Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 144

144. Play ball!

「…Where are we going?」

Yukino asks me from behind.

「Isn’t that obvious?…The baseball ground」

Megu answers befor me.

Megu’s linking arms with me, sticking our bodies closely.

「…Isn’t the route different?」

If we want to watch the practice match on school premise…this isn’t the way.

「We’ll be watching from outside the school…from outside the wire net」

Megu speaks to Yukino who’s behind…


Yukino’s cautious.

We can watch the game even from inside the school

Or rather…almost everyone would be there.

We’re taking trouble to detour…get out of the school and behind the wire net fence.

That place don’t have much people.

「I don’t know…That was an order from Yuzuki-sensei…!」

Megu turned back to Yukino and said.

Megu who’s been living afraid of Yukino.

Now…Megu has the higher position than Yukino.

But…There’s still Megu’s complex about Yukino remaining strongly.

Megu is clinging to my arms powerfully…

She’s confused being in such a situation…


I call out Megu

「It’ll be fine…」

Megu…nods and replied 「Un」

「…Thank you, Yoshi-kun」

We get out of the school’s back entrance and walked on the outside road around the site.

Before long…we can see the baseball club’s ground.

The first base is in our school and the third base is off-campus.

There’s a cone-shaped slope ahead of the wire fence outside the ground…It’s a road with a margin where a car can pass through.

There’s a lot of students gathered on the first base side.

The opponent for the practice match today is a prestigious baseball team who’s name is known even in the nearby high schools.

There must be a lot of students going to watch the game.

It’s not just students, but there’s a lot of teachers.


As usual…he looks like Maradona…

「…Yukino, why are you there?!」


Endou wearing his uniform is shouting from the ground!

Should you be doing that when the game is about to start?

「Or rather, why are you with those people!」

Endou looks at us and feels suspicious.

「You’ve got nothing to do with it…I just happen to bass by them!」

Yukino shouts back at Endou.

It doesn’t look like a lover’s conversation at all.

Both of them are just roaring at each other!

「Well fine, but…Why are you there?!」

Endou shouts at Yukino outside the wire net fence!

「I’m the one who decides where I watch!」

Yukino shouts at the ground back…!

Looking from outside perspective, this couple’s already done.

「Don’t be an idiot!」

Endou shouts at Yukino…

But…Endou has a huge band-aid on his nose and his back seems to be still in pain, his walking is strange…

Even though he look so horrible…he’s still going to play the game?

No…he’s wearing a regular uniform with an embroidered name of the school.

Yup…He’ll play.

Amazing…he really bribed the baseball club’s manager.

「That’s the third base…enemy’s side! Do you even know that!」

「I don’t care! I’m not even interested in baseball!」

…Endou’s angry but we’re beyond the wire mesh fence…and we have the high ground…1

…You can only see them as idiots screaming alone in the ground.

Well, Yukino shouting here is quite strange too.

Compared to most of the students and teachers on the first base…there’s only three of us outside the fence of the third base…

「Hey, Endou…the match is about to begin, come over here!」

The third year baseball club senpai calls out Endou, unable to stand it any longer.

Yup…the other high school students in the practice game are already preparing for the game…

The principal and other students are also watching…

Really…Endou isn’t concerned at other people’s eyes.

I think that’s amazing in some meaning…

「I’m going!…Can’t be helped. Yukinoo! Just stay there, support me!」

Endou shouts at Yukino and runs towards the bench of his team on the first base.

Haa…It’s not 『Us』or 『Our team』…

Endou’s baseball is an individual competition?

Somehow…it doesn’t go through.

「Yukino’s boyfriend looks interesting. Shouting out hard like a monkey in the zoo」

Megu tells Yukino

Though she’s speaking harshly…Megu’s hand holding my arm is trembling

…Megu’s on her edge.

「…Your boyfriend isn’t a big deal either, is he?!」

Yukino bares hostility to Megu.

「He’s not my boyfriend…he’s my fiancé」

Megu won’t yield.

「Hmm, being engaged to a despicable rapist…I don’t know how vulgar blooded people think」

Yukino talks badly of Megu’s mother again.

「Don’t we have the same bloodline…?!」

Megu counterattacked Yukino by switching to Shirasaka Sousuke.

「I’m different from you…! I’m a Shirasaka, you’re a Yamamine. Don’t lump me together with you!」

Yukino’s words don’t have an impact because we just saw the Shirasaka lawyer and Old man Ichikawa kneel in front of of Kouzuki『Kakka』who has the strongest blood.

「I’m a Yoshida…Yoshida Megumi…!」

Megu who was thrown by Yamamine house…and the humiliation she has received from Shirasaka house has already been in the past.

Even though there’s still an inferiority complex inside her heart…she can reject it with her will.

「Is that so?…Well, a rapist and a daughter of a whore is a good combination…!」

Yukino looks at Megu with mocking eyes.

Yukino’s tension is completely high after her shouting match with Endou.

Megu’s not yielding to Yukino’s abusive language like the usual.

Megu’s fighting the complex within herself.

She’s trying to overcome the trauma 『I can’t win against Yukino』for all the years since she was a child.

Yukino doesn’t notice that!!

「Yes…I’m very happy. He’s someone I love. He also loves me…!」

Megu confronts Yukino with a strong heart.

「Last night…I went to a love hotel with Yoshi-kun. He filled me with love until morning. I finally understood the pleasures of sex. Yoshi-kun loved me very gently…!」

Megu strikes back.

「Is that so?…That’s great?」

Yukin pretends to be uninterested, but…she looks like in slight shock.

「Un. Having sex with someone you love is amazing. Yukino has no way of knowing as she never experienced anything but rape…!」

Yukino glares at Megu!

「Aren’t you just a plaything for that man? Does he have no taste in women…?!」

「Yoshi-kun met my parents yesterday. He bowed and said『Please give me your daughter』 We’re actually engaged. I’ll be Yoshi-kun’s wife…and Yoshi-kun’s eyes are perfect. The women Yoshi-kun loves are all wonderful ladies…except Yukino」

The two glare at each other.

「Is that so?…Then, I would like to be not involved. Actually…I don’t want to be violated by that man already. It feels disgusting. Just remembering it makes me want to puke…!」

「That’s great. We no longer need Yukino… Yukino’s turn will never come. We enjoy it with Yoshi-kun. We’ll have lots and lots of sex…!」

Megu said with strong eyes.

「…Ah…Is that so, that helps me. I’m really tired being violated by that man already. I would really be grateful if a whore like you takes over…!」

Yukino’s hands is trembling bit by bit.

I know from Mana’s testimony.

Yukino has been masturbating like mad at her home for these past days.

Minaho-neesan’s sexual assault is definitely eating up Yukino’s body.

The body forcibly made to remember sexual pleasure can’t be satisfied with ordinary sex anymore.

But…on top of Yukino’s vagina is an emerald green tattoo with the letters 『吉田』

Yukino who has a high pride can’t release her sexual desire to Endou or any other men.

In order to release Yukino’s frustration her own pride has kept…she has to continue being violated by me.

If so, she can drown herself with the excuse 『This isn’t what I wished for, I was forced to have sex』

And yet…now

Megu has declared 『Your turn will never come』to Yukino.

Yukino’s secretly shaking.

Her eyes are restless.

「From now on…I’m going to receive a lot of pleasure that Yukino can’t experience…we will have sex everyday!」

Megu’s voice is shaking…

These are two girls fighting each other while embracing each other’s complex.

Exposing their complex…

The two of them confronts each other…!

「We’re officially 『engaged』…we can have sex as much as we want. That’s what Yuzuki-sensei said in the classroom earlier right? The supreme court will acknowledge sex between 『engaged』couples…!」

Megu desperately stretches her own standpoint to be higher than Yukino.

「Hmm. Then do as you like…just take care not to get pregnant from having too much sex…!」

Yukino tries to ridicule Megu…

「Yes…It’s okay for only Yukino to be pregnant…!」

Hearing Megu…

Yukino’s body trembles.

She puts her hand on her belly.

「How is it? Pregnant already? Isn’t it about time your body shows changes?」

Megu looks at Yukino’s stomach.

「There’s no change…My next menstruation will surely come. Definitely…!」

Yukino’s eyes are moist as she say that.

Yukino cries immediately when she feels in mental pain.

She cries and blows her feelings…then that’s it.

She doesn’t try to solve the cause of situation with her own power.

She just cries and gets with the flow. Just waiting for someone to help her.

That is how the woman named Shirasaka Yukino lived.

「That’s not true…Yukino’s definitely pregnant」

Megu won’t lose.

Megu tries to escape her own destiny by her own will…

Above all, she’s trying to get out of Yukino’s mental rule.

She’ll say anything no matter how cruel it is for that sake.

Megu wants to win against Yukino.

「Look…There are magazines for pregnant women, I think Yukino should read those magazines before giving birth. I will read magazines for child care after birth…!」

Yukino finally fell silent from what Megu said.

Tears spilled from her eyes.

「Yukino only needs to give birth…we will be the one to raise the child so don’t worry…!」

Oh…this manner of speaking.

It’s Minaho-neesan’s way of talking.

…Megu is imitating Minaho-neesan.

But…Megu’s trembling.

Her trembling hand desperately clings to me.

「…I hate you. I’ll never ever forgive you」

Yukino tells Megu.

「Unfortunately for you…I hate you much more than you hate me. Yukino…I will never forgive you. Never, and absolutely never…」

Yukino is Megu’s natural enemy.

An opponent she can’t lose against…

「How dare you talk to me like that…even though you’re a prostitute’s daughter. I’ll ask my uncle and let you have a horrible experience! You and that man, your lives will be ruined…Yuzuki-sensei too, and the other people…all the people who made me fall to hell」

Yukino also won’t lose.

But…for『Kuromori』members like us, those words won’t do.

We’re already in a fight with the head of Shirasaka house, Shirasaka Moritsugu already.

「That threat isn’t scary at all…I’m no longer related to Shirasaka house nor Yamamine house. Also, I have Yoshi-kun…!」

Megu holds my school uniform with her trembling hands.

「Just what’s useful with that scum of a man?」

Megu criticizes Yukino’s snort

「What about you?…Do you really think that Shirasaka house will help Yukino?」

「I do! Moritsugu-sama is very kind to me!2」

The two of them glare at each other.

「Yukino has been raped dozens of times, had a tattoo, and a child in her stomach…would Shirasaka house even try to save such a girl?」

Megu’s words made Yukino glare at her with all of the hate…!

「They will! Everyone in the Shirasakaclan is kind to me!!!!!」

The players in their uniform gather in the ground ne after another.

The cheers from first base is rising up.

「…Megu, let’s take a seat. It’s about to begin」

…Both players line up.

The game is about to start…


Megu and I sits on the slope in rows.

Yukino sits 5 meters away from us.

I look around again.

As I thought…there are spectators only on the first base.

There’s only the three of us on the third base outside the fence.

I see…I get why Minaho-neesan told us to watch the game from here.

There’s no place to hide around when someone approaches because the shape is a mortar, you will know soon if there is someone ahead.

Above all, we’re in full view from the baseball club in the ground and the students cheering from the first base.

There will be a lot of witnesses if we’re attacked or kidnapped here.

First of all, no normal guy would attack here.

As long as he’s not stupid and at his wits’ end…

「…Play ball!」

The coach of the baseball club shouts…!

Then…the practice game started.

Our school is batting first

「…Megu, do you know anything about baseball?」

Well, she’s a sports girl…I think she knows the rules at least.

「I’m not that informed about it but my father does. He’s always watching baseball news」

Megu answers.

「Yamamine-san likes baseball?」

「Rather than saying he does…he worked on Shirasaka family affliate company you know?」

Oh…that’s how it is.

「That’s why he’s cheering that baseball team」

「…I see」

「Rather than a supporter…the president on my father’s company is an enthusiastic fan? So much that he’d be in a mad mood the next day they lost the game…」

「Haa…That’s troubling」

Or rather, there are those people too

「Like I said…It’s not my father but all the people in the company checks the content of the game. Even if they don’t watch the game broadcast…they’ll surely know the results of the game. Just to match with the president」

Office work is hard.

「My dad’s company is a small place with only 20 employees…that’s why the president can talk to anyone. It seems that the winning streak is much harder to deal than defeat and bad mood. People in good mood talks a lot. 『This player strikes well recently. I wonder what’s his average now』or something like that…」

Oh…So they have to check the data of the players.

While we’re having such talks…the first batter was out from a pitcher’s fly ball.

「…Yoshi-kun, sleepy? Take a rest even for a while」

Megu said.

「You had a hard time since last night, right…?!」

Well…I just had 12 rounds of sex…

I even had a public sex with Mana a while ago…

「…How about resting on Megu’s lap?」


「But, look…if someone suddenly attacks us it would be hard」

I’m being a watchman for the time being.

「It’s okay…I will wake up if someone approaches us」

Megu dusts off her legs.

「Megu’s hizamakura3 will surely be pleasant, I think」


…I lost to the temptation

「…How is it Yoshi-kun?」

Having my head on Megu’s lap…Megu’s smiling above me.

「Hmm…Megu’s lap feels soft and pleasant」

「I’m glad… 」

Megu strokes my cheeks kindly.

She’s looking at my face smiling…


「What is it, Yoshi-kun?」

「Are you okay not watching the game?」

「I’m much happier watching Yoshi-kun’s face…!」

Megu said happily.

「Hey…that first year over there!」

When I looked towards the voice from the ground…it seems it has changed before I noticed it.

The third baseman from out high school screams at us from the defense position while the pitcher is practicing its pitch.

「We’re playing a game seriously here! If you’re going to flirt then do it somewhere else!」

Perhaps, it’s a second year or third year.

True, it might attract eyes watching the practice game when there’s a couple doing a lap pillow.

I was trying to raise my body to say 「sorry」, but…

Megu holds my shoulder, she’s not letting me get up.

「We’re flirting here seriously! Senpai’s the one who should concentrate on the game more!」

Laughter comes from the people watching the game on the first base…

「She’s right, concentrate!」

There’s even a guy who shouted that.

We have completely attracted their attention.

No…Thinking about what’s ahead, it’s better if we attract their attention.

I decided to remain in lap pillow.

I look on the ground while lying down.

Endou is protecting the right field.

He’s quite far away from the position where we are.

Hmmm, he’s seriously trying to play.

The director too, why is he sending out such an injured guy to the field?

In the first place…he’s a first grader that became a regular…

Disregarding the seniors, he’s defending the infield.

It’s good as long as the ball doesn’t fly to the right field…


The referee signals, it’s the first lining.

The pitcher throws the ball!

Uwa…That’s pretty fast.

Is this the ace, Takimoto-senpai?

You can’t bat that speed.

When I thought of that…


The metal bat makes a clear echo…

「Right…Back, back…!」

Ah…the ball flies to Endou right away.

Endou walks totteringly…

He’s moving briskly.

It was a simple right fly, but…

As expected…it fell.

Endou throws the ball in panic, but…

「…Hey, where are you throwing it!!!」

His arms was also beaten up by Margo-san.

The ball thrown first from the right was bound to bounce on the other side.

The runner has crossed the second base and quickly advances to the third base while the ball is being chased.

Just a right fly has reached to a no-out runner third base.

「Hey, Endou you fuck, die!!」

Everyone knows that Endou is forced to play because of a mysterious power…

Booing comes from the first side.

The booing from the seniors of baseball club not in the game is the most severe.

「If you can’t move then switch already!」

「That’s right, you idiot!」

With this…if a ball fly to the right a few more times, it would be trouble.

The pitcher throws the ball to the second batter.


That was a sacrificial fly in theory.


The sacrifice fly flew to the right.

…Heey, Endou.

…………As expected, it fell.

「Mother fucker, die! Kill yourself! Commit Seppuku!!!」

The bench baseball club members screams again.


Endou who’s his redeeming factor is just his impudence…can do nothing but bow his head for the two misses.

At this point…This will turn to a no-out runner first base with one point taken.4


I can hear a car horn afterwards.

When I turn around…Katsuko-nee on her blue minivan is running on the slope.

Yup…It’s definitely Katsuko-nee in the driver’s seat.

Megu waves on the car.

The car stopped behind us.

The windows of the car are smoked so we don’t know who’s inside.


The rear door opens…

The usual Misuzu on her uniform comes down.


Since the game is just in pause…voices of boys and girls comes from the first base.

From that side…a beauty suddenly appears from the embankment…

But…everyone knows that Misuzu is wearing a super ojou-sama high school uniform…

It’s almost like an idol concert.


「…Huh, the girl from the other day!」

Our baseball club points at Misuzu and said.

Then…the men focused their attention to Misuzu…

Ignoring all the gazes…she looks at me from under the slopw.

Then…She smiled happily…!


She waves happily towards us…!




「There’s no way that first year over there?」

「I’m sorry for being late! I brought the lunch!!!!」

Misuzu shouts while having a smile on her whole face!

All the men who were looking at Misuzu cut lose obviously…

「…W-What’s with him!!?」

「E-Even though he’s having a lap pillow with that girl over there!」

「He’s also related to that girl!?」

「Or rather…he was kissing with that girl the other day」

「Then, who’s the girl he’s resting his head on now?」

「Or rather…Isn’t the lap pillow girl quite a good girl?」

「What the hell is going on?」

「Someone go there and ask!」

「Don’t be an idiot…it would take 15 minutes to go around the school to there!」

I can hear voices from the first base.

Seriously…they’re all too loud.

Everyone seems to have forgotten about Endou in the ground when Misuzu apeared.

Or rather…what about the game?!

「Quiet down! The game’s about to resume!!」

The coach shouted at the spectators on the first base.

「That is right…please concentrate on the game!!!」

Geropa-kouchou even warns the students.


The side of the car opens.


「This one’s cute…she’s small though」

「It burns the lolicon blood!」

A 150cm tall beauty stands there.

Wearing the same uniform as Misuzu…holding a big basket on her hand.

Black hair trimmed in bangs.

A well featured face like a Japanese doll.

「…Katsuko-sama, thank you very much」

The girl holding the basket greets the driver seat with a cute voice.

Katsuko-nee, seems to have replied to the girl but I can’t hear her voice from here.


…That’s strange.

Wasn’t it Margo-san who came to pick up Misuzu?

Katsuko-nee should have been preparing lunch.

Then that means…Misuzu and this girl has stopped by the『Monitor room』

Well, if they have brought lunch, they should’ve been.

The driver changed from Margo-san and Katsuko-nee




Megu speaks to me.

「Yeah…I noticed it」

The window on the passenger seat is slightly open…

Rabbit ears crawl out of it.

「…Mana’s on the car?」

Mana looks at us through the smoked car window.

Therefore…the bunny girl ears stick outside the window.

The girl with the basket closes the door and the car gets off.


Katsuko-nee…where are you bringing Mana?

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