Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 143

143. Next order

The three of us get out of the bath…

Various things have happened but…Mana’s regaining a bit more cheerful face while we’re watching each other.

IN the end…I didn’t ejaculate nor had sex in the bathroom.

Megu and Mana licked it for a bit but…I’m satisfied just entering the bath with these cute 『sisters』

「Are you really sure?…Yoshi-kun still looks energetic」

Megu said that, but…

「We can do it later…Misuzu’s coming soon anyway」

It’s about time she call Katsuko-nee.

「You’re right…I feel bad for Misuzu-san too」

Megu said.

「Eh, why…Megu?」


Megu looks at Mana…

「Ever since yesterday evening…Mana and I have been monopolizing Yoshi-kun」

She’s right…

After we part with Misuzu…I did it once with Megu on her house…afterwards, twelve more times in Tamayo-san’s love hotel…

I had sex with Katsuko-nee and Nagisa once there but…it was all Mana and Megu after that.

「Yeah…This is for Misuzu-san…!」

Saying that, Megu kisses my penis.

「Ah…Me too」

Mana kisses my glans.

「…You’re cute Mana」

I pat Mana’s cheeks.

Mana’s still not used on being a 『Slave』

Even if I tell her she’s 「cute」she’s making a puzzled face.

We wipe each other’s body with a towel…

Megu and I wear back our school uniforms.

We have a change of underwear here…

「I’ll wear this expensive underwear next time…」

Saying that, Megu puts away the 12k yen underwear for the 『Body Measurement』

「Is there a laundry room here?」

「I wonder…Let’s ask Katsuko-nee later」


Perhaps, we’re going to live by shutting ourselves in this secret 『Monitoring room』

If we assume that Shirasaka house will still make a counter-attack…Megu and Mana should hide themselves here…

Also…There’s also Cesario Viola aiming at Nei-san.

「Here, Yoshi-kun…please!」

Turning around…Megu is holding the bra and panty she brought from her house.


I first make her wear her panty…

Attaching Megu’s underwear when the two of us are alone is supposed to be my job.

I also attach her bra.

Somehow…I feel regretful hiding women’s nipples.

But, Megu’s proportion is like a model so her body line stands out when she’s wearing an underwear=.

It’s really beautiful.

「Here…I’ll put on Yoshi-kun’s!」

Megu…put on my pants.

「…I will do this even if Yoshi-kun becomes an old mkan」

Megu laughs and look up at me.

「Then…I’ll do the same」


Megu is smiling.

I put on my pants…

…Now then

What should we do with Mana…?


Mana’s on her bath towel…

Looking down.

As expected…She’s has not shifted her mood yet.


The door opens and Nei-san came in.

「You see, about Mana-chan’s clothes…!」

Nei-san’s holding a cardboard box.

「Eh…can Mana wear clothes?」

Mana was naked with only a collar since this morning as a punishment for yesterday’s attitude.

And, she was made to kneel in front of Tamayo-san and Minaho-neesan naked.

「Sensei said that Yo-chan should decide on what to do with her!」

Nei-san said.

Yeah…Mana is my slave so I am the one to think about everything from now on.

I must take responsibility for Mana’s anything.

「Then…let her wear clothes」

I said.

「She’ll catch colds if this continues」

Nei-san smiles.

「I thought that Yo-chan would say that so I brought clothes she can wear!」

As expected of Nei-san…!

「Yo-chan, which would you like?」

Nei-san opens the cardboard box…


…I-Isn’t this?!

「Err…This is a loli race queen. This is loli bunny girl. This is loli school swimsuit plus nekomimi. Which would you like?」


『Kuromori』is a prostitution organization…they must’ve small girls like Mana before.

Of course they have clothes like this here.

「…There’s no normal clothes right?」


「…Or rather, why all of them have a『loli』prefix?」

「Well, they’re costumes for that lewd purpose」

「…School swimsuits aren’t for lewd purposes right?」

「Well, the color of the school swimsuit is white. It’s material becomes transparent when it gets wet with water…!」

…That’s lewd.


Is there nothing with a bit more cloth?

「At least…is there a loli maid, loli nurse, or loli miko?」


Nei-san laughs happily

「…Then, the bunny」

I answered.

The school swimsuit is too perverted…

It’s somewhat unsettling to see her in the race queen form.

「Nfufufufu! I thought you will say that!」


「Yo-chan…you thought that Mana-chan would look good with the bunny clothes right?」


「…Is that right?」

Nei-san’s grinning.

Megu and Mana looks at me.

「…I do」

I answered.

「Yeah, It’s great that you’re honest!」

Mana’s surprised.

「Onii-chan…you want to see Mana on a bunny girl suit?」


「Bunny girl looks better on the full-breasted like Nei-swan and Katsuko-san right?」

What Mana said is reasonable…

「For Mana who’s on her growth period…I think that is suitable」

It’s not that I’m a lolicon…maybe.

「Mana’s eyes are big and you have an adult-like face…I thought that the bunny girl will surely be sexy」


Her eyes opened wide from my words…

「Got it…If Onii-chan likes it」

Mana took off her bath towel and walked towards Nei-san naked.

Nei-san looks at Mana’s stomach.

「Yup…the 『正』I wrote a while ago has disappeared!」

Speaking of which…they had a punishment game using cards

「Even though I have written it with all my efforts…Mana-chan’s grandfather didn’t notice it at all!」


「…Look, girls raped multiple times have a graffiti of the number she was raped right? I tried to make that kind of image…」

…Nei-san? That’s for EroManga world only.

…Wait, could it be?

「Even though I matched the numbers Yo-chan had sex with Mana」


If I recall, the number written on Mana’s body is…『正正T』?

「That was the number of the card game outcome, right?」

Nei-san loses and undresses…

But still…she won against Mana 12 times to just match the number?

「Well, it’s poker. You can control how much you win or lose you know?」


「Ah, I see…normal people can’t do it」


Could it be that you’re an esper?

「Look…I was used as an accomplice for fraud in American casinos before…by Mr. Viola」

Nei-san said it nonchalantly.

Nei-san’s past…?

「But…they never looked at my 『正』or the 『宝』tattoo…Mana’s grandfather didn’t really look at Mana-chan」

Nei-san goes back to her topic.

She doesn’t want to talk about the casino anymore.

「…In the end…he was just pretending to be worried, he never thought about me」

… Mana said.

「Mana…had slipped in the school before, a big bandage was on my knees when I came home. My knee hurts and I can’t walk straight, but…Mama never noticed. After three days, she said…『My, what happened to your leg?』」

She still noticed it even after three days.

If it was my mother, she won’t notice it.

Even if she does, she won’t say anything.

「Ojii-chan too…whenever we meet. He won’t say 『You’ve gotten big』 He’ll say that when we just met three days ago. Or rather…He doesn’t even remember that we met three days ago…

Mana said sadly.

When I got home from the all boys middle school during summer vacation, my mother severely angry and said 「Why are you here!」

「This isn’t your home, ask for my permission before you come here…you ungrateful」she shouts…

That was probably the last time I face mother ahead when talking.

After that, even when we’re in the same house…I only talk to my father. I was forbidden to talk to her directly.

「Thinking about it now…Ojii-chan and Mama, doesn’t look at my face and listen to me talk」

Mana said.

「…Every family are like that. It’s quite hard to look at the face of the person you’re talking to」

Megu said.

「A famous photographer wrote it in an essay…『This is why you take a photo of your family. You’ll forget it anyway』…」

「You’re right Megu-chan…I’m the same, even if we have been living together all the time, I feel like I don’t have to look at Maru-chan and Katsun’s face when talking. I say『Wait, take this』or 『Yup, thanks』properly, but…I might not be looking at their faces」


「That’s why Yo-chan’s amazing」


「Un. Yoshi-kun, looks at the other person’s eyes when talking…」

「Yo-chan, is always listening seriously…」

…Is that so?

I’m not conscious about it.

「Look…I’m not that smart. Even if I listen desperately, I don’t get everyone’s feelings…」

Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, Margo-san, Nei-san, Misuzu, Megu, and Mana…their real feelings and their words are different.

Even if an idiot like me desperately sticks to it…I won’t understand the real form.

「Normally…everyone just lives by compromising. They pretend to know to keep their human relations」

Nei-san said.

「But…I’m not good with that.

「Yeah…Yoshi-kun’s clumsy

「But, that’s what’s cute about you…you don’t compromise… you always do your whole best to understand. If you can’t understand, you stare at the other party’s face…!


「Sorry, I didn’t notice that…You must hate being stared so much. I’ll take care from now on」

I bowed to Nei-san.

「…I don’t hate it so just continue」

Megu said.


「That’s right…It makes my heart throb when Yo-chan stares at me with his diligent eyes!」


「Me too…It makes my heart throb always」


「That’s right…Onii-chan is always watching. Whenever it is」

Mana said.

「I was scared at first…but now I understand. Onii-chan has always been trying to understand what kind of girl Mana is, persistently, ever since yesterday…」

Mana looks at me.

「…Thank you. Onii-chan1」

◇ ◇ ◇

We return to the monitor room, taking the small bunny girl.

As expected…Mana’s bunny-chan is remarkably cute.

The rabbit ears are excellent.

She’s just 14 year old and is still growing but…Mana’s body seems to be amazing in the future.

I can see her still puffed up breasts and her ass growing from now on.

Her thin arms and long legs…her height is still growing.

The bunny girl clothes makes Mana’s body stand out more than being naked a while ago.

There’s the usual collar though…

「My…What a cute rabbit」

Minaho-neesan’s drinking tea.

「Huh…Where are the others?」

When I asked.

「Katsuko’s preparing lunch…Margo is going to meet Misuzu-san」

Minaho-neesan answereed.

「Margo-san will meet her?」

Huh?…Wasn’t it Katsuko-nee who’s scheduled to pick her up…?

「It’s gotten dangerous in various ways, isn’t that right?…That’s why Margo’s coming instead」

…I see

「This is until the mass media transmission at 3 o’clock, and the TV news at 5 o’clock is over…also」

…Cesario Viola’s secret maneuvers.

「Well…I think Misuzu-san will have a guard from Kouzuki house already but…as courtesy, we should send to pick up our best guard」

A guard of Kouzuki house?

「Kouzuki-san…knows about Misuzu coming over today and everything else?」

「…He does」

「He knows…and Misuzu today too?」

If he knows that Misuzu is having a sexual relationship with me.

We’ll be having sex today too…

「Kouzuki-sama…isn’t opposed for Yoshida-kun and Misuzu-san having sex. As long as you don’t make a child」

…That means?

「Kouzuki-sama himself had several mistresses…he’s a tolerant person when it comes to sex. He’s not someone who’s stubborn about his granddaughter’s virginity. He also thinks that Misuzu-san fully enjoy sexual intercourse」

「No but」

His atmosphere looks like he’s opposed about my relationship with Misuzu.

「In the end, Yoshida-kun is Misuzu-san’s『lover』 Kouzuki-sama wants Misuzu to marry the 『fiance』he has planned for her. If she marries her fiancé and gives birth to a child…I think he won’t mind Yoshida-kun continuing his 『lover』relationship with her」


「But…Misuzu-san and you don’t want that right? Misuzu-san doesn’t look like she wants to have sex with a man other than you…I think she wants to have your child too. If she’s that serious, Kouzuki-sama will surely be troubled…


Misuzu getting married without love…

I don’t want her to give birth to a child from a man other than me.

「…What should I do?」

Minaho-neesan answers.

「Talk about it with Misuzu-san. It’s okay…you can just think about it tomorrow night」

…Tomorrow night

…Misuzu’s Japanese dance presentation.

「…Now then, let’s talk about what will happen for today」

Minaho-neesan speaks to me with the face of 『Kuromori』leader

「Yoshida-kun, Megumi will be watching Endou-kun’s practice game…」


Why do I have to support that guy’s game…?

「…Yukino too」

Megu answers.

I see…Minaho-neesan instructed Yukino to go to Endou’s match.

「Yoshida-kun…after the commotion a while ago, do you think that Ichikawa-san and Shirasaka Youko-san will inform Yukino about something?」

Normally…we catch Mana in this situation…

Yukino would be told「Take care」via phone call.

Or rather…she’d be ask where she is and take her home.

They even came to Yukino’s school.

「Both of them are busy with themselves.」 There’s no traces of Yukino-san using her phone…Yukino-san is also still in school」

Minaho-neesan operates the monitor.

Inside the classroom…Yukino’s depressed and listless figure is seen.


She has forgotten her grandfather and mother.

「The Shirasaka lawyer heads to the newspaper company. It would be impossible to explain the situation to Mr. Shirasaka Moritsugu by phone…He intends to talk to him directly」

…I see

「Even if the lawyer talks to him…Shirasaka house won’t stop attacking us」

…Minaho-neesan said.

「…We’ll kidnap Shirasaka Yukino」

That’s the next order

「Yoshida-kun and Megumi…I’d like you to watch the game outside the fence. The location where you watched the baseball club practice with Misuzu-san will do」

The other day…The time when I kissed Misuzu in front of the baseball club?

「Eh…But, that’s outside the school grounds?!」

Minaho-neesan grins.

「That’s why it’s good…It’s outside the school so it’s no trouble even if you’re with Misuzu-san right?」

Certainly…that would be the best location if we’re going to watch with Misuzu…

Isn’t it dangerous to be outside the school?

「…Please secure Megumi and Misuzu-san’s safety」


「You do know your role in『Kuromori』don’t you?」

…That’s right.

My role is the same as always.

…A decoy.

「…Got it. I’ll protect the two of them」

I resigned myself and answered.

「Then, you two should go soon. The lunch will be delivered with Misuzu-san later」

I look at Mana.

「Mana-chan will be helping Katsun and me. That’s why Yo-chan doesn’t have to worry about anything!」

Nei-san said.

The cute bunny girl is having an anxious face.

「Don’t make that face already! Like I said, Mana-chan will be starting over as a 『slave』!」

Mana’s surprised from what Nei-san said.

「Make a smile at any time…especially to your family and friends」

Nei-san smiles as an example

「But, I…can’t smile well」

Mana tells Nei-san.


「But still, smile. People…smile to show a smile to someone else more than smiling when they want to laugh. Smile is a communication. Animals in the wild don’t laugh do they? Laughing is only a function humans can do」

Nei-san touched her face with her finger.

「Did you know?…There are only about ten muscles on a human face making a facial expression. Making full use of those muscles, humans can make various expressions. As Maru-chan says, making facial expressions is the first way of communication before words…it’s the first culture of human!」

Facial expressions…is not the only thing that appear naturally.

Human themselves show themselves to someone…

Making one, showing one…conveying one.

「Everyone wants to be sent off with a bright smile, right? That’s why the 『slave』Mana-chan has to begin by sending Yo-chan off with a smile!」

「…Even if I lie to myself」

Mana asks Nei-san with a serious face.

「That’s right. You can think of that from the start…you’ll understand the power of smiles soon!」

…Nei-san’s always smiling.

No…She’s always smiling to us


「Now…Let’s try it together! Smile!2」

Nei-san and Mana moves their lips to smile.

「Yup…Looking good」

No…That’s a weird smile. Her eyes looks like crying.

But…As a result, Mana will notice about communicating while thinking about other’s feelings.

「Mana…don’t trouble everyone」

「…Yes, Onii-chan」

Mana answered with a stiff smile.

「Nei-san…I’ll leave Mana in your care!」

「Leave her to me!」

Nei-san’s smile is cheerful as usual.

◇ ◇ ◇

Megu and I left the principal’s office holding hands.

I stuff the beat up stick on my school uniform sleeves.

I don’t have any other weapons.

「Anyway…let’s take Yukino」


First, to the classroom…

Most of the students apart from those with club activities have already gone home.

Yukino’s the only one in the classroom.


As soon as Megu calls her out, Yukino who’s face is stuck in her desk got startled.

…Yukino, you

You’re touching your crotch just now?

It is as Mana reported…Yukino’s completely become a masturbation girl.


Yukino looks at us with a frightened face.

It’s useless to glare at me.

Earlier, in the same building but different room…

Her mother and grandfather were crying…

And her younger sister was seen having sex…

Yukino…just masturbates lonely in a deserted classroom…

Somehow, it feels sad.

「Yuzuki-sensei’s message. You’re going to watch the practice match with us」

Megu tells Yukino

Yukino is glaring at Megu.

Megu glares back without giving in…

「Got it…I should just do as you say right? You coward…!」

Yukino stands up from her desk.

I feel annoyed a bit.

I thought of ordering Yukino to show her wet panties that’s in the middle of masturbating…


I should not do anything here yet…

Yukino has been masturbating so much, means…

Yukino right now is quite frustrated right now…

「Hurry up!」

Megu pulls my hand showing it to Yukino.

「…Yukino, follow us」

Megu glares at Yukino.

…Yeah. This is a good strategy.

「Megu…let’s link arms」

Megu smiles happily to me.

「Un~! Yoshi-kun!」

Megu and I link arms and walk in the corridor flirting like crazy.

My elboy hits Megu’s breasts occasionally.

「…ufufu, Yoshi-kun, you can touch it more」

Megu is showing off to Yukino who’s following behind.

「…All of my body is for Yoshi-kun. You can tease it anytime」

I can feel Yukino’s eyes from behind

A strong gaze of desire.

In the middle of the stairs…Megu speaks with moist eyes.,

「…Kiss me」

I kiss Megu.

Our tongues twine with each other…a passionate kiss.

Megu gives Yukino a glance while sucking my tongue.


Is putting her hand on her crotch again…

The daily rape since her virginity…

Has completely turned Yukino a lascivious one.

She totally drowned in the pleasure of sex.

「…Yukino won’t have it. He’s my husband」

Megu looks at Yukino with eyes of triumph.

「…I-It’s not like I need it」

Yukino said weakly.

But…her eyes are dazzling.

Same age 『sisters』from different mothers

The two of them have inferiority complex in each other…

They throw each other with hot eyes of jealousy…!!!!

1. Arigatou..Gyro ↩

2. Nico Nico Nii! ↩

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