Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 3002

Chapter 3002: Bumpy love road

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This time, Wen Xin was the calmer one. She hurriedly explained,””Maybe it’s really like what you said, sister Pei Pei is probably afraid that you’ll be worried, so she told us not to say anything. The real problem isn’t that her depression has worsened or gotten worse, it’s the anti-depressants. The medicine she took wasn’t a normal medicine for depression, but …”

“But what?” If Cheng Ningyuan’s expression just now was so angry that it could make people tremble with fear, then Shen Feng’s burning anger could be said to be terrifying.

Wen Xin was so intimidated by Shen Feng’s four simple words that her small body trembled. She looked at Cheng Ningyuan’s helpless expression before she finally replied gently,””It’s poison … Also, when you were overseas, Ji Ziming got someone to take a look at sister Pei Pei. I’m afraid that even the top experts will find it difficult to treat her now …”

Shen Feng didn’t hear the rest clearly, but he heard the words ‘it’s hard to cure’ especially clearly. He didn’t care about the slight pain in his foot and took a few big steps like the wind to Cheng Ningyuan. He grabbed his collar and scolded,””What does Wenxin mean? Is it very difficult to cure? is he dying? I told you to take good care of Pei Pei for me, and this is how you do it? Why didn’t you tell me immediately when something happened? why did you make me act like a fickle man and only care about her with false affection?”

Shen Feng’s series of questions seemed to be directed at Cheng Ningyuan, but it was more like he was asking himself. After asking, he knew that Cheng Ningyuan would not be able to tell him the answer, so he closed his eyes in pain.


Behind him, Huang tie also hurriedly caught up and comforted Shen Feng,”Big brother, don’t be like this … You can’t blame Cheng Ningyuan. We all know sister-in-law’s personality. No one can force her to do something she doesn’t want to do, unless she’s willing. Right now, the most important thing is to find sister-in-law and find someone to treat her …”

As he spoke, Huang tie subconsciously pulled away Shen Feng’s big hand that was grabbing Cheng Ningyuan’s collar.

“It’s useless. This medicine is an antidote but also a poison! Ji Ziming had already found an internationally-renowned chief physician to take a look at her, and he said that there was no way to save her! Now, we can only try to test the ingredients of the medicine, and then slowly develop the antidote according to the proportion!” The veins on Cheng Ningyuan’s face were exposed. He gritted his teeth and pushed Shen Feng’s big hand away.

Shen Feng was like a zombie as he looked at the floor in disbelief. His mind was filled with PEI GE’s voice and smile …

“Yeah, if there was a way, sister Pei Pei wouldn’t have kept it from you …” Wen Xin pouted and helped Cheng Ningyuan, her tone full of grievances.

“Why would I? There was such a poison in the world? However … This medicine was developed by the top pharmacist under Gus, who Liu Lina had contacted. It was known as the world’s top medicine for depression. It had not been sold in China and even in many European countries. Plus, it’s true that sis-in-law didn’t suffer from depression for a long time after she took it … How could it be poison?” Huang tie murmured to himself as he was puzzled.

“Liu Lina?” “She was the one who contacted the pharmacist?” Wen Xin asked, her eyes wide open.

“Yes, at that time, we really had no other way. We invited many doctors for sister-in-law, but none of them could cure her. Later on, he went to Liu Lina and asked her to contact her old lover, Gus, to get the medicine. Gus also values big brother’s abilities, and has even given you many …”

Huang tie almost blurted out his drug business. After a while, he changed his words,”Gus has given a lot of business to big brother, and big brother has worked so hard to help Gus establish connections and business, allowing his business to flourish in Southeast Asia. Why would he use poison to harm sister-in-law?”

Huang tie looked at Shen Feng with a puzzled expression, thinking that he would say something to explain to the people present. However, Shen Feng didn’t say anything. His handsome face darkened and his eyes, which seemed to be able to swallow a person, turned pitch-black as his eyes were completely covered with hostility.

“The plan for tomorrow remains the same!” After a long while, Shen Fengyan ordered. The iciness in his voice seemed to be able to freeze people in an instant.

“What?” This time, Wen Xin looked at Shen Feng in confusion.

Shen Feng calmly added,”Help me book a plane ticket to Singapore the day after tomorrow! I want the earliest class!” Then, he was not as angry as before. As if he was suddenly enlightened, he slowly walked upstairs to the room with his legs that were still a little inconvenient.

“Mr. Shen, are you going to get sister Pei Pei back?” Wen Xin pointed upstairs and asked Cheng Ningyuan in a low voice, who was still angry.

“If you really care, you should go and get Pei Pei back now. It would only be the day after tomorrow, and Pei Pei would probably have been eaten up by Ji Ziming. I’m glad that he’s treating Pei Pei with sincerity. At least he won’t be ignored by Shen Feng!” Cheng Ningyuan’s words obviously carried a deep resentment.

Huang tie, who was at the side, did not follow Shen Feng upstairs. Instead, he remembered that his legs had not fully recovered yet. If he really went to Singapore and got serious with Ji Ziming, he did not know if it would trigger other inflammation.

“Alright, stop saying bad things about big brother behind his back. I’ve been with big brother for so long and I’ve always felt that he definitely has sister-in-law in his heart. It was just that her sister-in-law had been wavering, which was why she was hurt by Ji Ziming. In terms of injuries, big brother’s injuries weren’t small either. A man’s fragile side will never be open to the woman he loves!” Huang tie sighed with emotion.

Wen Xin pouted and asked Huang tie,””Actually, I’ve always been on Mr. Shen’s side. I’ve always seen how well he treated sister Pei Pei, and I’m touched by it. However, why was his love life with sister Pei Pei so bumpy? I still feel like there’s something missing … I don’t know if it’s because of the deep love but shallow fate …”

“Stop nagging. If he had time, he should hurry up and do what she told him to do. I’ll just keep an eye on the stock market today. ” Cheng Ningyuan looked at the two of them talking nonsense and making baseless speculations. He really had no patience to continue listening, so he interrupted them directly.

“If I had known that sister-in-law would end up like this after taking that medicine, big brother would definitely not have allowed Liu Lina to do as she pleased … But at that time, if she hadn’t taken the medicine, sister-in-law might not have survived … This was simply forcing big brother to make a decision …” Huang tie muttered in a low voice, trying to explain on behalf of Shen Feng. Then, he walked out resentfully.

“Oh,” Wenxin replied obediently and returned to her seat.

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