Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 133

133. Could it be that Endou-kun is an idiot? (2)

「Oh, could it be that Endou-kun doesn’t know that he was a backdoor admission?」

Minaho-neesan ridicules Endou with a malicious eye…

「Right…your father must’ve judged not to tell an idiot like you. You might try to tell other children that 『I’m a backdoor entry so the school will do as I say』…!」

Endou is in blank surprise.

「No…I…I went to this school from my grandfather’s suggestion…the baseball referral…」

He’s already confused.

「My…Did you use your father’s money and uncle’s connections? You exposed yourself. You knew it as expected. That you were a 『Backdoor entry』…!」

「…That’s not it!」

Endou shouts, but…!

「Here you go everyone! Here…I will show to you a recording of Endou-kun threatening me in the principal’s office…!」

Minaho-neesan took out a voice recorder from her chest pocket.

「…Recently, there’s a lot of over-demanding parents and complains to a school using false accusations in the court you know? That’s why…our school teachers always record their conversations inside the school」

…She’s really a good liar.

Even though she’s the ringleader of the school’s monitoring system…!

「…Wait a moment, hey!」

…Ignoring Endou…

Minaho-neesan’s white fingers starts the recorder…

Endou’s voice is played…

『…You see, I didn’t want to enter this school. But, because of the incident during middle school…I wasn’t to blame for it but the baseball club’s old man is thickheaded, he didn’t recommend me to a school with a strong baseball club. Well, I came to this school using my uncle’s connections. You do know that it’s not just my uncle but Endou-huose has contributed a lot to this school. You do know that right? I think that you shouldn’t anger me this much…!』

Yup…Hearing him speak that way, it’s as if Endou is admitting that he’s a 『backdoor entry』

「The controversial statement is after this」

The audio continues…

『…Yuzuki-sensei…I’ll banish you from here. Not just from this school. I’ll make sure you can’t step on this land anymore so get yourself ready. I’ll use all of Endou house’s connection and will drive sensei to the corner! Our acquaintances aren’t only the people on the surface. I send my best regards on the people who’ll hang out with sensei! Well, I don’t know what would happen about Sensei though』

Minaho-neesan turned off the switch there…

「This is definitely Endou-kun’s remark isn’t it?」


「…Wait, what’s going on?!」

「Eh…Endou-kun’s house is related to a crime syndicate?」

「Didn’t he say it himself?」

「He’s completely threatening Yuzuki-sensei, right…?!」

「So he’s that kind of person?」

「Isn’t that the way Yakuza does things?!」

From the impression thaat he’s『a backdoor entry』…to the suspicion of his 『association with crime syndicates』

The group of decent girl’s distrust of Endou is rising…

「…No…I don’t know anything about that!」

Endou tries to deny it desperately, but…

Minaho-neesan’s image manipulation has already spread across the hearts of the students in the class.

「If I recall…Shirasaka-san and Yoshida-kun were there too. But, Shirasaka-san is Endou-kun’s girlfriend so you won’t tell the truth even if we ask you…Yoshida-kun, could you testify this?」

Minaho-neesan blocks Yukino smoothly so she can’t speak…

The class’ attention turned to me.

「This is Endou-kun’s remark isn’t it?」


As a member of the crime organization 『Kuromori』…

As a 『Toy』of the boss, Yuzuki Minaho…

Her 『Little brother』…

「…Yes. There’s no mistake. That was Endou’s remark of threatening Yuzuki-sensei in the principal’s office…!」

Endou glares at me with eyes of hatred…!

「…Yoshida, you fucker!!!」

I’m not afraid of Endou at all.

I don’t fear Endou’s violence nor his followers doing something.

Of course…I don’t care about Endou house’s power at all.

…After all, I

Am a member of 『Kuromori』

「Endou…you’re already a high school student so take responsibility of what you say…!」

I look at Endou with cold eyes.

Just like Minaho-neesan does…

Only a fool exposes his feeling of anger and hatred openly…

We wrap our feelings coldly.

That way…You can damage your opponent’s heart sharper…


Endou raged with all the steam in his head from what I said…

His expression is exactly like a fool.

No one can understand a human in that state.

People don’t feel sympathy nor pity from a human who lost his rationality…

Constantly analyzing the situation with cold iron will…I learn from『Yuzuki Minaho』is my 『Elder Sister』who keeps the best decision in her mind.

The correct 『Coldness』…

「It’s useless to glare at me like that…it won’t change the fact that you have said that…!」

Really, a lot of things happened this past few days.

Protecting Nagisa from the Yakuza…

I was attacked by an assassin hired by Iwakura-san…

Yesterday, we were chased by a horde of gangsters…

Even right now…We’re in the middle of battle with Shirasaka house and Cesario Viola.

To be honest…right now.

I don’t care about Endou and his delinquent followers…

My heart is much bigger…and we’re attacking an 『Enemy power』baring their fangs…

Since yesterday…we’ve been in war preparation and cautious state.

An idiot like Endou should just kill himself.

「…Yoshida, remember this. I’ll never forgive you…!」

Haa…his parting shot is so idiotic.

「Endou…you’re really an idiot…!」

I move my eyes from Endou to Minaho-neesan…

「Sensei…Can I ask you something?」

「My, Yoshida-kun…what would you like to ask?」

Minaho-neesan smiles.


I practice what I learned from『Yuzuki Minaho』…

「…Sensei is actually a representative of this school, right?」

「Yes…I don’t mind you thinking that way」

Minaho-neesan answered lightly.

「This school has been in this area quite a long time ago right? There have been graduates who have been related to crime syndicates, right? The father related to a crime syndicate, or a graduate being a member of it afterwards, or some people who are executives of the organization?」1

The classroom turned noisy from my question again.


「Let’s see…it’s a privacy of an individual so I can’t answer clearly but…there’s a lot of people. There’s people from the upper level of the organization…!」


「…Those people are in contact with the school?」

「Well, it’s inevitable you know? The school can’t cut off their relationship with a graduate and the guardians of it…! Of course, we try to decline their participation with school festival and other events as much as possible…!」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「Even the donations in the school, we refrain to receive from those people…but, those kind of people are very loyal you know? Their child is attending the school so there’s a lot of people who offers donations using a different name unrelated to the crime syndicate using the pretext that this is a profoundly memorable alma mater…there’s no way we can refuse them. It’s not a donation under their name. But, the school really knows who did the donation…!」

Hearing Minaho-neesan, one schoolgirl shouts.

「Eh?…The parents of the current students too?!」

「There’s someone with a Yakuza as their parent…!?」

「…Ah, I know one. There’s one third year senpai…!」

「I know I know…His father is the leader, right?」

「There’s one in the second year too…!」

「Sensei…Is that true?」

The classroom turned noisy…!

「Like I said…It’s private so I can’t say it myself. Just because their parents is related to a crime syndicate, it doesn’t it’s related to the child, right? We decide the student’s result based on the entrance exam and middle school record…」

『Basically』, Minaho-neesan emphasizes…

It’s as if Endou is an 『exception of exceptions』…

「Then, please tell us within the scope of what you can say…in the recent playback, if Endou says that he’ll use his crime syndicate acquaintance to shadow Yuzuki-sensei…how realistically possible is that?」

Minaho-neesan laughs at my question.

「Hmm…It’s impossible I think. There are people supporting our school that has a higher standpoint than Endou-kun’s father and uncle and their friends」

Minaho-neesan said with a cool face.

「I said this earlier…People in that world are really honest. If they knew that the school’s staff their sons or daughters’ school is being troubled by a hoodlum-yakuza they rule over…they will use their power, even beg to stop those. After all, our school is a traditional school…!

…In short, Endou’s intimidation has no meaning.

The spoiled child borrows the authority of his parents.

「Therefore, Endou-kun…You better not consult your gangster acquaintance. The reason for your father’s company going bankrupt is increasing…Ah, it may be too late…!」

Endou’s face turned pale.


Endou has already requested the gangsters… !

During this holiday…!

「My my…it’s not my fault whatever happens to you…!」

Minaho-neesan laughs happily.

「For those people…the up down relationship is everything…therefore, if Endou-kun asks them to take action…and the top of the organization discovers it and gets angry…it’ll turn around and the wrath will be pointed at Endou-kun. The honor would be completely ruined…」2

Endou fell silent having a pale face.

Minaho-neesan ignores Endou and looks toward Yukino this time.

「Hey, Shirasaka-san, why did you go out with such an idiot? Could it be that Shirasaka-san is an idiot as well?」

She’s provoking Yukino…!


Yukino’s expression seems to be exploding with anger and disgrace.

I can tell what Yukino is thinking right now.

If possible, she’d like to announce Minaho-neesan lead me to rape her…

She wants to accuse that Minaho-neesan and I are accomplices and we’re villains…

Yukino is angry since she can’t do that.

She’s filled with hatred.


If she does that…Yukino will lose her position too…

If the world knows that I’ve raped her dozens of times…

…The current life of Yukino will completely collapse.

Yukino herself knows that it’ll have a negative influence to her parents and Shirasaka family.

As a result…She’ll be abandoned by Shirasaka house, that’s what Yukino fears the most…

That’s why…while the anger and hatred inside Yukino is amplified…it lost it’s exit.

「…You people are liars! Idiots! Crazy! Cowards!!!」

Yukino screams loudly as if it’s a symptom of hysteria!

「Aaaaaaaa!!…Idiooot! Idioooot! I hate you aaaaaall!」

Yukino bursts into tears…

…I feel sorry but.

That doesn’t tell anybody anything.

Among the classmates…There’s no one looking at Yukino and sympathizing with her.

「…Yukino, are you okay?!」

No…Just one.

That’s Megu.

Megu rushes to Yukino and tries to touch her.


「…Don’t touch me!」

Yukino shakes off Megu’s hands!

「You’re just a mistress’ daughter, don’t be kind with me!」

Yukino glares at Megu.

Hearing Yukino’s words…

The class responded!

「Eh…A mistress’ daughter?」

「Speaking of which…Yamamine-san said that earlier」

「…She said that she was adopted.」

「Speaking of which…If I recall, Shirasaka-san and Yamamine-chan are relatives?」

「Un…I heard that too…!」

Minaho-neesan takes the next step backed by the rustling voices.

「…Certainly, Yamamine-san’s mother wasn’t married when she gave birth to Yamamine-san. And, it’s true that she’s also an adopted daughter. I read her questionnaire so I know it well…!」

The gaze of the class turned back to Minaho-neesan.

「Sorry, Yamamine-san, I talked about your private life without your permission but…I can’t overlook Shirasaka-san’s remark just now…!」

Minaho-neesan speaks with excitement like she’s performing a play.

「…I don’t mind. It’s true that I’m adopted after all」

Megu answered with a firm attitude.

「But…It doesn’t matter who my parents are, I am myself」3


My Megu…I think she’s really cute.

「I’ve lived with all my best until now and I will do so in the future…!」

Megu looks down at Yukino with strong eyes.

Yukino looked away from Megu.

「…That’s right, Yamamine-san!」

「Un, your parent’s don’t matter!」

「Megumi is a kind and good girl, we know that!」

At such times…her interaction with people everyday had meaning…

Megu’s close friends called her out.

Megu…is kind to everyone, bright, cheerful, and a hardworking girl…

「…That’s right, Shirasaka-san’s the wrong one here!」

「No matter how much you’re at your limit…that’s a bit too much!」

「Yeah…In the first place, it’s Endou-kun’s fault!」

「That’s really bad towards Yamamine-chan who worried about her…!」

Yukino has been made the bad girl by the class in no time…

「Shirasaka-san…shouldn’t you apologize?」

「Or rather, apologize to Yamamine-san…!」

「That’s right…!」

The schoolboys who get carried away easily urges Yukino from the side.

「…It’s fine. I’m okay whatever Yukino thinks of me」

Megu smiles to her classmates.

「Sensei…sorry for making a fuss」

Saying that…Megu returns to her seat…


「Now then…what should we do?」

She lets out a big sigh on purpose…and pulls the attention to herself.

「As a school…It’s easy to make Shirasaka-san apologize to Yamamine-san for her current remark and to ask Endou-kun to reflect from his speech and contact but…an apology not coming from the bottom of the heart is meaningless? That’s not education at all…!」

Minaho-neesan pursues her following subject.

「You see…I don’t value people like Endou-kun. Of course, Endou-kun has his good points…he has his own charm…so Shirasaka-san thought about dating him right? I know that well…」

Suddenly…Minaho-neesan begins to talk like a sensible adult.

She drops it off then suddenly tries to praise Endou’s human nature.

…This is to further entrap Endou.

「Endou-kun’s ability to take action is apart from a high school student in some meaning…Isn’t that called 『Vitality beyond average』? Always positive, obedient to his own desires…there’s a lot of people playing an active part in the society」

The students can’t understand the reason why Minaho-neesan suddenly praises Endou, so they’re in blank amazement.

「He’s tall, good-looking…and he has his charisma as well. If he manages a restaurant chain, won’t it be a great success…?!」


「Look…there are a lot of people coming out of television who were young businessmen owning a restaurant chain who are like Endou-kun」

Certainly…Endou has such that lineage.

「Well…there are a lot who succeeded. And there are managers who have their business suspended by the government for food camouflage or food poisoning. If they don’t make a proper apology interview, they’ll be flamed on the internet later…」

Ah…that’s what she means.

That’s definitely Endou…

「But, those kind of people takes an active part and have faith on their own work so all of them have a beautiful wife. The biker-gang’s leader has a beautiful girlfriend, a gangster boss have a beautiful wife…their vitality beyond average is their charisma so it charms women…」

Then, Minaho-neesan moves her gaze from Endou to Yukino.

「…Shirasaka-san, did you start dating Endou-kun with that reason too?」

Yukino can’t answer.

It’s obvious.

Minaho-neesan is speaking ill of Endou in form of praising.

Even Yukino who fell for Endou too…

「If not…A proud member of 『Shirasaka clan』like you won’t date a commoner like Endou-kun…」



Endou’s『My father’s a local celebrity…and My uncle’s a councilor』is just a『commoner』for Minaho-neesan.

「…My house is a commoner?!」

Endou reacts to the trap Minaho-neesan sets in.

「My, sorry…It’s not that I’m looking down on Endou-kun’s house. It’s just that I’m saying that it’s a 『commoner』compared to Shirasaka-san’s noble family…!」

Minaho-neesan doesn’t break her smile.

「…Yukino’s house is a noble?!」

Endou looks at Yukino.

「My, Endou-kun…you haven’t heard that from Shriasaka-san?」

Minaho-neesan provokes Endou…

「Yukino’s father should’ve been an ordinary salaryman?」

Hearing that answer…One schoolgirl close to Yukino speaks out in response.

「…Endou-kun, are you an idiot? Shirasaka-san’s father is a director of a famous advertising agency!」

「Eh…Then, salaryman is a salaryman but, isn’t he an elite office worker?!」

「Endou’s house is famous locally but…in the end, it’s just a construction company?」

「Yeah…It’s just a major contractor doing a huge work」

「Father president…and yet it’s a small business」

「Which is much more amazing? A president of a small company or a director of a big company?」

「Well…of course the bigger company?」

「Or rather…It’s contractor vs gyokaijin! Shirasaka house is on top!」

「Yeah…you see Genojin everyday don’t you?」

「Or rather…The commercials coming out of the television and the genojin are under the advertising company, right?」

「Then, Shirasaka’s father is double-amazing!」

「His salary must be absurd and he also gets bonuses」

「Haa…he’s really an elite employee」

「Shirasaka-san, amazing!」

「It’s not Shirasaka-san’s father but…Shirasaka-san’s father?」

「That’s the same. They live in the same house」


These students are weak to the words Genojin or Elite…

「Huh…Then that means」


「Endou’s always saying 『We’re rich and local celebrities. My uncle’s a councilor』with an air of superiority…」


「…Could it be that he’s not a big deal?」

「…You just noticed it?」


「Are you an idiot?…we’re only going with Endou since he treats us everytime.」

「Yeah…it’s convenient to have Endou」

「Whenever you feel hungry」


「You…Could it be that you seriously believe Endou?」


「Guys…earlier, Yuzuki-sensei talked about it」

「…That’s right!」

「Just because his uncle is a councilor, it doesn’t mean that he has an amazing power…!」

「Yeah…it’s just a councilor you know? More than half of the candidates are being elected as a councilor in our city」

「It’s normal for those who are in a big politial party and sticks a poster everywhere to win…!」

「Or rather, Endou’s 『Councilor, councilor』is annoying to be honest」

「…Why are you so detailed with those?」

「What about you? You’re a high school student too and you don’t know it?」

「Look, my family is doing a local business so we have a lot of connection in the shopping district. They put posters on the wall of the shop」


Endou’s followers also knows.

Knowing that…they use Endou as a 『purse』

Now, they’re talking about it in a loud voice…

These guys intend to break off with Endou already…

「Rather than that…Shirasaka-san’s father scouts for idols?」

「Ah…can I have autographs?」

「If you get some goods, give me some!」

「What goods?」

「Look…the cup idol drank from or something like that…!」

「…The elite advertising agencies don’t gather those things」

They abandoned Endou and approached Yukino.


This kind of people are flooding with vitality…

「My…Everyone doesn’t know that much?」

Minaho-neesan tickles the curiosity of the students even further…!

「It’s not that Shirasaka-san’s father working on an advertising agency a big thing…because Shirasaka house is a much more amazing noble family…!」

The people easily bites Minaho-neesan’s bait.

「Eh…Sensei, what do you mean by that?」


「…Please stop. Isn’t that a breach of privacy?」

She just won’t let Minaho-neesan.

「Shirasaka-san revalead Yamamine-san’s privacy though…!」


…She certainly did.

Even so, it’s definitely strange for Minaho-neesan to talk about Yukino’s house…

But with the atmosphere of this place…momentum is stronger than logic.

「Shirasaka-san’s father’s home is an owner of a famous newspaper company. I won’t say which newspaper it is but they have a professional baseball team!」

Minaho-neesan’s bomb bursts…!4

「I…I got it!」

「Yeah…I’ve seen 『Shirasaka owner』on a sports news!」

「Right right, they’re showing up in the baseball world reform…!」

「Or rather, it’s famous for having players fight immediately…!」

Look look…the people were easily caught by the fire…

「That’s right. The Shirasaka Owner of that baseball team is being held at the top of the parent newspaper company right? That person is the younger brother of Shirasaka’s grandfather…」

In short…The current head of Shirasaka house.

Shirasaka Moritsugu.

It’s the boss of the power opposing us 『Kuromori』right now


「Then…Shirasaka-san’s a super『Ojou-sama』?」

「Yeah…it’s not on the level of just rich」

「Certainly, she’s a 『noble』」

「Owning a baseball team means that hey have a dome stadium too?」

「Idiot, that newspaper group of company is extremely huge!」

「Right. it’s tied up with radio stations and TV stations too」

「That’s why, the newspaper brings ticket for various events…!」

The classroom turns noisy from the strange tension.

Yukino just glares at Minaho-neesan.

Making a face that half of her heart is closed.

「You’re amazing…Shirasaka」

「Or rather」


「Why is Shirasaka-san…who’s from an amazing house going out with Endou?」


「Now that you say it…you’re right」

「No matter how arrogant Endou is, saying 『I’m a local celebrity』…it won’t compare to Shirasaka house」

「You’re right, it’s fifty floors different when it comes to houses…!」

「Yeah…she must have very rich, highly educated acquaintances…!」

「Yeah…Why Endou?」

Endou’s former followers speaks selfishly.

「Well look…Yuzuki-sensei said about 『Vitality beyond average』?」

「Oh…Elite’s young man seems to be weak.」

「Wait…that means that it doesn’t need to be Endou?」

「You’re right…I think I have quite the 『Vitality』too」

「Idiot, there’s no way someone like Shirasaka-san will go out with you…!」

The schoolboys laugh at each other.

The atmosphere of the school has changed before everyone’s aware.

Endou lost his position completely.

Nobody will talk to him now.

And Yukino was raised up…

Nobody will talk to her.

She doesn’t have the atmosphere you can hang out with anymore./

Both of them completely lost their place to stay in this classroom…

「…It’s about time for you to move!」

Suddenly, the classroom door opens…

And the teacher for the next class talks to Minaho-neesan.

「…Thank you. Everyone, it’s your turn for 『Medical examination』 Please separate by gender…!5」

1. 「この学校って、この地域では結構昔からありますよね……正直な話、今までの卒業生やその保護者の中に暴力団と関係のある人間って何人もいるんですよね?親が暴力団関係者とか、生徒が卒業した後に暴力団員になったとか……今では、組織の大幹部になっている人とかもいるんじゃないですか?」 ↩

2. 「あの方々は、組織の中での上下関係が全てだから……遠藤くんに頼まれて、行動を起こして……それが組織の上の人にバレて怒られたら……回り回って、遠藤くんのところに怒りの矛先が向くこ とになるかもね。メンツを丸潰れにされたわけだから……」 ↩

3. Persona! ↩

4. Hiroshima! ↩

5. There’s only two, go away tumblr ↩

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