Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 107

107. Slave girl Yamamine Megumi

Maika cannot hide her bewilderment from the sudden appearance of Megumi.

「…Misuzu-san, go to the second row, Megumi can sit next to Maika-san」

Sensei instructs them


Misuzu moves away from her seat.

In exchange, Megumi sat next to Maika.

Maika clings hard to Katsuko-nee.

Not Megumi who’s her distant relative but Katsuko-nee.

Lastly, I step in the car and closed the door.

「Then…Let’s go」

Sensei starts the car…

The strained atmosphere in the car continued for a while

「…Megumi-chan, are you Onii-san’s sex partner?」

Maika asks Megumi timidly…

「…Sex partner?」

Megumi seems to not understand what she means.

「Katsuko-san, Nei-san, Misuzu-san are all Onii-san’s sex partners. Also…Maika became one too…Maika’s Onii-chan’s 『woman』…!」

Maika talks to Megumi.

Maika’s hand is holding into Katsuko-nee’s arm tightly.

Katsuko-nee is holding Maika’s shoulder gently…

Megumi answered.

「…I’m not. I’m Yoshida-kun’s sex slave1」


Maika’s stunned.

Misuzu looks at Megumi in surprise.

…I’m also shocked.,

「I’m fine being next to Misuzu-san and Katsuko-neesan I’m the least existence for Yoshida-kun. Maika-chan shouldn’t mind me and be loved by Yoshida-kun a lot…」

Megumi smiled kindly…

「But, I’m glad…Maika-chan’s accepted by everyone」

Saying that, Megumi talked to everyone in the car2

「…Thank you everyone.. Please take care of Maika-chan from now on. I ask of you all」

Megumi bowed…

「…Megumi-san, what do you mean by that now?」

Misuzu asks Megumi


「Saying that you’re Danna-sama’s sex slave?」

I can’t understand that too

Megumi answered…

「…Because, a girl like me is only suited as a sex slave」


Megumi looks at Maika.

「…Maika-chan, how much do you know about me?」

「…How much?」

Maika is at loss…

「…You do know that your father is my father too, don’t you?」

Maika clings to Katsuko-nee


「…Where did you learn it from?」


Of all the people…Yukino talked about it?

「…What did Yukino say?」


「Megumi-chan was a daughter of Papa from a hostess. Papa was deceived by that person…then when she gave birth to Megumi-chan, she took a lot of money. But in the end, she threw Megumi-chan and ran somewhere…Unable to stand it, Megumi-chan was sent to Yamamine-ojisan」

…What the hell?

…Isn’t that entirely different from the truth!

「…That’s a lie」

Yuzuki-sensei muttered from the driver’s seat.

The car’s about to reach outside the school soon


Maika looks at Sensei in surprise.

Sensei looks at Megumi over the mirror

「Megumi…I didn’t tell Maika what happened to myself. I think it’s a breach of manners to talk about that other than myself…」

Sensei used that reason to warn Megumi to not to tell Maika about 『Kuromori』

「…Maika-san. I told you about me and my little sister being raped by your father and being sold into prostitution, isn’t that right?」

「…Yes, I heard it」

「My mother’s the same」

Megumi continues what Sensei is talking about

Maika looks at Megumi in surprise.

「…My mother was the same. Raped forcibly by Shiraska-san…became pregnant with a child…and was sold into prostitution…!」

Megumi talks indifferently

Sensei’s eyes from the mirror is gloomy.

「…No way!」

Maika’s surprised…!

「…That’s true. My real mother was a prostitute」

Sensei proves Megumi’s story

「Megumi’s mother…Keiko-san became a prostitute at the same time as me. I know that well. We keep company the same men after all…I’m really indebt with Keiko-san…!」

Sensei’s words are heavy.

「I raised Megumi until she was six When the prostitution house lost Keiko-san…Shirasaka Souzuke pushed Megumi to Yamamine-san who has a weak standpoint」

Maika looks at Megumi.

「Megumi-chan’s real mother is dead?」

「Yeah…well, a lot of things happened」

Megumi spoke vaguely

She must be thinking that it’s harsh to talk about the evildoings of one’s father in one go.

But…Sensei continued to talk.

「When Keiko-san died, Megumi became Yamamine-san’s adopted daughter for ten years. But…That’s not the end. …Shirasaka Sousuke plans to contact Megumi this year. He told Megumi to stop school and become a prostitute…!」

「…Papa did?!」

Maika receives shock.

…Megumi is.

「Yes, that’s true…I was told『I’m going to take you from Yamamine house when Golden Week ends』」


Megumi took out her phone…


Megumi opens the mail.

「…『I’ll meet you at the end of holiday. I’ve already finished the business talk. I’ve already sold your virginity for 3M, get your body clean ready』」

Katsuko-nee reads out the contents of the mail Megumi showed Maika…

「This is Papa’s address…!」

Maika confirmed that the sender of the mail was her father…

「…She sold Megumi to a Yakuza and a politician I know who he’s scheduled to sell her. I’ve examined all of it!」

Sensei said

「…That’s cruel. That’s too cruel…Papa

Maika spilled tears

Katsuko-nee embraces Maika tightly and pats her back.

「It’s okay…Minaho-san has saved me. I don’t need to be a prostitute」

Megumi smiled at Maika.


Maika looks up.

「In exchange, I have to get out of Yamamine house. Yamamine house cannot go against the head of Shirasaka house」


Maika who’s a member of Shirasaka house cannot understand the house problems Megumi is talking about

「A family with a good social standing needs to give birth to a prodigal son by all means. Shirasaka Sousuke is exactly that. Normally, a child who’s bad will be disposed out of the family but…The actual head of Shirasaka house, Shirasaka Moritsugu is Shirasaka Sousuke’s uncle. He’s Maika-san’s grand-uncle…!」

The head of Shirasaka house…The owner of the newspaper publishing?

「Moritsugu-san cherishes Shirasaka Soueuke. Even if he’s like that, he’s his brother’s son. He only thinks of protecting him」

That famous newspaper company defends Shirasaka Sousuke?

「Also…If it was discovered that Shirasaka’s own illegitimate child is being sold to prostitution by the society, it’ll become a huge scandal. Shirasaka house would be the target of the mass media. Therefore…If we tell the current situation to the head of Shirasaka house, they will erase Megumi…」

Sensei…That means?

「She won’t be immediately killed however…She’ll be brought to some distant place and be watched all the time. Won’t be allowed to go out freely…and sooner or later, she’ll be made to marry someone from the instructions of Shirasaka house…That’s how it will be」

That’s Shirasaka house’s way of doing it…!

「Therefore…I’m going to take Megumi from the Yamamine-san’s house. If I take her away by force, Yamamine house won’t be blamed for it. I feel sorry for it but I’ll have Yamamine-san severe connections with Megumi. That’s for the sake of both sides…!」

…Severe connections.

She’ll separate from the foster parents she lived with for 10 years…

「Maika-chan…I’m going to say my goodbye to Yamamine house. Thus I will completely separate from the blood of Shirasaka. I’ll become Minaho-san’s ally. That’s what I decided…!」

…Yuzuki Minaho’s ally.

That means becoming a member of the crime organization 『Kuromori』

「Then…I don’t need to sell myself anymore…」

Megumi shows her best smile.

「That’s why I decided…I’ll become Yoshida-kun’s sex slave!」


…That means?


…What do you mean by that?

「…Maika-chan, you already had sex with Yoshida-kun?」

「…I did」

Maika answered Megumi with a frightened expression.

「Then you know it. Yoshida-kun is a very gentle and sincere person…!」


Maika nodded.

「I trust Yoshida-kun very much and I’m grateful to him. When I was embraced by Yoshida-kun, I was able to cut off with a lot of things. I have given up completely. I was a daughter of a prostitute so I thought it’s inevitable for me to become a prostitute too. My life has always been miserable and shameful that I thought I can no longer come back…!」


「But…Yoshida-kun embraced me. He really embraced me gently like a lover. I…even though it’s someone like me, he accepted me as someone living. It’s not just me…He also recognized all the people who brought me up. He thanked them. That made me very happy…!」

Tears pile up on Megumi’s eyes.

「That’s why I decided…Since I don’t need to sell myself and serve lots of men…I’ll dedicate my life to Yoshida-kun. I’ll become his sex slave」

Misuzu butts in without break!

「Why sex slave?! Shouldn’t it be a lover?!」

Megumi answers.

「Because, Yoshida-kun has Katsuko-neesan and Misuzu-san before I was embraced…3」


…Oh right!

…Before Megumi experienced her first time.

…I’ve shown Megumi my sex with Katsuko-nee and Misuzu!

「I don’t need to barge in. I’m not as beautiful as Katsuko-neesan or Misuzu-san…!4」

「Megumi-san, what are you saying!」

Misuzu strongly protests against Megumi!


「I’m a daughter of a prostitute5 I’ve seen my mother being embraced by various men since I was born. She’s bought with money. Therefore…I thought that I would become a prostitute someday. That I cannot escape that fate…!」

Megumi lived with and was raised by the prostitutes until she was six

Megumi’s mind is deeply pierced by the memory of those days…!

「I was taken care by my foster parents. I’m very thankful of them. They were gentle to me who was a daughter of a prostitute…6 That’s why…I thought that I must not be a shameful daughter for my foster parents at Yamamine house」

Therefore Megumi was an honor student all this time?

As she’s an adopted daughter, it adds additional shadow to character development of Megumi…

「I’m that kind of trivial woman. I’m different from Misuzu-san. I don’t have the quialification to be loved by Yoshida-kun unlike everyone」

…Megumi looks at me.

「I don’t have to end on prostitution…therefore, I swear」


「I’ll become Yoshida-kun’s sex slave for my entire life. I don’t need to be loved…I’m just fine being a slave. I’ll do anything. Yoshida-kun will be the only one who can have my body. I want to bear Yoshida-kun’s child. I’ll even sell myself for Yoshida-kun’s sake…!」

…Megumi announced.

「I love Megumi though」

Megumi shook her head and laughed slightly.

「I don’t need to be loved.7 I’m not a woman that should be loved by you8 Isn’t there a lot of women that should be loved by Yoshida-kun?9 Just think of me as a slave. I’ll devote myself to you forever. I’m fine being your sex slave…!」

In the end…I didn’t understand anything.

I should’ve understood it from Sensei’s talk of Lee Miller.

Lee Miller was raped when she was eight…to remove that trauma, the adults around her gave her an idea that romantic feelings and sexual desire are different.

As a result, Lee Miller has become a woman too rampant in sex…!

…In Megumi’s case.

She was raised in a brothel until she was six…Furthermore, it was the time where Shirasaka Sousuke does whatever he wants in the mansion, she saw her own mother and other girls forced to compel on perverted sex.

She was convinced that she’ll do the same…

Furthermore, when she was received in Yamamine house as a adopted daughter…She always felt indebt thinking 『My existence has always been a trouble』

Therefore…Megumi has become distorted.

She assumes herself as a woman who’s not qualified to be loved by someone…!

…What the hell!

「But, what about the commotion you made earlier this morning?…You declared that you’re going out with Yoshida-kun in front of everyone in the track and field. 『High school student-like relationship within school』」

Sensei asks Megumi.

「That’s…If I don’t do that, I think that Yoshida-kun won’t part from Yukino」

Maika reacts from Megumi’s words.

「…From Onee-chan?」

Megumi answers calmly.

「I’m in the same class with Yukino and Yoshida-kun… Yukino is Yoshida-kun’s first love…!」

Megumi makes a frank follow up.

「Therefore…I chose Yoshida-kun as one of spy’s for Shirasaka Yukino」

「…Could it be, Onee-chan’s already…?」

Sensei answered Maika’s sharp question.

「The plan is still in progress…It’s not complete yet. I can’t tell Maika-san anything other than that…!」

Maika looks at me.

「Onii-san…You said that your first love looks like Maika right? Was that Onee-chan?」

「…That’s right」

I admitted it obediently.

「I’ve been in an all male’s middle school so when I entered high school and met Yukino…I’ve admired her all this time」

「I’m using that feelings of Yoshida-kun」

Sensei adds.

While perfectly hiding it in 『Present progressive』that Yukino’s already been violated…[1 Yukinoがすでに犯されていることを、『現在進行形』の絶妙な表現で隠しながら……。]

「I don’t like that Yoshida-kun’s attracted to Yukino. I definitely don’t want that. Therefore I want to pull Yoshida-kun’s eyes away from Yukino That’s all」

Megumi looked at me once again.

「…I’m sorry. Yoshida-kun might hate having a girlfriend like me. Endure it for a while. Please」

Megumi…What are you saying?

「…If ever you like someone in the school other than Yukino, just tell me. I’ll bring her to you., I’ll do anything for Yoshida-kun’s love…!」


「It’s okay, I’ll just tell everyone in the school that I like Yoshida-kun so much that I forced him to go out with me. Yoshida-kun’s reputation won’t go down even if you abandon me. I’ll definitely make it like that. Yoshida-kun can just think of me as his sex slave okay…」

Why are you so servile?

You’re trying to alter your memory for that sake?


「I promised to the members of the track and field team earlier. I promised to invite them at my wedding with Megumi」


Megumi mumbles.

「That’s right…Our wedding」

Megumi’s in blank surprise.

「…That’s impossible. I’m just a slave. I would be cursed if we hold a wedding ceremony」

Misuzu who’s sitting on the second row spoke heavily.

「No…Megumi-san, please marry Danna-sama…!」


「I can’t do that. Misuzu-san wants to marry Yoshida-kun, didn’t you?」


「I want to!…But, the reality won’t allow that」


「We were scolded by Margo-sama a while ago. 『If you really want to be happy, then you have to face reality and think concretely』she said」

That’s right.

Margo-san said that.

「Misuzu is Kouzuki’s daughter. If Misuzu pushes her own ideas and marry Danna-sama forcibly, Misuzu’s grandfather will disinherit me. And, it won’t just be me…Yuzuki-sama, Nagisa-sama and the others would be affected by it badly as a result…」

Certainly…If Misuzu forces it, Misuzu’s house will be hostile to 『Kuromori』

「Misuzu has to think how to be loved by Danna-sama for all the time. Misuzu thinks that she should build a firm position in the clan first. I think of being a researcher in the National University or a high ranking official like my father. Then, I’ll continue marriage talks backed by my social power. Then, I’ll become Danna-sama’s 『Mistress』for my entire life so it won’t be a disgrace for my grandfather and my clan…!」

Misuzu will take an exam at Tokyo University for that sake?

So that she won’t part from me…!

「Misuzu cannot register as Danna-sama’s wife. Kouzuki house will never allow that. Therefore…I’ll leave the lawful wife role to Megumi-san」

Misuzu’s eyes are seriousl

「…Is it okay for me to marry Yoshida-kun?」

Katsuko-nee smiled at the surprised Megumi.

「I cannot marry him. My past doesn’t allow it. I want a cute bride for him. Someone like Megumi-chan」


「Nagisa surely thinks the same. We’re the same as Misuzu-san…We’re okay being his 『Mistress』for the rest of our lives. We won’t wish for the seat of legal wife. No…We can’t wish」

Katsuko-nee and Nagisa-san’s past…

That’s them being prostitutes of 『Kuromori』

Is it that heavy?

「But…Nei-san’s there too. Nei-san’s very beautiful… and I’m sure that Yoshida-kun likes Nei-san more than me…!

Megumi sees through me.

No…I can’t hide secrets anyway.

「I’ll become Nei-san’s 『Little brother』」

I told Megumi.

「I’ll enter Nei-san’s family register and become her real brother. That’s what we decided」

Nei-san wants a 『Little brother』

She wants to be my 『Sister』

「Therefore…I cannot marry Nei-san」

I said it clearly.

「Yuzuki-sensei, I’ll do that. Can you contact my father and adopt me as soon as possible?」

Yuzuki-sensei is.

「Yoshida-kun’s father is in Fukuoka right now…」

…As expected.

Sensei examined it.

「…Are you really sure about it?」

「Yes, please」

「Got it…We’re quite busy right now so I’ll contact your father once we reach a point where we can pause」

When the revenge on Shirasaka Sousuke and the matter with Mr. Viola ends…

I’ll formally become Nei-san’s 『Little brother』…

「What about Maika-san? Do you want to marry Yoshida-kun?」

Sensei asks Maika

「…Maika doesn’t understand marriage yet」

The 14 year old girl answered.

「But…If Onii-san and Megumi-chan marries, he’ll become Maika’s real Onii-san…」


「Maika-chan…do you think of me as your sister?」

Maika smiled at Megumi.

「Isn’t that obvious?…Megumi-chan is Maika’s Onee-chan!」

Maika holds out to Megumi.

Megumi holds Maika’s hand.

「…Ever since childhood, Megumi-chan has always been so gentle with Maika. You always think of Maika. Maika-chan wants Megumi-chan as her real sister instead…!」


「I’m fine being Onii-chan and Megumi-chan’s little sister. Megumi-chan, marry him. I’m sure Megumi-chan needs Onii-san the most…!」

Maika said.


Misuzu spoke to the surprised Megumi.

「That’s right. I also understood that I depended on the word 『Danna-sama’s pet』for a while. Megumi-san wants to depend on Danna-sama. Therefore, you’re trying to run to the word『Sex slave』…!」


Megumi tries to reflect on herself.

「Megumi-chan might be the one who wants to monopolize him the most…!」

Katsuko-nee said.

「Am I like that?」

Katsuko-nee told Megumi who’s looking down.

「You’re the one who knows your feelings the best…!」

Once again, Misuzu asks Maika.

「…Maika-san. Maika-san is also fine being Danna-sama’s 『Mistress』?」


「Yes. Maika will become a 『Mistress』 Maika’s already Onii-san’s 『woman』…!」

Hey hey, Maika…!

「Maika…There’s no need to force yourself. Even Maika might find someone better than me someday…Shouldn’t you just marry that person…!」

Maika laughs innocently and shook her neck.

「Onii-san…Did you listen to Misuzu-san’s talk earlier?」


「Maika…can no longer marry properly. Maika’s Papa will surely be in trouble won’t he? He was that bad after all…It can’t be helped」

…Maika, you

「Maika can no longer stay on Shirasaka house, can she? Even if Maika mets some other men, what Papa did will always follow Maika」

Maika’s too clever.

Even though she’s just a 14 year old girl…

She’s holding her feelings and she has the strength to analyze reality calmly.

「Maika…Perhaps, will never be able to marry for her entire life. I can’t give unnecessary troubles to the person I will marry and his family」

Maika looks at me.

「…Onii-san. Can you take Maika as your 『Mistress』and love her for the rest of your life?」

The second grade middle school girl is entrusting me with her future.

「Yeah…I promise. Maika will forever be my 『Woman』…!」

「…Will you do the same to Katsuko-san, Nei-san and Misuzu-san?」

「Yeah. I’ll never differentiate. I’ll love you all the same. I’ll offer my whole mind and body for it…!」

I look at Megumi.

「Megumi’s the same… Even if I marry Megumi, I won’t treat her better than other girls. I’ll love everyone fairly. As all are my 『women』」


Megumi looks at me.

「…I’m glad」

Maika mutters in relief.

「Maika…doesn’t love just Onii-san. I like Katsuko-san, Nei-san, and Misuzu-san…I like everyone. I want to be everyone’s『Ally』 Maika also loves Megumi-chan…!」

From Maika’s smile…Megumi…!!!!!

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