Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 131

131. Back figure…

…Why did this happen?!

I’m sitting on my seat as usual

But, Megu is standing next to me…

She’s holding my hand tight…

And our classmates surround us…

Megu is asked one after another.

Of course…it’s not just girls who are surrounding us.

It’s just those who are close to Megu…But still, they’re more than ten people.

The other girls…aren’t in good terms with Megu, they’re mostly the girls close to delinquency gathered in a group…but still, they’re sending glances at us.

As expected, women are interested in love affair…

The boy students are symmetrical…

They gathered at the back of the classroom and talked whisperingly.

They’re looking this way from time to time…

I’m interested in what they’re talking about…well, it’s not something decent at all.

But still…the delinquents of the class don’t come to the school until the very last minute so it helps us.

If they were here, I don’t know what to say facing them.

I don’t mind being being talked bad, but…

If they ever make a fool or insult Megu, I won’t be able to hold back.

If ever someone does that…I’ll definitely beat him up.

「…Then then? Since when you were going out?」

「Rather than that…have you two dated already? Of course, you kissed too?」

Even if it’s a rude and immoral question, Megu answer each of them with a kind smile.

…Why am I not talking?

There were questions thrown to me, but…

Megu answers before I can reply.

…Somehow, it feels strange.

The hand holding me strongly is cold.

Megu must be nervous.

She’s hiding the tension of her mind with a smile…

Only I who’s holding her hand notices it.

「Hey…to be serious, who was the one who confessed?」

One of Megu’s friends asked.

「You see, it was Megumi!」

Ogino who’s another member of track and field answered with a smirk.

「I heard it from Yamamine-chan and Yoshida-kun already!」


Why is everyone so interested?

To be honest…it doesn’t matter either way.

It’s got nothing to do with people other than Megu and I…!

「…I’m the one who did confess to Yoshi-kun」

Megu answers bashfully.

「I liked him since we entered high school…I didn’t want Yoshi-kun to be stolen by someone else…!」

「No, he won’t…He’s Yoshida-kun」

The girls burst out laughing…!

Well…of course.

「But…I absolutely wanted to go out with Yoshi-kun. So I was the one who confessed to him…」

Megu’s story is pure bullshit.

But…Megu has already told a plot on the girls at the track and field.

She can’t say 『Yesterday’s talk was a mistake』this late

I just nod at Megu’s talk in silence…

When if I say something strange, things would crumble down…

That’s why I just try to be silent as much as possible…

In the first place, I don’t know the story Megu talked about…

「But you see…going out, then suddenly introducing to the parents, and getting engaged…normally」

「Isn’t that seriousness very Yamamine-chan like?!」

「But…if you advertise it that greatly, they can’t break up that easily!」

Megu objects to the schoolgirl’s word.

「We never will! I seriously want to marry Yoshi-kun!」

Megu’s eyes were serious.

「That’s what Yamamine-chan said, what about Yoshida-kun?」

The glasses girl looks at me grinning


「…I will marry her…we’ll become happy…!」

That’s not a wish.

…It’s determination.

「Eeh?! It’s not make Megumi happy…!!」

Ogino-san speaks Japanese grammar.

「Yeah…Yoshi-kun scolded me about that yesterday」

Megu smiled at her friends.


The schoolgirls look at me.

What’s your qualification to scold Megu?…Their eyes say.

Well, I agree.

「You see…I thought that I wanted to make Yoshi-kun happy one-sidedly. Then, Yoshi-kun said. 『It’s no good to make just the partner happy Let’s think about both of us being happy』…!」

Ogino-san asks me.

「…Yoshida-kun, did you really say that?」


I feel like I certainly said something like what Megu summarized just now…

Inside the car yesterday…

「…I did」

The girls shouted 「wow!」

「That’s kind of surprising…」

「…Un, it’s not a remark that matches Yoshida-kun character」

No…Certainly, I know that it’s not something a useless man like me would say.

…But,. I

「Err…how should I say it…」

Ogino-san looks at me with a face that’s not yet convinced.

「Yesterday, Megumi was doing all the talking, so I don’t get the concrete reason but, I understood that Megumi is deeply in love with Yoshida-kun. I still seriously don’t know which part is good about him but…for the time being, the person herself said that she liked him since the entrance ceremony…」

Yes, it is as Ogino-san says…

Even I don’t know what’s good about myself.


「But you see…I don’t get what made Yoshida-kun like Megumi, right?…Well, look」

「…Yeah, you’re right」

The schoolgirls look at me in doubt.

「…Yoshida-kun has someone else he likes, right?」


Everyone really knows

「That person’s not yet here so I’m going to be frank…could it be that you just moved on because Megumi confessed to you?」


「Un…Could Yoshida-kun tell us honestly what he likes about Yamamine-chan?」

「Right…You would still think about if Yoshida-kun really likes Yamamine-chan…!」

「If it was just an 『engagement』because of a half-hearted feeling…I feel sorry for Megumi…!」

「…Un, you’re right」


The schoolgirl’s eyes approached me…!

No…It’s not just them.

The schoolgirls pretending to be unconcerned abut us…and the boys from the back are waiting for my response with big ears…!



When did I get attracted to Megu…?!

The first time I was conscious of Megu was…!

「…Megu’s back is beautiful…!」

How many days was that since then?

Megu ran and picked up a first aid kit for my sake…!

…At that time.

「…Megu’s back when she’s running」


Ogino-san has a suspicious face…

The other schoolgirls too…

Right…that wasn’t enough.

「Her straight backbone…long and beautiful legs…」

Megu’s form that time is clearly etched in my memory…

「…Legs? What the hell, in the end, you’re just into Megumi’s body?」

Ogino-san interprets it badly…

「No, I definitely think that Megu’s legs are thin, long, and beautiful, but…that’s not it…that’s not how it is…」


How should I answer this?

「…Megu’s back is always beautiful. Her foot touches the ground properly, standing up straight…she’s not leaning on someone. She’s always standing firmly with her own power…!」

The girls became speechless from my anser.


I just tell everything that comes to my mind!

「…Megu is always kind to others and yet strict with herself. She’s always doing her very best with her own power without relying on anyone else at any time. Such resolute heart, have a very clear back figure showing up…I liked that. Like, or should I say that I respect Megu…!」

I look up at Megu.

Megu has been next to me all this time.

I’m sitting on my chair and she’s standing.

We’re still holding hands, but…

Megu never leans against me.

She doesn’t do bad manners like sitting on my desk.

She stands with her own feet.

Even when she’s next to me, she doesn’t forget the spirit of self-reliance…

Megu is that kind of girl.

「Respect?…Yoshida-kun, you’re respecting your own girlfriend?

One of the girls asked me in wonder.

「…Un. I do respect her…I think that she’s really a wonderful girl. …That’s why, I think of Megu dearly…!」

「…Yoshi-kun, I’m the same…!」

Megu clenches my hand tightly.

I grasped it in return…

「I respect Yoshi-kun too. Yoshi-kun never lies to me, he always looks me in the eye, and he listens to my talk seriously. I trust Yoshi-kun…that’s why I love him…!」

Megu and I look at each other.

「…I want to marry Yoshi-kun」

「Un…I will marry you, Megu」

Looking at us, the girls…

「…You two really, really got 『engaged』」

「…They’re not just getting carried by the mood or joking」

「…I thought that Yamamine-chan was distracted by the spring season」

「…I thought that Yoshida-kun is a bad guy toying with Yamamine-san’s heart」

「I’m the opposite…I thought that Yamamine-san pushed Yoshida-kun and he submitted」

「They’re seriously rabu-rabu.1 」

These girls say what they want.

「…This is what I heard from Megumi’s talk yesterday」

Ogino-san said.

「Megumi’s an adopted daughter」

「…Adopted daughter?」

Megumi smiled to her friends.

「That’s right, my real mother is already dead. Then, I was taken over by Yamamine house」

Megu answered calmly.

Megu’s hand is really cold.

She’s slightly trembling.

I squeeze her hand…

「Then…Yoshida-kun’s parents were divorced, was it/」

「Ah…yeah. That’s right」

…Just like Megu.

I talked calmly.

My voice is a bit hoarse though…

「That’s why…you want to marry Megumi and make a home soon. I heard you talking about it to Captain Takeshiba…!」

The schoolgirls turned speechless from what Ogino-san said.

「That’s right…I want to be a Mama soon. I want to give birth to my beloved’s child…and have a happy family」

That’s what Megu really think.

「I want to be 『family』 with Yoshi-kun」


「…We’re already family」

「Un…you’re right」

The two of us hold hands.

We already have a bond.

A strong thought no one can cut.

「So that’s why…Yamamine-san and Yoshida-kun are 『engaged』」

「Yoshida-kun thought about Megumi’s feelings…!」

Ogino-said that, but…

「Megu and I have the same feelings. We want to be happy together. Becoming a 『Family』…!」

I think it’s a good opportunity.

I was able to arrange my feelings inside my head.

Megu and I…No, it’s not just Megu.

Katsuko-nee, Nagisa-san, Misuzu…My 『women』

Also, Minaho-neesan, Margo-san, and Nei-san…

Including Mana who just became a 『slave』…

I want to be 『family』with everyone.

We gather together because we want to be 『family』


I…I love my 『family』from the bottom of my heart…

「Sorry…I misunderstood Yoshida-kun」

「Yeah…I thought that you’re just a dumb person who’s always absentminded」


They thought of me like that?

I feel quite down.


「Un…Somehow, he’s a person with firm opinion」

「Well, he’s someone who was picked by the serious Yamamine-san, he’s surely that kind of person…」

…Even if you say it like that.

I don’t know how to react.

「That’s right. Yoshi-kun came into my house yesterday…and properly greeted my parents. Holding his hands on the tatami mat, he said 『Please give me your daughter』…!」

Megu’s shedding tears.

「…Yoshida-kun, you really said that?」


「Yes…I did」

I was so courageous that time…

Even I am surprised…

「Did you really swear to marry Megumi in front of her parents?」


「Yeah…I already prepared myself. I’m prepared. I’ve understood my own fate…I’ll take responsibility for Megu’s life. I want to be together with Megu forever…! No, it’s not just Megu. I want to cherish my own 『family』 I want to be with them forever. I’ll do anything to protect my 『family』!」

That’s right…therefore, I.

「…Yoshi-kun, thank you」

Megu’s tears fell on my desk.

I stand up…

…and rubbed Megu’s back…

「Megu…It’ll be fine. I’ll always be with Megu!」


Megu embraces me!

I embraced Megu tightly!

For some reason, the classroom claps their hand and shouts 『Oooh!』

…At that time.

「…Good morning」

One girl entered the classroom…

…She is

…Shirasaka Yukino…!

「…What’s with this commotion?」

「Ah, Shirasaka-san…actually!」

When one of the girl talks to Yukino…

Megu kisses me…!



「…They kissed!」

「E-Even though he’s just Yoshida…!」

「That Yamamine-san is!」


Yukino is looking at us.

Yukino’s face looks surprised.

Her eyes looks like she can’t believe it…

A shuddered look…

Yukino is looking…

At my figure embracing and kissing Megu…

◇ ◇ ◇

Afterwards…Megu was at my seat.,

I talk to the women while holding her hand.

The topic about Megu is already over…

The talk is now about the 『Medical examination』

But still, Megu is still holding my hand tight…

So I won’t try to part from her side.

「You see, my underwear for the 『Medical exam』for today was bought by Yoshi-kun yesterday!」

Megu said in a slightly loud voice.

「Eh, you two purchased it?」

「That’s right. We went to a date…right, Yoshi-kun?!」


「I chose Yoshi-kun’s underwear…and Yoshi-kun chose my underwear!」

「Uwawawa…That’s hot!」

「Or rather…did you really buy one? It’s not a bargain one right?!」

「We bought a good one!」

「Eh, show me show me!」

「I’ll show it later…in the 『medical examination』」

「I see」

The girls laugh.


I thought of taking a look at Yukino’s state…

I can’t see it from my seat as she’s shadowed by Megu’s body.

When I thought of that…

I got surprised.

Why is Megu in my seat since earlier…

Why is she standing next to me…

Megu positioned to block Yukino from me since the start.

In short, between my seat and Yukino’s seat…

She has always been conscious of Yukino all this time…!

「Hey, Megumi, how long are you going to hold Yoshida-kun’s hand?」

Ogino-san asks Megu.

「That’s right. We told you earlier this but, no one’s going to take Yoshida-kun away from Yamamine-chan…!」

The girls speak in a playful manner.

「I know that but…I don’t want to let go of Yoshi-kun’s hand…!」


Megu is worried about Yukino.

No…to be exact, about Yukino capturing my heart…

「Even if you say that…you can’t hold hands during classes」

「It would’ve been nice if Yamamine-san’s seat is next to Yoshida-kun」

「Well, it would troublesome for everyone around…they’d be flirting while in classes」

「…You’re right」

The girls raised a laugh, then…

…The first bell rings.

The delinquents came from outside the corridor noisily.



The baseball club were doing arrangements in preparation for the 『practice game』until the last minute.


Even if it’s your 『Practice game today』…Why are you coming in the classroom in your uniform?

「Everyone should come and watch today’s game! Everyone should be at the baseball grounds by 12:30!」

Endou goes up the platform and tells everyone in the class in a loud voice…

Oh…the uniform is used to appeal that he’s participating.

I see, it’s not practice wear but a uniform with a number used for the games.

「Watch. I got the ace-number from the director!」


Does the number 『18』 have a meaning in high school baseball?

Or rather…

Endou…there’s a big bandage in the middle of your face.

…Are you okay?

Your nose is completely hidden.

You’re trying to show off but can you breath with your nose properly?

…Margo-san’s punch had some awesome power in it…

Endou was beaten up by Margo-san in front of the restroom at the park the night before yesterday.

「Anyway, I will be showing up in the game. The whole class should come and cheer. Got it?…That’s all!」

What 『That’s all』!

Why is he all commanding.

Having said what he want to say, Endou takes his seat.

Somehow…his way of walking is strange…

Could it be that his waist and legs hurt too?…!

Margo-san bullies her opponent thoroughly.

There must be some quite damage remaining…

Can he play a game with such a condition?

Just how much the director of the baseball club spoil Endou…?!

As usual, Endou and his close friends are laughing.

Endou’s unsightly appearance seems funny.

Endou doesn’t have a natural virtue.

「…Good morning, everyone!」

Minaho-neesan comes in from the door of the classroom.

Seeing Minaho-neesan’s face…the students make a stir.

That’s right…there was the talk about Minaho-neesan dismissed as our homeroom teacher the last homeroom before the holiday.

Geropa-kouchou even came here…

「My…something’s wrong? I’m still your homeroom teacher until golden week ends?」

Speaking of which, that’s right.

Today is a weekday during consecutive holidays…golden week isn’t done yet.

「…I’m going to take attendance. Aihara-san…!」

Minaho-neesan confirm the attendance.

…I looked at Yukino just out of habit.


She’s just looking down.

She’s a bit hunchback…

Speaking of which, Yukino’s posture is bad compared to Megu…

Somehow, it feels like the center of gravity in her body is a bit distorted.

I never noticed it until now…


…Was Yukino’s face like this?

I feel like her face is different from my memory…

No…Yukino in my memory was beautified by my brain…

Perhaps…the Yukino I see right now.

Is the real Shirasaka Yukino.

Yukino’s actual face looks similar to Mana.

It’s normal since they’re sisters, but…

Or rather…

I’ve been together with Mana since yesterday noon and until we part from the 『monitor room』

I’ve always been looking at Mana’s face…trying to understand what Mana is thinking, what kind of girl she really is…

Today, my impression of Mana is stronger.

I clearly remember Mana’s face.

Her crying face, her laughing face…

I had sex with Mana eight times from last night until morning…

I look at Mana’s face every time I ejaculated…

Speaking of which, how is Mana doing?

Margo-san is watching over her, I think there’s no need to worry as Nei-san is playing with her …


Megu is looking at me with a worried face.

…This is bad.

I look away from Yukino…


Minaho-neesan calls me out.




「…There’s no one absent」


My name is second before the last.

Our school has the class roster a mix of 50 male and females.

I don’t know why though.

「Today, we have a scheduled 『Medical Examination』and 『Fire drill』 It’ll end by 11 o’clock…!」

Then…at 11 o’clock, Yukino and Mana’s mother and grandfather will come to the principal’s office.

It’s finally the face to face negotiations…

And, Endou’s game starts at 12:30?

It’s a tight schedule for today.

「The 『Medical examination』will be done on all three years on separate genders. When the class ahead ends, the teacher in charge will come to call you out, wait inside the classroom until then」

Yeah…It won’t take much time anyway

It’s just measuring height and weight…

The queue will only be in the X-ray.

「Once you’re done, come back in the classroom…when it’s confirmed that everyone has finished their 『medical examination』, it will be the 『fire drill』so come back without making a side trip」

Minaho-neesan told everyone.

「Now then…are there any questions?」

One schoolgirl raised her hand.

A slightly delinquent…dark-skinned girl who never talked to me before.

「…Sensei, Yamamine-san is wearing a ring in the school! Shouldn’t you be warning her?」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「My, Yamamine-san’s 『engaged』right? Yamamine-san’s guardian has come to report…」

Megu’s guardian right now is Minaho-neesan.

「Eh…What? Yamamine’s 『engaged』…?」

Endou asks his friend that’s near him.

Endou…you’re lagging behind.

「It was reported in the staff meeting a while ago. Yamamine Megumi-san is 『Engaged』…!」

Megu and my 『engagement』…is recognized by the school?!

「But…Isn’t wearing accessories not allowed by the school regulations?」

The dark-skinned girl asks further…

Perhaps, she must’ve been watching from the shadows all this time and had antipathy against us.

「Take a look at the school regulations properly…You can wear an 『engagement ring』inside school. As long as the guardian has made a report」

The students in the class open their student handbook…!


「Ah, it’s true, it’s written here!」

「…There’s an『engagement ring』!」

The classroom turned noisy.

「But…Sensei announced that high school romance is forbidden right? Yamamine-san and Yoshida-kun are 『engaged』far more than romance…what will you do, Sensei?」

The dark-skinned girl said nastily.

「Yeah, you did say that romance is forbidden…You should be forbidding 『engagement』too!」

One delinquent guy shouted.

「…Yamamine and Yoshida’s engaged?! Eh…Why!?」

Endou…shut up…

「Also…Yamamine-san and Yoshida-kun just kissed inside the classroom!」

「That’s forbidden right?!」

The delinquent girls who were silent a while ago are now criticizing us in a dash…!

Everyone was waiting for Minaho-neesan to come…!

To accuse Megu and I…

To attack Minaho-neesan…!

「Wait a moment! Is it true that Yamamine and Yoshida kissed?!」


Just die already…

「…Let’s see. Should I talk about it then?」

Minaho-neesan laughs happily.

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