Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 3000

Chapter 3000: Mrs. Ji

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Sighing, he leaned his head against the seat cushion and said,””Because at that time, you told me that every woman has a young girl’s dream, and this Pink Beach is the best symbol of that dream. You also said that there’s a prophecy about this beach on this Island. If you hold the hand of the person you love and walk on this Pink Beach, you’ll definitely be happy for a lifetime. That’s why I often wonder if it’s because I never kept my promise and ignored your feelings day after day that God made us separate so painfully …”

As he said this, he suddenly said,”His voice was a little hoarse, and there seemed to be a dense mist in his eyes that could not be dispersed. It was so thick that it filled his good-looking eyes.

He seemed to be afraid that she would be suspicious of him, so he quickly turned his despondent face to look out of the window.

At this moment, the sky outside the window was still dark, and no changes could be seen in the clouds.

Fortunately, they were in the first class cabin, so the roar was not so unbearable, and they even had a splitting headache. Her gaze also shifted from the photo to the man.


She looked at him for a long time before asking,””Where is this beach?” She moved her head closer to the photo and smiled when she saw the words ‘Australia’s Dinghai Island’.””So it’s in Australia. It’s really far away!”

He looked out of the window and said,””When you go with the person you love, you won’t feel far anywhere. Because you don’t love me anymore, so no matter if it’s the end of the world or close at hand, it’s all so far away. ”

“What prophecy? it’s all just lies. It would be a miracle if it really came true one day. “But the people who will be stepping on that beach will definitely not be you and me …” He did not know if it was because of the rumbling of the plane or because she had lowered her voice, but her words were clearly a rejection to him.

Understanding her thoughts, he did not say anything more and merely closed the magazine in his hand to rest.

This time, it was PEI GE’s turn to continue staring out the window. She looked at the dark sky outside the window and wondered when the plane would land. Even before it landed, she was already thinking about returning home after her business trip. She didn’t know why, but at this moment, she really wanted to see Shen Feng. She really wanted his warm hug, even if it was just a light hug, it would be good …

Four hours later, the plane landed. The exit of the airport was packed with people.

“CEO Ji, I’m sorry … I was so nervous that I fell asleep on the plane, probably because I was caught off guard by your sudden business trip notice.” She hurriedly tidied her hair and jogged after him with her bag.

Ji Ziming strode in front with his long legs and his good-looking eyes looked around as if he was looking for someone.

He did not stop in his tracks when he heard her question and, instead, replied without turning his head,””It’s fine. It’s just that my shoulder is a little numb. I won’t settle the score with you, nor will I deduct your salary. There are so many people here, so you’d better follow me closely. If we get lost, I’ll have to spend time looking for you. I won’t let you off so easily if you delay the important matters. ”

With that, he took out his phone from his pocket and replaced it with the local SIM card he had prepared beforehand. He then made a call and continued to look around, ignoring her.

“Alright, CEO Ji. Don’t worry!” She pursed her lips and lowered her head with her eyes closed. Recalling how the man had woken her up by patting her drooling face when the plane landed, she really wanted to find a hole to hide in.

How did I end up sleeping on his shoulder? She was only feeling a little sleepy, so she leaned her head on the back of the seat and took a nap. It was no wonder she felt that she was lying on something soft and comfortable in her daze. She thought that it was the big pillow at home, but it was only his shoulder …

“President Ji! I’ve finally received you!” Just as she was beating her chest and stamping her feet in frustration, a melodious male voice rang out in front of her.

As if she had discovered a new world, she opened her eyes and looked in the direction he was standing. A well-dressed man appeared before them. He wore a pair of silver-rimmed glasses and looked very smart and capable.

On the plane, PEI GE was still thinking that her English would only be average here. Most importantly, other than jewelry design and painting, everything she had learned before seemed to have disappeared along with her past memories. If she did not pass her English here, she could not rely on him to be self-sufficient, right?

She did not expect him to contact the staff the moment they got off the plane. Looking at him, he should be one of the most outstanding employees in the hotel. This time, her heart settled down, and even the awkwardness of accidentally drooling in front of him while she slept was wiped away.

Ji Ziming put down the phone beside his ear and asked,””I was just about to call you. There were so many people here, but I didn’t expect you to find us so quickly.”

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Mr. And Mrs. Ji!” With that, he walked behind Ji Ziming with a smile and took the latter’s luggage. As he was about to take the luggage from PEI GE’s hands, he gently explained,””Actually, I should have picked you up earlier. But because these two days are a holiday for Singapore’s traditional holiday, there were too many people at the airport. I wandered around for a long time before I found the exit of your flight. I’m really sorry!”

Hearing the man address her as ‘Mrs. Ji’, she blushed again and quickly waved her hands.””Oh, you might have misunderstood. I’m not Mrs. Ji, but Mr. Ji’s Special Assistant. Also, my luggage isn’t very heavy, so I can do it myself. It’s better for you to help CEO Ji carry his luggage back to the hotel. ”

Her rejection was very bold, and her every word hit the mark. She kept a light but unquestionable smile on her face, making the man and Ji Ziming feel very awkward.

The man laughed awkwardly and looked at Ji Ziming. The latter did not seem to have any intention of explaining and merely looked at her with a satisfied smile.

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