Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 132

132. Could it be that Endou-kun is an idiot? (1)

「If I recall…Sensei’s opinion is that high school students can’t have a romantic relationship, kissing is forbidden as well…You said that it was a hindrance to your study, isn’t that right?」

The dark-skinned girl said with a defiant eye.

「Yes…That is my personal opinion. You can say that is my educational principle」

Minaho-neesan answers calmly…

「But, my guidance was slightly extreme…weren’t I scolded by the principal in front of everyone before the holiday?」

Certainly…Geropa-kouchou scolded Minaho-neesan in front of us.

Minaho-neesan has withdrawn her 『Love sex ban』1

「Hee…When Sensei got scolded by the principal, you’ll bend your principles?」

「Well, it can’t be helped, you know? I’m on a working social status…Of course, my thoughts still remain from the bottom of my heart…!」

Those who’re not in good terms with Megu…In short, those who are close to delinquents and Endou’s followers speaks provocation and Minaho-neesan easily goes through them.

「But…if I recall, even the principal said 『We don’t endorse romance between students. Associate yourselves like fresh high school students』right?」

「Right! Isn’t 『engagement』or kissing in the classroom, and other things bad?!」

Did you think that Minaho-neesan’s situation turned bad?…the men were fanning as they’re getting carried away.

「My…Yoshida-kun and Yamamine-san’s relationship is fresh!」

Another boy screams at Minaho-neesan’s answer.

「Where the fuck is the fresh! They were kissing in the classroom while everyone’s watching!」

「Sensei, isn’t that strange?!」

「That’s right! Even the principal said that 『Illicit sexual relationship is bad』!」

「Are you giving Yamamine and Yoshida preferential treatment?!」

「We object against special treatment!」

「We second!」

The delinquent males are getting high of themselves…

「If I recall…Yuzuki-sensei opposed Endou-kun and Shirasaka-san’s relationship, right?」

The glasses girl is glaring at Minaho-neesan…

「Well of course…because Endou-kun and Shirasak-san’s relationship is 『impure』…!」

Minaho-neesan smiles as if making a fool out of them…

「…What the hell! Endou and Shirasaka is 『Impure』and yet Yamamine and Yoshida is 『Clear』, that’s fucking strange!」

「That’s right, he’s right!」

「What do you mean by that!」

「Hey…don’t let Yuzuki do the talk. Someone call the principal!」

The classroom is confused.

The fueling it is Endou’s followers.

Endou himself directs his companions in whisper.

With a faint smile…

He’s really a vile and unpleasant man…

「By the way…What do you think is 『Illicit sexual relationship』?」

Minaho-neesan asked the students who were complaining in reverse.

The students froze from her question spoken in a gentle tone.



「…In short, you see」

The men were careless.

In exchange, the dark-skinned girl answered Minaho-neesan.

「Doesn’t that mean that you can’t have sex while you’re still a student?!」

Endou’s follower rides on that remark!

「T-That’s right!」

「That means that high-school students must not have sex」

「un un…That’s how it is!」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「…Sensei, is there something funny!?」

The glasses student asks Minaho-neesan.

「No…I just thought that you people don’t know anything…!」

Minaho-neesan grins…

The students fell chill in their spine from that mysterious smile…

「Very well…since this is a rare opportunity, I will teach you. I’m still your homeroom teacher after all…」

Then…Yuzuki Minaho begins her lecture…

「…『Illicit sexual relationship』means 『Sexual relationship of people eighteen years old or lower that hinders teir healthy upbringing』」 This is prohibited by the educational institutions by their regulations, this is one of the 『delinquent acts』used by the juvenile division of the police to take someone, there’s two main reasons for that…!」

The student’s eyes were all concentrated to Minaho-neesan.

「One is when young people had sex…and it resulted to pregnancy and childbirth…you can’t take responsibility by yourself. You don’t have the financial power to support the birth and upbringing of the baby, but even abortion would create a big damage on the girl’s body. That’s why the immature and emotional children shouldn’t have sex…is what the meddlesome adults think…!」

The delinquent men repels Minaho-neesan’s speech.

「…Shouldn’t you just use contraceptives?!」

「That’s right! You should just condom! condom!」

「There are pills and other convenient things right now!」

Minaho-neesan laughs at the opinion…

「Even if you use condom, it doesn’t prevent pregnancy 100% Those things are thin…and sometimes, they get torn. Oh, you still haven’t used it right?…you all here are just virgins!」

Minaho-neesan grins at the delinquent men.

「Pills can prevent pregnancy to almost a hundred percent but it can’t be bought without a doctor’s prescription. A regular doctor will never give a prescription to a high school student without parental consent. Well…in case of a woman who’s menstruation is heavy…they can get drugs with the same effect as the pill, but…that case still needs the parents to confirm it…!」

If it was an honest doctor or pharmacist…they would never sell pills to high school students asking personally…

『Kuromori』had doctor Ikeda as their friend, either way, she’s a doctor from the dark world…

「Furthermore…you have to keep drinking pill everyday. Can you keep purchasing those with your pocket money?」

Minaho-neesan looks at the delinquents…!

「Then…we’re going part-time and buy as many as we want!」

「That’s right. You can just buy it online! Or buy it from the black market…!」

「Yeah, we can buy everything on the net now!」

「Sensei, you don’t know anything! The underground has everything!」

The delinquents says unanimously.

You’re the ones who don’t get it.

Yuzuki Minaho is a resident of the underworld…

「The men have that opinion but…let’s ask the women! Would you take a pill bought from a backdoor dealer or from the internet and let the man ejaculate inside you…?!」

The delinquent girls weren’t saying anything.

They look at each other, then look below.

「…Of course…you’re not stupid enough to just blindly believe the effect of the medicine when you don’t even know whether it’s real or not…!」

The talk is completely advancing on Minaho-neesan’s pace.

「…Well fine. Anyway, just remember that most adults that young people shouldn’t have sex because it’s not allowed for young people to get pregnant and give birth」

Minaho-neesan continues her talk…

「Next…The other reason why『Illicit sexual relationship』is forbidden!…This is the same reason why I prohibited romance and sex to you people the other day. In short…『Because school is a place to study, if you get addicted to romance and sex, it’ll be an obstruction in your study so it’s forbidden』」

「…What the hell, are you saying that we shouldn’t do anything but study?」

「That’s human right’s violation! Human right’s violation!」

「…Do you even know what’s human rights?!」

「No…I don’t know it well」

「Human dog…human dog!」

「Well, a human face dog!」

I think these guys should quit high school and throw themselves to a cliff…

Die in a place that won’t cause trouble to other people.

「It is as you say in a sense…That’s why I was scolded by the principal last time. He said I overdid it…!」

Minaho-neesan said it with an expression that she’s reflecting on it.

「…Well, thinking about it carefully, it’s true. When you talk about things you shouldn’t do that would hinder your studies, it would be strange that watching television, playing games, watching sports, isn’t banned. It’s irrational to not ban all sorts of entertainment. That’s why…this opinion has been criticized by various people in the past…!」

Minaho-neesan way of thinking about the definition of 『Illicit sexual relationship』…will be finished by explaining another problem about it.

「…Now then, let’s return to the aspect of the talk about Yamamine-san and Yoshida-kun’s 『engagement』…!」

Minaho-neesan looks at Megu.

「…Can you say that Yamamine-san and Yoshida-kun’s case is an『Illicit sexual relationship』?」

The eyes of the classroom gathered to Megu and me.

「In their case, their guardian has been persuaded properly…they’re officially 『engaged』 They even notified the school about the 『Engagement』」

Minaho-neesan herself is the one who reported to the school I guess.

There’s no way that Mr. and Mrs. Yamamine would make such contact…

I don’t have any form of contact with my parents.

「Earlier, the principal and the faculty had a meeting. The school has recognized that Yamamine-san and Yoshida-kun are officially 『engaged』」

In short…our 『engagement』is 『officially recognized by the school』…?!

「If the school ha approved of them…even I can’t say my complains to the two. They are an 『engaged couple』formally recognized by the school…!」

Minaho-neesan makes a regretful look.

「…Please wait a moment!」

The glasses girl ask Minaho-neesan…!

「Why can’t you make a complain when it’s an 『engagement』? Isn’t Yamamine-san and Yoshida-kun no different from a first year high school student?!」


Why is it okay for us to have sex when we become an officially 『engaged couple』?

「…Speaking of which, you’re right」

「We get that they’re engaged but…it doesn’t mean that they can do indecent things right?!」

「That’s right…the municipality we live in has a 『Youth protection and nurture law』!」

The glasses girl strongly protests against Minaho-neesan.

「Youth protection…what?」

「It’s that…the 『Obscenity law』」

「Oh. If I recall, when you have sex with young people under 18, you’d get caught by the police…!」2

「Younger than 18…then, that means that you can have sex on your 18th birthday when you’re a third year already?」

「…Idiot. Isn’t it obvious that you can’t」

「Wait, why?」

「It also includes that『Even if you’re 18 years old, you can’t do it as long as you’re in high school』!」

「Eh, then, we can’t have sex while we’re still high school students?!」

「But…isn’t the 『Obscenity law』just a regulation to catch adults when they try to have sex with young people?」

「No…Even minors can be caught…or rather, they’ll be sent to guidance?」

「The hell is that?」

Minaho-neesan explains to the students…

「Well…it’s only on just prostitution, coercion and rape, but in case that the young couple had sex with both parties giving consent, there are a lot of cases they are overlooked, but still…a violation of law is a violation of law.3 The contents of the municipality’s 『Youth protection and nurture law』has become sensitive, but still…in most local governments, when they confirm that high school students had sex, they can send police to give them guidance anytime…!」


「Well, since the police wants to avoid trouble, they won’t catch students just because they’re『having sex』 But…if ever the girl’s parents filed a complaint to the police, that would be enough to put the boy to the protective custody. The power of 『Parents』or 『Guardians』are strong compared to the minors…!」

…Is that so?

Then, I won’t get caught…

No, I’m already guilty in rape of Yukino and Mana…

Both of them were virgin so it can be upgraded to rape with injuries…

「Now then…regarding this 『Youth protection and nurture law』, a very big case happened in the supreme court in 1985」

Finally, Minaho-neesan’s eye sparkle!

The students in the classroom are listening to Minaho-neesan’s lesson seriously.

「A man arrested from violating the 『Youth protection and nurture law』…has claimed during the trial…『We are properly engaged』…That was accepted and the supreme court has declared that he’s 『innocent』」

When you admit that you’re『engaged』…you’re innocent?!

「Written on the sentence…『It is difficult to think of a punishment that would be accepted by the social norm, the youth is an engaged person which corresponds to sincere relationship which includes performing sexual acts with the youth』」4

「…What does that mean?」

The glasses girl asks for explanation…

「In short…if they have an『Sincere relationship in accordance with the engagement』They can’t be apprehended by the『Youth Protection and Nurture law』 You’ll never get arrested or taken under protective custody. Even if the police has a selfish conviction and the couple was arrested and taken under custody, they will definitely win when it comes to the trial. Because the supreme court has the best official guarantee of judgement…!」


Minaho-neesan knows a anything.

「…That means?」

「…Eh, what’s going on?」

「Yamamine-chan and Yoshida-kun…are 『engaged』right now…!」

「They belong to the youth and it doesn’t matter if they have sex…?!」

Once again, the class became noisy.

「Uhm, Sensei…I’d like to ask this at least, what does it mean by 『Sincere relationship in accordance with the engagement』」

Yeah…I’m curious about that too.

「Well, you see…for the time being, isn’t the main principle just saying 『They promised to marry in the future』?」

「Isn’t that just the same as 『engagement』!?」

「Isn’t that okay if the woman just says 『Let’s get married!』?!」

Minaho-neesan smiles wryly from the extreme words of the delinquent.

「…『Engagement』isn’t established by just having the party concerned 『Swear by words』 You won’t know if they’re serious from just verbal promise you know. When it comes to the trial and you don’t have a concrete evidence like letters or email sent to the other party, you can’t prove it. Especially for minors…the minimum requirement for them is to have the 『Guardians』approve the relationship」

「Eh…we need the parent’s consent?!」

「Under Japanese law, men can be married from 18 years old and women starting 16…in case of minors, parental consent is necessary. If you don’t have the parental consent, you can’t get married, of course you can’t get 『engaged』either…!」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「Even if you insist『My parents opposed but we’re assuming sincere relationship in accordance with the engagement』 the minor under parental authority will normally be arrested from violating the 『Youth Protection and nurture law』」

Sensei said happily.

「It will never be accepted. Real story, there’s one case. You see…There’s one man and a female high school student going out, the high school girl’s parents filed a complaint for violating the youth protection and nurture law and arrested the man but, the man claimed that 『He’s currently divorced with his wife and intends to marry the high school girl』he was found innocent by the trial only once. But…This is one peculiar case. Because the prosecution didn’t appeal, it was concluded by the judgement of the summary court. This man who was found innocent in the trial filed a lawsuit against the local government and the country that prosecuted him…The high court declared 『This is unthinkable as a serious relationship』referring that the previous judgement is the exact opposite, so he lost in the Supreme court… Perhaps, if the trial is fought in the Supreme Court, it wouldn’t have been admitted as a serious relationship…!」


In short…As long as you don’t have a concrete proof where the parents and the people around say 『These people are really having a sincere relationship』you can’t have sex with a high school student?

No…Of course this is a legal talk…actually it’s known that there’s a lot high school students who are having sex…

In municipalities with 『Youth protection and nurture law』they can’t complain if they are arrested by the police…!

「By the way, most of the local governments in Japan have created their original 『Youth protection and nurture law』 Nagano is famous for not haing one but there are rules in Nagano prefecture’s cities. The contents of the law have small difference for each local government」

…Haa, is that how it is?

「The ordinance of Tokyo established in 2005 us amazing. It says 『You must not perform sexual acts or any similar lascivious acts to the youth』… It is a declaration that youth can’t have sex at any case!」

That’s amazing.

That means that sex with anyone below high school students are banned…

What the hell is the guy who wrote 『Season of the sun』doing?

「But…please wait a moment. Although the law is clearly written so far…Isn’t it strange for the 『Engaged』to be okay to have sex even if they’re still high school students?!」

The glasses girl still keep holding on…

「You see…the law only restricts 『improper sexual intercourse』」

Minaho-neesan answers smoothly.

「The idea is that sex between『fiancés』is not an『improper sexual act』…」


My sex wit Megu isn’t improper?

No…I think it is?!

I’m super aroused you know…

「Going back to that precedent set by the Supreme Court of 1985…… The 『indecent acts』 involving young people…… Obscenity was defined not only by sexual intercourse involving violent threats, intimidation, or monetary compensation…… But also encompassed developing adolescents who satisfied their sexual urges.」

Eh…… what does that mean?

「……That is to say, For young people, boys and girls under the age of high school students, any contact with slightly perverted connotations such as kissing or petting, was enough to be classified as 『obscenity』.」

Eh…… just a little touching is already a crime?!

「Just a while ago, I spoke that in the case where there is an “engagement” set a safe precedent, I will now continue that story…… The Supreme court handed down a ruling, 『However…… Regarding the sexual activities between the two young adolescents, given the existence of an engagement supplemented with an appropriate earnest and serious relationship, dispensing punishment would be quite difficult considering the normal societal conventions. Thus this case does not demonstrate improper sexual relations as defined by the definition of obscenity.』」


……w-what does that mean?

「The fact that those two are 『engaged』…… having sex is not an 『indecent act』 and does not become a sex crime. Is that what you are saying?」

The glasses girl asked the teacher.

The talk suddenly became quite advanced making it impossible for the rowdy boys and girls to even make a come-back in response to Minaho-nee-san’s words

「It is as you say. Being 『engaged』 means that they’ve formally 『made the promise of marriage』……」

Minaho-nee-san clearly states.

「……For what is the purpose of marriage? Making children, leaving behind offspring? That’s why, sex between a married couple is not regarded as an 『indecent act』. Rather its their duty. That’s why sex incompatibility is sufficient grounds for divorce」


「As I’ve said. According to Japanese law, men can be married from 18 and up, whereas women from 16 and up. This law is even applicable to high school students. In Japan, even high school students can get married with the parental consent…… The formal recognition of 『marriage』 means the formal recognition of 『sex』, don’t you agree? The civil laws established by the country overrules ordinances established by local governments. In other words…… Even if a high school student has sex, because the married couple’s sex is not an 『indecent act』, it does not violate the 『Youth Protection and Nurture law』 . Accordingly…… the same can be said for a fiance, who has made a formal promise of marriage, sex would not be regarded as an “indecent act” as declared by the Supreme Court.」

「……But, being 『engaged』 is different from actually getting 『married』!」

That’s right…『Engagement』has a possibility of being broken.

They have to submit documents for the country when 『Married』but…『Engagement』doesn’t need to make an official report in particular…

「That is right…But it is inevitable. When『fiancés』have sex, even if the partner is a high school student, the supreme court will decide that it’s not a violation of 『Youth protection and nurture law』 Unless this precedent is overturned…in Japan, you won’t be asked for your wrongdoings even if you have sex with a high school student as long as it’s in an official 『engagement』…!」


Somehow it looks like Minaho-neesan is making a big deception…

Anyway…does it mean that no one will complain even if Megu and I have sex?

「Therefore…as a single teacher, I don’t intend to make a complain their romantic relationship or their sex as long as Yamamine-san and Yoshida-kun is officially 『Engaged』and as the school accepts it. That is the decision of the country…!」

The school turned silent from Minaho-neesan’s speech.

「…No, but…Our school is private, even if it’s a decision of the school the school should be able to punish with the school’s policy!」

The glasses girl still continues her protest against Minaho-neesan…

You can’t consent my 『engagement』with Megu that much…?!

「Are you even listening? Earlier, Yamamine-san and Yoshida-kun’s 『engagement』was reported by the principal during the staff meeting a while ago…! That means that our school accepts their relationship!」


Minaho-neesan’s the true ruler of this school after all…

Whatever she wants will happen.

「…I’d give a warning about kissing inside the classroom however…seeing that Yamamine-san and Yoshida-kun are 『Engaged』, I won’t complain about their relationship, and sex as long as it’s outside the school」

「…Even if she gets pregnant?」

The schoolgirl glared at Minaho-neesan.

「Yamamine-san get 『engaged』with the intent of getting pregnant with Yoshida-kun’s child…is that right, Yamamine-san?」

Minaho-neesan asks Megu.

「I don’t intend to become pregnant while I’m attending school. But, if Yoshi-kun wishes for it…I can always have sex with Yoshi-kun anytime and if I get pregnant as a result…I’d be glad to bear it!」

Megu said.

「…Yoshida-kun, what about you?」


「I’m the same as Megu. If ever she gets pregnant, I’ll quit school and start working. I will feed Megu and her child. I’ll definitely make them happy…!」

I declared clearly in front of our class.

「With that said…is Yoshida-kun’s and Yamamine-san’s case done? Everyone, please watch over the two warmly.」

Minaho-neesan brings the talk to an agreement.


「…Hey, wait a moment!」

Endou who’s been silent until now…

Suddenly opens his mouth.

「What the hell is with that…Does that mean that if I reported to the school that Yukino and I are 『Engaged formally』it doesn’t matter if we have sex?!」

Endou tells Minaho-neesan…

「Well, that’s how it is…!」

Minaho-neesan answered Endou with a cold smile.

「Okay, got it… Then, I’m going to talk to my father and negotiate with Yukino’s house…!」


「Then, we are free to do what we want…furthermore, the school and the police won’t make a complain?!」

Endou…She’s showing a vulgar smirk…

「Hey, let’s do that…Yukino!」

Endou calls Yukino…

…Yukuno is.


I’ve been looking at Minaho-neesan and Megu all this time.

I’ve never looked at Yukino.



…Yukino’s glaring at me.

That’s a frightening look…

Yukino is pouring her hateful glance on me.

She’s glaring at me saying 『traitor』


Yukino can’t allow Megu and I to be happy…

…Well, of course.

I’ve raped Yukino dozens of times…

Perhaps…her stomach is already…

Pregnant with my child…

「…Hey, Yukino, what’s wrong?」

Endou speaks in an irritated tone to his girlfriend that doesn’t look at himself.

Minaho-neesan speaks to Endou.

「…Endou-kun, I thought of this from time to time.」

With contempt…with a smile ridiculing him…

「Could it be that you’re an idiot?」

Endou flips from what Minaho-neesan said!

「Hey, what do you mean by that?! I’ve had enough of you looking down on me! Don’t forget what happened the other day?」

「The other day…Oh, the talk with the principal?」

「That’s right, the principal is on my side! I can easily dismiss a useless female teacher like you!」

Endou who lost his temper is talking abusively at Minaho-neesan with a brat attitude!

「Hmm…Why is the principal Endou-kun’s ally?」

Minaho-neesan grins and ask Endou.

Shit…Minaho-neesan is on her peak condition…

「Well…My dad has contributed a lot in this school…」

「Why is the principal your ally if your father has contributed to this school?」

「Because…he contributed a lot of money!」


You’re really an idiot.

「Certainly, Endou-kun’s father has contributed a lot of money to our school…」

「That’s right…Hey!」

「But…It’s just the fourth. Among the guardians who contributed this year. It won’t trouble the school even if Endou-kun’s father won’t make a contribution…If you’d like, we can return it」

Minaho-neesan begins to gradually torment Endou…

「That’s something decided by the school not you who’s just an employee…!」

Endou is showing confusion from Minaho-neesan’s composed attitude.

「Sorry…I’m the director of the school」

Minaho-neesan grinned.


「I’m one of the directors on the board…It’s a bit troublesome so I don’t talk about it a lot but, I’m a relative of the chief director of this school. Sooner or later, I will be the chief director. The current director is just a close person I asked to be a in charge for the moment」



「You didn’t notice the situation of the school with me? Aren’t I a bit too proud even though I’m just a teacher? Can’t you see me doing what I want more than other teachers…!」

Minaho-neesan overwhelms the students in the classroom with her cold smile…

「Do you know which has the higher position between the board of director and the principal?」

Endou opens his mouth wide but he can’t reply.

「The board of directors has the authority to make the principal quit…!

「…But, weren’t you scolded by the principal the other day?!

Endou tells Minaho-neesan while having cold sweat on his forehead.

「Well, he’s the principal…He’ll scold me if there’s a problem with my educational policy. Since he can do that, the boar of director requests the principal’s work…!」


…You can never win against Minaho-neesan by frivolous objections

…Do you not understand?

…Endou’s an idiot after all.

「But, my uncle’s a councilor…! if something happens to me, I’ll tell father to protest against the school!

Minaho-neesan 「Ahahaha」laughs out loudly.

「I’ve been thinking of asking this from you before…but, is a councilor that amazing?」


Minaho-neesan makes an exploding strike on Endou’s identity.

「Our school is private…Even if a councilor speaks out…they can’t do anything in particular…」

「…But, my uncle…!」

「Although this school is a well known traditional local school…I also got some acquaintance from the country’s congress or local parliament」

Minaho-neesan grins…

「You threatened me and the principal with your uncle’s name…your father will be removed from the party on the next election so get yourself ready…!」


「People without a party’s support will become independent I will be preparing candidates who will oppose your uncle properly…」

「W-What do you mean by that?」

Minaho-neesan said.

「You use your parent’s money and threaten adults? That’s why I will use the same thing…with people on higher positions…」

Endou’s face flinches.

「Your father’s construction company, and councilor uncle had a lot of public works project in the city…they won’t be able to do that anymore. Your father’s company will surely be crushed but don’t think bad of me…It’s all Endou-kun’s fault」



「Also…earlier, Endou-kun talked about his father contributing a lot in this school, but…」

Minaho-neesan drops a bomb.5

「Because, we have no choice…!」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「…Endou-kun’s a backdoor entry after all」


…zawa, zawa…zawa

「W-What the fuck are you saying?!」

Endou beats his desk and stands up…!!!!

「Your entrance exam scores aren’t enough…do you get it? Well, of course you don’t…your head is impossible to understand that thing」

Minaho-neesan grins happily.

「Your uncle requested one of our directors and let take you up from backdoor admission. I’ll clear this up on the next board meeting. We will have that director resign…and dispose all of the faculty and staff involved in your backdoor admission…You see」

Minaho-neesan declares.

「…You’re lying! This are all just lies!」

Endou is shouting…

「The director who mediated the backdoor admission, Okumura-san has met Endou-kun, right…?!」

At the moment Endou heard the name 『Okumura』his face showed a surprised reaction…

The whole class saw the instant Endou’s expression changed…

Thus…everyone was convinced that Endou had a 『backdoor admission』…

「…No, it’s my uncle’s acquaintance…we only ate at a luxury Chinese hotel once before. I just met him once. It’s not that I asked him anything. Mediation or some sorts!」

Endou shouts at the class, but…

The more he speaks the more it becomes suspicious.

The students are already looking at Endou with suspicious eyes…!

「I-I’ll bring this to the court! My lawyer…call my lawyer!」


The fool in baseball uniform is screaming alone

Minaho-neesan doesn’t care about it and just laughs.

Endou calls out his followers.

「Say something guys…! Didn’t I treat you Sushi just the other day?! Hey, if my position turns bad, I will be out of the baseball club! Didn’t I buy you Matsusaka beef the other day?!…My dad told me that protein is the best to I gave you all!」

Endou is shouting at his followers…

No one’s answering…

It seems that Minaho-neesan’s 『Backdoor admission』gave unimaginable damage.

「You’re really an idiot…with you looking down on others, weren’t they just milking you out of money? Also, you say that it’s all your father’s support…it’s not your own power!」

…That’s right.

Since Endou talked about money and connection…the 『backdoor admission』talk has become more credible…

「…No, it’s wrong…I!!!!」

1. That’s what the raw said, But I don’t think the sex is actually included there ↩

2. Police! There’s a lolicon that announced that he’s engaged! ↩

3. Just like how people die when they are killed ↩

4. 「判決文によると……『婚約中の青少年又はこれに準ずる真摯な交際関係にある青少年との間で行われる性行為等、社会通念上およそ処罰の対象として考え難い』ということになっているんだけど……」 ↩

5. Nagasaki ↩

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