Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 146


A voice of surprise…

Come from the students watching on the first base…

From the ground.

Well of course.

Beyong the wire net fence on the third base…

A slightly elevated slope from the ground…

Fifteen fake right wing thugs…

Is being confronted by a small beautiful middle school girl…!

…Byun, byun, byun, byun!!!!


The black haired girl twists the chain with a steel sphere overhead at super speed.

…Kudou Michi, third year middle school student.

A Japanese style beauty who’s guarding Misuzu from Kouzuki『Kakka’s』command…!!!

Michi-san doesn’t wield the chain by her wrist…

Using her waist as axis…she bends her waist using her whole body as a spring…the chain and weights make a howl…!

It’s as if she’s a cowboy moving to handle a lasso on western movies.

She swings the chain with her right hand and keeping balance with her left arm.

Grabbing the chain with her right hand and swinging it up and down flexibly…she times the dive of the steel ball1 while trying not to get the thugs get caught in the chains…

「…Toyaaaaaaa, haaaaaaaa!!」

Making a dull voice coming from her belly…the fake right wing is being screened by Michi-san.

「Ojou-chan…if you swing the chains like that, it won’t hit us…」

Another tall man speaks to Michi-san instead of the leader who fainted after receiving the tip of the black stick ejected at high speed…

「No matter how quickly she spins the chain, we know that the ball on the end will fly over here. That can be avoided easily…」

Certainly…They can dodge quickly from that distance.

Michi-san’s hand swinging the chain…the orbit the steel ball will fly is easily readable.

「I usually hit a 160 kilogram balls at the batting center. My eyes are used to the speed…N?!」

The steel ball glows brightly!!!


It launches to the head of the man’s temporal lobe!!!

The man was blown away diagonally before he was able to finish speaking!

Then he fell down and fainted…!


Michi-san accelerates the steel balls overhead again while crying out in a low voice…!

「…Hey, wait a moment!」

The fake right wing on sunglasses speaks to Michi-san…!!!


Shugo! The steel ball flies out and the sunglesses man’s forehead is broken!!!


That man danced in the air and collapsed suddenly…!

「…H-Hey…I-It’s not that fast, is it?」

「Why can’t they avoid it????!!」

Byun byun…the chains and weight revolves!





The third fake right wing is blown away!!

「…Yoshi-kun…could that be?」

Megu whispers to my ears.

「…Take a look at Michi-san’s left hand」




Four men were hit by the weights on their head and fell on the ground!!

「…Michi-san’s left hand?」

I look at Michi-san’s left hand when Megu said that.


There’s a concealed laser pointer on Michi-san’s left hand.


Michi-san’s left hand moves slowly…!

The eyes of the next marked man…got irradiated by the red laser beam!!!


At the moment the man flinched…!!!!

The steel ball blows off the man’s head at very high speed!!!


Another fake right wing falls on the ground.


That’s an absurdly unfair…wonderful technique


The sixth fake right wing becomes a prey of the weight…!!!!!!


A big cheer breaks out from behind us.

The baseball game was stopped again…

Everyone on the vicinity of the ground is paying attention to MIchi-san’s steel ball attack…!

「…Dammit, we’ll be knocked out one by one if this continues!」

「Let’s attack all at once if it comes to this!」

The fake right wings talk to each other.

「As long as you get inside those chains, it would be our win…!」

「Or rather, she’s only attacking one person at a time」

「Okay…Let’s split on both directions and attack all at once!」

「That’s right, she’ll only be a sitting duck if she stops…Mugooo!!!」

The steel ball smashes the head of the man who opens his mouth!!

「Eeei…Let’s all attacckk!!!!」

「Let’s do all we can if it comes to this!!!!」

The remaining men divided themselves into two groups of around five people each…and dashed down the slope…!

That’s dangerous…!

If this continues…!

「…I won’t let that!!!」

Michi-san fires the steel ball towards the feet of the men on the right…!

Biiyuuuun, the stretched out iron chain tripped up their legs…!

The remaining men jumped over the chain and comes closer to us!!!

There’s no obstacles for the men approaching from the left side.

「Megu, Misuzu, Yukino…get behind me!!」

I hold the beat up stick…!

I have to protect these girls at any cost!!

The angry faces of the men comes closer!!

…At that moment!!!


From behind us…

The bush around the joint of the wire fence opens up…!

A figure of a person comes from the underground!!!

「…Get down everyone!!!」

We lowered our head when I heard the familiar voice!!!


Jumping over us who crouched down…Margo-san thrust into the men on the left!!!

Margo-san holds a black stick around a meter in length on both hands!!!

She sweeps the men approaching with the stick!!!

「…Toyaaaaaaaa!! Toaaaa!!! Iyaaaa!!!」




Their foothold is a bad slope however…!

The men hit by Margo-san’s stick rotates in the air and falls in the slope!!!

「I leave that place to you!!!!」

Margo-san shouts at Michi while waving the stick.

…Oh right?

…What about the men approaching from the left?!

「…I have accepted your request!!!!」

Michi-san throws down the chain and weights and took out a collapsible baton from her skirt!!!

Shuba, stretching out the baton…she rushes towards the man in the front!!!

「What the hell is that thing!!!」

The man caught the club swung by the small girl with his arm!!

「Jou-chan’s power makes it impossible to use this!!!」

The man’s face distorts.

His thichk arm grabs the end of the baton!!


Michi-san’s caught???

But, Michi-san’s face shows no unrest…!


At that moment…the man’s face trembled!!!!


A burning smell shrouds the surroundings.

The man fell on the ground.

…Could this be?!

That baton is a stun-gun?

「…Wait a moment!!!」

「…D-Don’t approach her carelessly!!!」

The remaining men were frightened by Michi-san’s electric baton.

At that moment…Margo-san has finished crushing the men on the right side…

「Four remaining」

Margo-san approaches Michi-san slowly.

「This four people should be left to me…」

Michi-san tells Margo-san while glaring at the men.

「Don’t say that…It would be easier if the two of us cooperates…!」

Margo-san throws out her black stick and takes an unarmed stance…

「Then…I will leave one to you」

Michi-san said in a low voice…

「My my…you haven’t noticed?」


Margo-san jumps to the men at the moment Michi-san shows a surprised face…!!

「Ah…Principal, it’s been a while!!」

Margo-san greets Geropa-Kouchou on the other side of the ground while beating up one of the men with her fist.

「It’s me! Margo Starkweather, the one who graduated spring this year!」

Furthermore, using a roundhouse kick and an elbow…the two men were blown off at the same time.

「I’m thankful for your kindness during my school years!!!」

The last one went down by an uppercut from below!!

「…Ah, i-it’s been a while…Margo-kun」

Geropa-kouchou’s twitching face from the distance is looking over here.

「…And, another one!!!」

Margo-san tried to kick the man that has already collapsed!!


The man who should’ve fainted avoided Margo-san’s foot!!

「…Those two are are playing dead!!」

Margo-san warned us!

「That and that one!!!」

The pointed men gets up quickly.

「…You got us」

One of the men muttered.

「…I’m a pro too」

Margo-san smiles.

「Also…I also do play dead a lot」

Margo-san talks to Michi-san while restraining the man who got up.

「I will beat down these two so can you deal with tha man?」

Michi-san who didn’t find the men who were『playing dead』…speaks in regret.


Margo-san laughs.

「Don’t make that face…!」


At that moment…the two of them rushes into action!!!

Margo-san hammers her fist to the face of one of the men and twists her body to strike the other man’s stomach with her elbow…!

Michi-san strikes the man’s neck with her electric baton!!!!


MArgo-san and Michi-san stopped moving…


At the same time…the three men fell on the ground…!

It’s as if it was turned to an action movie.


Cheering voices unexpectedly come from the ground…

◇ ◇ ◇

「Hey, those who are inside the car…get out!」

Margo-san shouts on the three black vans with the fake right wing


Then, three young men who looks like fake right wing underlings come out frightened…

They’re wearing black biker gang jacket just like everyone just in case…

「…Uhm, we are」

「…we’re just helpers」

「That…Senpai told me to come to part-time work for only today」

「I was only told to drive the car」

「Anyway…we’re unrelateded」

「Please spare us」

…The fake right wing.

Had some people helping on the part-time work for only today…

「…Get your fainted friends on the car!」

MArgo-san told the young men.

「Then get home…!」

The young men can’t move because of fright.

「…Hurry up! Hayaku!!2」

Margo-san’s roaring made part-time youths moving.


The young men runs to the fake right wing who run down the slope, collapsed, and fainted.

「…Now then」

Margo-san turns to the ground.

She breathes in heavily…!

「…Principal, everyone!!!」

Margo-san shouted with a smile.

「…That’s all done!! Please resume your game!!!! Sorry for showing something unsightly!!!」

Then, Margo-san smiled.

That smile…made the people frozen up watching the fight across the fence breathe out.

「…T-That’s done」

「Or rather…what was that just now?」

「A movie filming?」

「No way…That’s the legendary Margo-senpai」

「…Yeah, you’re right」

「It’s my first time seeing her」

「So she was real」

「Or rather…she’s strong like a monster」

「Then…who’s that chibi?」

「She’s Margo-senpai’s acquaintance either way」

「Anyway…should it have been better if we didn’t watch?」

「Yeah…the principal is looking at them in blank surprise」

「Nobody called the police nor ambulance…」

「It might be a world we’re not involved with…」

I can hear the sound of people talking from afar.

「Listen…there are people watching so relax your faces」

Margo-san tells us.

「But…don’t lower your guard yet」


「Those part-timers on the fake right wing might just be acting that they’re afraid…」

I see…they approach us while pretending to nurse the collapsed men…

There’s a possibility of them suddenly attacking…

「Those people saying that they’re just working part time might just be a lie. What if they were regular members of the fake right wing? Furthermore, what if the one with the strongest fighting ability is among them? Maybe guys earlier were just a decoy and they hid all the way to penetrate our gaps…?!」

Yup…That’s possible.

「Also…we don’t know if the people who collapsed are completely fainted. They may regain consciousness suddenly and it’s possible for them to counterattack…!」

…Margo-san always behaves considering the worst possible situation.

Michi-san approaches Misuzu-san and takes an alert attitude.

I also stand to protect Megu and Yukino.

Of course…I’m holding my beat up stick…

Meanwhile…the three part-time young men drags the collapsed fake right wing and throws them to their cars.

「By the way…you do get it don’t you?」

Margo-san speaks to Michi-san.


Michi-san looks up at Margo-san with a dubious face.

「…The worst problem on your act just earlier」

Margo-san smiles at Michi-san kindly.

「…That is」

Michi-san fell silent.

「…I will reflect on it on my own…it’s nothing of your concern」

Misuzu intervenes Michi-san who says that.

「No, Michi…hear Margo-san out」


The petite girl looks up at Misuzu.

「Margo-san is a pro. A superior…If Margo-san didn’t come to save us just now, you won’t be able to protect me…is that correct?」

Michi-san answers in regret.


「Then first…you should be thanking Margo-san, right?」


「…Thank you very much for your help」

She bows her head to Margo-san.

「Also…You should be asking for your Senpai’s opinion by yourself right?」

Hearing Misuzu…Michi-san.

「What is the problem with my behavior…I’m sorry for the inconvenience but please teach me. I am very sorry for my immature and arrogant remarks earlier…!」

Misuzu also bows to Margo-san.

「I will ask of it too…please tell us your opinion about Michi’s actions just now」

Margo-san smiles.

「First, your main choice of weapon is bad. The chains and weight are a flashy in visuals but…there’s a risk of hurting the surrounding people when you wield them so you could not avoid but taking distance on the subject you’re protecting, which is Misuzu…!」

I-I see.

「When you take so much distance…the enemy would surround you. It would’ve been bad if the enemy spread out left and right from the beginning. You may be safe but it’s bad for the guard to have the subject be caught by the enemy, right?」

From what Margo-san said…Michi-san.

「That…I considered that the battle was in a bad position. As long as the men can’t go down the slope…I judged that I can protect Misuzu-sama」

Un…it’s definitely a slope so it would be difficult to get behind us quickly.

「If that’s the case…they can just take distance and run to the fence side on the slope and descend, won’t you be unable to do anything if you were attacked from the bottom? There’s fifteen of them…in addition, there’s three more from the car. You won’t be bale to do anything if there’s a separate force…would you?」

Margo-san assumes all the possibilties.

「That…is right, however…」

「Actually…the enemies split up in the end. If ever I didn’t jump in the moment…Michi-san alone can stop the men on the right side but the men attacking from the left side would be able to break through」

「…That is」

Michi-san looks down.

「Also…The three『playing dead』 Have you noticed them hiding in your blind spot and were approaching Misuzu-san and others little by little?」

「No…I wasn’t able to notice them」

…Margo-san observes the surrounding while she was fighting.

「You are Misuzu-san’s guard right?」


「You must never fail your role as a guard. One small mistake you overlook and the life of the one you’re guarding will be lost…you should acquire a habit of watching over the situation a bit more」

Michi-san turns to Misuzu

「…Misuzu-sama, I’m very sorry」

She lowers her head deeply.

「It’s okay…Michi」

Misuzu smiles at Michi-san.

「Anyway…You don’t have the weight and height so you’re fixated on the big weapons like chains and iron balls…but it wasn’t suitable for this location」

Margo-san continues.

「Especially the enemy was on the slope and you were under it. The power of steel ball falls so much when attacking from below…also!」

Margo-san picks up the chains and iron ball that fell on the ground while being cautious of the part time youth.

She picks up the iron ball together with the chains.

Then, she puts the steel ball on her hand and observed it.

「As expected. This isn’t a real iron ball」

…Eh, it’s not real?

It looks like a heavy steel ball though

「…Yes, that’s hardened rubber」

Michi-san said bashfully.

「Of course it is. True steel ball would be too heavy for you to wield…and it would kill everyone if you swing it seriously」

Margo-san said laughingly.

「…I also practice with genuine steel balls. But my father hasn’t allowed me to use it in actual battle…!」

She’s also practicing with real steel balls…

「Well of course. Your precision is too low that it’s too dangerous, he can’t permit it」

Margo-san says while looking down on Michi.

「Because you can’t kill the opponent with a single blow…they can 『play dead』like that. Also, three of them is too many…」

「…I’m sorry」

Michi-san bows her head deeply.

「It doesn’t matter if it’s a iron or rubber…You have to repeat training until you can completely drive it to a vital point on a human body」

「Yes…I think it is as you say」

Michi-san is getting close to crying

「Even if this ball isn’t genuine…it’s easy to become dangerous. At first…You hit the tip of the black stick on the head of the man, right?」

That’s right. She shoot it out at first…!

「…Are you talking about『Missile Punch』?」

…M-Missile puinch/

「It’s a technique that shoots itself into an enemy…」

Certainly…It was a 『Missile』and『Punch』, but…

「That was launched by a reinforced spring right?」

「Yes…That is right」

「In truth…that weapon shoots out a sharp object like a knife, right?」

…T-That’s dangerous.

「Yes…My father made it with a former Soviet Spetsnaz knife as a reference」

「Yup…Everyone will know it when they see it」

Y-You know it Margo-san?!

「Actually…It’s a weapon that shoots out a sharp pointed knife and kills the opponent with a blow. And yet…the thing you used has no blades. Therefore I thought that all your weapons have no killing capacity」

I see…Shooting out a lump without a blade or swinging out a rubber ball…

A weapon only stunning the opponent…it has no power to go as far as killing.

「The true Kudou style is used with the power to kill. 『Missile punch』too…The thing father uses has a proper blade, and there’s poison on the cutting edge too…!

Michi-san answers not wanting to diminish the name of Kudou style.

「But…Father…hasn’t allowed me to use it yet…!」


I understand her father’s feelings…

I don’t want to make this small and cute girl be a murderer.

But…it must be dangerous to have a poison on the blade.

「The relationship of you and your father doesn’t matter…I’m telling you that your weapon choice is bad. If you show such a thing first…it’s possible that the opponent might notice 『Could it be that her next weapon doesn’t have the power to kill as much as it looks?』」

「That is…you may be right」

Michi-san looks down.

「Therefore…your attacks have to make your opponents faint with a single blow. If the hit was shallow and they 『pretend to be dead』it would expose that your weapon isn’t as dangerous as it looks」

Margo-san rolls the hand on her ball.

「Please return my 『Victory Hammer』」

…V-Victory hammer?

「Here…It was fun to combine this with a laser pointer though」

Margo-san says while passing the rubber ball that looks like iron too Michi-san.

「…It’s not Laser pointer. It’s 『Crimson flash』!」

「…Crimson flash?」

I muttered unconsciously.

「Yes…It’s a crimson ray!」

Michi-san looks at me with a serious face.

「Err…Then, what about the 『collapsible baton with a stun gun』you used last?」

When I asked…Michi-san.

「…It’s my 『Jupiter Thunderbolt』, what about it?」

She’s looking at my face…

「That’s all Kudou style old martial arts?」

「…Of course」

Michi-san answers with an angry and serious face.


…『Missile Punch』『Victory Hammer』『Crimson Flash』『Jupiter Thunderbolt』…

Indeed…Kudou style old martial arts.

Is it really an old martial art?

「The current Kudo-style has been arranged by my father to be a contemporary style…」

Michi-san said.

「The current keepers are only my father and I…」


「Wait a moment…if I recall, your mother, brother, and sister are all guards of Kouzuki family too?」

…Michi-san answered looking disappointed.

「Mother and others don’t understand the wonder of Kudou style…」

「Then that means?」

「Yes…Mother acquires the normal Karate and Martial arts」

…T-That’s bad.

…For Kudou style

「That’s why grandfather has sent out Michi for training under the pretense of being my guard…!」

Misuzu said.


「It is a change to make her study and grow up into a wonderful guard under the guidance of the experience people like Margo-san and the people of 『Kuromori』」

Michi-san looks up at Misuzu with a surprised face.

「…I see, that might be the case」

Margo-san smiles.

1. Run, Jojo’s Bizarre adventures Part 7 ↩

2. The raw says “Hayaku! Hari-appu!” ↩

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