Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 3180 - I’ll Stay Behind! (5)  

Chapter 3180: I’ll Stay Behind! (5)

“Ahh—! It’s so painful—! Damnit—!!”

He cried miserably and covered his eyes with his hands. “My eyes, my eyes!!”

Little Wang Cai was an extremely shrewd fellow and would especially pick the most ruthless method. So he directly aimed and sprayed at the Sky Devil’s eyes.

Sky Devil Rui Ze was caught off guard and instantly lost his vision.

Amid the pain and darkness, it made Rui Ze’s inner fury rise to the maximum. So he struck recklessly without any restrain. His rampant demonic Qi was released in the air, and the sky turned into a state of darkness!

With Little Phoenix’s help, Huang Yueli battled with Sky Devil Rui Ze.

Actually, she knew that Little Phoenix had basically not fully matured. So it’s True Phoenix Fire could only cause a top exponent like Rui Ze to lose his vision for a short time. He would recover his sight in around one hour.

Moreover, even if Rui Ze lost his vision and affected his attacks, his defensive power did not decrease at all.

If she wanted to make use of this slight advantage to kill him, it was practically impossible.

But if it was used to escape, this would be the best opportunity!

Standing on the ground not too far away, Commander Hu and the others were stunned by the Phoenix’s sudden appearance. Their mouths were agape and tongue-tied as they looked at the phoenix’s magnificent feathers. None of them could speak a complete sentence properly.

“T… Th… This is…”

Xia Yunxi was the only one who remained composed. She said loudly, “Alright, stop looking. Everyone, prepare to retreat!!”

Just at this moment, Commander Hu managed to complete his sentence.

“This is a Phoenix. This is an ancient spiritual beast, the Phoenix!!!”

Xia Yunxi’s lips twitched. “I know this is a Phoenix. But even if all 12 ancient spiritual beasts appeared right now, it isn’t as important as everyone’s lives! Now, immediately gather your teams and retreat!! Don’t was the lifeline that Commander Li risked his life to give us!”

Actually, it was also Xia Yunxi’s first time seeing Huang Yueli’s Phoenix. But she wasn’t as ignorant as those ordinary god clan practitioners.

She had seen her husband’s Divine Dragon several times, and even rode on it!

So she wasn’t as astounded as the others. She remembered the parting instruction that Huang Yueli said before she left, to command the army to retreat.

Hearing Xia Yunxi’s words, the three Commanders abruptly awoke from their slumber. They didn’t waste any time and started to command their soldiers to retreat immediately!

As Huang Yueli disrupted Rui Ze’s attacks, she used her peripheral vision to observe the allied armies’ soldiers’ movements.

Seeing the thousands of men moving along with Xia Yunxi and the rest, moreover retreating in an orderly manner, she heaved a slight sigh of relief.

As the campsite’s Commanding Officer, it was part of her responsibility to ensure the troops under her were safe!

She could finally put down the heavy stone in her heart.

She only wished that Xia Yunxi and the others could retreat faster!

In this way, she only needed to delay a little more time and she would be able to think of a way to escape as well!

According to Huang Yueli’s plans, she originally intended to drag for one hour. When Sky Devil Rui Ze’s temporary loss of vision was almost up, she would quickly sit on the Phoenix and make her escape.

Whoever knew that she had just tangled with Rui Ze for less than a quarter of an hour and she could see a cold glint flashing beneath Rui Ze’s eyes!

Huang Yueli’s heart trembled as she silently knew things were going to be terrible!

“Could it be that Rui Ze actually managed to recover his vision within such a short time??”

Truth had proven that whatever a person feared the most, it would definitely come!

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