Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 3178 - I’ll Stay Behind! (3)  

Chapter 3178: I’ll Stay Behind! (3)

“Commander Li—!!”

Hearing Huang Yueli’s words, all the Commanders and Team Leaders cried out in shock.

No one thought that Huang Yueli actually decided to stay back!

Generally, under this situation, a portion of the troops would stay behind to stay back to delay the pursuers and cover their escape. But they would absolutely not make the army’s Commanding Officer stay until the end!

The current situation was different from yesterday when Li Yukun stepped forward to fight Sky Devil Rui Xuan. That time, they were at their campsite and everyone had no path of retreat. Hence they could only send their strongest battle force to fight barely.

Otherwise, it would only result in death!

But now, they weren’t in a situation where everyone had to die.

As long as they could escape to their campsite in a timely fashion and activate the defensive array, they would still gain a chance to escape from Rui Ze.

Commander Hu instantly stepped forward to persuade her, “Commander Li, you’re our entire campsite’s Commanding Officer. During our route of retreat, we still need you to make the arrangements for the troops. You mustn’t face the danger yourself!”

He clenched his teeth and said, “Let me be the one to cover your escape! Commander Li, bring everyone and try your best to escape! It would be our greatest victory for more people to escape back! At least, we’ve already wrecked this demon tribe’s campsite. So we will still earn huge merits when we return!”

It wasn’t that Commander Hu had no hesitations, but he didn’t think twice and decided to stand forward to cover his comrades.

Huang Yueli was instantly touched by him. “Commander Hu, you… what are you doing? A devil in the Sky Devil rank is different from ordinary devils. He is extremely cunning and you can’t deal with him at all!”

As the only human Commander among the eight Commanders, he had already stayed low-keyed at the campsite, unlike Jing Zhihai who would fight over everything to be in the limelight.

However, it was this low-key Commander who was the first to stand out to sacrifice himself in this moment of crisis!

Commander Hu said, “I’ll lead my soldiers to try our best to drag more time. It should be doable! Commander Li, there’s no time to hesitate. Prepare yourselves, quickly gather the soldiers and prepare to retreat! If you don’t give a clear command, the morale of our men will break down very soon!”

Just like what Commander Hu said, from the moment Sky Devil Rui Ze appeared, the terror in the human soldiers kept increasing. If this carried on, it would cause a riot very soon.

Sky Devil Rui Ze stopped above the campsite’s skies for a moment. But when he saw no reaction from the allied armies, he instantly lost his patience.

“Who killed my younger brother? Get out here right now! This Seat will kill you first to appease his soul!”

Commander Hu wanted to go out when he heard that voice.

Huang Yueli pulled him back and shouted simultaneously, “Yunxi, I’ll leave everyone here to you! Send all of them back safely!”

Saying that, an afterimage of her figure swayed and she scuttered out of the crowd!

“Yueli! You… wait a little while!”

Xia Yunxi wanted to hold on to her but she was too slow!

Sky Devil Rui Ze’s demonic Qi turned denser than before. The original black color in his eyes was starting to be filled with a blood-red tint.

“Where are you? You dare to kill my younger brother, but don’t dare to show yourself? Then don’t blame me for killing all of you!”

He lifted his hand and a powerful burst of aura was unleashed!


Huang Yueli walked right up to Sky Devil Rui Ze in a few quick steps and lifted her chin slightly. Then she shouted, “I’m the one who killed your younger brother!”

Rui Ze’s vision landed on Huang Yueli, and his pupils abruptly constricted.

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