Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 105

105. Mind shuffle

「Earlier, I told Maika that she 『Resembles my first love』 I like Maika because she resembles Yukino. Then…Maika thought that I’m a 『Liar』 That’s when I noticed…」

I noticed it for the first time when someone told that it’s a 『lie』

My first love isn’t Yukino.

「I’ve always convinced my head that 『It’s like this』…So, I don’t understand my true feelings. Thinking, what else would it be if I Yukino isn’t my first love. Then, Yuzuki-sensei told me that『Your priority on Nei is too high』…I thought of it once again」

The answer came out immediately.

「I like Nei-san. I’ll do anything for Nei-san’s sake. This feelings is most likely…love, isn’t it?」

Nei-san is just watching me calmly.

「Thank you…But, I can’t answer Yo-chan’s feelings」

Nei-san answered.

「I’m a cursed woman」


「I don’t care about that. I’m just okay Nei-san to be happy and bright everyday. I don’t have any selfish feelings for Nei-san. I just want to be Nei-san’s strength…!」

Nei-san looks into my eyes.


「…Even if we don’t have sex?」


「I can’t become Yo-chan’s lover」

「…I don’t mind」


I gave the words that appeared in my heart.

「…『First love』doesn’t come true, does it?」

Nei-san’s eyes turned moist.

「…You’re an idiot. Yo-chan」

I smiled at Nei-san.

「Yes…I think so myself」

「Shouldn’t you just leave me alone and be happy with everyone?」

「I’m quite greedy you know」

…That’s right.


「…I can’t be happy if I’m not with Nei-san」

Nei-san smiled.

「…I’m quite a messed up woman!」

「I know that」

「…I’ll really be a burden to Yo-chan」

「Then trouble me a lot」

「…The man who’s chasing after me is a genuine madman. He’s a person who doesn’t care about killing…!」

「Then…I’ll protect Nei-san」1

My heart has already decided…!


Tears spill from Nei-san’s eyes…

「…Is it really okay?」

I answered.

「…I’m a man. It’s normal to help my first love」

Nei-san begins to cry.

「But…I can’t return anything to Yo-chan」


「I fell for you so there’s no helping for it. As long as Nei-san is smiling as always, I’m satisfied. If Nei-san happily gets married to someone other than me…I’ll bless it with a smile. I’ll support Nei-san anytime. I’ll help you. I’ll do anything as long as I can…!」

In short…This is 『First love』2

It’s not love.3

「…But, Yo-chan. I…I…!」

Nei-san shakes her head while crying…!

「…You should tell him 『Thank you』for the time being」

When I turned around, Katsuko-nee’s there…!

「Huh…Katsuko-nee, weren’t you in the bathroom?」

Katsuko-nee laughed.

「…Misuzu-san said 『I’ll take care of Maika-chan myself』 Thinking that the talk would be confusing if you’re alone…」

Katsuko-nee and Misuzu are worried about me and Nei-san.

「Nei-sama…How about you put everything on hold until the matter with Cesario Viola settles down?」

Katsuko-nee proposed to Nei-san.

「As long as we don’t do something to that man…Nei-sama won’t be free」

…That means?

「But Katsun. There’s a chance nothing won’t be resolved… I might just change appearance and run away somewhere else…」

Nei-san looked down and replied.

「Just like when I first ran away from Cesario Viola…taken by Sensei and came to Japan from US…changing names and running to a different land again」

…Change name?

「…That’s already impossible」

Katsuko-nee told Nei-san.

「Ojou-sama wants to dismantle 『Kuromori』as soon as possible… If 『Kuromori’s』support disappears…Nei-sama can no longer find a new name and new hiding place」

「…I know that」

「Above all…Ojou-sama and Margo-sama intends to settle it with Cesario Viola here. As last job of 『Kuromori』」

Sensei and Margo-san has already decided.

Ending 『Kuromori』…

Therefore…Margo-san was angry at us earlier

「If you really want to be happy then face reality and think concretely」…

「…Cesario Viola is a monster」

Nei-san sighs.

「That’s the reason why he must be defeated. To liberate Nei-sama…!」

Katsuko-nee smiles at Nei-san…


「You’re our treasured 『Sister』…」


「Geez, enough of that!…Just be spoiled by your Onee-chan and little brother!」

Katsuko-nee embraces Nei-san…

「…What should I do? I’m always being saved by everyone and I can’t return anything…!」

Nei-san shouts at Katsuko-nee while crying.

「If that’s what you think then be kind fo Misuzu-san, Megumi-chan and Maika-chan. Nei-sama’s already an 『Onee-sama』 You’ve got a lot of 『Little sisters』…!」

Nei-san nods…

…and cries in Katsuko-nee’s chest.4

Katsuko-nee speaks while gently smiling at Nei-san…

「…Isn’t that right?! Ojou-sama!!」

Suddenly, Katsuko-nee is shouting towards the counter on the wall.

The counter created a clanking sound…!


「…Open it」

Katsuko-nee is busy embracing Nei-san.

As ordered…I opened the door for the counter.


When I opened it…

Yuzuki-sensei’s curling herself inside.

She’s making a very impatient face…

「I told you that there’s no microphone in this room right?」

Katsuko-nee told me.

「In exchange, there’s a secret passage. You can only hide here if you want to eavesdrop to the conversations」

I see…The interior of the counter is connected to a passage on the other side of the wall.「」

「…Katsuko, you lured me out…?」

Sensei said bashfully.

「Yes. Of course…I handed Nei-sama a memo to not move from the Kitchen beforehand」

…I see

Katsuko-nee went to the bathroom.

Thinking that Katsuko-nee is in the bathroom…Sensei moved to the secret passage and came to eavesdrop my talk with Nei-san.

But, there’s no monitor in here so Sensei wasn’t able to perceive that Katsuko-nee’s coming to the kitchen.

Then, Katsuko-nee exposed her hiding place…!

「I never knew that there’s a secret passage in here…!」

Nei-san’s surprised.

「That’s okay now…Ojou-sama. 『Kuromori’s』prostitution mansion will be gone anyway so we can expose everything…!」

Katsuko-nee told Sensei.

I see…There’s no hidden microphone here so the prostitutes are able to complain freely.

Sensei listens to their free remarks in here.

「…I-It doesn’t matter. I’m just worried about you guys」

Sensei said feeling embarrassed.

「…Ojou-sama, shouldn’t you be saying something beforehand?」

Katsuko-nee told Sensei.

「Ojou-sama, you’ve been observing his and Maika-chan’s state, weren’t you…?」

…That’s right.

It’s Sensei so she has been observing from somewhere all this time.

「Ojou-sama…You ordered him to 『Continue raping Maika-chan until she accepts him』…didn’t you?」

Katsuko-nee glares at Sensei.

「That’s what I think is for the better…」

Sensei desperately defends herself.

「If it’s about him…please consult the 『Sister’s club』without fail. Ojou-sama should understand more that her own sensitivity is deviated from the world…!」

Sensei bows at Katsuko-nee’s presence.


Then, she looks at me.

「Yoshida-kun…You’re getting even more excellent. You jumped over my top heavy forecasts and instructions… You deal with everything directly so it went well with Maika-san…You’re also thinking of Nei’s feelings」


「I’ve just been telling something unnecessary to you…Someone like me is no longer needed by you」

Ah, shit. I thought.

This is dangerous…

Seriously…All the girls in this mansion…!

「…Sensei, It’s not about the need or not-need!」

I told Sensei directly.


Sensei’s surprised.

「…Sensei, how old are you?」


「That’s right. You’re still young. It’s fine for you to be not always correct and have mistakes!」

Katsuko-nee and Nei-san also became speechless.

「Even if it was a mistake…Sensei’s thinking about me seriously and adviced me, right?! No, you don’t have to answer! I know it!」


…I know, Sensei!

「I’m a man so I should make decisions of what I should do by myself. Decide by myself, act by myself, and lastly, take responsibility. Therefore…Sensei, just say what you think to me just as always. Please…!」

Sensei said.

「…Is that okay?」


「Isn’t Sensei our oldest sister?! I’ll treasure my Onee-san’s opinion. I’ll think about it carefully. Aren’t we 『Family』already?!」


「I finally understood it with Maika. I’ve already prepared myself. I’m ready. I understood what Sensei told me a while ago」

…I can no longer go back.

…I have a responsibility to my 『Women』and 『Allies』

「…Sensei. The bed I’m borrowing in this mansion…please let me have that bed」

I bowed to Sensei.

「…You’re saying you want to become my 『Child』?」

Sensei asked me.

Margo-san said this before.

Nei-san wants to be an 『Onee-chan』…

Yuzuki-sensei wants to be an 『Okaa-san』…


I shook my head.

「It’s wrong to think of me as your 『Child』」

Sensei’s surprised.

「…It’s wrong to think you’re my 『Child』?」

「Yes. If you think of me as your 『Child』won’t you just look from a higher standpoint and won’t say anything great? But…Sensei’s still young so there’s no need to force yourself to act as the 『Mother』」

I look straight at Sensei’s eyes…

「…Think of me as your 『Little brother』 An audacious, idiotic, troublesome 『Little brother』 Then, you’ll become our eldest『Onee-san』 Please」


「I-I’ll be…Yoshida-kun’s 『Onee-san?』」

「Yes, that’s right…!」

Sensei’s staring in blank surprise…


Katsuko-nee spoke to Sensei.

「Katsuko-nee has always been helped by Ojou-sama for these five years. And thus, I know how much effort you make to be a 『Mother』for us prostitutes in this mansion. But…That’s enough already」


「Right now, the one’s remaining in the mansion are the people Ojou-sama can trust. You no longer need to push the limits, there’s no longer a need to fight Shirasaka Sousuke and your father anymore…」

Sensei’s always been fighting to protect the prostitutes of this mansion.

Therefore, Sensei became the 『Mother』of the prostitutes…

She’s still on her 20s and yet she’s pushing herself too much…

「Katsuko has learned various things since he came to the mansion」

Katsuko-nee looks at me.

「Katsuko has depended on Ojou-sama for everything before. Moving according to Ojou-sama’s instruction…I never think by myself. But, it’s different now…」


「I want to be happy with him. Every night, before I sleep, I think of what I should do for him. If he will be pleased of what I do. The meals until now has been decided by Katsuko’s taste. Looking at the cookbooks, then merely preparing the meals according to the books. Now…If he says 『Delicious』…That makes me happy…so glad…That everyday I make meals for his sake. Katsuko’s happy. I’m truly happy right now. I feel like I’m alive…!」

…Thank you

…For thinking that way.

「And…It’s my first time understanding Ojou-sama’s hardships. On how much Ojou-sama has sacrificed herself to devote to us…!」

Sensei is listening to Katsuko-nee’s talk in silence.

「Ojou-sama has definitely became our 『Mother』 A 『Mother』has to guide her 『Children』to the path of righteousness. Failure cannot be tolerated so her『Children』won’t lose trust…One must not seek for reward as well. One must restrain their 『Children』with power sometimes too. And…a『Mother』can never stand on the same standpoint as the children. The 『Mother』must always protect the『children』」

Sensei has always been the protector…

She’s not someone who can be talked to as an equal…?

「Ojou-sama…it’s okay now. At least, Katsuko no longer needs a 『Mother』 Katsuko wants Ojou-sama to be 『Ane5』 『Sisters』who can open their hearts mutually on whatever worries they have…!」

Katsuko-nee’s words sink into my heart…

「Sensei, I’m the same! I want Sensei to be my 『Nee-san』! A 『Sibling』whom I can consult of everything…!」

Sensei’s looking at us in blank surprise.

「Can I do it? Be your 『Ane』?」

Nei-san who’s always been quiet has spoken!

「…Sensei can!」


「Become one! Become Everyone’s 『Sister』…!」

Katsuko-nee’s smiling.

「Then…as the chairman of 『Sister’s club』…Katsuko petitions for Ojou-sama to enter the 『Sister’s club』!」

Sensei’s confused.

「But…I can’t have sex with Yoshida-kun」

「Then…We’ll change the name and rules of the 『Sister’s club』! It won’t be 『Yoshida-kun Sister’s club』but『Kuromori Sister’s club』…! The members can decide to hire anyone who will pledge as a sister」

「…Then, is it okay for me to be a member too?」

Nei-san asked Katsuko-nee.

「…Of course!」

Nei-san’s eyes bright up.

「Then…Sensei, and Katsun, Nagisa-san, then me become Yo-chan’s siter, Mii-chan, Megumi-chan, Maika-chan are Yochan’s wives so they’re our little sisters! 『Sister』and 『Sister in law』have no difference It’s a club where everyone can consult each other and become happy together!

Nei-san said happily.

Yup…The laughing Nei-san is better.

「Eh…I’m also a 『Little sister』?」

「It’s actually a 『Little brother』though…Well, don’t mind the small details!」

Katsuko-nee laughs.

「…With that said, what will you do, Ojou-sama?!」

Sensei sighed.

「…I lose. I get it. I’m joining in」

Sensei answered.

「Then, we’ll have Ojou-sama as the President of the 『Sister’s club』!」


Katsuko-nee answers.

「Yes…When 『Sister’s club』has differing opinions, we’ll seek for Ojou-sama’s approval. Please lead your 『Little sisters』as the 『Eldest sister』from now on…!」

Katsuko-nee bowed respectfully to Sensei.

「…In the end, you’re just going to push the troubles to me?」

「No, there’s a lot of problems that we can’t resolve unless we consult Ojou-sama’s decision!」

Sensei and Katsuko-nee looks at each other…

Then…Both of them laughed.

「…I get it! I should just do it right?! I’ll show you how to be the『eldest sister』!」

Sensei finally became our 『Ally』

Not a 『Head』, 『Ruler』 or 『Leader』…

But as an 『Ally』…

◇ ◇ ◇

「With that said, Ojou-sama has inaugurated as the president of the 『Sister’s club』…!」

Katsuko-nee explains to Misuzu and Maika.

Both of them has changed to their school uniforms after the bath.

The two girls applauded.

「…However, Katsuko will still be the chairman of 『Sister’s club』 Because I will work as a coordinator when the opinions break up…!」

Sensei’s having an aloof attitude but she’s happy inside.6

「Maru-chan’s next!」

Nei-san said.

「Margo-sama cannot enter at right now…She said 『I can’t enter right now』after all」


…『I can’t enter right now』

Until the revenge on Shirasaka Sousuke ends…

I look at Maika.

「…Don’t mind it Onii-san」

Maika looks up at me.

「Maika understands it」

Maika’s forcing herself to smile.

「Then, Yoshida-kun, please take a shower and change clothes in hurry」

Sensei told me.

「We’re about to come back to school」

…Oh right

Megumi’s next7

My relationship with Megumi is twisted.

I have to go to Megumi’s house to fix that twist.

「Danna-sama…Misuzu has a dance practice at night so it’s about time to return」

Right…The symposium is the day after tomorrow./

「Misuzu-san. I’ll send you off by car so please wait」

Sensei told Misuzu.

「No, Misuzu will walk to the station」

Misuzu insisted but…

It’s trouble to walk from here to the station…

Cesario Viola is here too…

「…Misuzu-san, I have to discuss with you about that one and Yoshida-kun」

Sensei said.

‘That one’, means Megumi.

Maika still doesn’t know my relationship with Megumi.

Sensei must be thinking something as she’s still hiding it.

「Either way, it would be faster if we go by car…okay?」

Misuzu finally accepted when Sensei repeated her words

「Understood, if that’s how it is.」

Katsuko-nee looks at Maika.

「Maika-chan will be be with us and we’ll go to the clinic after stopping at school」


「Misuzu was taken there the day before yesterday. Ikeda-sensei is a kind doctor so don’t worry!」

Misuzu told Maika.

She has completely become Maika’s Onee-san…

But…It must be trouble for the clinic to be visited by girls who lost their virginity in three straight days.

Or rather…It’s pitiful for Yukino to be the only one who’s not taken there.

「I’m making tea…You hurry up and take shower. There will be school uniform in the changing room!」


Pushed by Katsuko-nee’s voice, I run in the corridor.

「Ah, Wait…Yo-chan!」

Nei-san called me from the back.

Nei-san is holding some file.


I stopped…

「…You can just walk. Let’s talk until you come to the bathroom」

「…Got it」

I walk with Nei-san on the long corridor.

When there’s no one else around…Nei-san spoke.

「…Thanks for earlier」


「That made me really happy」

Nei-san says while her cheeks turning red.

「…Yo-chan. I」

Nei-san said.

「I’m actually not 『Natou Nei (奈島寧)』」


「My real name’s 『Najima Yasuko(奈島寧子)』 You just remove the 『子』but it becomes a different name in English writing, right?」

Doing that…She came to Japan escaping Cesario Viola…

「My little brother is 『Najima Keito (奈島景人)』 We’ve been called by our family 『Nei』and 『Kei』since childhood…Take a look at this」

Nei-san took out a photo from the file.

A photo of two children.


「This is me…and this is Kei-chan」

The child on the photo is definitely Nei-san on her childhood days…

Both of them have the same face…!!!!

「…Kei and I are twins」

…No, but?!

「Isn’t this a photo of two girls?!8」

Nei-san answers my question sadly.

「…Vesario Viola loved to dress Kei-chan as a girl…!」

…That means?

「Cesario Viola is a pervert with that hobby…!!!!9」

1. Pledge to protect ↩

2. Hatsukoi ↩

3. Renai, I don’t understand it either ↩

4. Damn, I want to stuff myself in Katsuko-nee’s chest too! ↩

5. Meaning, Elder sister ↩

6. Tsundere Minaho ↩

7. Ugh ↩


9. In short, he’s a trap lover! ↩

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