Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 3179 - I’ll Stay Behind! (4)  

Chapter 3179: I’ll Stay Behind! (4)

“Damn human, how dare you try to fool me??” Rui Ze’s eyes were flourishing in rage!

Intense demonic Qi which carried powerful might swept towards Huang Yueli.

Her brows creased slightly, but she barely managed to suppress the discomfort in her chest. “When did I fool you? Weren’t you the one asking for the person who killed your younger brother to meet you?”

“Do you guys think This Seat is a fool? You’re only a Dream Profound Realm mid-phase practitioner! My younger brother is a Sky Devil! Just based on your cultivation, even if there are 1000 of you, you won’t be able to kill Rui Xuan! You claim that you killed him, who are you trying to cheat?”

Rui Ze’s expression grew gloomier and couldn’t help but howl in rage, “Who killed Rui Xuan, scram out here right now—!”

He injected demonic power into his voice.

In a second, all the practitioners present went giddy from the vibrations of his voice!

Huang Yueli’s face was even paler than before.

But she stood firmly on the spot and shouted, “Don’t bother, Rui Xuan is indeed killed by me! My ability might be inadequate, but I have a very powerful mechanism with me. It can kill a Sky Devil grade top exponent!”

Rui Ze started to have doubts when he heard her speaking so firmly.

“A mechanism that can kill a Sky Devil?”

Huang Yueli nodded and said, “That’s right. I don’t know if you’ve seen Rui Xuan’s corpse? The fatal injury that caused his death is a large number of silver needles piercing through his skin in the chest area. The poison seeped in through those wounds, causing him to die from the poison!”

When Rui Ze heard his younger brother’s death, he immediately dashed to the place where both armies were fighting. Hence he didn’t have any time to check on Rui Xuan’s corpse.

But his guard had already caught up to him. Moreover, he had already checked Rui Xuan’s corpse.

Rui Ze looked at his personal guard and when he saw that person nodding his head, he couldn’t help but be suspicious.

“Could it be that… you really killed my younger brother? No, I still don’t believe it! Rui Xuan is not a piece of trash, he’s a Sky Devil! How could he possibly die in a trash’s hand like you? That’s just too aggrieving!”

Huang Yueli shrugged and said indifferently, “I don’t know if he felt aggrieved when he died. But his devil stone… is with me!”

“What did you say??” Rui Ze couldn’t help but raise his voice.

Huang Yueli slowly took out the translucent devil stone from her realm ring, which she had dug out from Rui Xuan’s forehead earlier.

Rui Ze’s aura instantly surged when he saw that devil stone.

He went into a state of frenzy immediately.

“You actually… actually dug away Rui Xuan’s devil stone! Simply looking for death!”

He could no longer control his anger. With a wave of his right hand, several bursts of demonic Qi burst out from his body and charged aggressively right at Huang Yueli!

To the demon tribe, the greatest insult was the humans and god clan practitioners digging out their devil stones to accumulate their military merit!

Seeing his talented younger brother being treated in the same way as an ordinary devil, Rui Ze instantly lost his rationality.

Huang Yueli took such a huge risk to show Rui Xuan’s devil stone, just to wait for this moment!

Just as Rui Ze pounced at her, a red glow suddenly shone from Huang Yueli’s back!

A huge Phoenix appeared right behind her. Its magnificent feathers were shining brilliantly and radiating rainbow colors as its wings flapped slowly.

The moment the Phoenix appeared, it sprayed a mouthful of raging flames at Rui Ze!

This was the genuine True Phoenix Fire!

As Rui Ze was immersed in his fury, he didn’t notice anything else. Hence he was caught off guard and was hit by the flame directly.

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