Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 106

106. Rumors and eyes

After taking a quick shower and changing to my uniform…Everyone’s in the dining room drinking tea.

It’s already past 4:30.

「I’d like to offer you some tea but there’s no time」

Katsuko-nee mutters apologetically.

Katsuko-nee has changed her clothes too.

It’s a black business suit. The lower isn’t a tight skirt but pants.

She looks active and cool…

「Nei will be looking after the house…okay?」

Sensei’s on her usual black dress.

Or rather, it’s the same clothes she wore at the school earlier this morning.

The students at the school doesn’t know that Yuzuki-sensei’s living on a place that’s just nearby the school.

If she comes back with different clothes, they’ll have strange misunderstandings.…

「…Okaaay~ I’ll look after the mansion!」

Nei-san is still wearing the Greek style clothing.

When she’s the only one wearing it, it looks very lewd…

「Onii-san, you look better with that kind of hairstyle…!」

Maika said when she saw my head after bath.

「Eeeh, Misuzu likes it a bit wilder however」


The girls wearing uniforms from the two of the most famous Ojou-sama school in Japan touches my head.

「Well…I’m going to school」

I told the two.

「I was there earlier this morning…if I change my hairstyle suddenly, everyone would be surprised, right?1」

Actually…There’s probably nobody going to notice that I changed my hairstyle.

「…Then it can’t be helped.」

Misuzu seems to have agreed somehow

「Then, let’s go…!」

Sensei stands from her seat

「Let’s go to the car…!」

Katsuko-nee bowed

「Nei…Turn the security of the mansion to the Maximum level」

Sensei told Nei-san…

「Maru-chan has already done all of that!」

…Margo-san’s thinking about the possibility that Cesario Viola has already come to Japan.

…And that he’ll come to attack the mansion.

◇ ◇ ◇

At the entrance, Katsuko-nee comes with a green minivan.

「…Katsuko will be the driver. Sit next to Misuzu-san and Maika-san」

Sensei said.

Maika-san will be sitting on the backmost. In case that there’s some gloomy feelings coming up in Maika-san, you can cling on Katsuko or Misuzu. You two, if you feel something’s bad, then hug her immediately…!」

That’s assuming that she gets a psychological flashback from being raped.

In any case, there’s a possibility that Maika’s attacked by a strong fear…

Therefore, the two Onee-san will stay next to Maika.

The rapist, me…should seat apart from Maika.

「I’m on the passenger seat」

When I tried top go to the passenger seat which is the farthest from the backseat…


「Yoshida-kun will seat on the second row. We’ll be going in the school so it would be bad to see the female teacher being intimate with a schoolboy」


The car has smoke glass panels starting the second row but…it would be troublesome if someone misunderstood that Yuzuki-sensei and I are alone in the car.

「…Got it」

Misuzu, Maika, and Katsuko-nee are seating on the third row of the minivan.

Second row is me on the left seat.

It’s only Sensei on the first row…

「…We have to hurry」

Sensei started the engine.

◇ ◇ ◇

The green car we’re in immediately enters the school.

「…This is Onee-chan’s school isn’t it?」

Maika looks outside the window and said.


I try to be evasive.

How should I explain about Megumi and Yukino to Maika?

Sensei goes to the track and field club’s room instead of the usual school personnel parking lot.

Sensei stopped the car on the back of the physical education warehouse which is hardly used.

「We don’t have much time. Yoshida-kun, can you bring her here?」

Sensei spoke to me through the mirror.

「…That girl?」

Maika makes a suspicious face.

「Didn’t I tell you earlier? He has another sex partner who’s going to the same school as him」

Katsuko-nee told Maika with a smile.

「She’s a very gentle person. Misuzu likes her. I’m sure that Maika-san will get along with her」

Misuzu told Maika.

Maika looks at me in worry.

「Onii-san…There’s no way it’s my Onee-chan, right?」

Maika’s clever. She’s very sensitive.

I raised my ass from the seat and turned to Maika on the back row.

「…It’s not. It’s a different girl」

I told Maika.

「There’s no need to worry Maika」

I smiled at Maika.



「…Then that person will also be Maika’s 『Sister』, right?」

「That’s right」

「…Got it. Maika will try to get along with her」


I stretch out my hand and pat Maika’s head.

「Then, I’m bringing her immediately…!」

I got off the car alone…

I go towards the girl’s track and field team…

◇ ◇ ◇

「…Oh, Yoshida-kun!」

The first years have gathered in front of the track and field room, they’re fixing their equipment.

Of course, everyone’s still on their training wear.

The one who called out to me is Koujou-san.

「…I-I came here to get Megumi as told by Yuzuki-sensei」

Shit. I should’ve recovered, but…

I’m still stuttering in school.

「Megumi’s in shower right now. We had her go first in order for her to leave at 5…

Takeshiba-senpai comes from the clubroom and told me.

「…T-Thank you very much!」

Senpai smiled at me.

「You don’t need to be that nervous. You’re a pair of lovers I approve. You can be more bold…!」

Saying that…She then spoke to the first years.

「Someone tell Yamamine…『Your husband has come to get you』!」

The girls shouted 『Kyaaa』in joy

「Ah, I’ll call her out!」

Koujou-san stood up and responded to Captain Takeshiba.


Saying that, Senpai disappeared to the clubroom.

「I’m going then…!」

「Ah, please」

Koujou-san comes to the gym from the clubroom.

The shower room for the girl athletic club is next to the gym.

By the way, the men’s are just at the back of the clubroom.

The shower room for men and women are separated to not let them take a peek…

No…There’s probably a hidden cameras in the showers because of Yuzuki-sensei.

Sensei’s searching for prostitution candidates in this school…

She’d put cameras in the stall showers so they can check their naked bodies…

What an outrageous thought…

「…hey hey, Yoshida-kun!」

The first years from the track and field team gathered around me.

The voice who called me out was perhaps my classmate.

I remember her face but not her name.


「No way, name’s Ogino. Aren’t we in the same class?」

「Well, I know…」

「Well fine. Yoshida-kun doesn’t get along with anyone after all…!」


I can’t reply to that.

「But, that surprised me. Who would’ve thought that Yoshida-kun and Megumi are raburabu2」


Even I am surprised.

Who would’ve thought that it’ll be like this…

「Aren’t you completely crazy on Shirasaka-san? Though it often changes to Megumi…!」


「Ogino-chi, you shouldn’t say that!」

The other girl’s scolded Ogino-san.

「Ah, Sorry. But, everyone in the class knows that Yoshida-kun is madly in love with Shirasaka-san. As expected, you woke up when Shirasaka-san dated Endou-kun?」

…As expected, everything about me is leaked to everyone.

Hey…I woke up my eyes when she dated Endou?

「Well, of course you will. No matter how good looking Endou-kun is…even a hundred year love will wake up!」

Ogino-san laughs calmly.

「Eh…Endou’s not that popular with girls?」

I asked instinctively…

「That’s just a small portion. They went kyaa kyaa over what bastard is saying They just have big voices so they may think so but…most of the girls hate Endou-kun」

I-Is that so?

「Speaking of which…Did you see it Yoshida-kun?」

Ogino-san laughs.


「Ah, you don’t know. Endou-kun came to school with a terrible face. His face is swelling so hard and there’s a big plaster on his nose…!」


Margo-san beating him up on the night park the day before yesterday…!

「…Endou-kun said that he was attacked by a hooligan in a town」

Ogino-san laughed.

「Everyone’s saying that he might’ve attacked Shirasaka-san by force and Yukino retaliated…!」

…Yukino retaliated?

「You see…the people in the baseball cub are betting on when Endou-kun would take Shirasaka-san’s virginity. Then, Endou-kun attacked Shirasaka-san in the night park as he’s getting impatient…then she repulsed him with all her might…!」

…So that’s the rumor?

「Ah…My bro is a second year baseball club member. When I saw bro during lunchtime, he said that」

Another member of the club told us.

「Endou-kun’s acting bossy because his father has a connection with the coach of the baseball club? Even though he’s just a first year. That’s why he’s isolated in the baseball club

「I heard it from my bro, he seems to be giving out sports drinks, supplying protein, and bringing them to some other place…in the end, that’s all his parent’s money. The seniors are being friendly with him on the outside but they’re making a fool of him in the back」

…Therefore, there’s the rumor of Yukino retaliating him going around.

「Yoshida-kun should take a look at it later. It will make you feel refreshed…」

Ogino-san told me.


「Huh…Yoshida-kun was beaten up by Endou-kun because of Shirasaka-san right?」


「That was horrible isn’t it? You see, Yoshida-kun is just staring at Shirasaka-san however…that’s all. He’s not a stalker, and he doesn’t even approach her within three meters」

So I was like that.

「Ogino-chi, isn’t that enough. He already has Yamamine-chan after all.」

「That’s right…It’s not like he’s going out with Shirasaka-san. It would make him feel sorry!」

The other girls are supporting me.

「Ah…Sorry, sorry. But, it was a surprise. It was so sudden」

「But…Yamami has become so wonderful. And bright too」

「Yeah She’s just an overly serious and obstinate girl but…」

「I’ve never thought that she’s such a playful child…」


「Look…earlier this morning…she said 『I’ll definitely bear Yoshida-kun’s child』 I’ve never thought that she’s a girl without common sennse」

「That’s right, it was surprising」

「But, she’s gotten more human and cute!」

「Just a bit of a fool though」

「Yeah, she can’t even concentrate on today’s practice」

I got surprised on what Ogino-san said.

「…Megumi wasn’t able to concentrate?」

「Well, the usual Megumi don’t do a lot of mistakes. She misheard Senpai’s instructions. So she ran a lap on the ground alone」

「Yet she’s strangely bright. She’s smiling at random times」

「That’s inevitable. Love makes you an idiot right? Her head is in happy mode so let’s leave her alone for a while」

The members say that however…

As expected…Megumi’s overdoing it?

About dating me.

「Oh right, I heard it from Yamamine-chan…Yamamine-chan’s the one who confessed?…」


「…No way she did, right?」

「She said that she confessed during lunch break」

「I heard it too. She said that she likes Yoshida-kun since the entrance ceremony. Then, when she and Yoshida-kun suddenly became class representatives…Megumi confessed when you two were alone」

…Wait a moment

「Right…Megumi’s the one who asked to date Yoshida-kun」

…That means?

「After asking so many times, Yamami finally got her approval. She said that she loved Yoshida-kun all this time」

Megumi made another story.

Rewriting the story from reality so she can accept it.


Or rather, this might be a dangerous situation.

「I can’t see what’s so good with Yoshida-kun though」

Ogino-san said.

「Hey hey, Ogino-chi That’s rude to someone else’s husband!」

「That’s right, don’t be stingy on someone else’s taste」

「…Ah, sorry」

Ogino-san stick out her tongue and apologized.3

No…I think the same thing.

There’s no way someone like Megumi would suddenly like a human like me…!

「Yamami’s a serious girl so she goes full speed once she’s sure…!」

「Yeah. That’s why, treasure her…Yoshida-kun」

「Don’t make Megumi cry!」

「That gentle girl is quite rare you know. You’d be beaten up if you do something unreasonable」

All of the girls are telling me.

Megumi…you’re loved this much by everyone.

「I thought that Yoshida-kun as a strange shadow person in the class all this time…」

Ogino-san told me.

「But, I see you in a new light…You confronted captain and Yuzuki-sensei upfront」

「Yeah…It was so manly」

「We got juice as treat」

As expected of the man Megumi fell for…! He maybe vague but, he’s core is reliable」

Ogino-san says that however.


I don’t have confidence in myself.

「You should stick out your chest more even in the classroom」

「That’s right, Yoshida-kun has to get himself together or Yamamine-chan would be made fun of…!」

If I don’t get it together…Megumi would be laughed at…?!

「Well yeah. That’s what means to be 『Boyfriend girlfriend』」


I was naive.

I’ve never thought about it.

Since I’m going out with a girl…I must not let her be ridiculed.

I have to become a wonderful man whom my girl can be proud of.

「…Thank you everyone. I’ll do my best to be a man suitable for Megumi…!」

I bowed to the girls.

「…W-What are you saying Yoshida-kun!」

Ogino-san panicks.

「No, I really thank you. I’m still no good but…I’ll become a man who won’t be strange being next to Megumi. I’m not good for now. I’ll do my whole best」

The girls are looking at me with admiration.

「…So Yoshida-kun’s this serious」

「As expected of Yamami’s boyfriend」

「…I want to be told by those words too」

Ogino-san looks at me.

「…By the way, are you really going with Yuzuki-sensei and Megumi to her house?」

「Yeah, I will. I’m going to greet Megumi’s parents」

There’s nothing embarrassing anymore.

I said it fairly with confidence.

「Uwaa…He’s serious」

「Yeah, I’m serious…You can tell everyone in the class that I’m going out with Megumi」

…That’s right

I cannot pull back anymore.

I’ll make Megumi happy.

I’ll put my life on it…!

「…Yoshida-kun’s so cool!」

「I’ll support you!」

「Invite all of us in your wedding!」

My determination is transmitted to the girls.

Everyone’s laughing happily.

Therefore, I ready myself…

I’ll definitely invite all these girls.

…At Megumi’s wedding.

「…Ah, Yamami’s here!」

When I turned to the voice of the girl…

Koujou-san and Megumi on her uniform has come from the gym.

Megumi ran towards me when she confirmed my figure.


She pulled my hand and separate me from the crowd.

She pulled me to under the iron stairs on the clubroom…

Then she asked me in whisper…!

「…How did it go with Maika-chan?」

I answered in a small voice.

「…For the time being, it settled peacefully」


「Maika became our ally… She’s with Yuzuki-sensei in the car」


「A lot happened but…she understands it now. She’s getting along with Katsuko-nee and Misuzu…Sensei also accepted Maika as an ally」

「…I’m glad!」

Megumi embraces me!


The girls shouts in joy again.

「Yamami, it’s okay to be raburabu, but…!」

「Well, isn’t that fine? We’re seeing something that’s rare too…!」

「Eh, won’t they look like that everyday?」

「You said it」

「If it becomes annoying, then I’ll complain」

「Well, let’s forgive them for now!」

We can hear those voices from the girls.

「…Anyway, let’s go to Sensei’s car」


Megumi separates from me.

When she finally noticed the girls’ eyes, she felt a bit embarrassed…

「Then, I’m going to say goodbye to my seniors…!」

She went to the track and field team’s room.

She knocked on the door.

「…It’s Yamamine」


It was Captain Takeshiba’s voice.

Megumi opens the door.

「…Then, I’m extremely sorry but I’ll be going ahead!」

Megumi bowed her head deeply.

「Yeah…I don’t get it but do your best!」


The seniors from inside the room calls out to the absentminded Megumi one after another.

「Introducing one’s boyfriend to the parents is a big event for women…!」

「They’re going to check the man’s look…and if he’s going out with Yamamine-chan properly!」

「The father would take a look at the clothes first」

「If the man’s face can’t be fixed…his clothes should be decent, right?」

「Eh, you have such experience?」

「No no…What about you?」

「When I was dating with my previous boyfriend around the station, Dad came home from work by chance…!」

「Ooh…Then what happened?」

「It was super-bad! I’m wearing a red miniskirt and a frilly blouse…and the guy’s wearing a very flashy clothing…!」

「…Then, what happened?」

「Then you see, Dad calmly took photos of our appearance with his phone…」


「Then, we had a family meeting because of that photograph at night…Mom, and bro, and my elementary lil sis gathered…『What do people think when they see couples with this appearance』They kept nagging me」

「…That’s harsh」

「Certainly, when I saw the photo…I can’t see us as an interesting couple…」

「…Did you reflect on it?」

「…I soul-searched!」

「With that thing happening, you should take care of how you look too. When you’re alone, you can go for the fashion that’s a bit loose but…when you’re a couple, you need to consider the impact of it to the society」

Captain Takeshiba brought the talk into an agreement somehow.

「Thank you for the advice! I will keep it in mind!」

The serious Megumi bows to her seniors again.

「Anyway…Do your best. We’ll also support you」

「…Thank you」

「Later then. Thanks for the day」

「…Thanks for the day. I’m going ahead!」

Megumi said that and closed the door.

「Then, bye Yamami!」


The members from outside the room called us out too.

「Sorry for going ahead…I’ll be paying for this debt」

「You don’t need to do that, Megumi. We had juice earlier too」

「That’s right…You don’t need to mind it. In exchange!」

「…Don’t break up easily!」

Megumi bowed her head to the other first years…

And finally she comes back to me who she left behind.


Megumi grabs my hand.


Megumi grips my hand powerfully…

She must be nervous meeting up with Maika.

…Her hand is cold.

We went to the physical education warehouse where Sensei stopped her car…while holding hands.

「Look…It’s there」


Megumi’s tension is transmitted…

We approached the car…

I opened the door from the back…

In the middle of the rear seat…

Katsuko-nee and Misuzu has Maika sitting in between them…

She looks up at Megumi in surprise…!

「…Eh, Megumi-chan?」

Megumi talked to Maika with a forced smile.

「…It’s been a while. Maika-chan.」

1. Actually, no, I tried doing that and nobody noticed. Or maybe that’s just because I’m wearing a hat ↩

2. Rabu rabu means love love ↩

3. Teeheepero ↩

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