Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 3181 - Am I Dreaming? (1)  

Chapter 3181: Am I Dreaming? (1)

In the next moment, Rui Ze’s vision became clear again.

His expression turned exceptionally sinister and terrifying. His eyes seemed as though it was going to spill blood as he stared fiercely at Huang Yueli.

“This Seat has misjudged you! So, you’re from an ancient god clan! You’re a god clan genius who even contracted the ancient spiritual beast Phoenix! No wonder you can sneak an attack and kill my younger brother! But no matter how capable you are, you’re just in Dream Profound Realm. This is the end for you! Wait to die—!!”

Rui Ze’s right hand turned and a huge cutlass appeared in his palm!

The original blade which should be shimmering in silver was totally black now. It was congealed with solidified demonic Qi!

Rui Ze lifted his cutlass high up and struck it towards Huang Yueli’s head!

“Hiss—! Hiss—!”

Little Wang Cai screeched anxiously as it tried to dash over to save its master.

However, the speed of a Sky Devil mid-phase practitioner was not something that an immature Phoenix could contest against. Before Little Phoenix managed to come near, the blade was already at the top of Huang Yueli’s skull!


Just as Huang Yueli was at all loss on what to do, a familiar male voice suddenly exploded in her ears!

Even under such a pressing moment, Huang Yueli was distracted for a second upon hearing the voice!

“This voice… why does it sound so familiar…”

“I heard it so many times in my dreams…”

“Could it be that I’m already dead? That’s why this hallucination appeared? Did I just hear the voice that I wanted to hear the most?”

But at the next moment, she felt a tremendous tug which pulled her back abruptly!

Multiple electric currents descended from the sky right in front of her eyes!

It accurately landed on Sky Devil Rui Ze’s cutlass that was about to strike her! And it crashed fiercely against his demonic Qi!


Deafening explosive sounds rang throughout the skies!

The entire demon tribe’s campsite swayed vigorously, almost blown off by the impact!

In a second, numerous tents flew into the sky as gravel and dirt swirled into the air!

Huang Yueli felt her world turning and by the time she finally managed to regain a little consciousness, she realized that her waist was held on tightly by a powerful arm.

Whereas for her, she leaned against a man’s body.

The aura that the man dissipated was so familiar to her.

It was so familiar that… she didn’t dare to believe it.

Huang Yueli abruptly lifted her head and looked at the handsome, godly countenance above her!

“Moying! Moying, is it really you? You… are you real? I’m not dreaming, am I??”

For a moment, she forgot that she was in an extremely critical battle and could not help but scream out loud!

Li Moying’s arm on her waist instantly grew tighter, as though it was about to break her slender waist into half!

He breathed heavily and looked at the small face in disguise, trying to suppress the anger in his heart.

“Let me deal with this devil first. I’ll settle the debt with you later!”

Li Moying would usually be very gentle with her, rarely treating her in such a fierce manner.

Moreover, this was the first time they met after being separated for close to two years.

After being scolded by Li Moying, Huang Yueli was a little stumped as she blinked blankly in disbelief.

But she quickly recalled their current predicament.

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