Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 3182 - Am I Dreaming? (2)  

Chapter 3182: Am I Dreaming? (2)

“Moying, this… this devil’s cultivation is Sky Devil mid-phase. He’s very strong, and you’re not his match. Let’s not take the risk. Why don’t we retreat first?”

Huang Yueli saw Li Moying’s murderous look and hurriedly reminded him about it.

Although she didn’t know how high her husband’s current cultivation was, only two years had passed. It was apparently not possible for Li Moying to advance into the Dao Profound Realm.

Since that was the case, dealing with Sky Devil Rui Ze was practically not possible.

Huang Yueli was deeply worried that he was anxious to stand up for her and would insist on butting heads so she quickly reported Rui Ze’s cultivation first!

She had just reunited with Li Moying. So she didn’t hope to see Li Moying injured just because of her.

Li Moying blinked and shot her a light glance, “No matter, I have a helper.”

“What?” Huang Yueli’s eyes opened wide as she couldn’t comprehend his meaning.

Just as they were talking, a bright light abruptly appeared behind Sky Devil Rui Ze’s back!

A gust of powerful water-attributed energy spiralled towards Rui Ze. All the drinking water in the campsite instantly raised to the sky to become a water blade, stabbing at Rui Ze’s back!

Rui Ze’s expression abruptly changed. He turned around and wanted to block the attack.

But Li Moying also made his move at this very moment!

Multiple electric currents descended from the sky, forming a dense net to envelop Rui Ze inside.

Rui Ze was attacked from the back and he was strained. So naturally, he couldn’t ward off all the attacks and was struck by several bursts of Profound Energies.

“Ughh— Pftt—”

Blood spilled out of his mouth and he was thrown out. He only barely managed to stop after he flew very far away.

As for his face, it had turned as white as a sheet of paper!

“You… the two of you… good, very good!”

Rui Ze swept a deadly glance at Li Moying and Huang Yueli, as well as Jun Sihan who was standing by the side. “I will remember all of you! I will definitely exact revenge on you for killing my brother! Just wait and see! The day that I break through to Sky Devil end-phase will be your death anniversaries!”

Rui Ze knew that he wouldn’t be able to win today.

Hence he left a ruthless warning and abruptly mustered his strength to make his escape.

Li Moying and Jun Sihan’s thoughts were not on earning military merits, so they had no intention to chase after him at all.

Huang Yueli saw Rui Ze leaving and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

She had met with several crises this evening after continuously battling. Only now could she finally relax.

But before she had time to do so, she sensed a cold, gloomy gaze falling on her face.

Huang Yueli trembled and hurriedly lifted her head to meet Li Moying’s handsome face that was frowning tightly.

She silently shuddered and tried her best to squeeze out a smile. She said coquettishly, “My darling husband~~ I miss you so much! Did you miss me?”

Li Moying stared at her and his thin lip lifted slightly. “Of course I….”

Huang Yueli silently felt delighted, feeling that her charm was simply irresistible. She could even make an excellent man like Li Moying listen to her!

Although she ventured into danger, almost died, and was even caught red-handed by Li Moying, she only needed to use her honey trap to make this man give in to her. Hahaha!

Alas, before she could finish laughing, she heard Li Moying’s icy cold voice.

“…want to spank you!”

“Ughh? Huh… ouch! You… you really hit me!”

Huang Yueli’s face flushed red in a second.

Because just as Li Moying said that, he really proceeded to slap Huang Yueli’s buttocks at the same time!

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