Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 3183 - Am I Dreaming? (3)  

Chapter 3183: Am I Dreaming? (3)

“Stop trying to act cute! How can you even think of using the honey trap to bewitch me with that ugly face?” Li Moying said irritably.

“Ughh…” Huang Yueli was speechless.

She had totally forgotten that she was still wearing the disguise!

Speaking of this, this disguised look was not only plain, the most crucial thing was it was a man’s look!

She would really have a nightmare if Li Moying was bewitched by this face.

Seeing Huang Yueli pausing for a moment, Li Moying’s agitated and anxious feelings calmed down a little. But he was still holding tightly to this young lady, unwilling to loosen his grip.

Only when he sensed that young lady’s temperature and the light scent did it pacify his uneasy heart.

“I’m sorry, Brother Li. I’m going to interrupt you and your wife for a bit!” Jun Sihan walked over and said to the both of them.

Huang Yueli then recalled that someone else was right next to them! Moreover, she was acting so intimately with her husband…

Her little face flushed red again, but luckily it was concealed by her disguise. Even if she felt embarrassed, she wouldn’t be able to see it too clearly.

Huang Yueli subconsciously pushed Li Moying’s chest, wanting to push him away.

But Li Moying wasn’t willing to let her go at all. He held her tight in his embrace and even shot a warning look at her, telling her to be obedient!

Huang Yueli was helpless because she knew it was her fault at first. Hence she could only listen to him obediently.

Li Moying nodded his head at Jun Sihan and made introductions.

“Brother Jun, this is my wife, Sacred Phoenix Race’s god grade genius Huang Yueli! Li’er, this is my good friend, Veracious Wyvern Clan’s Young Lord, Jun Sihan! Brother Jun has helped me several times and he is my best friend in God Realm.”

Huang Yueli propped her head out of Li Moying’s arms, sizing Jun Sihan curiously.

This man looked older than Li Moying by three to five years old and his countenance was also handsome. He looked outstanding and had a superior aura attached to him!

But it was no wonder because he was the Young Lord of the Veracious Wyvern Clan, also one of the 12 ancient God Clans!

No wonder he could become good friends with Li Moying!

Huang Yueli had a rather good impression of him. She hurriedly nodded her head and greeted him like how Li Moying did. “Brother Jun, how do you do!”

Jun Sihan’s lips curled into a smile, “Sister-in-law, you’re too courteous! I have something to ask you. I heard from Divine Lieutenant Li that my wife should have come along with you to fight. But why didn’t I see her? Where is she right now?”

Huang Yueli was puzzled as she looked at him blankly.

“What? Brother Jun’s wife?”

Jun Sihan saw her puzzlement and explained further, “Her name is Xia Yunxi! She should be together with you! But Little Xi likes to disguise herself as a man. So I don’t know if you’ve seen her true countenance.”

It was only now that Huang Yueli understood what was going on. She suddenly thought of something and couldn’t help but scream out in surprise.

“Ah, you…. you’re Yunxi’s scum of a husband!”

Jun Sihan’s original flawless smile instantly collapsed.

“… scum of a husband?”

Huang Yueli realized that she had misspoken and hurriedly covered her mouth. Then she smiled awkwardly and said, “Cough cough, Brother Jun, you heard wrongly!”

But Jun Sihan’s hearing was very good. So there was no way that he would believe what she just said.

He instantly asked, “What scum of a husband? What did Little Xi tell you exactly?”

Huang Yueli was helpless as she could only tell Jun Sihan the contents that Xia Yunxi had complained about.

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