Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 3001

Chapter 3001: There was a problem with the 3000 medicines?

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Hence, the man turned to look at her again and rubbed the back of his head as he said,””Ya! I’m sorry … It seems that I made a mistake. Well, miss, I’m Daniel, a Singapore Chinese. I’ll be responsible for your food, clothing, accommodation, and transportation for the next few days. If there’s anything you don’t want to do, please let me know! I will definitely do my best to satisfy you. I hope you have a pleasant journey!”

After saying that, the man picked up the luggage in her hands.””Miss, this is what I should do. You can rest assured and leave the box to me. Let’s go, I’ll take you to the parking lot!”

After taking the luggage, the man pushed the luggage with one hand and walked forward in big steps.

“What? A journey?” She was a little dumbfounded at this. Weren’t they here for a project inspection and negotiation? When did it become a trip?


Just as he was about to ask the man for an answer, the latter slipped his hands into his pockets and followed after him. As he walked, he told PEI GE,””I’ve never liked to be immersed in work. I think the most efficient way to work is to combine work and rest. So, we’ve come to Singapore these few days for two reasons. One is to inspect the project, and the other is to take advantage of this great opportunity to relax. That’s why Daniel thinks we’re here on vacation. Don’t worry about it, just follow us!”

Relax? Vacation? PEI GE could not remain calm when she heard this. How could a boss and subordinate relax and enjoy a holiday when they were alone? He was really reckless!

Frowning, she quickly followed him and nervously demanded an explanation.””Mr. Ji, you should first explain to Mr. Daniel that we’re not in a relationship. Secondly, I don’t think I can fulfill the vacation plans you asked him to arrange for you. It’s because we’re not in a relationship that we can travel together!”

Ji Ziming did not pay any attention to PEI GE’s coaxing and merely closed his eyes to rest after he got into Daniel’s car. The silence in the car made her hair stand on end. Seeing that he was not in the mood to take care of himself, she did not press him for an answer. She just wanted to wait for him to return to the hotel, take a hot shower, and discuss this matter with him the next morning.

The windows were not completely rolled up, leaving only a small gap. A foreign night breeze blew in from the window and caressed her cheeks like a woman’s gentle hands.

In such a situation, she was reminded of Shen Feng, who was far away in China, and wondered if she had made the wrong decision by agreeing to go overseas with him …

Daniel had a high EQ, after all. When he saw the two’s expressions from the rearview mirror, he did not say a word and just quietly sent them to the hotel.

“Mr. Ji, miss, I’ve already handed your luggage to the hotel staff. You must be tired from today’s flight, so rest early. I’ll come to the hotel to pick you up tomorrow morning after you’re done. ” After Daniel finished speaking, he smiled and nodded at the two of them, even waving his hand.

“Yes,” he replied elegantly and politely before turning to head to the hotel lobby. Seeing that the man had already entered the hotel, she could only follow him in with her head hung low.

Shen Feng’s Villa in A city.

The moment Huang tie found out that PEI GE had already left the country, Shen Feng got him to handle the discharge procedures for him. Actually, as a strong man, his legs were no longer in any danger. If he was not afraid that she would worry, he would not have stayed in the hospital for so many days.

The moment he entered, he scanned his surroundings but did not see her. A hint of desolation flashed across his heart. Actually, he knew that Ji Ziming must have arranged this trip for him to leave at once, so he would not be able to meet her when he returned. Furthermore, he had even confirmed that she had already left the country, so what was he expecting …

“Mr. Shen, you … Why did you get discharged?” Wen Xin asked in surprise when she heard the commotion in the living room.

Seeing that Cheng Ningyuan and Wen Xin were both there, he instructed them in a low voice, who were monitoring the stock information of the Ji group. “Wenxin, Pei Pei is going on a business trip for a few days and we don’t know when she’ll be back. Tell the kitchen not to prepare her meals for the next few days. Then, the four of us will go to the seaside in the western suburbs tomorrow and cut off the endorsement advertisement for family Ji’s new jewelry company. Since he’s not in A city for the next two days, we’ll Sue him for plagiarizing an advertisement’s idea!”

Wen Xin hurriedly asked upon hearing that PEI GE would be away for a few days,””Ah? Sister Pei Pei is on a business trip? He’ll be gone for a few days? Why didn’t I hear her mention it two days ago?”

In contrast to Wen Xin’s surprise, Cheng Ningyuan frowned when he heard that Ji Ziming was not in A city. He shifted his gaze from the computer screen to Shen Feng and questioned,””You didn’t let Pei Pei go on a business trip with Ji Ziming, did you?”

Shen Feng’s handsome face was gloomy, but he did not answer Cheng Ningyuan truthfully.

Wen Xin couldn’t hold it in any longer. If Cheng Ningyuan’s guess was true, then wouldn’t sister Pei Pei be sent to The Tiger’s Den by Shen Feng? Although Cheng Ningyuan had told her that Ji Ziming was more trustworthy than Shen Feng, she still decided to continue believing in him after seeing him overcome all difficulties and save PEI GE by himself after the kidnapping incident. She just did not expect her intuition and persistence to slap herself in the face so quickly.

When she thought of this, she could no longer remain calm and stood up. She mustered up her courage and questioned Shen Feng,”No… Mr. Shen, are you really going to let sister Pei Pei go out with Ji Ziming alone for a few days? She’s still sick? Did you know?”

Shen Feng was shocked and his eyes darkened as he asked Wen Xin,”Pei Pei is sick? What illness? I’ve been seeing her for the past two days, and she’s been acting quite normal? When she was taking care of me in the hospital, I didn’t see anything unusual. ”

“Do you still care and worry about her? Didn’t we call you last time and ask you about the anti-depressants she was taking? Why don’t you have any suspicions?” This time, it was Cheng Ningyuan who spoke. His eyes had long been dyed with scarlet red.

Shen Feng almost lost his balance on the spot. Huang tie immediately stepped forward and held his arm.”Big brother, be careful!”

Shen Feng seemed to be possessed as he muttered,””I’m fine, don’t worry about me!”

After getting away from Huang tie’s support, Shen Feng asked Cheng Ningyuan and Wen Xin with a serious and resentful expression,””Anti-depressants? Was there a problem with the medicine? Pei Pei never mentioned it to me. She must not want me to worry about her condition. Did her condition worsen?”

Cheng Ningyuan felt that Shen Feng was simply unreasonable. With his hands on his waist, he looked up at the ceiling and panted.

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