a large 『Political Organization』written on the cars.

「That’s a fake right wing」

Misuzu said when she saw the name of the political organization.

「…Fake right wing?」

When I asked, Misuzu…

「It’s a crime syndicate pretending to be a right wing political organization」

Those guys are coming over here…

The three cars stopped right above us.

The door slide opens…

Bad guys wearing matching black dress come one after another.

There’s 15 people in all coming from the three cars.

The sunglasses man speaks…

「…Where is Yamamine Megumi?!」

They’re here to capture Megu…?!

Not me nor Misuzu…

With that said…they’re the people hired by 『Shirasaka house』

There’s finally guys who were hired after the continuous refusal of cooperation by the underground organizations.

「…That’s Yamamine Megumi!」

Yukino points at Megumi.

…Seriously, this girl

「Everyone…please do not move from here」

Michi-san stands up

She holds out the short black stick…

She gets up the slope towards the men.

「…What’s with you?!」

The man speaks to Michi-san in an intimidating manner.

「I will be your opponent…!」

Michi-san stares at the man with an expressionless face.

Grasping the black stick…she thrust it out towards the men.

「…Ojou-chan…we don’t want you to get injured so back off!」

「…We’re only hear for the girl named Yamamine Megumi」

「…Ojou-chan is still too young to be our opponent」

「Liar! Isn’t that girl in the center of your strikezone you lolicon!」

「Ah, I know!」

「Aniki, I like that girl」

「We can just gangrape them after catching them…」

The fake right wing laughs vulgar.

They’re going to capture Megu and rape her!

I will never allow that to happen!!

I put my hands on the beat up stick

「…What what what?」

I can hear a voice from the ground.

The baseball club members and the students are looking this way from the sudden entry of the fake right wing…

「Hey…Is she allright?!!」

A black haired girl stands alone in front of the men a bit apart from us.

「Ojou-chan…could you move away ?!」

「…We’re not playing. Oji-san is busy」

「Aniki, let’s kidnap this girl too!」

「That’s right…should we gang-bang her too?」

「Let’s bring them all!」

「Hm…now that I look at them, they’re all beauties…」

「Let’s kill that brat and kidnap everyone else!」

I won’t let that…!

I stand in front of the girls.

「I will punish you from here」

…Michi-san said with a serious face.

「Punish…What are you saying?」

「Are you crazy?」

The men laughs at Michi-san.

Michi-san sets her black stick straight.

Facing the top of the men…the leader…

She put the stick on the man’s forehead.

「…Kudou style martial arts, Kudou Michi…Here I come!」



Along with a dreadful launch sound…

The tip if the black sttick was shot at a high speed!

A black chunk hits the leader’s forehead an made a dull sound!!!


The man was blown off several meters away!!!

W-w-w-w-w-w-what the hell is that????!!

「…Prepare yourselves!!」

Michi-san took out a round steel ball and thin chain from inside of the empty black stick.


Michi-san swings the steel weights with a speed tearing up air…


This is old martial arts…?!

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